Capes on Capes Episode 63 - Is Rotten Tomatoes to Blame for a Down Movie Busines?

Friday, September 8th

Big story the last two weeks is that the movie industry is down this year and they blame Rotten Tomatoes for bad reviews.  We discuss this plus Hamby hosting Star Wars Night at the San Diego Padres and then hosting Comic Con Day and meeting the CEO of Comic Con here in San Diego. All this and more on the latest episode of Capes on Capes!

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So I'm hosting Star Wars name at the Padres game last Friday it was a blast straight right. And I was afterwards after like closing the party part I was like social and here at the game. You know that the show's recording we've got eggs and again I would I'm I was on with Padres and radio ginger pockets tapes and attention. And I was on the Padres radio talk about Keizai caves in comic con. And and as our hours today and I and I go to our our box. The Padres sweep Ed Ed Ed if have nine point nine Padres suite at the bad echo. And our sales managers there is she says hey let me. What's our six month plan for comic con now same. Six month X. It's. You mean the three week planned and it's. Apparently the seal of of our company. Got really and all of our coverage of comical here skis and I was Louise he. What's funny. Now the men and I'm good I'm refreshed our youth everywhere should work one day a week just one day this is this is my one day this week they even count as working Monday. I don't know right that's between mean. And the nice people at EDD what we. We have our are big concert tomorrow we have into jams that's a workday. Is my witness I'll get drunk so I can't you're gonna be our day begin drunk yes on organic and I'm we get drunk quote rice yeah. I'm not in on the about him. It's that we do you. Odd guys that can be that's Bryce we are the host of the case accused hike estimates of 63. She and two some of our famous listeners we have now apparently. This last week I was hearing from folks that are like on one episode behind on tapes like this you play laden. We've never had that discussion before LA get warm and here. Okay. Oh. Plugin that this you know well and I was out doing stuff so there was a couple of timer so folks like Ari the host of tapes and late. Yeah and the death affect only. You know it's funny. It's didn't feel right but is most things in the world. Just wants it it's gonna be what it is. If you just keep politics podcast that you think syndicates like its long. Well you know Jeremy and I trying to come up with a a new podcast named because we're going to be doing a union and asked. And I'm I'm bringing you can't always games and actually bring in my brand. Ice until now been trawlers bits on bits as a bit pundits and he was like mentally and genitalia are sad that felt like you know you Jim let's. That's it sounds like they are indexed on the yeah it's not like it's Cox concert pianist is operate and what it sounds like. So we we we don't have a name yet. But I am bringing. Miami plays games brand officially definitely for nine. It's gonna be audio on demand so if you liked. Video game like nuggets in news type stuff gonna do a story in night on the air you can keep that brand. I'm keeping him in these games it would pigs is ours even though we have to share the umbrella now if you're wondering why we don't have merchandise. Teachers in fact complicated it's complicated but I shout out to release one of our listeners who I know is so it's to me. I catch up on all the episodes that keeps on caves. I know that she has the power to make this happen and that and she will do she'll make a life choices that I am I'm I'm big fan I don't know if I miss. As many times have been hoping to have our case I can assure its. Principal and don't let you know advocate to have mr. think you those are guy is robs that am graphic Ramses I hired him any design a logo for Meehan the it's a dual Pluto logo. It's kind of dark wind duck esque. Dark green duck it has the Batman TS really and like I described at my age I wants and what our issue. Cool kind of badly animated series needs dark queen duck and I want a guy. In he's holding his towel accused key piece pulling it up passes eyes. And and like a cool hat your leg great in. Crop just threw it right. Be on a T shirt absolutely should perhaps or hat or a sticker or button. Maybe get a button your rock around. A comic con next year in your leg and he put on your bits and put your pitched sound is why don't you little bitty bits. Like. It. And on a button say yeah yeah yeah I'm not cave what's the problem and where. Will be an all over the place which is not who I was and as we literally want. Think. I wanna talk about sir are they a little bit referred powder in it to that was last Friday. And when I got there just going out there and it fell from the Hyder is is like walking us through the underbelly of Central Park. And she's like this is literally the easiest money ever gonna make announcement. Play you for real close fired up like you know we tell her words you don't hear often radio. Off imperious. Easiest money you're ever gonna make it less on my knees or somebody's and the bank. Rolls not easy that they get ahead and radio. Somebody and radio anybody that's Al Ani the old already a senate export boom shelling. So so she's really is easy Sony are gonna make. And we got up there and I mean they didn't have a lot of stuff planned for party depart from me but they had a lot of stuff planned. For the game so there was a lot of stuff going on everywhere like a kind of an innings and Sam Nunn yes but also got greater. But also like hey they're going to be storm troopers had this gate when you're coming in and it wasn't a game that was that you know I mean yeah. So I didn't actually get to physically see a lot of us are worst ovens have a bomber. But it was a lot of fun and the DJ is at playing good music and houses up on that stage and I I told guys like contagious animal. I mean things dare I can do is be up here. Just and just apparently just talk every twenty minutes of talk of twenty best talker is coming seasoning is failing. A microphone in your and you're here so so for nine innings huge as well it's just those in the pregame pregame yeah. So I was cool. And then I didn't get the shirt I didn't give us our orchards would have armored. And then come back on Monday Labor Day now and Alan I had one and one job. I think I'm back on Monday Labor Day for public Sunday. Eden which was a lot more fun and I'm not trying to despaired Star Wars and lately it was fun but like I was fully prepared to ask you guns your head which when was better and you just answered at comic con date in a 100% because. They had me hosting the constant contest and there was like a sign up in front of me like in front of the stage I was that's a lot of the a lot of the entertainment revolves around it means doing things and like I hosted it with. McKenzie from the pod squad and she was great. Gal has a future in broadcasting well I'll just say that anybody. Who can stand up there and stayed with me for two hours and go to experts that I think can that be broadcasting and she can do just fine but yeah it did Great Lakes and a kids and can't category that aside by a fantasy. And man or some of the better constant you saw. There was a leading groups there was a woman who got there and had a lady group costume. There was an Indiana Jones Costa where. The guy was Indiana Jones and his girlfriend with the boulder. Her hand and those two were so funny because when she arrives Jason yeah slightly she was in the boulder they were like in Kerry tour and so they came up on stage. And it was like their whole group was up there and they were at the back of their group and as they were like. I think you guys being on stage you know after the sudden stage as they were exiting the stage. They were character keep hold sat down like I'm running away from him and I did a little guilt and divvy up and then she chased don't like. All the wonderful old Blake. That is commitment and pared their leg leaving the stage there's. Apparently yeah. They entered a winning there one of the winners. There's two little girls and address of his Pokemon trainers and looks fantastic. I'm. There was a green ranger power ranger that look really good but yeah just missed the deadline. Like I like it. And I we were holding out for as long as we could sit there and wing it the actual contest was happening and I can see him on the crowded. And thousand wind only has a little hung around me. You're right that's happened so great I got to meet the CEO of comic con is it was David who he was judging the the good competition and he. Had three other guys shortly Daschle comic con and there's a guy from the Padres organization. Who was their judging so. Really great a lot of fun the Padres folks were really really generous indeed us hours it was fine comic con there was a blast like. Yet it was a lot of fun you can say I cannot get negative Barbara caves and cave at a. His game like ninth that's the thing ninths but you do for Labor Day weekend would idea I moved him and try and yet. Ghana and nice house that is no longer any canyon. Which is very hard to raise kids in knots not nicely in the candy but going up and down the stairs with them true. So that opportunity getting in nice plays a little legs price jumped on it real quickly. And I've been off the last two weeks cashing in oh I'd say this week and next week paternity leave. I'm now working right now I does one get the house rule broadcast cash cows come on yeah yeah so let's do that my friend you know common. Last weekend day Jessica and I we did the Padres game and then I am. Everything else was recorded at all that was interesting. So. I was also a Padres radio last Friday I think so rich had me on and I felt so bad because. You and I don't want to have rich on this podcast and he's been begging to come on this podcasts you know it though just does she know firstly and he will be here's the thing and I can't wait for the day and he joins us but he knows where were wrap. You know dads out there and also he's got a game tonight now hearing is scheduled normally doesn't always have a Friday evening game but we. It doesn't think you always 100% in the season there's a -- yet Anderson is this the pottery seasons over the next couple ways we got a hemorrhage but have to connect. We know it's a rich has he's such a sweet guy and he is so excited. For Justice League and other stuff but I want it before we get into that step I want to quickly say what I was. One point lies. So Friday night I recorded some stuff on Padres radio with rich he interviewed me talk about comic honest hours day and all that sort of stuff. I got done with the party at the park and are just and I were like let's go get some food let's go to the box is a social will be mingle you know that. Doug the actual on air show murder court. So I go to the bathroom and a standing at the urinal. And cows like talking about other radio what's going on. It's mean enrich its plane back. It. Yeah worlds collide we'll. Tell you this whole court. I think it's gonna need to like they're talking about my game is like its rich asking me about comic on really what does it mean music BA out of line. Actually really distracting for returned repeatedly about the problem. And right I have I am at a loss for words. Yeah right now and you know you. Know we really wanna talk about that's done that's denied. Bunch of random staff OO additional news and notes. What number of fans audio released her on Twitter at audio be released her. Is going to be at your comic con is gonna be covering it for us to and they had the announcement this week what some of the panels with some of the shows are coming and I haven't really. Dived into written audio and I haven't. Of beating talked about it since about a month ago. But I know he's really is that if your comic con he's been doing cause play every day I would see people give photos of him with people. If he can talk to people. So it away caves in caves is going to your comic con next month it's very exciting though right that's that is the news and notes army sheet as follow. Audio B raw oyster and that's audio AD I oh not audio. And via the audio released here he's Italian. Any. Eat as exports he's in Philly. He writes about the filly the Philadelphia Eagles sitting it has about Philly sports basketball football. Guy he's on. Podcasts out there as well and he loves video games like fighting games and stuff ideas are good like he's one of those guys like. Connects with mean sports and video games comic books yeah. I'll be watching it this weekend for US and I knew there were the remake. I wanna see it that I. I don't I don't wanna see enough felt like I will move around my scheduled to see it. Even if that was possible so now I'm proud if I can I'd like to but I doubt it well. Hers was degrade I've heard great things about it in give a shout out to one of our show contributors. Alyssa and he'd. Very turned on by the actor playing a penny wise wasn't at a young Tim Curry who's leading in another bill scarlet aren't those the new. The new that was the new penny wise that's. You scars guard brother he looks like a young. Yeah like a young Tim Curry yeah it's kind of an eerie yet that is. You Cali like thirty years ago when she had been really into tinker because she really into this guy and I. The blushing a little bit and. Because on her face today she posted a photo of him yesterday and I was like this guy is definitely. Daddy material and I'm really weird about that old daddy thing as a father cleared yeah weird when layered. We had so she's like daddy material doubted uttered out. And then what are her writer died girls and commented. Unlike all my god the things I would dude that guy and then her Elisa. In the common thread of that gotten into it back and forth. Into like they're fighting and lying ratchet it up a light. Did you see when he those lives so what do you think he can do them and I went through just putting hop off all of it and I went on Twitter. And I eight commented about it and I'll play. Like Alyssa things like that things happen and vacuuming yet and if you're excited for it wasn't there really excited her and her girlfriend got way ratchet and. Applied. Immediately following me on Twitter me and her and I got a Carr's agent and any any. Because it got weird it when she was like oh you're definitely up daddy material and. Now I won back to playing X Bob meg going to bed next to my girlfriend and I love her because this 23 year old girl ran out. They're all girl is trying to have fun with me and I am about it in this who has money to Melissa finally solve as the up and tweeting my. Well. Well some churches stay. Up well let each. That didn't do it I'd is that and I didn't stepped into the daddy that daddy to meet. So you're not seeing this again. None and then the middle of the that I will not be seen just and her friend that you're gonna see it tonight. And a very sad because I have known as there are just. Now uncle clowns and horror movies and out. Killed callers may just leave it alone CF hard movies so it's like legacy by myself. Term. Quick show really believed we ran out of a lot of time. A couple of quick things. We are announcing a video game tournament on Monday. If viewers or listeners that podcast and lose a week and we are hosting a big video interment at the end of September. It's getting announced its gonna have deet tails were gonna tell you what game you could play to win really cool prizes including a tickets to Seattle's GE two in October. Which is a big. It's a big like like a Pac's are like leg twitch typing its video games and all that sort of stuff it's up in Seattle and you can win a trip. So we got a big video game I think coming up and that's getting an ounce on Monday so please look forward to that. And I got screaming things. Did you hear that they've they're green laying X force moving. Back that came out today is that I I saw that but I thought. They've already given us the pitches as Josh brawl and I that was double that was from the double to do so basically I'll IC board basically what have. Capitalize. Dallas photos were such a hit and what they've been filming behind the scenes only on dental Tuesday in such a hit that fox executives were light. Package this inmate. An X horseman he means so they've actually already started in some ways filming because you have Josh Rolen in costing you have. Ryan Reynolds and cost him make him do stuff so I guess rewarding been filming some stuff for X force. As interest that's good I I always I think it is movie was gonna come. I didn't dominate that yet when you think you when I think of acts are sitting cable. So it's not the pages of cable meant like a local exorcist coming right it just basically don't he's in that let three of Saturday's and it. Richard. Two more quick things one is a big main topic. But I did you hear a story that Leonardo DiCaprio might be replacing Jerry let go as the Joker. A murdered. I saw an article today saying that it was confirmed. Well because I don't know that does conform I didn't see that but it's time. They're bringing in the is one of the dredge this is the Joker Barnes Gasquet he's gonna pretty risque as it crazies in some houses gone and directed really big. But it's a origin story. I here's the thing so I'm excited. For a Leonardo DiCaprio joke cracking that we greatly to Jack Nicholson's Joker. The same time I realized. Sorry eagle hate I mean. I decently like your little Joker like he really drilling idyllic I would like seed that Joseph really different angle they're doing you know. This story the last week and I'm in lake. I'm not opposed to Leonardo DiCaprio Joker but there's only so much room and your only gonna authorize one movie at a time. I would rather see Jerry little choker again you know I mean that's kind of where does with it I'm not opposed to a Leo Joker. What I wanna censor what a Joker in India and. If there's anything we're tired of in the movie industry and do and I'm tired as soon picked for one. It's three starting in restart origin or irony in the heart you know it it. Joker I mean you wanna give him movie that's you know focus on the Joker that's fine that's gone into it. But you Hindu origin story we just. A different Joker Nelson talked about you wanna make a Batman movie with out Ben app play in a different time line. It also seems like apple what do we make a big deal disclosed Justice League thing for fiasco and had him. And it is in that the pieces they're fixing our pieces that like. I know not everyone loved your those Joker but no one really knew it was this big outcry of he's terrible. Still I still. Could visually I have to lasting no Antarctica you mentioned just a Sweden and people are so excited for it. A wanna get into fall movie is but I wanna quickly update one last thing. In humans is getting horrible reviews. Played really back up again. Touched on this a little bit last week but hey coming from the trailer. I get I think there's an excitement because it was. Hey would you and inhuman so and that by itself is like okay you want a deal you want is big deal but part of it is the you do wanna do. You can't get the ex manager wanna do the X-Men so you can do this. Your putting an IMAX. That's pretty intriguing out I mean though Oz went to go see it you're you're excited you British you made it this is like an unofficial marvel movie coming out of the marvel movies obviously are big deal they have a quality to them. But as soon as that trailer dropped to me is like this looks like an ABC show that I wouldn't watch TV didn't have the marvel logo on it I wouldn't even be slightly intrigued. I was reading I think it was IGN's review a bit about a week and a half ago which is why we touched on it last week in and part of their review wise oh grade you got the permission to film in Hawaii. Why. This did you break. Think he really used plea deal literally used Hawaii and I wanna say as a character because they got their money's worth of filming in Hawaii like they got a lot of. Set piece shots like. Eight years ago diamond head and here's why aliens like that does do that the world to come from I don't know Ryan I guess we cry actually under someday in a Lake Powell okay enlighten. Again I don't watch it you know it's in IMAX has not come on CB at bank. I wanna give to a bigger point CO2. Because today horrible reviews but it's really. Trending. Nightmarish Lee back. On rotten tomatoes yet and you and I I don't think our rods made of guys I don't think it does as. I guess because I don't think of this way weighing I was. Twelve years old in 198990. And light movie was coming out might even had an NA. You know you knew it was a good movie right or or if they have like a nine out of ten stars or whatever regional and I ice a lot of stock in the two thumbs up. You know yes he's assuming you heard one come up one come down. And like I'd really like that like animals. The other thing too is that. Yeah but you also knew what you viewing deceit teenage ninja turtles in 1990. That it wasn't gonna get it now is an enemy and a and stars and immediately six and we're gonna do yeah. And twelve and I love TV I loving this thing and the Guinea were really cited that Siskel and Ebert. That they had no idea he comes out I Wii and it. A teenager new channel you're watching Siskel and Ebert and they're like well. Listen it's not the best story. But the cautioning it's fun and I really enjoyed it I'd give it a thumbs up this guy is like well the cost it was terrible it had. Had a lot of you go to thumbs down you know I don't know let's and a two year old like. And he just said tour was dope and it. It was almost a thing. You watch highlights I love watching the movies because you get to watch a little cut scene of the movie rank. And the thing to hear them discuss that discussion about it rank and sometimes even comes a side in that discussion let me decide house and let's give them full credit and other shows like that. We wouldn't exist. Without a show like Siskel and Ebert surge started the whole hey let's you can make a show just talking about the other about yeah you can talk about adding lizard like we yeah. And I. I want to present as I think I've been struggling to find things to watch lately and and yet as a kid I watched everything you I want you repeatedly it's funny because just this weekend. I had conversation my dad. Because he's just in the last. Couple months got he cut the court I shouldn't you look at you can uses Netflix here's my Amazon account this this and that's so he does he goes on. That tries for a movie see some intriguing and he pulls out his phone. Goes on he is as meta critic but it's the same things are you go to meta critic and sees what people written about it now but because of that. He could never pick a movie rural. Because you know it when you have the choice of the whole world was what we have and if you will until rats running Amazon literally anything that's been. Ever any movie there isn't available yet yet. It's it's it's overwhelming so you know you almost a 100% satisfied you know. Perfection becomes the enemy of good aid and it's hard to pick now because. When you when you're when you just had the in Britain be at the trailer or go on the video store you just look at the cover does this cover look intriguing. You would make decisions on this see this movie now whether that's 84 to ten movie in the critics' eyes. It didn't matter because you sat through it out and you decided yourself elected. It's like about shows like stranger things it reminded me of in the eighties them and we didn't have a lot of choices and we would go to the zoo story. Apple logo looks like a VHS tape yes yes and it's it's also that whole mentality that light. There was a lot of there was a lot of technology at our fingertips but egg in comparison to nauert it's nothing and yet. And it's also that so you look at that. I'm not a guy that goes a look at straits course I don't care. I'm good judge of whether I'll enjoy a movie or not is so I look at things and and I I also struggle and I. We just got a we're going through these I have Brit after the September or you know flip over on the human bird Netflix all the services. Nor look like it was a really isn't it five or six movies and we actually wanna watch until the wish list. That we're on HBO. Has some good movies and out of fuel delivery Serwer says what or whatever. But also like realizing lake. I don't know man I. I can't just go to HBO go and look for a movie place here this is tough guzzling Netflix is just one line of alphabetical movies but it's why I won't lie not unarmed. Chrome sticking gives us like had a saying only we have been all set up like Netflix. Do you take off or you have we'll get a lawsuit in the tournaments. So but any this thing about it is that like and I watched that. That Vin Diesel movie the last witch hunter and I loved it. But I was like I wouldn't SI wouldn't have gone to see all your door and I do this or that movie's bad blood I love the in the music helps me out. This same token I try to watch Babylon AD his other action movie that was a science fiction one. It was. Not awful early that's what I was expecting no one to being in this what lies. How I'm never gonna watch this movie I got twelve minutes now Baghdad way to mesh. Newsnight. I don't know I'm not a review guy I don't go to meta critic I don't go to rotten tomatoes I don't do that on looking for video games I think it's the same thing. Is it is a tiebreaker. OK let I don't basin holds his and that is here's the thing. IE. It can be a turn off when you see a movie that looks really good you go look it up let's escort got in the got a 72. That's 72 means it's still pretty good yeah but it tells me. There's 20% wrong with that. OK but on the same token that the glass half empty kinda. I know I wasn't her line mind goes and something in my mind I'll tell you what if we went on in rotten tomatoes and I saw that that Russian avengers movie that you and I have reported on a couple of times and if I saw the data rotten tomatoes at the 50% that do that (%expletive) that's all watching. Contact and yes yeah that's as a kid in I guess I. Given that movie to be really bad. I'm talking like a hobby used as an example wind the Dark Knight came out tour I went on that at that meta critic. And it had a 74 now the way they're scored seventy forced pretty damn good actually out. Go ahead. But still I couldn't help think. This trailer looks like the most amazing thing I've ever seen I'm stoked for the movie. I read your score and I think it's good it's not amazing. Any didn't illustrate what I actually solemn and watched it which was amazing in it convoluted mind it. Yeah I don't know I'm go with that would. It's a button and if you don't know as we mentioned it after last few minutes a meta critic and rotten tomatoes are both. Aggregate scores there what that means is they are simply a web saint. Web sites and bet he scores from everywhere else that feeds into them and sell it even average. So it creates an average and if it averages. 92%. 95%. People reliant on all while there's a buzz for this you know that Camille. Was his last name. The comedian from. Silicon Valley. Mailed in John boom and that is. An intern Anna yes he had a movie came out this cult here called the big six aside it was great and it's the best is great rated rotten tomatoes brilliant and it's done really well and he's like think you rotten tomatoes. And gives me where I should have started a conversation with. There's a story doesn't at least that multiple stories. The movie industries had their worst year and a long time is weak year summer. Their worst year in greens because they look at the end of summer they don't look at fault and I know you guy you got redemption on the horizon. Look at it that way they're like yell our fiscal year indeed we're down 28. Percent that's crazy and that's huge and you what's with creators to meet them. I see IR SC a lot of movies this year and I think this is gonna be looked at as one of the better movie years oh god nonetheless. I'm not talking money on dogging movies. This year's movies blow last year's moves out of the water. I guess it is all perspectives here. And the thing is is that there there's a lot of you know we're not gonna talk about on this show less accused bubbling back I did see a lot of conversations about is it sequel lite is. Is it you know too many like reboots like Baywatch in other movies that did bad that were reboots and that they were giving. That scorers are rotten tomatoes and everyone's saying that's what caused them. To be. Poorly received movies and I just figure what it is bad movies like why is there rumble any rotten tomatoes. Win you can make better movies. Where's the where's the responsibility we're typical milieu where is like oh my god Bryce. I felt that we can cut corners. And still make profit because these idiots will go watch any thing. But it turns out I was wrong where that moment where that goes I was wrong I should have shorted all the movies you know I it's almost like they just didn't I think that in focus on the rent movies you know get out with a big hit right. But Allen didn't get notice to live RD happen. Yeah Abbott movies like that. Our late. Seem scream came out that way and being where it was something that was an indie film. And it became a darling and then in a screen play. I don't was screened here I'll scream in Jurassic Park weren't too the last movies that I remember. Just being in theaters for cover. Because the movie theater Neil we showed this and people are gonna keep coming to see it. And it'll fill borrowed tore him but I urged drastic part being the leaders for like a year and I never screamed. Just being tutors for our bar to watch it on HBO and he was still in theaters. But that's what I'm talk about as far as like timeline and I was like I I don't know manner or talk I'll scream is now forever. And also that was on our house like really flashy final all the aliens and scary scary. Isn't valley and the way we discovered things is always so different I'm not against round tomatoes and mine has been a critic I'll. I just noticed general and says that they're the cause of. All them adult industry job and cause it. I think is a lot of causes and every and she's gone through it but. I think it's really OK for one thing let's look at how you watch who's now. Back in the day we had your little T you know little square TV. Now it's not that hard to have a big ass T I'm in your living room that so. And it's not hard to rent things from Amazon or watch it on that play death you know. It's kind of I don't think this is indeed a spelling doom for the movie industry now is Neil make it's a room for some adjustment. I just think they always need to be. I mean we have to do this in our business and we have consultancy guys like that we don't like to talk about a very often. We have consultants and they listen to our shows and they give input and they tell us what they think we should be doing or not doing and you know on the one hand you're like dude you're not here you're not a San Diego who cares really and it's like okay you have market tested razors I'd need to listen to you on certain points and so. And some light our quarrel my point was you know. I just I don't know I've just feel like there's so much room for like. Badly ligament that was did well like Spiderman homecoming he did well Iran's main stats. But for initially it. It's it's not. And under sell but like Wonder Woman did really well you know I mean and some heels again I think Wonder Woman is what crushed it. But whoever would've gone to see Spiderman homecoming they weren't going repeatedly. It's so that business just it I think Spiderman to sort of petered to a billion dollars or whatever they wanna call it now and that that may be something that's going away. Seeing a movie. So many time I'll have you know we are talking about is how we. 'cause bring it maybe I will spend to go see it in theaters yet but the second time. Me personally I'm night off to download it if I really wanna see you again and I that's why Brad consult necessary so. The movie industry has a really hard look at themselves and they have to be light. We talk about the solves I would radio. It's hard for so when you turn the radio on it's hard enough to get them to turn the radio on but then if they turn the radio on and I'm not bear for them I mean. Then they're gone right I've lost them. So for a movie I feel the same way it's hard not to get to go to the theater if I'd go to the theater. And AC wasn't working and that particular theater to affect me wanna go that movie theater or movie theaters now. Generous and if I show up at a theater and it's seventeen dollars for a ticket. That changes that if you academic people if you wanna go and get a copper. It's 45 bucks in and now we don't even talk about that am movie pass that service. Now it's terrible wild thing. For awhile but now that it's really taking off. It has gotten aggressive and the movie industry is like aids aims seat hate him that's another movie industry they a lot of heaters hate it because right remained deals pages. Banks on. We're into this service we're gonna pay tickets and I make a loss and gets so much business to force them. To cut a deal cuts right and it's not a thousand it's it's aggressive but you know. IC movie pass with how its success is working. As kind of like you to get it in like like the Alamo draft house chains like did change the movie if you haven't continue to that are of the more of scale. Movie teeters on the what do you. I do want to see a movie and have it be awesome experience like that I think and it is really stupid expensive I only do that for Star Wars and how not good just. Go to the movie theater and hope Baywatch is good yeah. And see it in HD I Macs in these giant bucket seats were there gonna bring me hamburger for eighteen dollars at my seat if we would never again at that comes I'm not spend in. 4050 bucks to go watch an awful Baywatch movie like I make a movie. You know you know. I think I think it's things it's not the film's fault I mean. Yes they lost a lot of money I don't care this is the year that gave us get Al Logan. Spiderman. John with two. Wonder Woman the big thick like you mentioned it was a great movie guardians used though Don Kirk was a great movie like. Both had great these are movies like Iowa owned them on dvd like these are good movies I can't remember the last deed last year making movies this guide. So it's pretty high list. It. If people aren't going I think it's it's a combination. Ticket prices are way too high. And thank god we live near like an ultra star we need to gripe you know EC move for eight dollars as very fair well and I am a day. I look at our summer and he'd. I didn't see a lot of movies at the theater this year and you're busy we have a lot of stuff going on and we actually do podcast on Friday is when movies come out. So we have a lot of availability. The same time might not late I think you and I some warm slash year maybe we didn't. No I saw a lot more movies than you did this year because tighter it yeah I did get a letter of views without you. For me use it this year came down to like I don't have a kid to another kid I don't have energy to you concerts. But what I can do is a movie I can sit my asset in his seat and las suicides a lot of losers and I was blown away by eight highland. I thought OC movie after movie just be like another great movies this year. I debatable blackened and taste I think about it I wanted to have a conversation about like the best year for movies because for me 1989 is always full are both coming up I always can say for 1989 because. You have bat man. Beverly Hills cop two. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and tango and cash. I. The turtle we maybe get on ninety I don't know. But 99 has a lot of movies that like we're very pivotal for mining. Childhood like I watched those movies so many things in mind I always go 89. High point for movies what happened before he got a 94. I know that I don't have as deep to listen you do but I know. Forest gone. Pulp fiction and I believe. It just part. We drink here drink. I have an idea of what ID it much thought into. A question like that. Definitely a topic for later like he had the best. I think if if we're done about why movies were down I don't there's any one thing we can point I don't think so either and I don't think blaming him. You know rotten tomatoes as the thing and that's a cop out and copy them. The city and play a role but at the movies were better. Brian tomatoes would do. Increase the sale right anyone had better scores and the other thing series. There is the constant story there's even a story that was posted today it was at a bar graph like for the picture entrees were very clear. Mean it was like you need to pay attention to how much money these movies are making. Outside of the US and understand that you were no longer the audience and and it was like you know well worn along the whole lot when you what you're looking at right end it was like. Top ten movies. And that I can see and it was lying in a low yen made 400 million US domestic. 700 million worldwide what Chinese domestic and not worldwide. China domestic did. Did look and make more in China and is giving you just thrown out throwing better example articles hypothetical but it was that type of the draft for the entire draft every single movie. It made more money in China. Did US domestic did like the last transformers was supposed to be beyond terrible right did that do well overseas it didn't do well enough that they are like call rush out the next one. But don't run excellent or did in the last pirates which I think no longer they are you they've been very good the last couple. No wonder if some of those sequels. Are running their course. Well I guess that's the big court storyline for the whole year that they're saying that while you have all these movies did you sequels but this is still needs to be good and good enough. See that's the funny thing too is I was driving around and NPR on and they had a discussion about. This topic the whole rotten tomatoes as the blame and aggregate scores. And there's and how. Sequels this year and sequels are bad and reboots or bad and reboots and sequels sequels reboots and then there are one look at next year our source I didn't. Hosts a C three this is a real awful part of the conversation that lake. We as a fan base we always have like hope. Did you imagine you're writing her movies and like your job was to be on NPR talk about it and you're going on here and yard guy. Well I don't have much hope for next year or next years gonna suck as well couldn't solve. Reboots sequels reboots sequels we like people like not man we're gonna get dimpled next year we did this we did this we normally probably key. We keep feeding back in. It and it sucks what do we stuck to our door rag in Iraq yeah style the last. I really wanted to end on a positive note and a little lap isn't what we look at fourteen for fall as we in the conversation this week. I posted on FaceBook what movies and TV are you looking forward to in blast tore rag Barack. Couple of Justice League and in a lot of folks have been asking me. Recently he can be are you excited for floor or just as Lee and as soon as they say hey Amy are you excited for I was go. For an Iraq and they don't you another question might if you're gonna series every door just leaked the war and it's because. Who cares unjustly no offense. I am intrigued by the job sweetie in play in this. Unlike pretty much I'm leaving being involved I'm intrigued by all of that are buried thirst podcast that. I like now draft I said as a Miller slash I these integrate yes that's exciting to me she began. That's. But what might compare its trailer at the rag looks. And Michael's alleged matter. Arnold doesn't she always wore leg Baja. For birds does is they Dicey I'm like oh cool college at this hour. I also Wear fur thawra IC let's go yeah just getting in there are hundreds and the difference and I'm not. Not sure assiduously either be a bad movie I don't want to get the wrong impression but we want you to understand. There is layers everything it's not just the black joint conversation but if you say. Justice legally oh yeah I'm excited to see that if you sick or rag are not a 100% what you said I'm like. Bryce is going to make we need to make that wins are we going to buy air tickets are we going the first day are we do podcasts from the air we can be and that's a different thing so. Yes so TV shows are coming back not excited at than humans now unfortunately. You next week you under full rundown of all the shows going back to a couple of weeks away we can't. 18 not next week in and we don't want him. The fans and our show who was gonna beyond last year got a promotion she's now like the faulty writer for owners or German. So maybe we can get her up and see if she wants to come on talk about all TV shows and she like covers that she later goes interviews the actors and stuff so. We need to branch out and get others should us. A dollar. It Avalon does so many times right you want to come back on what do you guys running what are you as excited for a fall. Movies TV shows of course billions of autonomy in games. That marvel hers Capcom infinite is coming out that's going to be really fun came out or just she was out you have it out but the next superhero game is marvel vs Capcom and can that be cool but. Cool stuff gives gives gives those 63 for listener and he's out.