Capes on Capes Ep 74 - Disney Buys Fox What Does That Mean

Thursday, December 14th


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So I mean now. So whenever this goes through officially Disney buying fox. I can tune in and I can have avatar and we have all the aliens movies again all the predator movies I can only alien vs predator movies I have all the action movies I gonna have all the avengers movies. I know all the fantastic four movies. I can add to since since like the future Rama I and what's left. You saying we're getting in aliens vs the avengers absolutely. Peabody payment caves or caves clogged house. And Bryce talk which sells 75. Point five for Hillary doesn't. I'm looking up little you know we need it's a name Willie Colon. Keeps on Kate stand before that and he's at four officially but I want to call it episode. It happened it'd app and it happened it happened before we get into the big topic and as we can really the only topic for this week and USA. Com you can sponsor this podcast. Feel free don't be shy. We would love to say caves hurricanes brought you in part by or brought to you fully buy or. Brought huge. By these amazing people who love good kind and blank blank blank blank blank understand. We we are for sale crept up on eight. We are out. Air I mean. The point on you analysts are podcast caves decades of this has 75 four. He is right same can't be we are on all your podcasting iTunes a Google play store and of course the FM 949 website and onions from 949 at. Did you realize reason Elaine. All of our numbers are combined then I thought they were all separate. Because I thought we are getting numbers for just the website announced like no no and now we know more people listen and I tends. ITunes though she got a segment and tonight. Yet from our lowest plus you have leaves some comments eEye yeah yeah analyst in the pot yet share it shares. At least sit there and listen as podcasts like like that can be these me laughing you know it rises the real. Real slow that I would love to have a beer with Bryce you know I share the podcast. Many and they will give you beer I am tired of to have. So we're gonna talk Marla Disney before that and I'm not gonna dive into this because it will devout Alicia what Disney fox admirable Disney Disney fox Disney fox right. Bail on that one too. It is our today it's hours nights up ongoing and unfortunate direction. We got news this morning. I G-8 pioneers. I Digi I think it's pronounced a ship hi hello I snapped. 8 AM. They voted to repeal net neutrality. Again we're not flip the shower and dive into that that is a big blow to an independent Internet and could content policy that we appreciate. Eisen wanted to show without saying anything so. No it's good to bring it up energy if you don't know what net neutrality is about. There's not really two sides in this there's the side that the Internet should be open and free and the other side is that issue all the monetize which means that. You know it'll cost you ten dollars and listen to as many podcasts is you want a month it'll cost you ten dollars to go to Netflix would cost you. Ten dollars for the Disney's service it'll cost you. You know fifty dollars extra on your Comcast plans to be able to watch twitch because. You tend to watch a lot of streaming stuff so we're gonna charge you more and so I mean you don't. Bill I thirty feel like our Internet service providers screw us over any length. Because your feel like I do a lot of life she means them and every time. My inner and it gets throttled and and you don't you look at there's nothing wrong and you call them and they're like hey we tried resent your router but today outreach to the router. Well yeah it's down manly coach and aired so. I don't know it's not good it's not good it's a bad decision it's a bad decision for business that didn't want it but of course. Business is going to accept it. I mean were just becoming more of I mean you're about talk about the other side is Jewish is Disney buying fox and how it just really destroys. A certain competitive market in a certain sense because your two major competitors merging into one passive. Contact us through January and try to focus on right we like content what do we can get right that's 1092 because I want to bring up. Let's let's Segway from the net neutrality thing look that up it's a very complicated issue does not. Very complicated all that it affects you and you still have the opportunity right now. Clay you have your voice heard call your representative in even if you're a Democrat or Republican or you're Republican or Democrat you make sure that representative is representing year. So call your representative find out who they are and look up what menu Trout he has but. The big massive we couldn't do the podcast seriously and without following up on this we talked about this threat to us we keeps. You know it's funny we keep trotting to do pull ups those digesting it now. And we can't say well let's wait till it happens it's it's hard to digest right thing to think about when the story broke. That. Marc was in the right Spiderman. We're gonna has relationships are adamant that that's one character it was huge story the biggest story that was at the time. How do you process yeah in sea dragons vitamin you can bet it's more expensive Simpson's alien predator you get an avatar you're getting. I've been trying to run as a lot of this all shock got a bunch of ideas idea. The game marvel vs Capcom infinite just came out no extra characters. We have marble. Vs cap com which has notoriously had it carriages like Rhode meg veto gambit Wolverine better bury cyclops very popular. In that story lines series. So then you come out the latest marvel vs Capcom game zero X interrogators that they amount Capcom my goatee character was meant need to that's what I'm saying so a game built around. An X means stable having zero X me hairdo is my what my first thoughts reading articles less. And he facts. Does marvel vs can't come if they come out with excellent care DLC has. Heels held without you think they don't already have that player and aliens waiting for something like this is huge gets into rippled just like. It's just ripples like ripples on a pond it's like. Right then that the biggest way old was launched from space in just can't balled into the ocean and we're now dealing with the bush leaves coming on this thing. It's so big there goes the like that example he said but the video game they actually could. Have put them and they just chose not to causes like wily promote X and picture and not to promote change hasn't for an X as much even though. A total about that today as well. Irene it's hard congress and catching up from marble for the last 6710 years. They actually do you have really great. Well written well drawn and excellent stories they did and the fantastic four have been very much center stage on a lot of major story lines not as the fantastic for the week. Remember but it is the fans as he is down. And it is the X-Men and so on the one hand. I would say oh my god this great golf finally promote the low on the other hand. They were major players and you sure isn't so they were promoting image you know you could feel they were avengers where the only team nonexistent. At the same time comics division which yeah doc. They need to ask actors absolutely it that would be that would be bad business. To ignore some of your most to ignore Wolverine you can see in other such T concealing recognizing it yes yeah. Everything else doesn't need that Disney's toy division. Would like X and they don't need X-Men now to make it easily ignore I mean I get those thing about this year when you look at late. What marble promotes as like their big splashy things the last couple years you have. Pretty much caps Thor Iron Man are really in a different versions of those characters. Are really the center stage Kamal Khan as the youngest marble like marvel had a real facelift and if you look at the last five years 34 years. It's younger characters or a new characters in legacy roles like the female four on the black captain Americas south like that where you've got Yunel. A new twist on an old idea an end there editor changing but you again and none of that's an X-Men none it's been light. Hey you're you're dreaming of premier character in the marvel universe is an odd cyclops not this not willing and haven't. An air did you guys get to you is that. How fast as the actual Wolverine come back to life and Marvel Comics because they killed him eventually they need kill Wolverine that. Only to immediately replace him with old man Logan. This job and time are they do it got a future old man doing got the old man Logan who would survive old man to coincide with the movie pretty easily that it pretty much coincided with earlier this year itself in a way yeah. And but my my immediate response is yet and they have the female Wolverine they have his daughter of the clone in south. In other wolverines how fast is Logan come back as Wolverine now that this yoga Syria like solid. Yeah he got some of that up. I've it's not what what was your being. And it really expecting this news release my mom takes me this morning she's like oh my god this story anger rendering we're going out. So so there. There's the obvious ripples that really coincides that's errors. You and we we've we've tried to decide this many times woody would you do with X-Men patty put them and we'll figure in the movie star how to do is fantastic for I think best has a four falls in a little easier than expend as. But I but my thoughts went went beyond that what it how it is Disney treat a catalog of films. Not really not Disney how easy credit there is this I think I mean does that. Did. They can't call 20th Century Fox time now bidding get the name now to do they create a new division of films out there you guys get. Get set up any predator movie you Courtney Love you and I talked about this briefly. Couple weeks ago over the weeks wanted to talk about this. I'm you know Disney's own Miramax yet so they've Latino the so why did they get out of that business able to try to sell that done. And I'll continue that he was reading too many women I don't know allegedly. I think it I mean they also they also had a controlling interest in the Weinstein Co. at some point to remember so. So it's going Disney's not. Oppose it heading off brand they've tended to get out of it. It always depends on who hear it always depends on who's there. The board of directors is it easily decide like hey we don't want to do this anymore and they get out of anything that you get out of I don't know maybe did you come up with a new movie making division. Made of course it wouldn't Nike Disney films because the and you don't want Disney you don't want that predator react. But he that's where you do something like a Miramax. Addressing their maximum and get like an example you get like like Miramax and that's where Disney can push now button. Hasn't are in line you don't. They're not opposed to doing this now bit. And as as the CEO Bob Iger said. We're opposed to me are rated movies are having an. As long as we let the fans know which zero what you're saying yes if they see the Disney debt that the magic kingdom logo you're not getting a predator movie there's not happening. I thought that post was in saying you talked about I you put out. I he's mainly rationing temple movies like we are totally open to make it. Stop worrying. They're open to making money. Yes but people aren't crazy. Crazy crazy but I mean. Let me let it out. Tuesday met this will worry yes yes but I. And there's no real fears here you don't don't like this kind of viral compound so dead pool works. It is an example at this point Eumig Siegel if you make it sequel to that let's p.'s thirteen he wouldn't test. That I can do that but they're gonna do that because they've body now. When they've already been shown dead cool works rated. Had they but it's fox studios. Two years ago or whatever before the movie they probably either would not make that movie or they make it PG thirteen they put this to. I talked about this artery with rob like fell last week go listen. I talk about how time. You know dead pull doesn't get made in less that bent the trailer its core local stolen. From the vault at fox and a guy releases it. So like I'm it's like you're wondering who that guy. Who was that why is this is as urban legend. Let what was battle that's a yeah I even ask rob about that like how how grateful are you. That leg out people it said your movies not any it made your young dimples not in the amid an engine so I was like do this truly is awesome the fans will decide they stole the trailer put down on building Il has been allowed himself. A deal out of you'll do the Ryan Reynolds and I think he even wink wink nod nod taking credit for it by. I don't know you know yeah. This thing too is outlay what a chance to take it we're gonna make that be it was the fancy said you have to make this movie and an attorney as Patrick fox lake Oak Hill with some money behind this you know I mean. I don't know I don't know if it's digital in late isn't conversation I had had last week none of this happening right now is happening in a vacuum. That Sony hack it mattered. It mattered because it brought a player down any maybe viable. For two others to go yeah let's merge was league merger that. Well here's the thing Disney it was here's I was finishing putting this buyout TB case. I've done a merger but there's no cash involved it was all stock so it wasn't. Five billion dollars in cash it's 57 billion dollars in stock. So the Murdoch's air now if 5% controlling interest in the Disney company they're now it's basically. Am. What you want college it's like gang is an acquisition. But they're basically part of Disney now so or what I grocery and LB you how it is. Tom which is as easy as well I mean my debit ads are going good spot fox still exists that a sick around that new Fox News into fox sports they're gonna do wreck. The other television here's another part of it and channel here's another part of the story that uninteresting. In England in Europe. Fox has been trying to buying. One of the big media conglomerates. And and has been getting blocked. Because it's like gigante and then where they don't sky which is huge right where they were tried other traveling own more of something other ridden with sky and non. Basically the courts there like he has a pretentious ass holes like you guys are you're. At a huge dragon Terry Wright and also your business would you hire spies since violate yours or bad business practice or so. So here's the deal. That dealers now still going through but now with Disney involved that's (%expletive) scary. Guess this is all about international this is all about controlling. The media oversees about controlling. Different pipelines because now Disney has all those clocks pipelines guide it. I was there where this Disney has a huge. Market thought hold on North America right or not so much easier right it's like we talk about like CNN CNN's international you can fly anywhere in the world. And most likely CC NN so if you bought CNN. Now you put that do you react you see yourself as pushing your thing. On where CNN has meet its inroads in cement based they would Disney's doing with this fox. Acquisition and they're like hey we're gonna take all those. You know these guys or create we're gonna go through that in into the control is Sonko. Hulu. Yet they now go from 25 to 50% of food gap so the whole speculation being that they wanna start at around channel it's like well now they pretty much got one and the we've already has 32 million subscribers now I still think they start another one specifically. Is the content but it. That's pretty big funnel. We mention that in yet they do have the channel free form. You know sailing we do mention that builder channel but they have free form. And clean up or have ABC I don't apple does not like Hulu type thing but it's interesting that light they have a television channel they have camera that it was gonna channel now has there. Good doesn't scifi has the channel. CNN and this is a bit Louise and speaking of marble shows Hulu. Free farm. Three RG a story resented the new warriors show that's got to that was announced to be a free form. Currently doesn't have a home so oh that's right we talked about the people are saying it should go to Lula. I think city I think adding just waiting a truce probably for some like this to happen I mean obviously being you know. I mean you know we unite as interim merger we knew for months some what's happening wheezing tall guy yes program. I'm I'm wondering if may be free form goes away. And Hulu becomes the channel where they gave you all there shows where they do baba baba baba but it's it's there. It's agency Hulu might not be Hulu anymore medical someone else will they still got two partners in it NBC today I don't know. I don't believe this gets under 51. Yet Comcast NBC. And heavily Warner Bros. owns they're trying knoller was there channel. It's fox AB CNBC. And there's four partners. And now Disney is two of them so it's three right. But on the gets I don't believe I haven't read anything that's of the gets in the 51% I believe it isn't a fifty inches and you've got to listen to their tail. You don't I hadn't thought about aliens and predator and avatar and know when those pop ups and am an odd. How is like I I would love to watch some prior to me he's like I wanna Amazon can't find them or you pay farmers like I go on Netflix Amazon Hulu everywhere. No one will just have more I can watch them and great there and then a leg and it was deal allow me to have a channel are just pipes and predator movies there. Watch alias a really great. Or the better verse is really low. No love to have those on the standby. You know as in sync I was thinking about you know a lot of people have criticized. Guys and praise but talked about how Netflix. Oh this show a big shows up for auction we don't wanna bet we want a friend contact. Outside builds up do you want to sound now we want a bit and we that's too much you wanna make ground contact. They've known this day was coming yeah and they want to make share no one's gonna pull the right to this because we own that. So well you know and when everyone asked by the in the marble shows and on that place here's what I believe they're never leaving Netflix know and Netflix I believe owns part of them that's an immunity happily show has been the same timely and I don't think marbles and it. Like hate on those shows I think that. Marvel DC Disney DC and marvel Disney Smart company. And when they want to what they can squeeze out a brand absolutely but I don't think they'll do that with like Netflix several you get out and I'll think this is working yet it was like it is that Netflix killer might what do you talk about now. I want to throw one Netflix right now it's going wait a year and that's a big deal that is it is deal is putting is not the Netflix killer lay. OK I don't okay that flicks is playing the long game. I don't know that's just you know we dreamers as well like India in the back in the. Do a lot of late in the DreamWorks cartoons ano I guess you're gonna see a lot of studios that. Because everyone can have their own app you know there's only people only and a willing spends so much money on the is so there isn't like you who decide you know what. We're just gonna keep selling it we're gonna sell more Netflix they do a great job I don't wanna be in the business of competing with Tess I get I we do this we get paid. So they're gonna be fine in fact how are now it looks as such like. Who has a thirty million subscribers subscribers worldwide I don't know Netflix has numbers but I believe it's like four or five times that when you. The waves meet twice is nice maybe Hulu Netflix worldwide now I. I just noticed you did scale okay like PlayStation four as the day is is the highest selling PlayStation all time 74 million users via you know who's got 32 million concurrent users I would take Netflix may be has forty or fifty maybe sixty. I just I don't think the numbers are so crazy. It and I I I know you're you're like they've got to be destroying Emmy right you're right. But it's destroying him is relative term you know I mean there's a lot of you have Netflix I have Julio. And vice Versa. So anyway it said the deals official but not official has to go through and be approved or whatever whatever C not an SEC east is that that's. Thank god as a high twenty Jarrett Jack faced. Yeah but it is introducing an in a world net neutrality. Going down and it's going out in the same day that. It is this consolidation in media it's consolidation of the channels and it's a scary thought man you guys. Be aware pay attention that's about a political as they'll ever get be aware of it and pay attention you know be involved nature of the year represented a misrepresenting new. Because you have and I think we're in an access though at least the easy way. Netflix has seven the two million team besides as a matter. Who HBO own oh is approaching fifty but that counts cable subscribers. Tell. People are watching it Telluride you know Netflix this image series has got fifty who's got thirty and me and I was wrong I was way up on everything that is that a Hulu has 99. So they might sentiment as sound right. And her bigger numbers Lou right on the previous television upfront season who reveals that has about nine million paying subscribers and just say a lot has happened since it was fifteen so this is tech is ten months ago. How well they can. I don't think they got 32 million unaudited revenues I mean they're eleven N enabled point three million in the last ten mile water among Clinton ten my a sign of papal 23 million more customers and last segment CBC who ads everywhere. And you would have who account yes you have alluding to be one of those toys. I eat meals as we get me it's Kris is crazy and then that that as the biggest story out there it's a lot to process I still even we've tried duke. Would love to do a show. Just focus on. The Amman the universe how people season. How would not not how he feels outlook. How would you do yeah I was on another topic piazza got anything on there yet because not only ask heart and legs that it is like to give you could assume you'd go see her glory as you can a lot of star like you could pull on because now you have a full what was let them negative doctor do you as the main island day's early end. A phase four from are all so phase five could be. They give you the villains doctor doom and go to what are my first thoughts was when the Sony marveled the only down for Spiderman how quickly he by introducing a marvel civil war. I meant just for resorting Don Black pants and charting done Bly. What about an exit scene for avengers infinity or par one in the introduced like the Shia are something late what are you what it's not. On the nose the X-Men gathered is spotlight whatever it's like. We have control of the Shia are they've never done anything with them so we're gonna give you the Shia I went crazy with that. Be my mind as wind is Robert Downey's next contract out. The boys that leverage would liked admired man they're gonna get Liang I'm gonna go a young man that I think. It is for marvel SC has guys you never heard of I think these next this next phase from Arnold windy X-Men and fantastic four and all these properties get. London to the same world I think that I think you're looking at a new generation of of stars and you're looking at like five. Years down the road I think the fox movies are still coming out all the new mutants is next in movies that are. I'll wait an extra just debuted a bit. The Phoenix photos from X-Men in sports and then yeah I still going to be a nice Newark movie is still happening. Lesion is still having that's the Netherlands adds. We did they have an utter I don't know that movie's gonna be like I really can't tell what it is now. That does not only Disney movie there's not any radar to guy is either to its horror. Mean that's what's interesting. Some news and notes and quick fights. I finished the Walking Dead the fall finale the lowest. I watched it fall finale we're gonna happen there. Then I you know once he once I saw this fall season finale and it was like wrapping up his first ever so while there are whenever you line. Every outlet no talking when asked that they kill all of the idea what they've done being killed him he got bit. So he got in the next episode I've been going gaga did buy you like an imaginary in the woods I am so endlessly weird inhabit an episode before you did not see it in this ever says if you're watching this episode and you're wondering how did Carl get bit he was bit before you never sought. Because they failed him from the chest avenues bid on his stomach. And so he sort of like tells this story is like Arizona and other bomb now that lake. For the first episode the first episode was like what is going on again you guys are finally a war the second episode give it time job. And it showed everybody after the fact and you're light. You guys were just putting him on the ropes I don't understand what happened so I think it's from the second episode. I've I I did it you're trying to show that all of this happened at the same resume portly old man you're trying to stretch things out. If you could maybe stretch coming out over three episodes you're doing six and it's obvious gross anyway why did not very good. It's not got obelisk a very good. Eight his shield them is back and fantastic. Best season meeting zeal have ever seen they put him spoilers for you a better than the ghost writers isn't. So far he's even Michigan so he will be back in mission in the first episode that Colson made it feel it. With that with the Ryder. But no like I don't wanna spoil the twist for you bomb but the theme is that barren space. And and that it'd actually is cooler than you think we want. And it's eight super cool because. It just strips them down it takes way. All the crap Elie Ali Rivera and his base and they are both great great. Resolute good content to be looking for eight years if you put off by Walking Dead. Catch up on this season's mr. about it has been. I was anti Jesus you receive injuries consigned. This is season three season for this season three oh my god I'm not far behind yet attacked gray in fact it has won the most thrilling episodes of TV. We in fees to. Actually happens lags. I liberal also has been super strong. Guess I can't say that about this the rest I'm the one behind I'm behind I didn't watch the crossover I am I fly in the crossover you don't catch up like an idiot if you ever decide you're gonna watch him. Just I am just out there. I'm up on behind the gifted even though it's great and I like against it on fox that's the X and program that's been decent. My sand behind I'm really don't think I ever finish the second half step that John Smith podcast. Somehow good Ellison like runaways Cummings on wants us to know runaways and Hulu yeah I definitely don't want to watch it people are I'd love and it. And punish receipts you've got confirmed not win in how but he is confirmed again marvels like that'll come out and Marta so Megan happily show you guys play is happening so not that big a deal. Any else also he's deal. I think it's probably do well when you really think he's. You'll. That's all I got yet our government is perfect but I think guys think soliciting don't forget a listen to a earlier next week. We can no. Wait. Indoor record to her reporting more on Thursdays now back to report next Thursday in theaters and again again Friday MIT mobile and that's perfect that was good. I like I've been vetted. He's not quite as.