Capes on Capes with Kelly aka Captain Phasma at SDCC

Sunday, July 23rd

We caught up with our friend Kelly from Long Beach to talk Cosplay, being empowered by strong and tall female characters such as Wonder Woman, Brienne of Tarth, Captain Phasma, Lady Thor and more. 

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Back at comic con. An amazing costumes are you today I am captain has enough from Star Wars one. And off late this year many old captain has not noticed you. Oh. Plastic now sit well I ordered it ain't a rock cast basically from. Builder out of once they get faculty props and they felt just. We invite all the plots that you back your form and then I basically patted down candidate now on her own bed over at had a six month process. To get to do what it looks like right. You great tall gal quote I can't it has not been late night. Gwendolyn Christie thank you guys drawing a blank bringing Egypt in debates are just very tall woman. Do you wanna know what dream of causeway. In the days captain for asthma in empower you as a taller woman do you feel old. Like this she represents me and I feel amazing a 100%. Bundling Christie is hands down my favorite actors that. She is about an inch taller than me if there's got me beat by a little bit. But it. What I thought her I first I don't let her give him grounds obviously if we're down. But that happy about my character that I love Star Wars I love the idea of you know villain. And are religious and unique and simple and powerful it was amazing to me that it was. Email armor but it wasn't an Ann Arbor and at such an awesome distinction they don't seem very match especially in Iowa. Basically don't have the groups. That they know. There because there was no. Using his blue barber there's no such thing in the armor pressure I mean let's find. I'm like out of it may just find. How many comic timing and this is my fifth comic con wound up aren't you traveled. Aren't this would be from well Long Beach grand live now though not an hour and a half on the train. Sony you love the causeway had do you caused play all four days we've come out the comic con is something that you your friends. Make this deal together I mean out. Makes you want to cause planning your traveling down from Long Beach it's hot in San Diego it's crazy crowded. Why put all this on and I'm not saying that disparagingly of light snow on this for you why is this like no I have to do this. Honestly it's super but I didn't really realise possibly with the thank you talking to my first convention I was just a nerd that line my Halloween costumes up years in advance for an excuse to dress up as something fun. This doesn't wanna put on a fund cost would be an email address of every day. If that's the that's hard about Condit I didn't I got that every year or every day of the year but it depends on what's gone on and if I'm trying to get it panels and things like back and obviously can't really sit in this yet. To help what are your other favorite cause swayze dying do you bring multiple ones review. Yeah I'm at her for this convention I did three different ones they did on agent of shield costumes just kind of your basic black. Kind of assassin get up and then I did a Victorian version of the war wish it was a group not actually Robert cost him so. All my kids are around here somewhere doesn't agree with my asthma that I brought that here but I didn't do at least one new cost him every year. We thank you so much enjoy say yeah.