Capes on Capes - Hamby liked The Last Witch Hunter

Wednesday, June 21st

You ever get the impression you aren't supposed to like a movie, then you watch it and like it?  Being pleasantly surprised is a novel concept in today's viewing world.  Hamby watched The Last Witch Hunter and liked it.  Have you ever seen a movie and been surprised by it?

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I watched the last witch hunter and I liked it. I I thought I was supposed to not like I I how what I wanted to acknowledge that you're never so I just came out and 2015. So late against late when you're eighteen it's Vin Diesel movie was that as you mentioned author his passion project with him. Odd and what really brought home for me they get into the movie the movie ends and the credit hit. And this song starts playing and it was the Connie US's well I'm no good. It was the singer CR ha and she was doing a cover of rolling stones' paint it black and I see red Doran I want to pain and black. And so. It just struck me and I was like a home and this is like the end of the matrix this was like it the pain same planet black version that is currently in the money. Is the mummy of the money rather than. It's I think uses the original pain and it is not it is they had to cover of people that orchestra it's a big production version. They had me I don't know if it's being used that. My big. But here's the thing so I will do you remember watching a movie without expectations. And having a movie and I knew going. Satellite Batman being like it does it. Healed itself undergrad and that's what it takes I mean maybe this time last year rule I'll I want stirred the fan to the quarterly adjustments and can't was complete failure. And because you go in with the flick it's dusty very good yeah you watch it industry and a ban. So that whenever we just falls park. It's like two different movies yeah it really it's going really is but it's it's still left. Sizzle it's gotten. Uneasy again instances that's since theater setup I don't doubt I would blame anybody who doesn't I was crazy prison he's writing it. Let me just give it as civil back stories so. There is a grand which leg back and whatever hundred straightened and Vin Diesel and his tribe they track her down and when he goes to kill our. She sticks her hand into his heart and she curses him with life. And basically. Yeah you can't die or whatever right has five children family and now you live forever knowing. You'll have forever when I'm. And so. It didn't it get a treat it transports you to present day. Where he is the full blown the last witch hunter he's like a super spy Eitan and he can't be killed in light he's got all these. Dollars kids at bat but he's like. He's cool calm company know what he's doing a very cool thing diesel role. Connolly blade. Meets Michael which type guy. And it just. The downplays eager it on game drums the redhead named you know and jut you know nothing does not yet he plays. Billy that. The costar like inside gate she's great in the right exactly the same now she's not an. Highlight some of the magic look what they do with magic in the movie and I don't think the movies perfect by any means you really enjoyable announcement I would watch is a good actor is it just in my. Our allies the last I wish it wasn't a bad movie and again the movie ends this song and it finally. Now. Lying hello and did know and so I've been hearing that song at the bottom it's not a Bible listening today at home like nonstop fiancee his body and Chrysler about it. I realized that I do that that that can.