Capes on Capes Episode 43 - Trailers, Castings, Inhumans and X-Men

Friday, March 3rd


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It did try. We we we were gonna have against this week we don't you know actually answer a lot of shows that way. Up a little little on this coming in attendance this year you're doing it and happens moved when it's fighting Illini have I would never say. No what I'm hiding in that and a derogatory towards myself but I do tend to over extend. And I just can't get things that I don't mean that I flake and people Laurie you know I'm naked Hartnell the deal that's but I. I would say between video games. Comic books TV shows movies. My radio program and every other (%expletive) idea go I didn't do tend to overestimate itself not only only so many hours in the day yes I'm going you're feeling if you don't write it down it's not gonna happen. Yeah I have days like that I'll on the album big proponent of I have to start my day with. Writing let the seven things down Allendale oh yen down ice failing Enos is always paper on my desk than that. You know I am. When I was talking last week about not going to see John wick not only to my anxiety about getting some stuff done. Friday's used to be mighty easy day sleep and do what I want catch a Muslim shows before I do that. The podcast and to get asked about Fraser valley might impact it definitely I'd busy I've got things done. I I arrow on that now time. It's. Yeah. So welcomed the keeps on Kate's. Podcast went right went up citizens. I put it was a 43 years thing I tried to look that up to confirm rant at an episode 45 Google it now. Are going to be there I I put some 45 question mark as I was writing the draft for the podcast and then. So all that we recently down 41. And then there was the John wicked thing and I ate last week seems to not be popular they are media agency is not like. I guess were 43 so you know we'll stick with 45 and after don't because of the two more time there wasn't ugly. To lord John wick reviews. To fill the gap I'll say 45 of them sure where at. What does it really matter we got age to have a pleaser Baghdad. High pay is done. Monster week for news yes it's your week for. I'm almost instantly should at least. You are just jump in because what I latched you and I know you have some semi status and right ma'am. If you wanna go Z. You know this week's show is gonna have a team casting trailers rumors and more not less xmas let's talk in this league is Cassie drew her resort he that theme last week. If you what it does is it empowering is really coming out later this month in March total seventeen. Takes movies is 61749. Average has went to Agassi Power Rangers in Peters and alters our mission valley cinemas hazards and those are in these people for us. And brazen Abbott talking about this and I thought I would bring it up on the show. This is an confirmed event I really do you wanna see if you're interested if you would light. Saturday march 18 for like three hours coming to the radio station and watch iron fist with me on Netflix. We'd be binging Michelle as much as I can. And actually right now I mean I mean Indian town. So what I'm saying is. If your really wanna do this if you really wanna hang out watch iron fist. Text Camby the 617 point nine. Messages that are supplying. I'd really dishonest even it was adjusted and you even tax meet me it means. You know a lot of the guys Janet majesty with Stewart eyes guys that are really familiar with us you have not you'll meanwhile if you are interested. Let me know otherwise I'm just not in tribal tractors coming in the future and we've been trying for this behind the scenes wasn't working out it might work out it's. So what I'm saying is if you would like to come here and watch iron fist with rule let me now. And out obvious involvement there involved. No I don't think it's gonna be catered I think I'm literally a biased popcorn this is gonna be literally laid low key allies this won't necessarily a different approach to get this one is so India station handled that that we just honestly odds and you'll likely if you don't have hours and we're working on something bigger. But in the meantime that show is debuting a march 17 I'm gonna wanna watch it so. I'm throwing out there and keep in mind as well iron fist coming it's a two weeks away so that will be a big top topic on the show as well nights at some point. Time. Don't forget I have the review an interview from last week for transformers earth wars the mobile game to a check that out indefinitely for nine. ST dot com and you can just click on him be all or look for transformers are meant to. I think it's I got for that stuff. Lot of stuff happens we lost that happened now is the world in the week but when that it wasn't fun line. I mean. Do nor does go through these. I kind of broke some out and order by well here's one did that what's what is not Rangers thing closely closely in I didn't get a late what is it OK so. Is this a press release by Power Rangers. Lionsgate films that didn't yet and the first project I guess are teaming up. And for every one who use is a Power Rangers hash tag on Twitter so hatched a blue ranger hash tag black ranger X better. On anyone who uses those. Lionsgate is going to donate towards the thirst project. They have another contest going. Where if you when your friends dressed up as Power Rangers. And post a photo on its grammar snatch at FaceBook or Twitter and and and do you hash tag. Together we are more. Or hash tag thirst project. You'll injure yourself to win a trip to LA for the premiere and to meet the cast of school this or any deal and I don't really know I didn't make that their new slogan that parents letting them know that together we are Malone that's the first projects OK has slowed in an there's sort of I don't know why they chose to team up with a shared that he super cool and I did an article about that is while using the details on line at ready for nine ST dot com. Hobby I think this week is what attracted me is the fact that you gay. My you've you do hash tag black ranger when you get a black ranger I'm OG next year Twitter list so like if you use all the different powering usually get their little helmets wouldn't soaking redress the pink helmet. We just like wind civil war pictured this. Love that stuff I really DI I eat that stuff up but I find something new liken hash tag tweet out I do it and I love the little amenities some not so that was what actually. Attracted me to this or Korea and that was like. He's so. There is less than so you know it's it was that it Perry has gets under. Oh look at him at them and yeah we commuter Needham. We didn't have the time again. Yeah I didn't have time to make that happen and and I actually solve one of our other radio friends at another radio station he posted a photo what animals like. Oh (%expletive) it was today in its and then. It's on its Ingraham speaking of Power Rangers. Some of Pennsylvania this is this below here in the about tomorrow at pet echo park. They're having a Power Rangers San Diego for India so the three Rangers that are here in town which ranges are. You colors he red ranger who Vinnie it's the girl he's dating a pink I think she's pink and and maybe it's the blue ranger I didn't seem at surfers I know it's. We the black ranger didn't beat the black guys may be it is a micro Internet device manager is not the black guy by the black bridges easing their eight. Is donating guy I think there's eight guys he Beijing I was with them after the photos and excel. I think it's them I think it's the black ranger the red ranger and the pink ranger and guys who can is amateur. I guess economic as a grammar shared an artist not we'll go to bat pet goat parts tomorrow. In. He has opposed those details on land well this matter if you were descending when you listen to this exactly that was yesterday what does it that's really cool rightly that is cool bits of this late sort of falling into plays here and oh yeah and live in the city or so for that this happens I didn't realize item action in premier power ranger apparent. Comic I'm badges on cells. Yes in March to start refreshing go to the page and found to start refreshing made odds ever being a favorite. If you don't know what were referring to so seeing Diego comic con sells out every year it's oh another rare great okay and whatever. I'll try to get a ticket next year and you general slowdown my friend. You have to like sign. Have a membership and then. Here's got guys tickets will go on sale are bags go on sale. And this morning at 10 AM choosing a Saturday morning so we're 7 AM or whatever it is and so ever is always loaded up. And and ticket sellout so fast everyone's online going. Instantly. No waiting line and I was a cruel and why that is and it's a horrible thing it's just eat bagel fat they don't bats and it's super complicated like dole. Try to make your always had problems you fear if you want to get on their say bond ten. Don't go 1930 trying to create your account to be gap is creating account takes forever I don't know why don't we are. That really got him on a lightly for a lot of god just came. Yeah. So I've got to go if you brilliant comic con go register now. And then maybe you'll be early morning you've got to log in early. It turned out it hung up on me like that the web brown Gary and up. I sat there and waited through the sale period and didn't bio miles like wow. I think patient. You know what you'll say elected to nerds and any. This year could Chela well they really went another way to make sure it is the same Coachella experience because the its if you got through that. That's the bases even though it's a little more confusing yeah cell yes so so get on it people but you know we wish we share that's around and I pressed faced when it blew my blood all that and would his thing in you. They're not as consistent with when they put the tickets on sale. So lay in the Jose February they do give you warnings that the you know can't blame can blame them it's on us to do it but. It I think everyone was shocked by the news like like oh yeah that's coming oh crap and I usually remember daily on the nineteenth of February and around. And to this year are ones like us on February and I was like OK mom but we're trying to press badges anyway so. A big news out of control that Owens I don't I don't think rather tough now to get this color thing yeah. Oh okay which happened next. A few yes. Ailing covenant tranda. Lou Lou you know the obvious something had this to me think OK so that difference FL in the there's big they're both great movies you get there Ridley Scott. Alien ends the original alien alien and you get aliens James Cameron wants is fantastic both great in their own weight alone we have to mention. Recipes Bill Paxon a little big they got aliens you got here on out and get to Baghdad. And it's haven't eaten throwing it out there. The mantra about. So in one I fell highlight to do Aileen is more horror movie absolutely. Aliens to aliens is an action movie it and this one and even though it's got a big special flights slowly eating go to alien three where they are in the prison billion forward there on the ship I don't need to get. I is I don't need to break those down idea. I know anywhere. This funny it looks scary. Yeah it looked like I was picking me up and I mean I'm just saying what so I don't know that it needs credit it would iced out watch like this who looks scary. I think the thing that really. Really stood out for me that he relies getting a bride's in this movie and it they're right is fantastic actor you guys. Comedian he's a fantastic actor. And to see him in this I was reassured. Opt in to see a lot of the faces that are in this trailer I was like all right I didn't realize. You know this person that person or I've seen her mom thing and did they bribe look great was featured a lot he it's not just some throwaway character again in the movie. And I really was again out recipes Bill Paxton. Dinner bride being in this movie yeah bride isn't Bill Paxton type guy Bill Paxon Ted character actor like I can every man. The guy who can deliver the line game over man game over and that was what I was like I was watching this trailer right literally animal models like. It's so close bill just passed away last began. And I was like they put Dina brightness trailer game over man game over that was my responds. Because they just I felt like. I don't see and nurturing here that I can emulate this guy's got a great man. Is Indy again is in his get a little little of his pony. Yeah so it's going to be adding and goods goods all around did you watch his series on HBO. He's been right now I like your first season and then I was late. Had nothing is wrong though. You're right yeah because you need to we need we rightly when I say that podium mean you know the jealous scared to get that's. I want status this has been done for a long time now I but I went to seize and re I'm pretty soon all but I would like watches season. In the not logically a year and a half. And watch a season like hundred CN and they wouldn't watch for two years. And then he had a you know show after that vice principals which is all of this as it's almost the same thing is it. Current so I think it's not in he has his season they had us yes it's I I don't know that got canceled I don't know that you act it didn't. Like I haven't heard any thing. But it was the same thing. It was funny he ended up and he was given a different job who is the other guy. One liners whose another great Qaeda is named it that the using underground in these gray played transverse science and from the vanity. They're really did want to. Does get. Now he was the end justified. He's. He's done a lot of stuff yeah I gonna talk impress you and I even know what did you enjoy movies. And Xena that's you didn't miss much OK I think I'm on a lot to me in the rocks family let's let's say yeah. Okay. Let's keep it on trailers right yet he's on that yet no now. One point out. Am Weis reminded the Oscars. Suicide squad is an Oscar winning. To take a moment to let that sink in yeah suicide squad. Is an Oscar winning movie guys. Not caution. Make up in costs for me have been clashing for up to make a been there for crop basically that Gaffney featured. But. Ottawa all of underway again a gun anyway so fantastic opportunity just to give its you know sort on his bag and and it which is crazy I'm not a Jessica said while we are Russian Jews. Holy (%expletive) suicide squad is an Oscar winning movie and I was like. Your eggs. So I yes I is seller show me this lesson and try to find it says not. All movies. I mean there's. There's been a lot of bad movies that have won Oscars on Sarah Haggis the rock did a bit that's what made me think of Iraq at the Oscars the Oscars. Suzanne squat I want to mention yet this reverend Louis yeah like out and I get to that point remembering. Finalists but everything I'm finding is like. I love that rock introduced the girl who voice mall wanna and that she sang a song how far all now and during the song I during the performance scheduling that. One of the flag people just totally Waechter in the bag and she's such a proud she just. Saying rates or at least economic give the bull moment and adjustable loan and if you L. I'm. I don't know a damn beat a pivotal moment where you need to see where she smacked in the bag and with a flag and keeps on on. Props are. Perot. Iowa home. Dig my word for I keep looking at blitz trying to find bad loser won Oscars they this is morally keep playing with some like this one best that picture and it shouldn't have I want the suicide squads that won nine birdies that should be opera as he's at a las higher yeah I should say yes. And you guys got movies like that you that you usually is standing in my way and I'll only on Sansa I I actually looking partisan exercise this one rates the worst of it's when Oscars with death becomes her and let them know me well okay. Bruce Willis yes present to us about the girls on die and it is our fall apart or street. Right yet Meryl Streep. Leon yes yes. I well Hillary back to let's digest another great Family Guy yes guard in the galaxy guarding this tomb. There's vaccine in the trailer. Where James Gunn has confirmed it that does not know. It's literally a trailer or seen for the trailer it's a we've really seen Kurt Russell no that's actually pulling him and he no I guess where. Drag is eating and there's even sounds Lucas it really quirk a lot of you all. So for those folks he was likable good news day it's actually in the movie and he. It is actually a really bit novel sounds this is like it this is the trailer. Thank you enemy it's funny I had that on my laptop and I opened up an article that plays the trend automatically hits and an eight down it played that part. In light might Dodd and maybe you were near me announcement. Who does that sound yet. And it's they is the trailer and really bad word money will be able were really lay out. Commenting on it so finally. People commenting on the seventh that he feels that he needs actors on them out of our exit Ghazi trailer. Cute cute show that's fantastic unity Kurt Russell and makes his appearance has. Tyler's dad. That there's a lot of breakdown of who the villains are and you know what I don't feel like the nerdy geeky that's breakdown. Just went into the movie now and you know among the point where is this the final feathered the pros there's another that's the actual trailer. I thought knives I'm seeing a lot of trailer for the movie that's still got a little bit for comes out so and other U how does right is how does that annoy it a number of satellites the next hours. We're S hours. Celebrations and April we will see teaser. Now be called ETs are in fact that obviously peak for the people adds our celebration that we will not actually see they're getting more than we will then. Later today we will get. The teaser will beat thirty seconds in a B. Who are in a mean guy you know setting the tone getting the music did you hiked a little bit and did around. Augusta for 23 Disney's 23 if the trends that the actual trailer. I they will say the official trailer it'll release to Detroit three they're probably Kimmel who probably haven't met leaders of Lyndon so Kimmel will get the big reveal. And so but that's a trailers works I'm giving it time line of showers 'cause I know that one you don't size though this be a teaser trailer EF final trailer unit. Again all that so we have one more regarding his trailer count there were two months why I'm gonna lots of miles I log and I'm registered as once in the movie now but. Now in the movies I kind of sad that you and your you've seen every tread the gonna show I know it's really rare you see of trailer in the theaters. Odd depends right I mean depends on win or go. We had to happen to go wouldn't like it. Just drop again. Yeah I thought the odds are you're gonna see it online first night I guess you're a percent right I guess it's the way you consume the meteorite I would say 99.9. 99% of the time on their consumer and on one line yet. At my desk at all as runner consuming right. Bomb. Put your right late I'll catch a lot of trailers. If I'm actually going to lose a lot like during the summer like almost like Leo every week the wanna see some thing here almost likely catch trailers just become eyes. Of the frequency of I'm it allies there 99.9. 99 I got there and it is and I only go to movies and any. Once a month about yeah by the time I see a movie. It's really rare ice breaks a leg were actually eat with Jon quick to. And then this week with O John request John went to I'd seen every trailer that's sent yeah that's because it's a dead time of the year rate like this was really like action packed suit Hewitt it's all Logan today yet you might have nots well I mean yes but I doubt puzzle dependent. You have to have not seen the alien trailer or they are doing out there and how some funny considering there's a lot of like the stuff and I'm not interested in. That is shown to me at theaters I guess yeah thankfully trailer for trolls movie out there yet if it's a fox movie about a Fox News to me show me a long trailer out. Happens yeah. There in two and a programming like about what is he. I don't say yeah yeah so with trailers most in on this is it a British staying. Knew that TV shows to drop the trailer and be like the shows in two weeks. Now like the show isn't like way far away they do that same scale we do now. Depends. Because I you bristle asking them and I know the name it's on Netflix really get it had to BBC show Netflix picked it up. To get a bigger funding and given a second season I brake coach doing it rhetoric. They dropped trailer yesterday in the show comes down two weeks. And as if from yazoo it while it's really quick. Like I never never had a contract yet and the league usually you've given this month select now and that's on Netflix thing they don't use that way. Parsing that is that a BBC thing they drop a Sherlock trimmed like others initial xmas on two weeks. No in fact. There's a long trend now with shows that you just don't think about. For example stranger things brighten Tom changed things sort of snuck up on a ready right yet then literally did here's true. Unknown thing before I wouldn't know it was just say things up except 100% that answers. Then everything else right so when a show like you'd know about the lasting shared out on returning shows the little same thing like he went out. Happens is that Netflix is much more closer to the belt as far as like. We want to aim for the show to come out march. Bomb you know we expected to be done late February and edited but shows like iron fist. Three months out here's the trailer for iron figures come CS they. So they have their own like Netflix is is again myth at their own tent poles yet that appeals is is gonna sort of it's gonna standard operating procedure be like two week notice that it's on there and. That's strip days is not high and the temple. It's all about marketing and when it comes a marble. Whether it's on no matter what it's gone you know Marleau has their schedule it's a temple this comes now we we teased this this comes out the trailer that night. They know they want and I'm sure they want to make sure every like once a week we have big news for you. How I would say I would say iron fist they got a really good job event like every week I see something unlike the last six weeks yeah. I'm really fired up finish out should begin and we have a little bit about passion and right today to. Who you and again this golfer but he got. Or his star address it's casting Kurt controversy. Yeah as well as. Wanting euros for hires. And the daughters of the dragon story line so let me just actually go to this record set out. Win. When thing Jones was announced as iron fist even law and white actor. A lot of people need community. Threw a fit and they were like thirty is no more diversity this is ridiculous he doesn't come line that are better now. I understand all of that I understand. But you're not. It is is not an Asian character in the comic books that was replaced with a white actor in M and a movie or show this little white character. He's extremely YE character in the comic books. Who has very eastern philosophies for mr. succumb line. Eight U patterns there would opera I don't understand that controversy I finished university I understand why did he represented and I'm there for you don't understand this conference at media saying. I don't get it he is a Y eight character. And he's played by a white character. It's not an easy character being replaced by a white character you know I saw a story and my thought was because you guys is it's incorrect. When they're coming from from an Alec I think it was may be. These laws you were mad actually don't know the material. And they assumed. That was the case right here though about a half. Are that are that many people really matter where you just writing a story. The luck that you love a lot you know they don't that a lot Eminem not gonna dig into it invaded. In today's society lot of things were the upper are up brewer is a lot bigger than the actual. Thing that upset whatever idea and you know I I think that today. I would say that you and I do a good job of just turning the page forward yeah you know I mean like. I don't hurry it through the end of the book but we read that but we read that Pena on the next one like Burt. Let's move forward Writely lets not that well be negative mostly positive hasn't fine and so so for me again that's where I'm like I just don't understand yet. I daughters in this controversy like. And nowadays also is a couple people tweeting yes and someone will make a story about an error out when you're apparent they're good about that right. So let me give a shout out to the folks that won a tiered on the media all the time. You're never sat right is the people writing or being lazy yet they're like it's instead of just whoever's writing the article. Who propagate it pushes it forward just click dating it's fine that's me that's right that's right it seconds what you like don't do it and Caitlin people talk about fake news yes that's what it is I mean that's a miniscule harmless form of it but that's what it is yeah you're creating out of whole cloth that a few people are mad. Seen accustomed to such it was a mess we're just don't. I don't understand. Someone's paying this is a controversy it's not it's not readily after the Super Bowl isn't just don't want to denigrate their opinion but this attack idea. This front now article after the Super Bowl happened. People. I'm sure someone tweeted about it mode saying. Still lower fat shaming Lady Gaga oh yeah. But I would like a couple people out of 350. Million tweet it. But every lazy writer got to write a story about you don't do that insecure you don't do that but. No one really did that you greatest story at a nothing resemble usually when I'm picking the topic Sergio. I pick this stuff that you and I are incident because that's what I want talk about the stuff I wanna fight about Arlen harp on price bright says he hears me rant offline. OK you don't have to hear that. So there's any truth throwing up the wall going like this and pop back up everything then I'll Gaza at all. I don't know if that says that a situation as volume of your voices right now and they don't like. So but strategist we. Love and we are in the next we're in the studio during. So many flu got out there yet letting us or back any news around did add during. Interview promoting the upcoming iron through a series Danny ran actor in Jones set his sights on a spinoff series that we feel near to many fans I think. Jones and I think it would be awesome to see a series with the heroes for hire. And the daughters of the dragon working together to take down crime Jones told earnest while discussing Jessica and its role as Halloween. In iron fist I'm so excited for calling you know that. I he did want to discuss the controversy that followed iron fist when he was cast is getting around despite a vocal group of fans wanting to see the character recast Disney's America and let me just. Rep read what he wrote. First of all I understand where this frustration comes from explained I understand the need for diversity in TV and films especially for Asian actors I understand their frustration. I agree with it I stand in solidarity with their voice. We are attacking the issues that people are upset about. People from all over the world all different cultures come from co Luntz and now he's describing it showed. So it isn't just an Asian specific culture you have people from his older you of people from Europe there is a multi cultural intergalactic alternate dimension. That's gonna become awed by the way a Netflix marble show just said intergalactic alternate dimension when referring to come. So you're not hyped for that alone and check your pants my friends but there there addressing the fact of like. Yeah a white guy went to this Asian influence area by it we're gonna address the fact that it's kind of light. Like I'd a nexus of a lot of different things so I think it's interesting to me like I said I hate tennis he kind of says a lot of things things I understand. Don't understand in this case about that controversy or what controversy. I think it's much I'm excited that but on the more biggest or your honor I got it right and I think that's a loss be cool. How would you do that coming off defenders. I mean just do it. So they don't have as big adventure with the defenders and probably have Colleen missed your involved most like and and player than niners so you have all three of the ancillary characters. Then. Defenders is dying of punishing series debut introduce. I would I would die or heroes for hire slash. Daughters of the dragon it's Joseph that was like a mix of light seven these. Cop drama and lie each. I don't know man just fine late exploitation stuff because that's where some of the times in the comics. Blake there was a dollars of the dragon is serious about ten years ago underneath civil war. It was is Colleen misty on the road pals like I would reduce all the time you know I mean just (%expletive) all the time. I almost wish they could give me that in light is now and it's is Netflix so you can really do whatever you want to give me a three episodes special of that. Right I don't know if I need 22 episodes of that. I don't I mean if you give me a penny a record low which is essentially a movie give me a movie of that did you give me 111112. At a season can be 1112 season right Levin told episode season. And it's literally like maybe it's literally just called heroes for hire. And and it's band trying to run their own detective meeting that could be fun that would you're ironic end to end but to God's gonna cut in the books as and I love them and don't take this the wrong way. But I would be stoked if I days they announces hey I didn't epic series are not twelve episodes and that pony tail that our car. Now they're like twenty yeah and overall slot you give written. Did I then dial back to six that's that's three wanna go out there you're thinking of lightly. None of the C did you just don't want me yes but like Tron got a 22 episode but they're how. Are at this half hour episodes yet. That's what they're doing they're doing does that it's still like twelve hours after hours per okay that's you give them overseas and I always well my boys are getting even on the wrong numbers. I was at these nails that needs desolate theories are a little long it's always that final chapter in Israel if they could dial back maybe a quarter of what it is. I think it would be much stronger like story in and move Marshall pacing wise. When Malone yet we move on he's got some stuff yeah there was another trailer this week great trailer for doc to us. I have not seen that I thought on my feet don't like policy and eventually. I'll be honest the animation threw me off a little at first I was like really. Why you have com. David Tennant Doctor Who himself is perjury dot you have body winning and from SNL as one of their nephews who have. I do any grief from community and you have. They got a plea mediate any resigned. I'm. Parks and rec. On. Low you play. Ben Schwartz that is. He was on parks and rec yet. Hello John Raphael I don't Roxio John Altria Philadelphia yeah he's he's also one of the nephews and then one of the gals from. I'll I am in notes Garfunkel notes in any time in the skinny she's the niece I don't know the the the other end of the the little Britain plays the ukulele OK she's going to be the niece in the show so she's gonna be. Not Daffy daisy shall reap daisy got. I can't wait for details command has Baghdad tells fans again. Likes that tells I remember that tales like I can tell you like oh I love this have you ever do you remember the block the Disney animation block. Yet know his thing I didn't get as pastor and I'll I don't know they looked that far though. I was alone were eight years difference yeah we worked out. I'm Diana disarmament well I'm six I have ever. Another block you're talking about I may even watching reruns out whenever is that Chippendale. Rescuer no. Has been tailspin. Yes on dark wing got dark green dot cocktail and that tales but. For me I didn't get dizzy channel to I was in like. Seventh or eighth grade so I wasn't really into those to I was on Nickelodeon only had you know will look to third by channel limit of 33. Now at the last on those big VH 134 and 33. So hiding get cartoon now or two later in life so I didn't have much attachment almost any of the Disney cartoons. Or part of an hour for that matter. Just like him a supplement its own card network yeah like that's his laboratory does none of those people all those really dearly liked her mother and dad not a big deal to me. He's very generous it I think once heard you were reloaded at work Hulk subversive right. Legend Gladys Smart now I mean was that a class ski see the show Mara Sharma power of girls Smart OK bunch house. Nobody ever like never I was never a big fan but like as far as like culturally toll late the other great and Diana actually get ahead is tape of power puff girls nap and my mom found it. And she was convinced it was they are pornography book. And she came like try to give me in my Brothers talk like what is this. There's stick stop on girls but girls my problem from. What do you think it he really. Nothing yet that was so funny now we did and a in SO anyway SO yet that the details. Trailer premiere aired the announcement season to sign that's good news for show very locked in as you heard him is speaking of Nickelodeon polish a worry that. If you like the current Tunisian ensure a show on Nickelodeon. On good real it's going like this is the last season and they just announced. That this upcoming season that's about to air is its last season and that starting in. Fall of 2018 so they'll be teaching a year and a half off brand new show booted. They're rebooting it a younger demo and making it to be again this current what is 3-D has fantastic voice actors Seth Green. One of the hot guys that. This is like with you know this is what's going on with. DC AU is what goes on air this happens all the time I guess especially with kids showed little. Haven't looked like their audience ages out started over from sure I mean if they look at I I I I would tell you that this teenage in his journals is probably. Since the original iteration. The cartoon original cartoon. That's probably the most popular I've ever seen Rahm. This bird got the movie's gone with then I mean this version of the turtles what you recognize this version of the turtles like I'm teaching natural backpack. Yeah I don't have it's not this version it's an old 1989. Nine more comically it's that you know it's early yet this is 89 stop for the east out. The ninety stepped up like the crew on social stylized it so. Recognizable. So. Good to change that church changing. All of your marketing your changing all her toys this is selling days this is the reality. You're an adult in like he shows. The rate for kids yeah and the kids age fast and their way to reboot the show constantly. I weather's been so many generations to contains teen titans as and that's that's a it's specifically made for young kids yet it's teen titans yeah so. Hey. Hey hazard by the young justice back that and that's another way I justice I think went away is because. It was more made it to will get a choice UN's outside yes it was doing great they barely get what its own toys because I think a lot of older view or watching that show. Yes it was more of me. It was more darker shell. And it it's funny you know. People think they always want a dumb things down well. I mean. It's it is it's for kids yeah like I'm sorry but you do what are these things that they could result Eads and they're there to sell merchandise and you you couldn't do it right or like you don't think ray yeah of the battle between creativity in there. And marketing right showed looked at easing but the reality is. The marketplace. Didn't support it. And so corporately they decide pulled the trigger and now you know maybe we have I wasn't his allies to back on meaning you do discrete. Maybe did you mark has to do and I've seen some of the numbers of meddling grabber. But avoid things like that that's what you hear like eagle and ran into. By the Chicago way must you tell you it's not great things about that all everything else it's the apparatus you know me like. I savings can be so strong where that doesn't matter by it at 10 o'clock on Saturday. That's not you're never gonna pull amazing numbers now so. It's weird I mean I mean you know. In my lifetime I can I can. Animals familiarly. Relating war stories he's our war stories it's like your relieving. Stories of yesteryear like I remember usually open Saturday morning cartoons really weddings and a record tunes cartoon brought all the time. I know it and Saturday morning cartoons and in each week Monday through Friday former school I want cash by Alex six and it was up 6 AM on what did you. Most likely was like fox. I'm even an equally download the starship troopers look and show. Prof X I'd have that we meet that the fantastic that was the idea to wake up early to go on what craft next for school this is don't talk about like with those shows would air. You just fine when you watch them rain and add. Euro managed to stay. Each everything changes constantly yes it was improbable times peoples don't accept things. There was wanna hold onto what it was a winning anyway. Just like Coke guys they have that big deal mean. If you love a show support it. And when it's when its role in it's done it on in any and that's about between creativity and the money. Don't just a great example because they Whitney told the story they wanted to sell an and it's unless. You've allowed him to keep telling the story. I want more about that and the public and Netflix but the policy is Netflix it's not I believe is a confirmed. They haven't said. I think all we know is that it's not going to be in Cartoon Network believes that Nokia reckon that's a place where they're concerned with. Tyson's. Speaking of another. Property that died on the vine. Hi Gerri Leno and talks for Tron sequel reboot Ira sequel they he sing revert into what I'm saying. They had at that the Tron sequel came out that yes the rebuke and that was a couple years ago. And he didn't do that well at the box office and he didn't do that well just commercially in general. And Disney really wants tried to be a thing you hit a that you want trying to be. Eight definitely. It reigniting of like the cold following I would trumpet love truck noble like you read that movie it didn't do they'll robot sub this most whose side won't tell you. That movie because it had a cool look and I and it cools soundtrack monk yes and the depth plugged in the soundtrack and even in it which was so rat. It was enough that I know a lot of people like I wanna Tron movie yeah. But then you think that did you like the last one mustn't let go not really. I also. OK and I actually doing I've I've watched a few times. The lead apple has been light. I'm so that the guys so mill towns like he just doesn't pop up anywhere else he said Jay. He said to Jack's character and his parents Abramson the manner he that guy I hate acts that and that's evident in his like this. He's just aren't. I don't mean disrespect to the actor and he was in another movie called for Brothers is only just. Mean Jeff Bridges doesn't show until late in the eight Libya allows the movie is like a weird in Julian cor nine late. This weird illness that would be it's funny and awesome in late you know it was it was the the uncanny valley unconditional facts that really mess people up and amity. Because the young job Jeff Bridges the very beginning everybody was like. Rural lately Wickman target again around and wonder what I. Rule well and that was earlier in the early technology and a happy with a first let's put full person like that but I did I did lie and then there was a spin off series on Disney Eckstein try and aggregate Vietnam. I'm like you would was the lead. And it took place. In that city or another CD in the grin and it was like. It almost all light that'll show reboot in a way that like he had different games and there was an overarching plot line it was very digital. And just cool like it. It again that failed to. In you have to realize you're a fan of Tron. And a sequel comes out and as well and animations there and doesn't dwell on your say yourself that there's just not enough must get to support this. But Jerry Leno in talks to be the leader and control. I think they just need that we have to get his movie just dial it back a little bit and could that such from the new UN. And it felt like those those interesting. There's like I names in the original slick on the go watch the Reginald heavy. NFL watched the first original but that this one was so much better like. Jeff Bridges got sucked in and that's the movie goes like I have to figure this out this one was like. The with the politics almost like the religious aspect of this world and this this and it was like. I just wanna see a movie review ride bikes and those are cool and give me some gains and the other cool app and the goodness that cluster just speak. Simple fight he just he's in the means to escape yeah knocked he needs to save the world is gonna affect you that was also. Not necessary. In light and I imagine that show reboot the sort of things they can do where like maybe try and maybe the third Tron movie. And made a mistake a caller reboot guys sequel they say reboot. To meet you via it's not that let me do it better like more thing a quick let's address. You know at the beginning of the movie where he steals plans. He gets. Unnecessarily. Guns that next to the cops only to like he could've drove fine. That load that scene was expensive you know he was. Big action sequence you could literally cut that whole scene off the movie and it makes no difference that's out and unnecessary it was well. It was shot and that's here's what I'm saying because of the actor because I believe it was trying to set up. That he was adventurous at a bad ass and we had quite. We had that was and you're like okay all of these actions don't really lead me to believe that. Beck is the act out doesn't lead me to agreed an actor he's the petulant child in which he seems Smart. And I can't I've seen the first one so he's Sam's side so he must be really Smart right yes the assumption. There's a lot of like trying to set up that he's Sam's son there to try to set that up but light. You just legal has gone what are our years writer. He's Simpson. Is Sam the one who really doesn't plan. Sam Flynn note Clinton isn't it that's flipped the last names CNN's Jeff Bridges. Abbott. I don't know his name is to get hurdles now Sam when the sun I am impairment doesn't matter anyway point being is they're trying to determine the enemies I am an aisle that said though the whipping that runs all that said I meant. Honestly it. Having to death plug in and against logic an excellent. Why don't we give us saw this but is was mincing. Logan is getting great reviews yes I had a friend size that is fantastic on the C sometime this week and I it's. Pacing really well missed pacing battered and bolts. The last Wolverine movie and the last X-Men movie so that's a good thing for loving fans. Patrick Stewart said he would like CB Patrick Stewart and dimpled movie. There's even a teaser there's a dead pull through. Teaser trailer in Logan but yeah and I've also heard that could ever really know them. But I'm also there's no I don't know ending played Elena in trailer you know like post credits loses. What's is name says this last one yeah. Out so it's interesting I'm Hogan's one of those movies and I'm not alive just. And really care about this story I mean listen I know I tell you this we've we've we've had this argument I'm not gonna I'm not saying it's a bad really and obviously I'm not gonna enjoy it I'm really not seeking this out. The trailer you showed me that's not a medium. Looking to see. I wanna see it because that light is actor I like his character Chloe and I am I'm a sucker for X rays I want you to show me good what I do I want that. So I'm like all right I'll come back but it seems that Peters the two hours of 45 minutes of Thomas there's a lonely man hundred. Team homer came over merely gave a little early in the league is the last fun. This was interesting and I don't know if it's finalized. Michael hit Michael Hugh Williams is in talks to join hands all the movement OK Williams like cookie Williams has been a budget stuff he was in boardwalk empire. He was also in the wire. Well known as. Am. Omar he played Omar on the liar a cabin comment. Oh I love this actor fantastic loves that yeah I I knew that sort of not the wire and Barack empire news Graham about. These groups public is so good in the wire. Call this one it's for the black black lightning show I don't. Loves I didn't noisy cast the lead but if past his daughters to get out of the lead and his two daughters. Thunder and lightning. I'm getting more. But I just like the ball's moving for this because I am yeah I'm satisfied I think this character could be the perfect addition. Zorn I think. CC WOC and DC CW whatever opponent Berlin dealers. They've got to see British Superman about the bat man they've got more the flashes flash. Now of the what do you do next that you don't get you can't do another team that you don't think the deal was like all imagine young justice says that nobody have a teams show. I can do and other teams are relying green lantern cop show listening. I know I just this special specs seem hard for that I taught me like you have then ever meg. Per got worried barely uses it I would think I would be we need to really unit religious punching people with a green programs rise he give me Babylon 5. But Reese Kennedy as green lantern corps. Can be done that's always been station now it is an agreement and all come they're so it's a hub for commerce and you have all these were aliens in politics and (%expletive) it's not always about the rentals. It's about the green lantern corps. But the brotherhood not covering up for another winter Google's rogue and becomes the yellow lantern warrants. Did you just write that after. Do you sell your. Woods. And being that that's not happening country but we heard getting a black let me show. I think the only thing left is who to word get out that the they give us the synopsis is that. He's he's already been here and he's not anymore he's the teacher and he goes back to fighting crime. When a star students. It's recruited by game. Is that's our student static X. Known as his daughter's. It's gonna know I read another I read it may not I redolent today and it created that is announces today that says he gets involved because his daughters get involved and and it. You keep talking OK I don't know anything else on. It's an article telling them there. It's in a news article and he said. We may. I got to act would may agree disagree. You know so funny I know watching a lot of tweets lately and wants are streaming them. And so when I'm streaming and I'm talking to an audience live like Greg and we argued we did what you may live last night right in the studio. We talked to the people and violent twitch at talks which are called chat. So I realize my vocabulary I say a lot of things like he chat chat when he gently this thing. Here I just talk years person here and I mean it's a weird dynamic that I almost want to ask the audience right now with and chat. What he's got good hearts. Think two I notice because you guys have won two volumes while I talk about here. The caves like his hands on. Hang throw this out there guys that listen guys gals and freaks and geeks and zoos oh putt castle with an informant. I think this does articles wrong I think they got they mix up your right side great joy you read it right but I have read like two freedom articles. It talked about how they grow up to be thunder and lightning. But it also said that when his star steel I read star student and then now. Because I need that student to be static in that it ascetic X my eight cents ours reducing static X static shots and Jack. Your dad and children are you push your push it. Does that not in the sell the slim Jim hand. Yeah I hate to I didn't need to I think that's that what it. It was not static shock my excitement for the show's gonna go down a lot I have another story for you and that's what has that has an additional story pastor are you tired I'm ready. Dobbin has cast Alexander Siddig as a race Al ghoul you may know him from game a throne he may know him from. The Star Trek series. Which one was that. Doctor Bashir was is Neely asked this guy's been a lot of movies you've seen him know this guy he's going to be playing the race double I think it's a great casting. Here's my other story. It seemed to raise juggles on TV now this is part of that I post this story and a phonetic France FaceBook last night he. M reading comments today this afternoon. Scroll back sometimes a look at the stuff I've posted even if subpoenas measuring bank how well that dale. I mean. It's ice eat people commented on Allen a go to it and look. Guys named Robin I'm not trying to call about not trying to single amount. But what are diets lack of a better term trolls. They just like since the row she and the radius even. Wrote something under this article that I just couldn't quite understand the writings of mad yet and he wrote. We already have a race oh cool in the air overs. So this confirms Gotham is in the fox verse and we'll never have across our. Power of life. Golf and airs on fox. And they've been very click here. These are not connected at all and I say this because when I called this person a troll. They know what they're doing they know what they're saying in this was the most. Crazy thing I'd ever seen in Britain and a mighty. You actually know you'd like are you high drug like this there's so pirate he's controlling. You're try and confident and it came out here in my brain. In England say that the like you know you're talking about and in the same within the same sentence it's like. But you don't know what you're talking about and I quote the birth control because. One of the trolls. Comment and then somebody else comments and if not all the bad comic but they became very like sarcastic little know Smith. Re going these other thugs that. I can never let get under raced it yet because I don't what do you say big jumps lot of reaction didn't end it's soft money because. I read that and I was like up. Is this like a trying schemed to actually didn't swing change lanes are you writing crazy. To see of all try to correct you like that either Brad because I just storing game. They did they raise it big if they did that that's that's a controlled drop. And let it that's a call neutral job if he can do that so that was my story and you'll want to say something innocuous. And get other people route about this anyone can just say some mean on Twitter yes but if you say I'm wearing an act like you don't mind talking about. And you get other people to start being mean to each other. That's trolling at it's like. Riley not yet now and I think. And I was like here I am about response here I was about to write anything at all yet and I went and you got me. You'll Scott troll well played pull myself back from the Brea. Real light that new tactic in the law are of who caught that Ottawa that's what do you have like a paragraph type that and you just. I did you have paragraph is literally like. Aaron award you know points we are all dumber you like shots. Anyway pollinate yep. I actually closed main things together that's right we ought to be another train utterly we have give back the go ahead we don't urged the newest trailer or did the trailer from pirates of the Caribbean and that debt now. Tell no tales I've Vegas he would call this may be dead men still make movies or pirates of the Caribbean for a buyer put in Mumbai hasn't and five. Five not what was 40 my god you're right holy crap it's five yep. Forwards the fountain of youth. Shared with a mermaid is needed it and speaking of mermaids this one has no sharks. Sharks might fragment that's ahead Bobby sharks. Listen did these are movies to me that if someone confers present coming up hey it is it was actually pretty great first one. Yeah first one was sacked on like I do and Alex. I felt held back for another ride sometimes Alamo more than that ivory watched the third husband got the first one was really good I one of the idea I like. Dead set a sequel being just find it doesn't cut it like I think you gotta be yet again I gets it. See you set the bar here you get you get tired of the that dumb romance. Yes I didn't see their promises better that's seen them like they're fighting mother getting married in Sweden you either one unless the third what that's like. I use now you just look suspending reality and making a joke of what you dear jet like why did you make me give you twelve dollars for the I just do lottery wash the fourth one but it's not been available. I'm I'm a big fan of Geoffrey Rush in now apparent series having these fantastic I think. People give Johnny so much credit gray give Johnny on the credit oral Geoffrey rush's fantastic generous of the group he did. He's one of the actors who. Arnold when regret if this sounds bad but he's all that and don't appreciate so they die. Oh I don't oh I don't think at all pat Nolan did they I'd ask my camera right now you are I know you are so I ask you and you know what. Hi could Geoffrey Rush you guys go watch I'm not even a fan of fishermen. He's the villain in measurement alleged mistreatment that's that's a movie I have not thought about in the long I don't into the swear by that living anomalies. He was still the when I rode in gutter roll me. Nobody that the net Geoffrey Rush on the pirate cities in the first movie. Eagle it was one of the best lines in the entire series and that is. When Elizabeth swine wants to part. And the pirates like hours of the higher casual of them are like me and he turns it on her casinos the real America. And he says I'm disinclined acquiesced your your request. Which means now yet it's his favorite things because she thinks she's so Smart mean shall outsmart the pirates. And he responds with this I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request which means no it just I did you break it at one point and what about your code any discuss the really more like guidelines. I've seen the. I'm so (%expletive) liar and I Kelly well Geoffrey Rush today chewing up scenes. And an anti the second one other guy that plays Davy Jones. Bid to build Nike and the attached to British actor he's. Sick he's so good tracks parallel. With that there is no Johnny Depp doing fun things is at Jack are you have to have a good villain. Yet. He's feeling unwell lost Keith Richards for awhile Segway Segway or you kind of an arrow. I am I'm not and I'll say this I did find out what happened sweeten the spoilers I am. They revealed who pro meat he assumes. And I don't know I cannot not regulatory it's not logic they reveal who previously is. And it was such a row that people were like what up like people are really thrown off. And people were tweeting at Stephen ML. I was Eros such a punk. Howdy. He not know how to all over not know and Stephen now responded on Twitter of. Guys. You have a good cure all you have to have a great Billiton. It shows the Billings plan is working that I don't know what's going on. And I tweeted back at him or I didn't actually see eye to back him. You have to have a re going to have a great hero because he's deal needs is it is one of the things were reminder that you know people were like Oliver's. Such a popular lateral move the villains is working and you know any late in the village has to get over they had. The villain has to take a chair. To hearing manager and break their late Wednesday you can win so that you can beat them. That's yeah Dylan had to deal what pro wrestling and you'll understand. The hero and villain dynamics that these pro wrestling boils down. To its essence here overs villain dynamic without an amazing bill and you can't have a good here. It's very true I am with Hulk Hogan without under the this the twist is dead. I thought it. Not consent to put that. Does that spoil Dave my feet I do for me he's is he was vigilante. That right a lot of people yet that's what I thought right so a lot of people but the person who is from me he has. Was vigilante and the actor even sad all. I'm playing the character who is vigilante in the comics them but we couldn't be bad on the notion guys we had that. Sit up and do it our way. So there's and you know although they pretty much yeah when they get double twist. They have vigilante in him in two separate rooms and stuff happening yeah. So that makes you believe like okay tonight on the says more than one vigilante. Vase which suits sometimes split personality. Are they let you are dead in the air it's a really good Job Cohen back to earth in the right spots behind us to be. They get too many seasons of him. Battling these mythical people pretty much super villains that are meant like a flash out yet so it's like you never really felt OK he was in this. This is the type of villain he needs he isn't like a bat men type of villain because really that's what they're doing here. True. Did I wonder is there's maybe on what point five or six episodes left in the season. His flashbacks need to end. Because the whole story was I was stranded on an island for five years. In the way they've done it. Is every season was a year. So of the time you're up with five so you like in Russia you need to end up back in that island at some point. Issued a narrow at the fire and get the boat interesting. So messages. Okay was journalism this week. As I am off on legends and flash is hiding catches this pickup last. Yeah I am I'm behind not only shows it has a lot of support flash has been fun having Harry and HR in the same place I got it and enact this week again amid John canning he's dead tomcat and Tom Gavin and we can be grown invasion. Yet those kids hit. And look there was collateral I don't gonna watch honestly I'm really behind and I'm like I'm looking that. I tomorrow I think just now got to try to get the aquarium they see me see it adding I just this there and I am. That we have some specific news to round out the rest of the show. So we're trying to fire through some of these Albert to talk about the movie cable. I'm sorry. How about cable in double Q yes those who are up for the role British talk about the new X-Men show. And casting a lot of casting this week and as well as the new inhuman shows which when you wanna go first okay able able front of me I hate. With one of these serial. They'll scoop can confirm what I was told in. Back in early February. That is that a confirmation in now I can just say of these two stories. I ate well what is the story tune out okay got out of the two stories here one of them I heard about earlier and I think it's. Probably more possible unnamed sources in mind I said you guys don't let him use his anymore now its username and I said you guys weeks ago that I had heard who was up for cable but I just couldn't talk about it until I read to a tee off but yeah until it into it popped up as a story. I had you on talk about it so now we'll talk about cell start with that then that well the first one Michael Sheehan in. Wasn't hot for cable net he played his audience that thick enough. I don't know I mean I guess Eli he's got a facial features I think you more broad that party who put weight on the I don't know this is seven this is could deal with the artist who made cable. Rob I felt that this was a life built character is maybe you'd catch easy bigger than that room net. Our penalty that was Michael Shannon like and and then the other story is that stranger things star rumor in talks for evil. And that is the actor who plays. Sheriff hopper cameramen and not comment on click on this and we're gonna aren't means I can't. Bump bump bump up by the deadly sheriff hopper a stranger things is up or cable and his name is boots. Am David Harbour. Okay David Kay harbors and his own tournament David Harbour up for cable and I can be proved wrong but so far none of these guys. Look the part of me I think I think he I think he'd. After he played sheriff hopper Pete I think you know it. And I would've said that before share hopper like he's cared during eyes suicides why. That's the character he's played in blocking everything right yet the empty suit he's back here but stranger things you showed me something like eight. I was actually impressed like for the first episode I'm late. I don't buy you as this guy because I know that and I know you and so many other roles yet but as soon and is he like sold mean as sharecropper. And and I heard it. He may differ cable I was like yak it's. I have to write the letter the river I'm trying to say he was out he had contacted rob life held. And it's sad. Polity cable no hey I'm up I am up for the role I'd love to talk to you are about it and edit out it was like shut the (%expletive) up like that ever undergo. Detailed that is what I had heard that it was one of those shut the (%expletive) up and yeah so I don't know maybe he is gases do you want to be just instinct now. All right let's go and the new excellent shows. Am I don't know I can not this kind of coming together well. Amy actor joins xmas show and Polaris is cast. On the players is an unnamed current earned unknown person for recited Michener. And then a guy off them actor has been cast an X-Men and that means starting screens yes and then in every operating under the Jamie Chung. Has been cast as he read defined blink. And the peripheral and do any characters from the movies but the small when he visited new version of blink they were here today though I don't know what that means and it sounds like. Amy actor's gonna play the mother of one of dead children teenagers that becomes a mutant so there's going to be two families. Com and means will be. Coming invasion bulk of those families that will be thrust into this. It almost sounds like. They're gonna go underground like the more locks and saw I'd really to all know what this story is going to be about. It's he gets that the more I read about it the vague your gas and when people say that Polaris was cast their very key to say that she's the daughter of bank you know. Yeah we can now be honest as well that's sort of up for debate sometimes in the comics like acting she's currently the daughter having me though it. The one time she wasn't so I if you mention that in a store right up I feel like someone saying team unit. They're making another thing I think they're making that connection I don't know. Anyway it's very vague it's out there but it being cast meaning they're gonna start filming before in new line. The realm of X-Men. And X-Men show a runaway show cloak and dagger show. Iron fans don't renders legion undershirt legion. What the world we (%expletive) live it's great that we went from a ODC is who does TV. Also in marvel has set its six presently own bank media boxes of marvel properties box of their own entity. Yet they're gonna do what they're gonna do even keep the legion legions it anonymously because just I could watch together it's not really just three years so we're IMAX and watch yesterday's episode yet. Yes of four. Yes it was for so I took three. That is a weird show a man. That in out their show what I TJ just that he is an island. What's the term. Buy and we'll all know he is an un reliable and error. We can't relying on here's an area we can't watch the shell and trust what we see. Based on scenes he's in my eyes. He's an untrustworthy mariner yet you never know what's real what's it matter what the flashback or what's in his mind yellow ideas like the gate price I have watched as exams and if you haven't you're telling us come out and Ivo ID what's up with that like why does nobody you'll see that like yeah you know what is the growth for only CA yeah. Is it here's the thing to write legion to mean. It in the comments he's a split personality and part of his power that every personality has a different power. And that's crazy on Egypt comprehend that is crazy yet and he keeps coming up with new personalities. Meaning his power is almost won it yet crazy. Come back and and so in the show they said that's not who use the money. Am I gonna do that because on screen I feel like angry is boy and the yellow deemed an arm our part to his personality departing him. I think that's part of him I think laid the girlfriend. And obviously Roger plaza they appeared at the it's going to be he's schizophrenic. These things he's seen our may be relieved. It's like everyone else sees them to. You are in nowadays there clearly surely you're not schizophrenic they told you are schizophrenic it's your power your power make you crazy like your packet. She she said the third episode. That your power makes you an unreliable and Eric church kind of setting to like. League you don't even know what's real and what's not real because. Your power even affects your reality is crazy. Kris yeah. And like I'm intrigued by his five missile every episode. It's not like a certain show which they keep you guess an annual like requests troll who was like oh my god I need a new more need no more. It's play every week and is like yeah I wanna know more. 'cause I have no (%expletive) idea. Going all right I'm actually amazed side sidebar I'm amazed how much less world is this week especially at her a lot of references in the media. To. Think the robots that last world. Like it is like coming off on a ligament went political summit coming out of the speech on Tuesday nights and others have can never Wednesday there was a lot of references and stuff and I was watching TU. It like clips of other people saying now that is why is this becoming a consciousness level school I like people have caught up on what it looks inching because. I mean movies and TV shows if you wanna make someone relate. And do something relatable. That's the best way in this society do and I feel like that now that's the threshold which we compare technology or to someone acting robotics to lately all the pundits referencing house of cards my meal like all the pundits finally watched west world and it's now around actually yeah. Like to watch as the CBS show or a Sunday morning show this week in and make your reference. Tim Rolen is that when the magazine says Holler at me since I Holler at me okay but you're though. It was rights. Our regular kitchen unless world are a gag and back in it so. Let's go from X-Men to like the they're X-Men. Lie to duke and I don't have X-Men but it. There at the end it humans show is happening so we talk about how this is definitely a marble show big guys with X-Men. I'm measure of the theme actors are being league it's not been leaked but it's the announce a couple of days and it's kinda. This marble shall we have Synopsys is today we have all cast lineup today way. Noted now it's a marvel property foxes me. Fox makes lesion marvel has nothing to do with it. Marvel how naive Del Mar all isn't vault date they work with fox but it's a fox TV proper OK but marvels Somalia is involved. A big day they. They have a great relationship and it but the point is is that at the end of the day. It's a boxer is a fox property foxman solve a mix that the bulk of the money off of X-Men you noticing with a new Spiderman movie we do not feel like Sony it's in that same handshake. No not more because they got. (%expletive) on the hack. There aren't a close Grunow I know that but I'm saying. They they've when they came out this they made it's only this is Sony and marvel working together next day it was like well marvel has created control. Now I've barely seen the Sony logo on anything and almost beat that actually. I did see tweak this week from Sony yet to one Colin Moriarty of kind of funny games yet. I don't know I don't remember what the reference those before that but Colin between its some thing and the guys that Sony Tweety backing him pay. We're looking forward to having you in studios to check out Spiderman. So it's that's a very bitter and I know the game's not coming until at least next year or even further like Tony nineteen daddy and I didn't even think about that actually Sony hair becomes the better maybe route two games. Out and Andy did announce this week that the marble. Video games are going to be their own universe they're separating them from that movie into that possesses. A lot of people like there hood please let it go late you didn't make it like shielding shield and what you can he. Relative but like if you like cats and nick fury cast nutria. Don't live why put a bearish for some that's going to be such a small. Which is he really it is there it is the fighter and video game is not going to be based on the in the movies can be its own story good. Awesome. None of the finest hour from miles around us right he's getting an imminent. Bentley and medium income yet I am still studying human show news lots of been announced Anson Mount first of all. And I win re on where cash is black bull and maxim is Anson Mount. I've been in a bunch of stuff he may have I've recognized him from that aims he showed that green. So more of the big admiral whales hello wheels yes thank you I was having nine hello wheels I went out Rihanna was. From game with rounds he was Ramsey Ramsey was Ramsey Bolton used to be pulling Maximus is that a bad guy yes I think has got bad guy and any black mold brother. They got into the it involves or other black people can't speak he is how work is literally his voice. So are breaking down for you he has the power in his voice to destroy mountains some black people never speaks Medusa. Who we will sit referenced a moment. Will be his main talking point she will really be. Who I would imagine that that gal I cast is Medusa she's not a huge role the shell. She's kind of the focal point for speaking for black people are crazy to be cast in the part in my here's your lines. NAFTA I everywhere and they're gonna have like. May be beaten mentally talk illegal introduces so that they can talk. You know I don't have that you're kind of thing that so that he can actually speak bite yet I was watching a legion is in a week of legion ends. The grotto episode. A lot of telepathic talking going on this week that look like I'm pretty used to it do it whatever he doesn't think too is the more that's of that exists the more fancy used to yeah. Surround this one was cast as Medusa. What was she and I didn't. Oh she was a star from Graceland you're from Graceland moved. Two ten lung has been cast as carnac. He was and the latest. They use the latest hours now rumblings in. It's our last hours movies that one of the guys innings and lost it was a lot of stuff. And the full cast and descriptions without they're gonna have the dog locked up. That actually dog he's actually in human when he's transformed the look like a dog and every treatment and arm. But he is not a cars yeah. Am. The any human rough innings complete according to the Hollywood reporter marvelous and it's cash and human series is bill Cornish as we cassis crystal. And they. Eight to a car as gore guy and Mike Monroe esque traits in Sonia ball Morris as Orion and Ellen while glom inning. As yet unannounced role. Am. Solutions like. There's still will be reduced the sister in a restaurant or off him because he noted control elements in patches and independent she's also deeply devoted her premiers has some breakdowns. That's. They're still gonna do their plan is to kick this off within ninety minute movie that's in theaters re going home monitoring them for you. Yeah prick there as an executive producer Scott buckle acted show runner on marbles in humans after debuting in IMAX theaters on or around. September 1 117 and running for two weeks in humans will premiere on EDC on Tuesday September 2 point six. 2017 in humans is also expected to air. All eight episodes of its first season uninterrupted on the following Tuesday's the first two episodes. Having viewers will air as one IMAX presentation. Lasting approximately eighty minutes. And they will also be shot entirely with IMAX cameras will screen in 1000 IMAX theaters across 74 countries I guess we strategies and that. Pretty cool it's a that's something of that does well it's like sequences from subsequent episodes will also be shot using. IMAX cameras that's me with that in Serafin theaters and do a couple of other episodes and there's no bad the first few episode the first. The first episode of broken up into two parts will be bill that would be shown. Entirely in IMAX and it being filmed entirely in IMAX and then. The other six episodes of the eight episode series will air the this this show going in the eight episodes. Is gonna miniseries is going to be show it's a show for the first season is eight episodes while on ABC. That's pretty bold premiering dynamics. So the movie you're saying is essentially public to its two episodes it's the pilot. The movie to see an IMAX is the pilot is going to be eighty minutes are going to be two episode which is almost an hour breakfast at 242 minute episodes okay. Well that's that's that's cool because of that does well you could see a lot of shows doing that. Puzzle to start known ultra certainly. No I don't we nymex up and remain Senna at the mission valley has IMAX undecided that a lot of now does a lot if it's getting almost any as a matter of and its largest just the mission. And a man. I wonder who we could always could probably hook up with a lot even. To do that womb I beat you they won't Latina to team up to do something for this. I would I would seamer PGA magazine said the Lawton and La Hoya or at least Asian halves abusers. I did humans. This kind of wanna watch higher for men hanging out these programs under. They're in humans that's the end of the story yes yes you admittedly big guys huge week. Any else. I am spent some upbeat. I'm pretty aren't you log me out of their well will Lou back next week with maybe gas anymore news maybe you don't who don't saloons you know it's happening now the next Fred I don't forget I have a patriotic he liked his support. Might if it comes to me myself but it supports both of us not Petrie on dot com am happy that he's Nina pat patriot dot com slash Camby plays games. I have YouTube channel you can check out YouTube dot com slash Emmy quiz games. Where it all are what you league that he has lived and fat not our last night when we did a taste of live but they'll get there but guys thanks for listening. They get all of our old episodes on iTunes or on cool player. On F 949 ST dot com or down load the this place now.