Capes on Capes - They Have Beer in Vending Machines?

Thursday, May 18th

Bryce is back from vacation in this clip from Episode 50 of Capes on Capes.  In Japan they have beer in vending machines?!  Thank you for the edit @MasterJediStoop

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They have beer in vending machines yeah because no one's gonna get drunk and act like doing everything they tell me that yeah. Other vending machines are legit everything's invented a machine it's so nice to be up revenue nice green tea in this thing she'd get underwear and gave us he handles in the vending machine. I'll order a hole right here now and now we've been done and out on that corn that's what we're gonna do we're. Yeah. I'm on my. Evercore you look on this corner that you and I all the folks they drop off. At institutions across the street nice words have thoughts and yeah she'd unit rally rolled finishing out a.