Capes on Capes - Hamby w/ BurkeBlack The Pirate Streamer on Twitch

Wednesday, June 14th

Hamby attended E3 again this year up in Los Angeles on Tuesday.  Caught up with some streaming and cosplay personalities as well as fans like you in attendance at the show!

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OK so I'm super excited I follow a lot of folks on twitch. But when I run into when I realize it's like. It's a leopard I'm like the golden tee into the Ray Allen are you real. Ariel hellfire and this our on our black bias they were out which are actor. What I do it but called lobbying game need to think he would now be beloved what is your original but our black. Which not yet my DVR like everybody couldn't use dream every day everyday an hour to get Sunday's ten hours and how I look at game's history. Everything. Everyday if you're an article and add suitors. Action adventure story. What's that about them being that the statement that you just let me just play the game what did you just like. Let's see what Friday connecting every year. Oh win. All total war war everything wow looks now where you from anything. Why you three up from Indiana and on about 83 is bad dream of mine about it and that I heard about it did you did you. I ask is correctly. Did you thunders merger channel when you get here. I was blown out here okay we're destiny team did that happen. You flew you out OK have you had a chance I guess these are my dad I tomorrow now I sell. Bearing in mind that Activision really weird I guess we will Eisner game that you're like I had to get my hands on it when I got. And if that's the way yeah all bad thumb on the dig that stuff and I'll love thinking. Not enough a lot of people would say this is a geeky type thing. How would you risk. Well geeks rule the world so. Yeah look the part about. To the party out. Aunt and what are you looking forward to most coming out of this good games and announced that you have a release that you planned for games and to view models lies. It's you know you never know what you're gonna get access summit earlier strain and a wedge about dads will like hey won't you play your game five days in advance. You know and other people like well you get on the release date they never ever talk to plant that's down. But I try to set OK and this week you know this game's coming around this the release window and I'll see when I get mad disease is your first big convention. No I've been public that X crime what it takes to last night with what's gone on but this this I mean three is like. It's legendary Ellen yeah I think it's the ultimate exactly as the ultimate gaming convention. And then ask me and you look at it as a game ever thank you emotionally and you are not like a really. Powerful emotional experience of playing video games. Well Bonnie bank stepped in definitely brought out a lot of emotion yeah we're mixing career. There is good though let. Little thought about it you're out there at all bad horrible bank. You know I think all the I'll call them the old man I might add not big game at that point. Now he's not I'm not not so bad that Bart. Still lives there and spot. Major reach it Albert twit dot TV slash or bird black. The pirates three iron.