Capes on Capes - Hamby at E3 with Vicki from San Diego

Wednesday, June 14th

Hamby attended E3 again this year up in Los Angeles on Tuesday.  Caught up with some streaming and cosplay personalities as well as fans like you in attendance at the show!

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Hey guys it's can be with FM 949 and I am the electronic entertainment expelled. At Staples Center in Los Angeles. If you don't know what better known as. And he's used to be just a retailers convention the retailers who come here. Find out all the cool video games and then they stock their shelves but now the fans have been invited and now this is a huge show. Like we have a comic conned out of San Diego. It's you people traveling for shows. I'm joined by my friend Vicki hundred feet. So you come to. Every year and what's your lot. I love to play video games and all the newest and best stuff here and you also get to play as many UConn song there especially the virtual reality stuff that's coming up there's a lot of have fun exactly it. What's your favorite candidate you like if you're gonna sit down play beating him on a Friday night where you don't. I'm gonna play our EG OK but anyone in particular on some sort of Japanese animation RPG probably. It and they're definitely several different game and I'm excited about not necessarily a PG. I would really like to play in kingdom hearts three they've announced a new trailer and hoping that something playable on the floor this year about what he's gonna have to act whenever that game eventually comes out yes and now we've been waiting for quite some time so now that he is from C eagle that you've been up here for a couple days are right I have I've been here since Saturday technically so why come early. I was able to go to that stock and the PlayStation conferences as well also I got to be down and very frat bros just checking out all the new trailers and all the I'm not that is pretty awesome I wish I could've done that we have in the concert now it's like. I'll see this Tuesday it also doesn't say. Still the key what would you say if somebody said this is appearing. I would say absolutely but I know that you're probably asking that in negative turn back and nobody would know and yeah people are saying it that way. I mean I don't think about it and that's where I think it's great I think that it's buying an exciting and I don't see anything wrong with liking video game it's an EU with a capital G. Adversary like you're proud of exactly if that happened around back another question is as a video game ever expected to emotional. Absolutely I know that it might seem silly but you know it's just like watching a movie you're listening to music and you connect to the characters. And it for me like the last of us went incredibly. Like emotional like you're there for the whole ranked doubles storyline. Everything is the together the graphics are great at that your toll following a lot Elin has been on my list of things that plagued for years. So are you excited for her at the sea wolf it's your bank today yes yes I am so I'm really hot and hot it's been an accident and hurt. Were about to go in we're very excited hoping guys are appears well and if we get a chance at you we definitely well thanks for listening thanks so let's.