Capes on Capes - Star Wars Last Jedi Reacts - The Disney Formula

Thursday, April 27th

On last weeks Capes on Capes podcast Hamby and Bryce share their reacts to the Star Wars Last Jedi teaser seen at Star Wars Celebration.  Hamby mentions the Disney Formula.  The exact footage they need to show us to get us excited for the new movies. And have you seen this video Gamespot put out today?!   Side by side footage of The Last Jedi and Force Awakens trailers and of course they are almost identical!  Disney maketing at work.  That is a serious market tested, audience approved trailer if I've ever seen one.  lol

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We also got last week we got the Star Wars the last that I teaser trailer yes and it was that just teaser to me and I and I and I said we're gonna get the teaser at celebration never looked like the trailer that not we're doing you'd teaser the celebration nowadays that that's a blurry line that this one stuck to it. Right is I understand how they do their marketing. Disney will always give you the teaser. Evident that trail but sometimes their teaser is like. Yeah he called into either it was two minutes and described the little plot where I though this is what they deserve their vote. Yeah Larry it's how they're telling me this is well anyway but this Sunday with any story all you know. Oh it's. Carl rents are changed to an end in victory and a assets are still flying over water. August this strange blue we used to regularly do that that was the only concrete bed and they train called while I fight I did the video where I watched the trailer so you can actually watch the trailer with mean there's no audio. Copyright infringement. And I hate watching back and even watching the trailer and watching back and you and I talk about it and I'm like oh no you're a 100% right I get excited the trailers there. And then about I get really bored and need to see my face it real board for about fifteen point seconds. And they shall we spaceships on it all yeah. I don't like. Unlike in stupid trailers are made for someone like me she let. Here's the story here's a little bit of you're not sure what's happening and then your station your space as laser beams and here's a light Saber and and. On and I might. Everything I see a light. For 22 that trailer you can see my face I'm yet completely bored yet and I'm like well oceans. Called so I watched it on my phone which is not a good place to give each other justice. And it was outside of sunlight so much and I can it's already kind of confusing yeah well summer it. One's going on. And I never wash its sense. And that's because. Let's and this who's gonna be great it's going to be great yes.