Capes on Capes Ep 72 - Justice League, Hamby's Big News, Avengers Infinity War and MORE!

Friday, December 1st


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There's no time oh no time like the red like it be that a bit. Throw out the window because there's a time there's no time for that they've sunk. We got thirty minutes and we have more to discuss then I think we have an a year a lot this gas line that buddy. Thank you it's yeah he back they go yeah I have yet gray pockets log on. Only Florian there you read IE you and I have on our back on forever. But here's what happened and back in the spring when we originally on January anyway is. Tom you and I might record on Thursday or might be on a Friday it might be at 430 and on and I'm making light and it is it was really hard to be like hey Lorain come commit to that time since India that was the palm. Can clear him and really clear she's great lowering Galloway is that opens resources yeah. Yeah I would do on the plane back now. Not as they scoop. Gonna have that on the high line not an eagle away but I did appreciate what would the first one I saw you and we sort of walking on the Hong you're like yeah great podcast. Wouldn't Lauren why O'Donnell's like. I'm honest I hate you. Heard that was really good one and I I was. A drug content I was little jealous cause it was like. She's 'cause I wanted to talk to you we could talk for hours about that all the seat and it's just you came in which you'll get to any minute now week before. Crisis on effects from and talk about and usually out all she was very much in yeah ratings were through the roof for the roof now it was great and it just gets about we talk about we'll just sleep and not seriously Belichick whose identities and people seem Doral in Iraq we both see we talked about it. Add to read yes we can whenever we attention that we Whitney's ala are knighted. They hit that. And I got Chrysler at that event isn't it anywhere Bennett trailer ran out. He's been. Punish or. Oh god yeah puncher and on Netflix and just that goes with the four OK yeah so where you and offers us with seed Nadia. A bit verse well first of all as an update to the conversation we that would Lauren that. Yeah injured right Byrd is out and. A mild. Not. Being a bit. Sort it out with right now. That happened this week. Not gonna comment when I talk to Lauren two weeks ago we had that interview extraordinary growth and by. And but yet this story broke the last thing you and I recorded. That night. So we're posting episode. And it broke that he was suspended. So that we talked to Lauren and Lauren was like you know we have aren't as easy like how do you enjoy the art of monsters the scarlet you boils down he's sometimes right. You know I gather that's what this is this how humans evolved we recognized. On how we want a vanished rank even if we don't do it correctly and imperfect beings yet. And this is what we do have once while it takes one person like Weinstein started with real people emboldened they say something. And it says while these people many bad as people it looks like we're recommending it we're trying to do better then. So I approach it from an example in on it cries berg is out and he runs for the shows that we love what does that mean. You look they know genetic because. You go we're talking about and I'm going by what I've heard in it and when I read Andy's first half things. But like you go back and listen to interview Christ or pat on Kevin says podcast to talk like two hours about the level of comic books which ones got into that gap which applies to it's where. And it is inspiring the skies to do it in but. You have to reconcile that went you know it. You can make just because someone makes great art doesn't mean he's a good person right there just two different things right Eric. Let's talk about the actual ups at have you seen them I'm not I'm there I didn't very much. The CW show it's been really hard to exist. Just ask say are you watching air elections Seubert raw and I said now he can get off that there for you get off the DVR because I am not who they know that I have that seat heavy wrap on our fire sticks well. Let's watch tomorrow I'll let you know though that app. As it moves you gives you let the last seven episodes. Then lose this season it was the beginning but my priority in my I don't I air it on my whatever so of Eelam let me take lead on this plan not so about it and excited all the social media unseen photos so all say this now first of all this shows. Bear in mind if you are to break into that Subaru has been really strong okay it has been I mean this season. This season OK I like what the perceived that this one it's the dunes have been really creative when you have them when you have someone like super girl whose. Exit ramps should punch anything she wants to death they've hit they've given her a villain that doesn't can't be defeated that way but I haven of villains and following antagonist antagonists and a kids punch and get to go away it's. Spoiler she had a problem with people who find heard like a religion. In the keep putting themselves in position. To get killed so she can save them. How you are saved it and you were touched by god thinks he's got. That's how do you stop people just keep on killed himself rates are it is it is very especially for serial TV that's yet is it is now I'm I'm for ups now enough for a may be sort of says behind so this bid was started ion exchange from that that's ramat now and I'm really enjoying it. Crisis and it acts you can watch that not being without being cut that's great are you need to know I think I would. I don't watch these forests you got out of those four are. They're not perfect. But when they do these crossovers and nine and I'd I really think they're two for two home runs. These are some special. This summer to look back on like that. You know the budget was what it was the characters they could use were it was what it was he's on the A list people though some are in there. There's some special that they're fun. They aired with the exception. Of the its. Terrible publicity stuff they shoved in our faces and I disparate like there's a very ending and it's pretending didn't happen Booth and actually happier. But exception that it was a really good. Martin Stein. The driver. Oilers spoiler. I come back adding it come back in ten minutes 'cause I just I gotta talk that. He dies characterized yet and the acting between him and I don't know the name who played guy who plays Jack's. Proceed heavy shout out plugs in the best acting I've seen on any of these sounds like IE got choked up I thought I was gonna cry like. It was you you watch them dealing wit. He wants to split up he wants and not the fires and he wants gone to his family now and you watch them come to terms with the break up but then he dies and it's like. You see this breakdown of Ike I put all this work. Two emotionally now and there's certain things and like no matter what you do when it actually happens. It it was sad and they. With all the chaos of a four upset crossover. Eat it did didn't he railed applied but he definitely got the notice it needed. And it gave legends some depth. Which I feel when you put them on the same stage as you know get trinity and Evers on aero flaps super girl and yet those other characters. It really brought them up to speed. The story was great because you're fighting Nazis. Good when you don't out of their uneasy when you cannot come up with a villain just pull the Nazis is easy it's great. I really enjoyed it I thought it was great it's their highest the ratings are through the roof that are yes I think you I don't know size terrorist thing about that but it I have read it's it's been. It was huge success and yet people learn how out of their minds for this and I'm I'm I'm so excited gays. Been economy down year and I don't know if I don't know these crossovers. Of out of these crossovers really helps sometimes like you know I say let me reach order. These theories ever sued NBC sign why talk about late Chicago PD right. I feel IE not just a year after year attrition of the story and characters that you suffers sometimes from wind is a show jumped the shark. Bye wing you're. China like you know Chicago PD is part of that Chicago universe and so they're always likes leaving themselves a couple of episodes this season you. Promoting Chicago fire. Chicago mad he could be over if you don't give a good story on it can be real distraction and then take away from plot yet. And that's why and that's hard it's hard and so it ate it does speak. The CI do you worry about someone I am not trying to elevate cries Bergen say that he can't go but he's on. But I Andy's saying it like it is where this things regal oh I hope we get someone. Who can steer the ship and bring out the fact they're rather. It's like we're saying. He did was wrong maybe he's bizarre on bad person. But does that mean he was bad it still running though that's so you want to go into it hated you want you hope that moving forward. Because of a new and better yet bridge the very least as good. But yet because birdied overtime time will will go from there but. I'll say this if you are a fan of those shows and maybe you're like hammy or army to an extent 'cause I have not watched much of flash Errol legends this year and the legends. You can dive right into this it's super fine. It's it's great it's great it's not perfect but it's great. Were a little bit deep in the episode or at least if here's casually listening you're gone my eyes I wanna throw civilian. A big announcement. Starting Monday on my show better and tonight we're you don't know it's so having the really fast having Monday on my show and and 49. What UA has gone. At 1010 grudge match is gone we now that we love those things but we felt like some new retelling we're also slave. To a tradition that like those weren't late. Grudge match was nearly mine I breed picked it up for me very quickly as some that we would do but it was made for someone else. What you way it was made for someone else and nothing was ever made for Mena was a retailer for me. And I were really excited to announce that. Accompanying and and management is insane. To tailor it around me. So now. We are gonna be getting starting at 7 o'clock live case until an I five hours and I know. That's because this lot of intimate conversation a lot of fun stuff not live streaming I don't wanna go off the rails here. But as straight and seven men dying. A Monday through Friday every fifteen minutes you get a promise of new music discovery. Who's he get a rainy song and they may repeat throughout the six hours and I'm on the air but I fifteen minute yeah but I mean like you're gonna gave new music and maybe you'll miss it. But you can come back I got into I can even tell you is that come back and play again. And then once an hour. MTV news style were doing and you feature called nerd news daily. So it's gonna be superhero talk videogame news. And science type stuff so there's like a sign on that story like that so once an hour. You continuing meaning given their needs daily and every fifteen managed to get any means the scary and that's it you're listening to the podcast you're hearing numbers yet so. That's I'm really excited if you're here from what we talk about that sounds pretty erratic rally yet in a lot of folks I did they book not intentionally to be vague but might he. It was. That decision was made and I knew that we had Rupert I knew we had you behind the scenes stuff before we can pull the lever. But I was like but I but we had made the decision. And so I was like wow I'm really excited about it so I big I date a FaceBook and I tweet about it. And oh my god my family tie just and I were pregnant like you or that they were taxing me it was pretty today. Oh yeah our right doesn't leave your right and then light and then like listeners. You know shout out to skewered and Lori and Amy and it is. A bunch of folks were like oh my god what's what's going nine and I had a chance the message that emulate in brutal light speed bag is. We heard you wanna hear new music more and we heard you wanna hear not the easiest but more from. You wanna hear more of the stuff that runs and I talk about him yeah and so we're we're changing some things were aware and where we're gonna have some fun. So that's that's what we're doing as a big name is under our image I think arrest us in this particular no. And I want this is sort of give a little of a buffer because that is. Well if you're listening your fans your very excited if you're somebody who Arnold tries to mimic us you're not gonna. You're not gonna get out at the CW story this did you see that users could pry away. We did discuss her merger while Bryce is gone thorough and and not have still on this week but I wanna tell you that. Some folks came in and they were talking guys. We're talking just everybody we are all talking meaning some of our friends from. Who have come from CBS and now there are part of our talent runner come together. And hearing late going. Wait you guys have super Arab I'd guess that would be a great. Fit for. You know who would be great fit for that blank you don't get great sponsor for that blank so. Lot alike great conversations started happening. With just anything about it. You write something up I guess I wait. It was a big we have a big mandate America again got a mandate I mean we wanted to do this like there's an interview one of you should. And we're like eight not no great conversations man group of people a lot of people knew and excited. And talking about this mom next and the other one but you know. That was doesn't help. Casual casual to get a casual Garrard. The one I think helped Kevin tell Kevin yes YouTube and podcasts. A eyes numbering about covering up let's sort Justice League yet not seen a Nazi and so let's alms can give you the floor. Arm. Rotates so shout out Stewart he went inside you love bitten he sought forty. Any said that like water sprayed he was having a blast and I I read that and I didn't respond to a busy as a security this is buying and the response your face as it. That sounds awesome this is your Independence Day to. Because Bryce and I saw it independents they. And we go out and it was fun but I mean if you had signed seeing dozens Liu forty to learn so much tell you know you can now get it. I I enjoyed the movie. And it's terrible. Is it. BVS. Bad. Same same kind of parallels suicide and a Felix's daughter and not missing and about his I think it's more suicide squad bad. Which do you think it is more worse on the bats made him batting and yes I think PBS is worse because it's just so. Painful to watch it's so dark everything so dark yet. An and when you and I like this and how much does a squad and I like it because it's fine it's stupid and a lot of his stupid action and the story sucks but I don't carries just. Donald I don't care. This justly started Sox but it's called old line. Don't care there're so many. For rag in Iraq is it better move. Lighten Justice League this is the pinnacle. Supposedly for Warner Bros. and I am done doing did you today at DC vs marvel cause I'm throwing this out there. December 1. Tag caves on caves episode I don't know seventy something. DC and marvel are going to be one brand that is gonna happen in the next five years. One of them is gonna buy the other way and I am predicting that Disney buys out buys. I predict Disney buys Warner Bros. Arab buys out the DC brands from Warner Bros. And I I just on the clock five years and just tell you this right now because as we just went through a merger. This is not even my first one to go there and the last one I went through there is another radio station that we used to compete with and there was a time when. Dude people in management were gleeful about the pranks that we were polling and then one day had don't do that. Remained under that kids don't. Sears that you're doing unity as saying Marmol is telling K here's my guns down what I'm seeing here's what I'm saying and I'm seeing. That DC has snatch Brian Michael bandits marbles literal architect for the last fifteen almost twenty years. He's part of their movie division he's part of their comics division he is. Such a prolific writer in DC snatches him up and everybody is so excited. All of you blue marble. It's so great for Bryant so awesome for Brian cant wait for Bryant do great things in Brian writings about. Urea. About bad add on Wikipedia. There might final spider manage your real surreal moment yeah it's real because. More prayer works you're playing. Why not start nights. And about weight and I'm just like I'm sorry I'm doing paranoid teen who used. Literally back in two if you look at the movie Jack. And ask you this. You dress in crazy theories that they're not crazy that they can never have and I'm. Think the bubble liberal crazy if they do happen. Park calendar. I'm not I'll I would never be little rash as to hear that I got a free for Justice League titles one has to be our opener but I didn't. Can we got into this offense so Henry capitals must next. They had to see Jia I cared because of that how could you not keep looking order LSU Ira how bad this area's son that I found out. Henry cattle doing a movie for parent mountain. And Warner Bros. is like hey. It. When you just can't know where you were gonna he's a reissues and justice they we've got John Sweden's come on board Zack Snyder's we're gonna read a lot of things we're gonna. Pending cleaner we need we need Henry back that's quite screen will need as we've already them. Such such as citizens of the great no probably give me that we're into the count them. Hey hey by the way. Henry's got a a mustache. Yeah and our movies got a mustache. Give it innocently and is now mustache. Yeah we're both your problem here because he's in our movie and he's got a mustache and Warner Bros. like. Adam I can you like shame that hop in my go to like that like a blink of wig type thing won't permit was like. Know that it'll ruin our movie how dare you also had a god like big sheet to fifty you could apply for 23 dollars you could have been if they'd much. I think cost effectively you could've. You could have ruined a Paramount movie with him having a fake mustache for handmade vs. Yes and. Now we think we're not on there are very good to have an answer at Tia. Yes and yes thank you jamming. Anyways as a handy. Paramount stick their guns that you will he is not allowed saves must ask what it costs Warner Bros. million these CGI in Nablus. Terrible. It looks really hauntingly terrible and it's in the beginning of the movie. And it's like. It's supposed to be this real humanizing moment where like you know I you can think about where Superman is like talking to kids and telling you about why he's superbly just look what rush is on the table because I help people. And it's like oh what. Nightmare. And all and but what is pretty Eaton what do recap all Italy I highly noticed it right there. I didn't notice address and another viewer like I'm later in the murder of Canada and might not Iraq you know receive it in the beginning where it's sullied. Fraud they shot with his creepy. Invisible caterpillar. Sort of rerouting is Mason's. Dad. I did Danny elf and score a lot of said a lot of Latin has been set in not instead of the any Elvis car begin we'll look at me thing. Uga got beginning of the movie. There is a bank robbing scene that sets up wonder woman's entrance not it is ball. 1989. Storming the art gallery Joker. It was brilliant you know what it's like yeah that French drain Indiana folk group that. And a creepy yeah. Huckabee Nihon Oki yeah. They nearly always and yeah this is. The one comes in and it's the Guinea opened version of the wonderment score. That's. Just so excited. I'm like. Wind. This week. Why do and I hear any other music for us to less than at any rate picked scores come out. I went man I was so obvious might. Interface like not like they're putting porn in every eight frames the high yeah it's like. I'm ego and lobbying arm or re like borrow. Lately so we're gonna go oh. And I've heard people talk about that I hit Gail that score was great when it was there what are they talked about we gonna get. The Christopher Reeve Superman theme. Shirts there to here in notices that music so. It never in the forefront again that character in Indiana race it's a character in my. There interest for me that's when common Boozer at the best and Daniel and grey yeah you want column in the off and don't hired any announcement to not hear Danielle and things. Loves. As Israel Miller has the flash is he's fun he's not he's a lot of fun guy who played cyborg was great as ever was great. Opt LaBroque sucked sucked up way and Sox. Nothing is Jason Momo I like having him do a carriage areas like yeah it. Oh the brat crazy number out of that. The blades you're gonna tell me that your take off commanded big meeting monopoly in school and I actually think he's joke now like that isn't awful. Wonder Romans great you know doubt no doubt about straight. Ben Affleck didn't wanna be there he did not want to be there is Batman and it's it's like painful to watch that athlete's performance is really bad. I am just the whole movie he's different character kids he's supposed to be like. He's supposed to be like man I was such addictive Superman and then his victims. Moms think it was Smart that we'll need an alien to protect SPN's. They galaxies are real scary place. I don't believe via I don't I don't believe you might. There was maybe supposed to be some stuff in suicide squad that made me believe your more of a cool guy in your article guy you are you in the worst bad men. What you suck and I don't like brand of sexual assault. Certificate that the odd and then and then the dead CNET just really stuck with me everything else is really throw away season. Bubble gum pop nothing wrong with it nothing great nothing that really stuck when you know his eyes spoilers when they bring Superman back. Innings alive again but he doesn't remember he's not sure what's going on and they thought and I'm glad to fight him. That's the best part of the movie win the rest Italy has the fight Superman. Guys heard that from all the people Arnold the best part is painfully obvious that he is Superman like eight. But there's that there's a part when it all breaks down that is my favorite part of the Libyan probably one of my favorite. Parts in a comic book movie but it was so great heat. Superman has got Wonder Woman by like this like that neck then he's got side word by the throat. And like that ends like I am a little kid trying to do something to you. And I think to rent is hovering off the ground holding everybody write them and the flash like on a regular flank yet and he goes in the full speed motor. Any goes on the flank. But I'm like oh (%expletive) like I knew what's happening is that a man's sense of consumer it's fast and all of a sudden as adds flash is flanking him. Flash notice is that all the sense in red head to slow Lee. Cox is the side and it was actually is eyes glitter first like his eyes are seen him out of the corner as I. And it's it's it is it is like almost like clay or Amy. But he owe your fans. Like his whole head is like I'm doing I hold off one side or in Matt and edited full speed casually turn my head to be leg you're you're coming in around like. I thought that was bad ass. I'm an honest. I hear all the flies. It's a given I'm gonna see this movie and all of I think he doesn't know the real things that one scene. Response I have good thought I'm not even seeing what you're talking about it just doesn't. So like I oh yeah. The super. And you and you. A lot times I think in a movie it's scary to tell how powerful Superman is it yet could you Louie and he's. Could you lose like it. Can take away the let them. It could make its neighbor liked it can make it seem like what's the point of these other people even being here could Superman's that much better than you know. They like and you know they went there like you said like what I is what you're saying I'm picturing that's on there. Is there isn't sticky points to a lot of it. You know like obvious points where they're like trying to be like hey we're not gonna fight in his city and have remained. They had to say that now why they're really equalizer really talking to yourselves that this you're talking your pals at this point has like. While he does move on diet and there's a slate. They did in light icing the comport mentioned how Joseph didn't let the offensive line just means loss of hundreds maybe. They have soared to Korea Asia they Witasick Soviet destroyed at eastern European goods they do the same thing here they. Went to an eastern European village that was new too late because the lives and yet again I am glad but like some of the stuff though. It's. It's like so out of place again just like suicide squad it feels like two different movies. Wasn't SE a lot I've read a lot of things con this movie Franken side neither drag on take credit for that and do you think I'm excited again knowing EA did and I I've read a lot of things and I'm curious your opinion on it that said I police have lightened it. Why it will everything more colorful. But one of the things they read and the theme and a lot of articles saying at this point they should have just kept at Snyder's movie. Like did it feel too weird like no this movie we're now moving on that. Now now I mean. Yeah I mean like the Superman that's the hole with the caterpillar mustache and we'll share that some of that energy that little thing right there but it's but the whole everything without one it is lighter. In now it is being shot through somebody's cell phone and in their cell phone that sun is brighter. Didn't like it's a lighter universe through their mock and it may light. Is that like a power of cellphones in the bat members remain universe like zero hitting at a better life just. All that myself aren't much better I had aliens that I pattern like a lot of ads like this 88 that those field. Anyway. A justice late and we don't need to say more on it. I don't want people to fight over this stupid movie and like an ink and the guy that's weird and this finally sent his point of rotten tomatoes is is when dale Myer. But I think what's become it's become and T this what is this weird pinnacle we got to DC. Where they started off OK. Got bat got really bad Wonder Woman almost is like an anomaly have got to rise and then we got back to here. And there's this feeling that this is it like they're not gonna make these movies that. I've said that multiple times especially Ben Affleck performance and he even said on the trail for a PR that he was like yamana under the menacing and I don't think they'll keep making when Nolan movies with gathered out. Because why it got our you know. I think it's they itself finally Henry Campbell Superman it's finally maybe do another Henry Cowell serenity. I have so as a Miller's a flash was cool I am obviously go get him back on the man started filming that's happening that's happening that's true. But he thought that they emanate cleared out there that flash. Depends on this movie and it is in the Kigali lines now and IE yeah. Yeah I and but if you're a fan anyway if you had let's listen to your. If you're rich firmer Padres station manager rich and use our pockets and you love Justice League you loved it don't you don't take anything else for granite lake. But I loved it any it was a terrible movie and that's my thoughts I I I yeah. Get a good time and I was like this this I'm I'm still excited to see it sounds like there's there's things. I own joy in it even Pamela enjoy entire product yet yet it very much feels like a the rebirth Justice League. With Jim Lee doing tired and had Geoff Johns on the writing and how bad managed chasing down. Just silly war there's little pieces of that plot line in this as well. But yet you know basically about it who he would let's was Uma. So I'd we get to running on time after a pleasure we talk about. The infinity ward trailer. I don't do it and you're back to back with us so let's talk punish her. Check have you finished in how far away yet actually finished OK Jessica was gone that we can't and I I I did the I did it to our brains to our break and that's a good pace or I'm I'm fourth such talk and I'll say be careful. Yes. On one hand it may be the best. Netflix marvelous or just marvel show a that said page out Asia as a shield comes back tonight to our premiere. But at the same time it's probably been the hardest to watch 'cause boy did they like remind you that this guy's kids or debt. They shot him in the face they shot them in the U makes it past properties in L let's pick at the moment it's night it read your mind it's like they're closet going like. Jimmy's mom is dead we shot her she's dead except for there to about things like Bubba thirteen of the season by the way that never feels long. That's good doesn't blow by. I mean like you could go I can go back and it can go out while you can and not done it well I mean in my I was in the Ross talked about there almost always a couple offices at his level ran really well OK taste really good and everything was very interest day. The so far character motives. This pace of storyline I've I've thought this is more spot on missiles that they're learning as they're gone. And our may be punish her is just a fun or care not fund but. I don't know it feels better. I think sometimes you know united talk about how like I host what you may ninth grade yeah but I'm about to host nerd news daily amount would be great it. I think is the difference between sometimes doing the job a and doing what you're passionate about right I think that whoever wrote this and that show Renner I think that they had a story to tell. About PT SD news story wants to talk about your your demeanor and some really Terrence yet. I'm really excited for you where you are it is because the season's great. It's quarry when he gets Koreans sort of thing I did Hannibal. Yes so and end. John Byrne fall hills it as frank he's so that's one of those perfect casting. And I want to talk about a lot of the care genetic. Because you're not there we can do a whole episode and re you know and I bro is in the show I get that sort of happen I think the micros phenomenal and that the guy who plays him. There's such a good job with John Burns all not and the two of them play well off each other and I was like. There's different versions of micro in punishing universal incumbents where. Sometimes it's bad. Sometimes it's like frank just hates everything in my mind is testing here at bank. This technology more up partnership and I was like they ceased to get the battle band you know I don't sound. Robin it's cool because. Publisher such a hints in some ways a lot of depth but in some ways he's the most one dimensional character that exists in season. I know that that kind of an around try but. Him and done correctly and yeah yes there's drain verse very you may neighbors the micro but him during correctly. You give them some like micro and they make like a perfect meeting today I love to that this season and this is a spoiler free race I apologize for time this season. That that the putter sure you meet in daredevil season to and that starts the season it's not with this ad this season is about at all and he you don't get him. Obliterating. Mob families or taking down their religious watch that but I'm sick like you don't get that US yeah are you're about to get a very. Tactical publisher as a very like everything's very personal and he's very. I you know it's just interesting how pieces fall in place by. I found myself itching for I wanna see him slaughter of one to see you go into an apartment building. And just take it apart piece by piece that Mike Knight is guy that throughout he's in stealth notes although stealth about Intel its review. Yeah I was actually looking for that I was like is there going to be an episode and it kinda wise Biden. I think I was maybe not paying attention at that point in the episode by I was looking for something warehouse like I wanna see him go awful. Tactical nuke and take down a building of like twenty dudes is he's the publisher yet. I don't know telling you get the action but not on that as and then of course. The guy from what this world. Who played it really OS world plays his body which got Billy Owens Billy plays the slick. Well you know you as the dark cat in was rose landing coming your (%expletive) killing the airlines are organized and actually those slimy guy. Lord Caspian in. And by the fourth. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe redirect. Yeah isn't that doesn't like he was even passed it will. I like it. Yeah I'm love lots of our I'm excited to get the next. Yes we will table the rest until I finish at. To come back and talk more pressure for share change things season three got now got announced they dig resigned. Call it what are really not gonna resign that job go to the good news good news analysts say ten from Ron Ron happy hour is on season. So I've been library inside Ken's back and Canada China too and battling where you that with C you're episode one okay what are you. I'm near every night. That's on the enemy. That's on me a funny story that her friend has an ex boyfriend that was still on her Netflix account oh. And so it does he wants ex boyfriend noticed. She's using the account and he's watching strangers things. And waited till seasons like episode like seven of the first season a little get hooked Raddatz seven. Change Baffert. Cut that that is brutal eleven it's amazing. So. Robbed that. Referred. To one of her girls this is this is the nasty one thug gangster. We get into. In New York before amateur routes and real quick this is only story something. I don't want to do it in need you do it. Andrea. Remind them. A long time. Director of boys are all blessed right after all the best. Poise on this book animated things ever Batman backhand no Justice League like Superman. The best some of the best. Comic book achievement ever hero when everyone got and it is out treated out had a conversation with women's entertainment. You guys want a Justice League reunion. You need to let them now there's hash tag all day out reunion reunion all the voice actors are like we'll do it now because by the thought would and they and. I believe it is that I believe. Talking (%expletive) at a macedon now but I believe the voice actors have gotten together for a bigger project. And part of that conversation was all hey we will hire has just loosely here we should do well. Yeah I think yes and yes yes you know call ugly scene is a lot of ways actors have gotten together lately. Because we idolize them and they're like wait a man. I'm a part of these kids' lives and other adults and now they're making. They're KM part of my life and like mark Hammel going oh really you guys wanna make history out of me is Maria but it's great to see like. The guys who are yet going pinky you know being in the brain all those guys like getting lake and new. At least sunlight people now want to hear from you don't want talk to you like he does a great Kevin Conroy a great. So that so how could you do we want that to happen. I think universally second speak for everyone I've ever met in my life when they like it or not I think on this listening wants a bit these habits so. It. Hash tag. JL. Reunion. Like we Lilly did this for young justice and nothing gets in just as Glen Levitt. Does even pale. Just legally limited and just sleek and famine has here's those of the pinnacles and we do get more of those young justice season three next year. Is it Cooper for next year we're also weigh the very certain marketing for. Now oh yeah you duck now you're thinking of titans. At Q I saw a tweet from rising and there was. I thought about titans today I did the cast of the Robin and I believe no they shouldn't cost him. Even more gotten better and cost but I believe from Weisman he reads the most recent tweet was. And drawing anything has austerity I have heard June. Of next year it was going to be airing will look at. Lap cars and we will tweet it out we'll find out and shout outs are travels contains an amazing. Just can I just finished the fall. Finale for the ally improvements to our troubles just continue as we get to start our season. Sure he's the lead that. Why I say this I love and I know it's gonna kick up now I love them knock it in the barn was trailers not yet kids. I figured out why I've been avoiding a lot of like the scenes stuff like. On a daisy Ridley says she won't be ready option next hours early I don't care I'm not going on and I am not enough now this is not anyway it's government is can we phrase. Find out why one star was character is not going to be around right that's right. And her contract is on the guys that's why aren't you on monster for we do this we should write this I'll watch the trailer park. Okay. So there's no comparison now and so no comparison to anything going honoring does not. I don't wanna I don't wanna disrespect besides it's not fair or not I'll I'll go beyond that I think this movie makes one might start wars. Moon. Hot take well because let's be honest our worst is still building that. Oh those are is that sixth finished well you know they're going to get ray and and and and Kyle well as hair dryer that like is when you know let's not sell on some sort Star Wars like the brand. Obviously. This feels. Like a pinnacle that has not been achieved and found he ably we get a black panther movies that we can't wait for in February and then. And that in and day. We can read it right there they're February and that it may. Yeah. I just league's stop it it was a bad move the battery if you had. I'd argue that line he like you like utter I really don't think anyone's argument about an. Yeah I need shout out to Dana she's I'm arm orange had been injuries and she she does. A virgin reviews she's never wash it is no desire amber she watched the trailer in reacted whatever comments is why the pain frogman beating up the red ranger. And I am I you know my bad. You kind of think this added and everyone's employees punching Spiderman right now that was Iron Man even so there you go out here anyway right now Spiderman or mr. look like. As a red ranger. Yeah and pink frock man punches him. Think you're you're totally you know I can take the (%expletive) out of myself you're right. We were we were saying if we're gonna and that round you didn't agree with it. Then now's does look a little funny I don't I don't do you assign all eyes and he lives of the things break I think people are great and they say canceled. He's had his look initiation people are pulling out in his armor has glass and and they actually had to come out and say. If you the these guys easily and Sosa he's gaining power doesn't need armor as much do you seeing vision guys announcement. Man I think in his campaign not. We I mean ERS in this who was then and with him getting all the rings say that he vision. Yes you just mighty big amazing competitor and I have been its own in his head Arab League killed them. Any gave them life and go back to being Tony's big hits computer. Guy to being Tony Siri. Now here's the thing about vision of Paul Bettany are a pass out of the cost that much cement Paul Bettany whose Jeep into the vision. But when you have cat we have. Chris Evans. Robert Downey junior. Chris Hemsworth. All of you know their contracts that they ought to Rea then about you're more likely kills certain. The other big budget ticket items that airlines were rebuilding our universe. I think someone has to die in this. I would Barlow doesn't like kill people now why would they make more movies but they get really guilty going comments that like to bring them back whether they kills them or marvel movie. In a marvel movie sometime around at while on guard. That's a place where they killed there. I'll have a slant to kill the character that means like god this show and I can credit. Credit credit's due districts and they kill them slight dislike who gives a fuss locker room you know dad Leonard. They've got some racers that you that's that if Hillary camp of those characters. There's there's some paneling on that bows and when they never kill the movie someone that has movies you know now they need in the comeback in the yeah. And I'm single this balancing this movie needs to have real stakes yeah you ever say that you. The marvel universe it's it's gonna come you know with little. It's got I can't has a really great breakdown of it by bank NAV show. I think Alice is people. In in these are approximate million dying in one of these and the foreground and yet and she fires she throws her spear in cap catches the spear and and then there's another shot where visions. Still is getting written that his skull by gleam. And that character's name is glee can and it until those two characters are married and they're like panel soldiers and troops and stuff so they're mad at this does closeup. Little obvious to some nozzle one that was cool was. Black Panthers saying for cap comes out appear to cap looking fantastic. Get this man sealed hit this man. And I've gotten. Because they got by Graham yeah the outline of it either there's speculating that in this final scene at the wind and on the final final scene but when the money shot win. There are running Donald through Condo where like all of look right Barrett when they're all running together. Although other characters from avatar girls gonna be running with them. Yet but they point out that cap wearing these dot lists and maybe he gets the lead energy shields. Now because there's a version and it is that there's storyline and it comments when he Palo cities he loves is it's like it's not how it's like you know they done with Colson. Colson had that shield. Or maybe they've done it they don't care to do it again but like in and conceals its glove. Right it's like a look of forearm late day like a racer and he becomes this energy shield. So cold shouldn't use it Asians as shields in the minor use effort cap but he is wearing some sort of got bullets at the end of the trailers other speculation that may be. And they might just be what kind and got us where he can block Mike kind of wonder what was editing act we'll see what happens. Money shot now it's war machine Hulk. Black pants there on the way we're condemnation. Mean. You've got to add a black widow went blind and pack all running at like pulp. I'm. Stop it would be stopped what he got that right there is Superman. Mid fight holding everybody back like little kids like turning his head to the flash that guys like that I'm. As it was a jail this trailer didn't give any guardians except for that variant variant. I'll hula missing in the guardian shall we had mantis. Ned oh there's they've they've put people were missing an Israeli nebulous missing from the trailer. Not ant man's missing from the trailer. We do she's Charlotte which. We UC vision he pointed out yet Leonard NBC's Harriet rays on his arms hang Iron Man cat yep that is not there. That's right tracks is missing in action but he's he's in zone missing and I notice. Well I am it was not the trailer I'm just as I mean I would like that Jeff Goldblum in the trailer you know hauled up to this to happen that somebody went out recently and I can you believe they would Tyco AT he make the movie he wanted. With the character named Jeff Goldblum exciting name we just call him Jeff Goldblum is that how great that performance was in fact it yeah well against. It is this it year bag do you think the scripts that tackle it he brought to him just said Jeff Goldblum. I don't know I'm pretty sure. Jeff Goldblum I don't think people give him lines this Jeff Jeff. That sort of thing that any just this present Jeff Mullen that is Jeff cook talks Jeff go blue line he viewed I would like you to Jeff Goldblum. Could you for a variety. Can get from 459. To 657. Can you Jeff Goldblum what are you gonna say this and he's gonna say this I need to fill in the blank with Jeff Goldblum. Just album. And little bits and trips using notes. I've not because you know from the gifted but that's been really. I think delicacies to iron grip these are runaways. I've not cut governor I have a little cash and I'll I'll sit I got to Luke. Probably a lot of destiny as I didn't plan on meeting in hasn't discern the mind and not really paying attention that I do you wanna wash runaways hearing great things about it. Kevin Smith was right about it that's islands into the glass podcast and makes me wanna watch it I and I like that because then Jessica will be like a runaway let me shout and they lied year. And then coming to Hulu like in a week legion season one. So he can watch legion at a price and I are big fans we you know it sees dues he's in line to be like legion. Colossal we split very similar but that's okay is that what is. Similar raising hands craze. Deadly similarities but not enough where it's like oh this copy desk like it. What's great move and as I mentioned is on HBO go right now where it's coming next week now so it and USC coming in Netflix the Will Smith movie. Bright. Or whatever and let her Tyler Smith and Amos on emperor of putting putting good that's right let me show that's out so it's a movie coming in Netflix and it's will Smith and like an alien. Well like immune and it's all about like there's going to be a lot of racist elements Tarzan like you know things people treat aliens like she did. On this but there's night but it's yet but they're like they fight like overs and selling it's like cool side five movie. That they've made for Netflix featuring Will Smith answered Netflix spent a hundred million on I don't care it's cool cop drama political analyst looks like actual I know I know it's not gonna yet another world there were copied their extra an injury in a lot of like. Like alienated not alien alien nation was showing that movie in a show in the eighties the nineties so medias little bit alienation like aliens out of think about aliens proud not just what school. And today it was they debuted it at night at comic con. That's the thing that must've been them or bit. I. That's got into diversity of yeah we aren't here for a long time thank you never send them big topics I hope things that he did it all at justice just leave this. I ominously and out among them on the mileage in my own little you know or rather sad have you Warner Bros. is ran that should be should have been. Should have been but it wasn't in them. Pick these up let us.