Capes on Capes - Hamby w/ Actor Joe P Harris at E3

Wednesday, June 14th

Hamby attended E3 again this year up in Los Angeles on Tuesday.  Caught up with some streaming and cosplay personalities as well as fans like you in attendance at the show!

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Only shut up that's how I. According. But hey guys Tammy with a 10949. And representing Dana Angie sent an electronic entertainment expo. I'm joined a different mind. TV and movies actor Joseph. I love view games I had love that it isn't a spider the old my dad a mayor for Nintendo for Christmas. I was first came out with Mario whatever and Russia exhibited. Guys that if number doc kind of or visit the doctor Mario said of the dotcom sent the documents he had the gun to my dad. Thought it out of work to put it behind yeah yeah now where you from an ad did you have to travel for. I live in a way about it Robertson is easy to react and how different it drives although it's probably a power house. I live twenty minutes away it's a mean I have yet again might might I was four hours. I promise so what are you most excited for it's 117 he three. Mind as we BR. I am really treat the virtual reality personality like expects. So I expected to have a BR a tip or places that well fantastic it's a lot of either Mary Emerson. And burial site. Intuitive interactive. Game apart now you've been here for the weekend you've gone to a couple of conference is already we're here for they don't do panels they do. Like glorified. Restaurants yet they are freaking out Rihanna. So what did you see that really excited to over the weekend he now it's Tuesday. You know what are you looking forward to on the show floor. I w.'s headed for him playing it pretty damn right here yes hopefully I got a chance when the Xbox three vehemently disagree thing. Now but I haven't seen Nintendo got here about the effect of the when it in a proper Atwood the news which. You're in the public eye opener and you were telling me. You've seen the trailers or any what was one that really stood out. Street origin of these bonus I got to mean. I know that after the news and bad behavior for a couple one's business he's been throw back in an hour. Derek went back to when did it or typical like story the excellent back in time to the actual perspective of time here. Weird thing called origins I know I had what looked like tiger but it now I think he's in Egypt. We'll see that's going to be we still think so much for joining us we're in it's as basic you comment on I promised they know he'll come down for that. And the name Jason this is the Q is there you'll ever want to laughter well actually I've made my ticket and let.