Capes on Capes Ep 73 - Rob Liefeld Interview and Disney Buying Fox

Thursday, December 7th

Welcome to Episode 73 of Capes on Capes!  This week is a tale of two podcasts.  One Bryce and Hamby discuss the latest news including the further speculation that Disney will buy up all the Fox properties (X-Men and Avengers in the SAME MOVIE) and TWO Hamby interviews Rob Liefeld, creator of Deadpool and Youngblood about Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Image Comics airing on Monday night on AMC. Plus Rob compares the founding of Image Comics to Nirvana changing the music industry in the early 90's and the comparison could not be more spot on! 

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So it's like we got a lot to get too but this is just bugging me not tomorrow dress part for others comes out Jurassic Park. Just world does stress world was the last two dozen who called is to address world something I don't know. Gone they always people except he Lebanon does a big deal that you start your sykora added I don't get why why is Jurassic world's getting a pass. That movie was terrible it was god awful. Once act like that. I just. An overlay. Just balloons and an excellent and Thatcher and address tomorrow night Gary not excited for Jeff Goldblum and that's IG chief Selma. I don't. For the record. I do like dinosaurs I do like Jeff Goldblum but just part a these original greatest movie of all time the camera on favorite ever okay if this bothers them. Did you rest a world I enjoy it and it was so bubble gum fluff. I think there late eats a monster movie leave I would put library. But just don't I don't still dress part monsters make a monster movie nights ago at this point there. Universal gonna do the line on the line item in my in the mid con it as far as they got to compete with now the biggest do you you ever heard of in your life on the all time to get to that story yes that is the being eaten now gathered his knee. We're gonna bring this up again Disney attempting to buys spoke a heartless is gonna happen so what it's an let's see some other stories. Time and we guys like he's podcast episodes and about 75 sure for a Timmy four point 69 and we know you won't necessarily. Say is going to be sixty and accurate or is exam part one zone where if you that part three adds up. Nine part six caves episode 69 part six I'm MB that's priceless Saber tooth. You know we're one week away from our flash and I didn't mind blowing. It's kudos. Could assist to this same exact company I was just scared have one week from now Renault and I'm no money's not I'm not getting blasted. In the face. Just like the spoilers were always there aren't there you're does not looking for it trust me is there. Trust me it's there began even today on Twitter. Someone associated. Anderson a weekly and Star Wars the Disney folks they send out some new press stuff yet as someone posted a gift. Of rage. Tired but okay I worry Julio side the closer to give a re doing something and people were like what are. Now it's Ers and the people like hey this is press material you're yelling at me for being the one who is sharing. But this is on the Internet and they're sending it to you so sorry this is like on our own boss. Shared the leg against. Of the wall coming down as this episode was airing the game the browns. That and pissed me Kevin did that why it happened that day. Curious I don't care too much about that is not could have a show that it may not cool I I noticed him is. Bill. The television the wall coming down drag on on it. I didn't even finish airing I sell. Wow look and then do what else. What do what do we were we talking about there's no doubt it's the news I actually got an epidemic here in San Diego. Of homelessness and homeless this is easy rampant problem. We are a military town and homeless is on the rise and I don't wanna connect those you arbitrarily without knowing what. What is good Cigna fired a lot of military folks are going to be homeless in hand and having problems. Is there there's a lot of like they're they're trying to do even a national news story. The national press that just broke like this week about how San Diego it's like number one for homeless has earned him. We eat here in Canada where Heidi says all right we're on a project to you would dress that's our morning show is working on some the bank. But news came out this week. Bell local heroes not euros where kinks but these guys do. On hockey pants or hockey pants order you know combat gear whatever I need stream just asleep it's a real pretty here in San Diego to. What are these what these things do. Will there come together there's a video a movie that came out a couple of years ago a documentary them. About real life superheroes are well as speech yet and I sort of following a few these guys and I found out there was a group in Seattle's again out. But I was like yes. There's a crimson rader and his name is everywhere that so follow them. And is grim tale of these guys they're recruiting. Calling all superheroes create a constant fight crime help your city they have a phone number. I'll give other website www. Extreme Justice League. Dot org that's extremely. We the next not the ex. There are now gone but they're they're doing their part to battle homelessness and see again and I. What is that that what is that they are doing I don't care I don't care agenda. I just love that people. Have made a point that they're like I wanna do some thing. We can mock this all we want trust me. I want to do some things and I can't do it as me. So I'm not aware outlandish garish costume. And I'm gonna go this is patrolled downtown city ordinance they're trying to do security they become you light cannot rent a cops like soap McConnell lake. I'm here to have neighborhood and yeah like you're neighborhood watch and we were they funny aliens the the low against bond those guys they're the kind of that in the event and you're trying to raise money. Like athletic cow. Anyway extreme extreme justice Lee. Real life superheroes and their they're battling isn't any ego more RG I do not want a mock people that want to do good and wanna find a way. To make a difference in this world I mean are too many on this rolled into negative Greg Kraft. That'll hold up. What we want to thank you for dukes up. And news broke. Labor rights. Sort of lead the charge here and we got a couple of things we got to get to you. Tom Anderson weekly released the first images. Of dark TX so feature in X-Men the Berkeley and I'm right there yeah generator. You can see that when that we're looking at it's her in the middle. There in space at their rate outside Earth's atmosphere they met to space shuttles. Flying looking ahead at one is the United States shut auto the other one is. And they look like they're on a collision course with her in space. And there's all this debris everywhere surrounding herb that is. A Sophie turner as dark Phoenix in the next at a look and that's Iron Man in the background where it always. None of that is that Mickey Mouse that's just a mouse. Let's go let's get to that real quick I do have a marble story or gets you will get to it but let's get to that story real quick the biggest one that keeps coming up and looks like it's gonna happen yet I was mainly an iPod I did not believe it too big well I mean on our show I said. Dizzy you'll own DC and I still say that I NS five years ago and not yet four weeks for years and 52. Weeks yeah did you won 51 weeks yeah. But but here we irons as of next week as early as next week. Like a week before Christmas or so DC or Disney could own fox properties for like 600. Million or so what was the price of some aliens is it the million is in the building tonight they're getting there on. Movie and television rights sixty billion dollars that's how much as sixty billion okay. Who because there are also getting there are not getting fox sports but in the fox sports local channels would like most wait let me pocketing Fox News in the not getting is it the Washington Post that fox owns what and now Amazon has Washington Post what are they not getting the newspaper TV stations on whether they're getting production that's what they're getting to hunt it. Plus and that's supposedly the deal is really about we talked about this. Yes getting X-Men is great but what they really want is future Rama. And all these shows are pretty funny me saying always sunny in Philadelphia and the thing that I keep saying this will sell the whole story for you. If you could pay. Netflix or you could meet the Disney Channel. And you can have the Disney channel 48 bucks a month and you get all the Disney movies in the Disney shows and easy cartoons in the Disney movies. And you get all the Star Wars cartoons and it shows in the movies and you get all the marvel movies and shows and cartoons. And you get the Simpsons why do I. All right they're my age did you took you through a lot in them elect yet kids would love that and guys like me you and I look back. But mainly. Kid centric stuff that 1111 and also now with fox. You itself. All the you can like to evaluate. Every year to uncover his liking it when I talk about the Simpsons I'm talking about this sign felt watchers. Talk about yea exactly go about Netflix hit play and that it. It isn't forties to grew up with. Rom coms they brought with situational comedies on TV. And they're used to. Why is full house so big on Netflix. People he's used to that style and T now shall not awful but it's ready to do people it's the Jurassic Park. A rock goddess. Not a round in a situation come. But so that's the whole thing of light they want the content they want they want you to be will sit down every night. And come to the Disney Channel they don't want should go anywhere else they want to come in his jail. How any issue there Simpsons great you know you gonna you wanna pop on the image for the kid find whatever word you want yeah it's always sunny in Philadelphia all the those. Got Disney has always had an adult brand. Like in the eighties and nineties it was it was milling cinema and Limas haven't yet end date in May still do it is not new lying it's. I'm ready but it was absolutely botany kept light is going to be our dominos was that it once in now. It would lies is Miramax ranked Lexus don't think doesn't doesn't Disneyland next that was in the nineties these mile and acts that was lying. Now that's why I was thinking of that to us now Miramax was sort of there indie film division or something at one time. It makes America and in. In intent here is clever I want to come it doesn't edit the yet another studio studio. It and I guess that's the aggregated that in a moment. Bomb or the so do so let's talk about somebody obvious ones the ones several side about okay the acts that are available aren't. Did you ask for is available right now I'm so excited yet. But at this point. Which you're not telling you that marvel is going after. Their properties that fox tasks now here's how he Disney is buying fox. This story changes completing it's no longer about all of my god I can see Hugh Jackman and avengers really know about this instance it is literally about censorship. It's aware here until it on the keeps on caves podcasts. Let's not letting that I did love the stories like Chris Evans who like him ready to play Johnny storm and cap in the same movie. And Ryan Reynolds with light I am ready to play dead pool and I'm really glad he's had no answer to now warrant notice some of your guy lying friends with someone else or something whatever but light. This Lisa's serve like OK I get it. It would. I really think. He is if tomorrow this deals done you'll see X-Men in that universe for at least four years now because I think that. Disney slash marble is way better at preparing. I don't I don't think they haven't I think the other good thing going they don't wanna. It's it's a weird concept you don't have to do it worlds collide to do properly. Because how do you go from page we built a 185 hero here we did a great point to the accident just. And they actually have chosen earlier than marvel has X-Men universe started earlier yet. You start rebooting the characters right you have an all we just progress we have a brand new Phoenix and so features going into our second acts in movie as. The latest yep carriage and play Phoenix so there's a great opportunity here. For Disney slash marveled to be like well let's wipe the table with all of our avengers and why so whoever wins is. Contracts are up but we can't afford this. Time begins again it is you do like a seacor Lawrence type thing you do you have universe is collide they did this in the comics anyway. Alt universe is ended and it was the ultimate universe and 606 universally got smashed together and then at the end they. Reed Richards was god and put everything back how he telling did you go and I'm like he's realized it right and ignorant Palin. But I think I ice. I think heard the just preserve. With the here's they have they feel special because there's twenty of them among the world where people are average. If you flipped that script to like pay your twenty superheroes but here's another. Hundreds. Thousands like what percentage of the population is here. Now it's like I you know that is not that special in that world. And you did all that work to build there I am I like he brought us my commanders now because I have some I wanted to sort of throw out thing. I feel we knew we look back and books are written and the stories are told and I don't think even some assets too far away from him. I think the Sony hack open the door. First so much of this. Because Sony was in Paris I mean just think that it leading to this deal. Absolutely can't speak out in your time this Sony had to go to marvel and Eli hit me. Okay. You guys wanna make a good Spiderman movie that's all we wanna do you know. Let's work together you know I mean it's still Spiderman as your property but we're still Sony Wien we own the rights to it because she's so long islander making money like. A huge deal will be huge when he gets Spiderman back those huge and I'm sorry but that changes the mental shift of everything. What Sony was the hold out what Sony was the big other stick. Holding out against Disney Marla do. Yes why and fox is never gonna did you expert don't hold out. And I'll sit and Sony gets hot and being a little real little out there but little it's only detect. And it's the vulnerability. But if you look at the last two and a half years since the Disney has used capitalized. On deal after deal after deal as in. Knowing this information were holding ever won over the barrel has in. We didn't know some of this stuff and now we know just how powerful we are because you got exposed. Because that really Sony was big enough company at Disney couldn't. Battling head on Rangel couldn't really challenge them legally or financially but once Sony got hacking not lessened. And they are like hey let's let's make a marvel movie together let's do Spiderman. Changed every conversation going forward just cats. That. Yet change thing that I still don't buy a connection. Sony's hacked. I thought cinema Kumble lol I think it because we want added that now I meant because a different player. Became vulnerable and was brought down. It made it so that Disney became who became more powerful from the Sony hack. They got to dig up Marmol in the one character yeah this is she she does lead to you buying 20th Century Fox he can't. I don't they get a kid again I'm just saying that if you have competitors in the market and and things are at a stalemate. Something like that something that is catastrophic and business that was a catastrophic and that is there. Getting getting hacked and having your CFO and always fueled biscuit has dropped off. That's that that's a big deal. This is that just a different deal I don't know which is saying I'm just saying I felt like Sony was brought low enough. That it changed the field marvel and Disney was able to cat get themselves in there. And the market shares totally different out two and a half years later so now fox is not an eagle. What you are saying is before Sony fox and marvel could have been equals yeah this Cold War and admirals like Manny be so cool if Marmol could just get back those characters from fox and Sony was so cool. And now. It's all back. That they got him. I I eyes I see the correlation I don't see causation judges mean I just mean that late Sony got brought down low enough notoriety has changed everything and made a Disney a wave bigger player to Wear. Fox is like you actually have to sell the site I would say that. And yours say this because of it but I. Disney buying Lucas arts was a win a bigger deal. Then getting the rights to Spiderman and shared my own personalized note and that I think is the more like I was before even under this. Yeah it is it brought them to the point where their catalog pretty much runs the calendar year when it comes to blockbuster rivers you know give you that I. I don't mean this outside of everything else is having with Disney and slash marble but as far as like Marmol that was. How to stalemate they had no negotiation tools there was nothing to get Spiderman and X-Men back in the fold. Because fox labor speaking regularly so we feel and cellular and key meeting she spied amenities we feel good Birmingham my Wii early care and but that hat change everything. Any eight changed them marble and Sony relationship which ultimately. You know Disney marvel makes way more money and now they're going to fox going I would want stuff. Whereas. If Foxit taken advantage of some of these things if if if if if if they went inland maybe they're no one's going to Disney going I would want marble. Why is not that I think fox is deciding now's the time to cash out on content. Because as they put us in me who is cashing out they have put out there. You know you're giving a sixty billion dollars we're not sitting on that money. They wanna you know they wanna get maybe more to sports maybe more day well any use that money is interesting because today is that the Murdoch's that run fox. Yeah because Rupert Murdoch is the he went out at fox named yet but like the suns are taking over the business and their more younger so yeah. It is interesting maybe they don't care to have. This instance cattle and in a world in older adults that I don't wanna know I don't get this topic. But they got a lot of new money to infused into what is now the leader in that cable news so expect that. But well okay special treat you guys. Rob like crater dead pool. In one of the founders of image college right now. Hey it's Jeff champion San Diego and after nine point nine. Everybody I'm Jewish fantastic gambling is the third time against hockey this year. All or bladder. There. Your not worry about some fun stuff. I've got rob life they'll Krieger dead pool X force in so many other awesome things Youngblood especially. I'm here to talk about Robert Kirk wins secret history of comics which is airing on Monday night on ANC it is the story. Of image comics which I think for many people. All I'm almost forty and I was growing up with your comic books. It's crazy to think 25 years later where we ire and I think a big theme of every conversation I've had with the issue with you this year. As being your lasting legacy just you and the image. And we'll talk about it please. Well I. Draw the show I I think the winter coat we dig it I think the entire secret retrieved. Commented Robert pretty has been above and beyond in regards street giving people behind the scenes look at. You know stories in and that's sort of been the story Google book that did that that happened there. Broader brush your favorite stories should fear company fair Carriker. And there. You know it it that. My in my own family members that during Thanksgiving by my nephew. You know fifteen years old Stockton but the Jack and skip the tsunami picked but that the two years ago he he's not yet and replaced in terror that story the details. Up milestone 25 years ago you know now this one bit in which complex portrait years ago these kids so I think it's great opportunity Q. And I produced generation for deferred for our generation or two re live with the high point or or several high points. And then or nuke but. This new generation are able to ignore Apple's. You know all time its its very threatened so arbitrary the folks started which calmer this month day and look it's it's. It's a great time to revisit it was one of the most if not the most exciting times in Kabul books in the last fifty years period. I I had a chance to watch the episode today and it's fantastic. Mom I love that Robert ANC. Put together a really slick presentation for the for the show and I like that he got. Some Hollywood folks to chime in Michelle Rodriguez from the fast and the furious movie sucks about how you guys had all this. Warm up. I don't look at the minutes talking about congress and those. Yes he's great actually my pot Stalin commitment admitted he. I would feel. Or the New York Carla current sitting in my that the image cable in 2000 and shut. And I looked up and above looking over your liberal be sweet and not different different kind of but not offices the studios. Who would it be better overlooking. But that that that the convention and utilized by whether you know MTV York. For crow dark hall Bork you know any of Sheikh that you're and they are doing their reports and are reviewing. There interviewed on the line and uploading the mayor so keep the content when and argue that the man look. Out the window don't mean he practically. What do I think twenty gig and I could not and I haven't I mean everybody in it was sort side by. We've been excellent title partner here cute wording of the cable. I have all these pictures like it would infect couldn't believe that the man. He can analysts and these are your own product law will go on all of you know he's he's he was going crazy and all of our picture with. But he's got below are currently Leo what are our government or chapel or job or about it you bought the and so yeah argue what we've experienced a great thing it's. I mean. Clearly. This hip hop culture look what we are doing whether it was easy. For. Or or or let the game at all and we are a bit. We are. So those guys they were make it could be and it go to comics or getting comics and reading their comic should haven't pushed back in particular beef. I love your I love your man to man impression because I have one as well and I. I was like when you said he met Matt I mean I am thinking. I'm think he comes up kind of like that's right he's like he's got a little bit of a slow drawings like yellow dog let's say you're rubble of a large met. Youngblood mudge I just imagine met and. Yeah he would he would move more right keywords. He was actually a little more right it was pretty strong. Yeah and record itself so that that time was very exciting I I you know a clear what I would. What word I would use stick describe it it's comics is especially from 1995. I I I can't give you one more good callable. We will bold. Comics being hit just completely. Capture the flavor but what they're out there won't we each start bore hole now we're able to you know pick. Could expand and with our own label and you know. It may make it kinda everything you are electable are doing more when we increased it would Jirga. And the Europe fans grow behind it hero was supportive. And you know I heavier per overwhelmed by the support back at it and I I shouldn't be in the murder and murder Detroit did. I'm not I it bears repeating I shocked we got eighty feet got that first year. After the book you launches. And the amount of height in the amount of attention and the distractions that were thrown with such. Whether it was moved TV's video games speed power. I like a little bit like Europe pioneer and I don't mean to spoil the episode for anybody who watches senator and try not to eBay. I really is. You bought a young blood battle wagon and had people dressed up in Youngblood cause play waving you split your own money. Barton being the best free he'd seen the videos of that stuff. Yeah that was sort of you know put the high road victory. And I met a guy who is a great Hollywood prop guy I mean why not told me he tool need to make. Only in the start. Spaceship. And I mean literally got spaceships you you can have or people in the cockpit and hopefully troll people walk you through it one time. Well the best part with the walker. That have like chaps both apple guns com. But did bid to oversized sneakers were that rock is that it was it was it was a it was a great time yeah I think I took it to like three different shows. Before that this became financially prohibitive yeah. I've really in today's world like that's what marvel would do for any big blockbuster movie at comic con ravioli but that's twenty years ago you're you're like build it. Bill the young blood battle flag don't have to. Ask Brad. But we were kids don't mean it was yeah I mean I had month by electronic back Roxy backing works that's where I bet my buddy and that's where. I mean you know are the six foot six guy inside of you peace costumes. That was about seven foot Q and where his head was that the chance but he had is its hands can come up there was to apparatuses. Inside the Chet. That would cause the arms to swear in Lipton and bright sunny with a threat to us it will stated we are in this guy it will print dress the part. Oracle mr. I would be in the art special effects guy in and so. You know it would like Laporte you're calmer you wanna put that. In Q personal appearances so. And you know it's great people do really remember that on the of and that that was the backdrop cost you probably. Did the circuit for about three or four years something you. Saw the giants seven foot they are rock walk him through the aisles. I had no idea. I would I really miss it. Hope that opened the victors so she's. You know get out of later that I missed it. The hour long show and you know. It be critical longer bit I think four for sixty minutes they did a great job. Board in jail to being. The excitement of the time in the form but we were having. Gala you made a great analogy as well let's bring it back to music is where an alternative rock station in light. Something you say in this show Monday night AMC's secret history a comics Robert curtains the seekers are comics. I use that image comics was like the first time hearing. You say the baseline but the first time hearing those chords of Nirvana it's probably smells like teen spirit and and and for the music industry like its phones don't know and everything was hair metal bands they like big matter all in like big bands and then Nirvana came out. And it was grunge alternative and everything was different. And I was like holy crap yes. Yup I you know image comics was the first few chords of. A lot of Snow White teens are now. You know that that they that this Seattle movement Sheraton garden or on a spirited Kirby butter on it was very aggressive and again it would be I had you know. I thought I was in a Generation X. which was Billy Idol. We stand for anyone listening on what it was like you know it affects pistol or a step in what we eat eat more of freshmen. You know put crock was cool in and is there any kind neglect shouldn't become pop or and it ended. Glam Barack. And that to an our I was catching a flight and I was about to. Get out the door kept a flight to accommodate that you actually in the spring of probably 91 YI. I you know foot on the TV or aspects Turkey talk about it. Or bartered or friction and spirit they keep you and I knew I was in wrapped. Like but my attention will like what you have ended that backtrack just. It and I do believe. We were attacked to the college entry we will we were very aggressive. It's you don't know the reason we happened was because that industry had Cotton Bowl on all of my favorite guys would may be the exception of Frank Miller. We're no longer pushing the envelope they were still go and find work. Did the inspiration of their use. You are in part it's a fun discovering. All the guys I love in the in the early seventies all I mean it's seventy. Which is going to be even you refer to particular material which should be OK go lead by 1981 of these guys that can keep your careers and it's hard to keep chartered out with the same energy and we knocked on the door and we will ready to take over. And and we had a lot of you know beautiful. But progress and light is so so so we per page in. People were spotted any or what are the kind of you don't have to protect critical group. And everything that a medium shot. When you're poor and the camera severely right into the face from the screaming that anchor lines in the emotion in your computer picked up off the. Our at our yeah are urban. Desperate emotional connection it's exciting you know I went lower looking back BK's time. You know I do big things you take away from you guys leaving marveling informing image comics is talent and passion and as you just mentioned the guys that you looked up to you it'd become their job anyways I go to work gonna punch my clock and I draw and I write and it's my job. You guys pulling no this is what you think you mean you've Ivins been inspired I wonder why don't wanna draw and all of and they were like a kid. Maybe you're like okay. We wanna succeed I love that you guys had the audacity. To succeed that you're in you can see that light it's Todd. Sold a million copies Spider-Man with his art in use sold a million copies of. You know X force or new mutants at the time what ever wouldn't you know a million of climbing you guys can see that like hey I don't have to sell. A million copies for Marvel Comics I could sell a 100000 copies for Reid's clock it and that is its us. Now that the younger hipper for me I need to preserve. Workbook. Yell that 02 Asian country to what it's like. Oprah about he only book image once. That existed in eco jumble them they'll put a bit the bullet. Because road between Dick I was young when we understand from my perspective the more I was coming from. I didn't come. By my career wasn't built drawing Wolverine or fighter and that it they were popular in order to get them. Benjamin Todd did that better than they had been in years but still. They're big or popular even with boring guys doing the pop pop pop art had been make my mark on you mutants which would. Were there in boom boom and that's what you don't know who they are. Both people I'm talking to your yeah. The character or exactly hitting the zeitgeist. Mike first you knew you interpret cable outlet in your backyard. Sure it's our cable would. You know. Twelve characters total. There were often races it will crux of the failed and they are increasing in the right to be dead or abdominal chatter from Ferrell intense strike and the two against. I had seen cute growth while at last if you look you can sort of million copies back prep sport are. It has no scratch and if covered or are to take cover no you don't don't don't multiple connect. I ask you are down and probably until our ads and an end it again I'd walk and by that time I'll write books are. You know I'm now while you're entire ship and I have taken a 888 franchise. They would get. That they told me look where it can't look that you're reward and I kicker topped the chart I was were acutely competent. What I could pull off are you like the board for the failed chocolate or white next thing you know and I look more more or people that shot in my relationship with more or go Jerker. And equity that are shared that it was fantastic but for cooperation in Europe have no regard for the majority that's not a secret searches the weighted. So going out the door I figured while my next. Our intent that I produce I should probably pick which side in order myself in. You know that's the beauty in it's gone much you could control your own content. And in in 25 years the same thing. You don't think it's it's it's it's exactly as we envisioned it. You believe in yourself you bring your content to cable you can make the call you can you can pick the stock of you know the cover stock paper stock you put the creative can get there it's it's a lot of responsibilities well. We had. The reason I went first you don't like. Why it created thirty plus characters in about a two year period and so I figured. Wolf the proof in the putting people like what I do BP Bill Clinton if IQ without horrible but again there was definitely a risk. But we could not keep this up I thought I would do well I did not know it would become a phenomenon so. Well let me let me and on this let me ask rob at the fans and questions and you don't have to answer whatever you can't answer but. Dead pool do you are the creator dead pulled level items so sad that Paul was a smash success Ryan Reynolds like obviously you wrote you. Greg and he made Brian Reynolds who hits. Well why is it perfect in every company that. And it honestly. Noted that work without him she it he embody the character in the most brilliant. You know aren't BI I cannot it's from the borrower RE. Embodied secure darkest you know we hear is voice from years shenanigans these are supporting it and the prospect called fox Rangel what do you predict. I think eight. Is that his client would at the end of the Brazilians. You don't spot to detect you go garbage I think is that the key at lip that looked me right in the nipple and yes I do. Are expecting an ego that was absolutely appalled by it. Dan golden Bob rock stuff was iced I was up most. Opera but but also what he's got. We got but the brutality yes but mean thing books support the consulates greats now yet. It's good degree but he looked he rocket like nobody at the peculiar love it you'll cable companies don't vote coming on the order of I cannot tell you why. Yeah and ordered her big tree. One as a fan and the one who created this huge you know that your stuff sat on the shelf the first dabble movie before it was leaked. And the fans like excuses are not making this do I we're excited for dental care it's so crazy like that to me. I think the fans and carried me in my entire corn be altered or they they have always rallied to their support. And again I mean it's it's hard look at back at ego providers won't sign that not. For which are point seven years for cable porn groups were get four point five for image collection. We are here because the fans support you know he can't manufacture that they either look you ridicule. A home and they always come down on our side and we. We've benefited from it and what. Don't become optional Walking Dead you know I mean. It's it's a great legacy and into intense fires that robber corporate. Ku is just. A machine on Israel and Egypt coming. He's inspired by UI I've heard him Scott sweet talked the American comic publisher about and this obviously they showed the the secret history of comics image comics he's a fan and light. To know that lake Roberts says. As an artist in as a creator you can go to image comics and the sky's the limit. I am a friend his name is Chad cabin on his own comic you're Xenia used to via a marine. ECB is singer songwriters are making is a comics he looked at Robert hurt when he was like hey this guy does his own thing and I should be doing my own thing and I'm like that's crazy. Does Robert Alicia Robert light though the guy I you know it. A ballot pretty. If so what you know it's it's great it's always humbling always to Robert I appreciate so much. It is it's easier of them in hookup told a bit like I love this episode I had this entire section six episode series title bigger and he's in June. And he's got under regarding political story you were stroke and I hope I hope we have a high note a money guy with the image comics. And I don't ever particularly big and they get a kick out of it what we did. We'll rob thank you so much for joining me yet again I was just reflecting and downs like I've had. Personally an amazing year and I you know we rob life filled twice tonight I'm sorry. Rob I felt pretty tough it's. You the past I love talking in your your your energy is the best. Think it's they save up in LA with the fires and fire season that Gammon crazy really it's not out there a great talking to anybody thinks front every night. It. Aren't you guys I've lost Bryce now Bryce had to go during the interview. Why we're gonna do some crazy guys got a life of interviewing an eagle and this week's episode we are going to do that. Separately. And then timing changed while we were recording the podcasts so outlook that just that that happens so legal guys. That is the league's Minnesota keeps thinking is I can't see her listening don't forget nerd whose daily Monday through Friday every hour 6 PM to midnight. On FM 949 you can download podcasts on FM 949 app at nine point nine ST dot com or any of your. Podcast services like iTunes who will play in more. Sorry if I sound like I'm rushing I actually have to get to do my life shim does things for listen we're talking next week.