Capes on Capes - Hamby w/ Raychul Moore at E3

Wednesday, June 14th

*apologies* the very end of the audio got cut off on my phone, it sounds awkward but we say our goodbyes right after she finishes

Hamby attended E3 again this year up in Los Angeles on Tuesday.  Caught up with some streaming and cosplay personalities as well as fans like you in attendance at the show!

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Hey guys I'm super excited is that I'm a big fan of causeway and one. My favorite constantly here. Ain't the only water and reach them aren't where I can think things in my mind and it's great to back out Rachel that I'm yet that you find everything spell it. Our aim IC HU Alan it's if this and let's just talk Cosby real quick. You'd. An imperial Star Wars cost him back and very obvious and my girlfriend wants to copy and we are huge things thinking it isn't actually you know clips from the course and these gains yes that's really just now why he would be three. Videogame experience I have like California traveled in. I placing it far easier or is this what game is light or. Quietly you look videogame. Playing want me to come to us instead of being able. And me every year and a bloody three and may mean I love to see not jobs out of the new uncharted Taurus and a little on the isn't chart without anything Drake would generally. Line. All around. Nathan Drake Avery pump but new games coming out process that Nolan north yeah John Nolan he's mowing my cat. I'm constantly thank received means that looks at some. And a bunch except from the Microsoft press conference really had to eat super excited so you can hear her few days. Un know what. I hear a yes there I didn't hear her actually years to build any. Is this your first day at at the convention today urging them for the weekend for the conferences that milk is it's weird now lately here. Dating to the conference is a nightmare traffic and parking just getting here and share. Expecting more finally have a cup fly in from home and and spend weekends just. It's popping them like it and act so as any that your team. Giving you an emotional hours. Snow accidentally. I mean board Atlantis. Has got game is still mainly Allah that you mean ordinance to the tiny T video C. Sun it. Rebound we are at stake. Blow up the MCI guy that I ain't die in that whole thing with this historic trying to not be that at peaks and seen video game we'll wait. Oh my god. I would love gearbox and can you you mentioned you love not a god you lose. Last of us yes did you walk away from last of us with light. So I didn't. I think it went down a little bit long excited time and can't act like I don't. Yeah.