Capes on Capes Ep 70 News and Stranger Things S 2

Thursday, November 2nd

We finished all of Stranger Things Season 2!  Byrce and Hamby spend most of the episode discussing the second season of the smash hit on Netflix, but first we cover some news.  Rumors that Flash might not film if Justice League fails?  More sexual assualt allegations this week with Producer Brett Ratner (X-Men Last Stand) being accused as well as Kevin Spacey who also came out as gay.  Fallout from both scandals in the entertainment world as more light is shown on dark corners.

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Your here's literally that's what US. We're going to let you know and doing come on come on we bleed I I my ears of Sherwood has grown back as we got. Effort there organics stuff. You use the shampoo and conditioner. When your hair is stamped not wet OK but Dana. Edu for puffs. On unfair faucets for. Nobody looks good though right guys. Savings to Bob yeah. You have quite it's it be embrace episode. Seventy or 69 Portland and hard to. Two point now we will be talking about strange things is c.s do not yet so. Wholly or are still talk about a few things. Now let down its waiting for us it is is waiting for us we do wanna do a diving to strange things do if you this is the podcast and get it on iTunes. Or a Google play store you do know that Alyssa and I. Rice hadn't finished the season yet but I came into work Alyssa Ed finish it we're all right let's sit down with stock pay bust in the guard like Taylor structures that I said get at yeah yeah. Finish out you really just one last note Jason settlement on now I wouldn't want it I had won it. And on Tuesday to today off burned at all for a so we did a two we used open the floor hurt I just talk ten minutes I early asked her a lot of her questions about the show. I'm so if you want analysts is that absolutely spoilers though miles borrowed spoilers from and it will be spoilers later we don't dig deep and excellent but. It's we're reporting on Thursday ninety. Four comes out tomorrow home so by the Nixon years we will have seen four and I'm very excited and I'm I'm very excited about it's yeah. I had a weird way I want to talk about locking down as well. How I'm not really excited right now unless you cook them not coming up yeah I am. Can we till Tuesday morning to watch this week's episode written and that was because just gonna powered through strange things and I think we gated. Five episodes on Sunday and I was like I don't. Why I am done with TV you know I mean I wanna walk away so I was like all watch walking down when I lost on net and I think as to the morning and is. Nods. Not a big rusher we are now maybe it's where the show is maybe it's dived in quality but it's the difference being a stranger things. Couldn't wait yeah way to get through it could have waited I wanna watch it again. So there's a little bit of you know to me like a lot of shows really are looking and watch flash this week. And I don't if you and I just like it when do you tell yourself that the show is done or your don't Russia. You know I mean. I don't know I see I've had a love hate relationship with nine a love like I hate like religion with lodgenet for a bit. Right is she's not really continuing doing and not. I don't know what it is like. Maybe threw you Q we've we've. Each is missing something almost like but at home buyers a little alien transparency and now and that's. It's important in it that's hard person to stand for Trevor Kidd and we just there eight season. An allowance and I think like resist this link. Well I next. You know it's funny win net win used to watch zombie movies gonna unless I'm assuming you're like I mean you always wondered. The movie always takes place at its first happening but what happens after yeah what have the new villagers society is an. And Walking Dead gave that to us but give us that for eight years now so maybe we just we kind of learned like oh that's what it would be like. And maybe. You know zombies being a a monster troll. Mean. Maybe zombies are a little bit. Passing arena policy was like to live with God's Villa on you know give me a show of everyday Eddie Guerrero an island and you know like we're close this we're building our village but gods those here at the actor like that once the literal. Elephant in the room I'm. Getting back to. An ongoing theme of the show the last ten weeks. Has reached into any of these these. These horrific stories. I wanted to bring up just two innings because they're the names involved on Sunday night Kevin Spacey. Our Sunday. Kevin Spacey was accused. It's actually coming onto you were sexually attired insulting. I am 1414. Year old what did that Anthony Rapp do if you wrote in the eighties. Was in adventures in babysitting so why you go watch eventually babysitting see that kid's face when this news even beat the press and he's good. Annoying friend and I put it up I'd I my sister and you watch that movie a million time you go watch HTC Anthony rabbit adventures in babysitting that's the face of the kid. Who was sexually assaulted by 26 year old Kevin Spacey. Who doesn't deny it in Senegal and says in his public apology by the way am game well no that's fine delegates that. Up but that there are other stories I am sure there are there's already so you drove in any hole. Yeah and lake assaulting men because of your repress sexuality. Not at all by the way I'm gay Elena she's a woman at his gay. What you just that's like. Sir do you know how fast you're speeding 36 by the way I'm gay not related not related not. I did you know this this story for Kevin Spacey is not going away he ran and 11 game. Theater or something for like ten years from 2005 between fifteen and there are reports. Of him sexually assaulting men and boys out of from the theater troupes. And in London and like the daily caller leg are investigating him he is not. Diddy you know this this one's this one's. It really hits you because. Dudley Hart who license Terrell person like her shirt. I can still. His movies think he was the money behind that you and the base of the movie you gotta pace of these like. This aside as an actor everyone loved given space or don't that is fantastic. I also think there's been creepy story about him now I don't know them but you have how it's it's weird to reconcile that. We don't know their bad thing this exhibit that's great word I struggle. To listen to Michael Jackson's house. Because somehow in my brain. I can't let go of the fact that he may have had inappropriate relationship with children I don't want to say he sexually assaulted molested children because that's never improve. But a lot suggests but a lot of inappropriate. Behavior with children and I find it. As a daily changes he was I find it as predatory. Right and so for me I get a little bit of a hill filling. Hearing some of the biggest songs of all time I enjoyed my guess I'd roll out there isn't a lot of Newark where our word we're mixing things up so it's not all of the bride and Russia could move like. You know I I he. Can he recovered the weird thing is can he recover well no I don't hit Kenny mainly over landscape. Still it was on easy academy he's not he's can't set foot on the Iraq also they're also going after all of Clancy and other stories coming up and and that he's not off the hook people keep saying why are you so. But the thing that Kevin Spacey. Netflix immediately respond. Yeah they halted production on next season and might not gonna cancel the show and are thinking about a spin off with Claire late. I did it how you try this issue and it's sad isn't I him. I don't know I don't know how he's also an executive producer he makes money on that show oh well Egan is that he can't and that's I just saying that light. He gets residuals off of the Netflix stuff for the red light they've got to let Gil does that. So you know that affected Netflix and effective house of cards on the big shows out there which I mean finishing what about it outright. Aaron when they paid a hundred million what I think when your executive producer and assignment ire as long as NASA plays an athlete he gives them a center whenever everytime plays. Switching to another guy. Brett Ratner. As you know five with a five women came out to the being Natasha and stretching. Who in the nineties. Allegedly she says he corner heard a hotel room and forced her to give him a blow job. And that eventually she just gave any let him have his right as she wrote a bit. Also Olivia Mullen. Has come out and said nasty things about Brett Ratner and things that he has done Brit writer today has countersued another woman saying yeah you're full of garbage but. Warner Bros. is like yeah Brett were good your can your production house were were severing ties were cut. Brett writers and evolving Sony movies over the years its bottom. You know they're mentioning like X-Men the last stand and other stuff but he's another of those guys that goes on Hollywood going slept so when Sally app I'm so good. Your return man Europe's heard floating in a punch bowl right. Well you're a hole on. The mission OC series UK is. Isn't affecting everything we talk about this is all over and it I just wanna keep. Just giving you an update like this does not go away and more of the stuff coming out think and where this stuff coming down a little light on these dark corners. These these predatory behavior for Sony sport people. They're cornered with solar power. They don't know what to do. And their haunted by that Sheen for the rest of their life and now know you have to be on the buy them and like no it's cool that guy's a jerk you were rather year. Yeah I'm probably do it this way it is a lady you know it isn't tipping point to swear greens that I. Another short news and this is not a sexual presence that. Marbles new warriors. Will not air on free form series will be shop elsewhere Bryce where do you think it will go. Big college Hulu makes sense Conan live Netflix isn't gonna pick it out. And on the Netflix wants to you're kind I think with net with Disney pulling I think Netflix is part relay. Go somewhere else like and Hulu makes sense 'cause there's a property there Hebron always there. But it really has been ABC family group that called friend regard ministry are born that they're gonna have to you now there's only and we were gonna have rattle their guns and gonna new warriors and they were gonna. Cloak and dagger cloak and dagger episode so new warriors won't be our free form and being shot. I'm guessing a little guys it would make sense any gluten where Amazon could make sense to fool you here's where I'm here at a time marvel if I'm. Marbles TV guide Jeff Loeb I don't know what Jeff loves spots are but if I'm him strategically I think I've got runaways on Hulu. I complete new warriors on Hulu possibly make it to cloak and dagger putter on Hulu I can have you think he'd eventually get cloak and dagger how well maybe in years and a media free form low well that may end up the reruns Fabian who as well. That's a scenario right so if you have all of your more adult Netflix show us your Netflix shows. Why not have you're sort of marvel between CW 00 through two right there like all your marble shows and Hulu. Our. Boost Sweeney type show the only thing I would that would make me think Amazon was too would be to maximize. Money but K Amazon you wanna Marleau so they're clearly doing gray does Amazon are also. I don't know that I have I have no inclination that they doubt that's the only line of thinking that takes me back so who yeah that my guess for me I just. I guess it's almost like. I just had a leg at a lot of that was surprised it hasn't been announced as certainly DR Sam lake it's credited as free form that. That is Disney owns that that's an ABC press release is the number two wide moving off there I think for. I think it's for you CG regions put it politically and amistad which is odd. You think you can make a spot but then so that simple just don't know he's done I mean. Why see stuff like that I always think it's it's because of food and strategic stuff in autumn strategic reached injury. It was much else. But isn't isn't isn't a I don't know how new this news is but a little bit ago we talked by the slow today. It came out and that. Not to lose Tim Burton's. We do in the score and an unlikely guy and I am. Don't they got on getting open desert did salesman is doing the music for Justice League. I'm took that role from junkie XL who did it before they got yeah and dark. There's a couple of I am lines man of steel Spain have they can incorporate that. Let me get to and talking about it I'll broad enough base. He said they are going to use the it's original Superman theme. It's great bump bump bump bump on. Is that John Williams score. That is done when Scott's other use the John Williams Goran as you should and he is also that now that's always been offered it. But this last week maybe two weeks going a bit but they were also going to be using. Mine Batman score for the timber and enemy is hearing yet. Has switches grace you know I mean to warn orders and finally it seems they realize hey we have these awesome tools. Why not use them in what we're building C may be used the awesome tools but they were Brett Ratner and Ben Affleck yeah. I tool. Oh. I still on the movie. Yeah I bet that's not must die than that in that other than I think is awesome. Sorry out there I'm Collins got that Malibu Bil come and down the street in a little bomb blown out. I think offline yesterday. I was so when you and I had a whole conversation I was like why we nanny record down. I was like today do what that's what makes me happy about the Star Wars and Disney. Because there like. A little bit to keep trawling this all your mute but also you have any rich. Vibrant. Schools to pull from and when you think about lake and I'm such nerd. But Michael Chia at G chino score and rope line and how he pulls the John Williams yeah in in parts in like. In tells the story like rope line did such a good job of getting just enough. Just enough but not over bidding hill thinking give needed to do he knows that needs or. Fight or get the chills. But if I'm watching a scene. And and server goes back spoilers injustice lease or rent gonna return and also I start hearing that the background just that. Boom boom boom boom but the we'll probably Obama. As quick as they do where he like did you phone just little Pete's like little like a three note do you first do you ever catch in. What was the first. James Bond with the current guy on casino Royale yeah dating is that James Bond scene. To the varied. There really wasn't until the end exactly. But he gave it back to you and her mind you like. In the way they would do this is flocking back and the yen down you're right isn't very into casino Royale. He's found a guy that he thought it was and danceable you know where you and they don't realize that so you hit. We haven't heard assaults all of the whole movie on about a bomb bomb and it comes in and it comes and hardly pass over your life. You're right music. Where this is my word nerds for things like his party like music matters or is he dies sandy. Warner Bros. has. A lot of disadvantages when it comes to this rush to move you verses are doing right yes the one advantage is this. Can you hum meet any of the marble themes. Other marvelous things. Maybe I don't know Captain America that's ahead but that's I think democracy's big brassy dollar remember I don't know I can't I think caps but I mean it is really hasn't been Lehman. Yeah I mean I'm sure if someone scored it's that technically I mean if he was Ireland's seemed easily like Black Sabbath war. Big I'm sorry I don't think he's uniquely no I now and I think with like Tony Stark. I think. I guess Jack I don't suppose the thing about Imus legitimately he doesn't have is only get its identity is. Seventies rock Cynthia our hockey or eighties rock but yeah I EU scribble you mean like Luke has it been layup hasn't yet. An and yet. Tony Starker you know I mean we could live from here but we're about data to a show that used. Nostalgia like chess pieces on a war only nine you know anything I've seen in the last ten years may be please remind me when we it's a stranger things we ask reminding. About music themes and q.'s I have so we have to say about it. OK we are so I guess here's I don't know what else are that a lawyer we got. Good I didn't click on the link the rumor this week. That Warner Bros. is waiting to see how Justice League dads. Or they'll pull the flash saga. The Hispanic they are tepid on this you're. They don't like what what's his face laid out the do not like all the stuff that as Zack Snyder had done I'm sorry. I know he lost his son that was a very challenging to get him off this stuff like. They eat want Jeffs jars they want John to do his thing anyone. What they they want Arnold do they want John Sweeney noted he is and they don't want do you. Dark and scary and just throws they don't know and they don't be tied to a shared universe now they don't wanna I wanna be like god this is flash. Here's another flash story but you look at it easy enemy to release any really have a shared universe. Not there I'm fairly and looked even change voices now that's why did they just kind of Kevin contract sometime this not you know they were close to that. Treat your stable more like Greek heroes where you can give us your story in little case like when we and. Man on a player where he doesn't have the sign and he's got a frightened you certainly did get it you can do things. Like that if you just give yourself. Some freedom. Last Sunday they were doing that I mean what do ominous gray. The last and doing things right was. Dole wins the first Eva Mendes. And I don't even biggest fan of those and I just because of my ain't. That's a tape case it's my tastes like it read as they're good they're fantastic movies especially along with Joker is so I mean good those were movies just for ray and like. It's pen and paper. I don't care what Superman's doing. They need some that yes well I'm not it would be a shame if a flashpoint that happened because that is something going in I know is a great story yeah. You know you tell me you're gonna make a green lantern lantern movie a what's the plot we're gonna make it all up. Get a little nervous because it's like it's problem. No news is a great sake this is well there are huge sales right now. I don't know why Joseph Johns is on sale. But you go to Amazon mean Geoff Johns comics are on sale. And so now we're mentioning Geoff Johns and he is the creative director for DC you know whereas. Think about that goal reading comics guys either one the road darkest night for green lantern and brightest day in. A bunch of stuff for DC the last fifteen years in his thoughts on sale. It's great. Now I actually love I have a lot of it in hard copies on the and why when I go by and Italy and it's not really that legends and but he don't habits like 60% offer a lot of his stuff. And then today a marvel stuff on Amazon I stumbled onto you. Happy Ford's day because gore comes out tomorrow this. Great about marble and Amazon more like hey by the way we have a new movie coming out tomorrow. Everything is 80% off hazing new TV show coming out of Monday everything is 80% off late. They want you to have these books they want to read them they want to talk about it. So I think the latest secret empire. I think the dean that I am excited at the entire trade paperback for five. Dollars today on Amazon this sale of Marvel Comics and it was on Reno is still at least it. The new black and a run I got all three of the graphic novels that are in Atlanta now it's coming easy coats he's their right earnings on TV all the times talking it. Okay arm anyway I got all three of the rationales for dollar eighty each. Boy that's pretty Gambia. I can't beat and treatment Reagan sorry. He when we do have a have someone who on the brick and mortar on here on the guys do we get is not talk about that storm Barry just not talk about change. Shame I feel dirty comic the room we are okay. Trillions ago. Article on this policy is not illusionist or non. Is the only way our spoiler than when Melissa and I talked blouse and I was trying I was like I was a spoiler and Bryson. If you've not much stranger things seem to not go away and come back down if you enjoy our conversation by all means be your honesty I think you can still enjoy it yet. But cheered. Mailed to release those Oilers first I'd run say how how cool is it that this strange thinks I'm did you feel then that it was an event. Yeah it out it actually took me like an episode it's you to Serbia like him. I'm here again like I like it was felt comfortable as a US on a Friday through the weekend all right we first episode Friday the leaking into the show you and I mean. Saturday I think we got two more episodes and then Sunday we finished against let's say on average most line though it took about five days and it. And around like you but he did take me this long yeah so I got to watch one episode. On the Friday night in on Saturday and others have happened had to go back yes yes. And it Saturday IA happened to be watched and second episode with my sister and my dad's house who lives in this it's like. Big house has been turned into a much department a mansion can turn into yet. So so everyone's homes are really up and each other's business. So as weird you know watch the sec one I get a knock on what is at his front door was a big player and it is. And it's so and it says my neighbors say it among the last episode it's good day so Greta do that it for the office race open. Every time. But you get. And so it was local I'd ever leno's talk about what upset you on a web Sena are you finished out of not to me Gatti I love that nobody wanted to spoil it for each other like I don't I don't spoiler free I'll go enjoy it I they'll never give us the numbers but this had this these are listening four million an episode that you were tired already gathers there's an article you are just doing some show Pratt. There's an article right now like unofficial Netflix numbers mean and that it's like four million average per episode. That's pretty bay that's pretty big because Netflix doesn't share that static kill this one they must be like. We're pretty proud of that yeah. Weatherford perhaps it I was like you dominated Twitter for that we yemen's leader like almost went down because you're thinking about it. Four million perhaps there's nine episode eat up says 45 minute. I'm not gonna attempt that match. Look how much one person you know no one company Netflix production whatever will calm them they got America to sit down collectively for like. A year and a half of viewing when all are about that is that if you look at the way a show. Let stranger things is on now in place is so filled with merchandising. Already because of the and his soldiers factor they want you to remember what it was like to live in that time. Well yeah first episode there's a whole scene with can't see it months finger licking good. He pay for that gas at the bottom is visiting Gaza at a lot of spots for RadioShack which I think did not go forget you haven't had a business he you know exactly like that and you look at things like that though you know pet C every Coke. You know pizza IDR yeah the games all of stuff you look at it and I'm. You know you wanna get and that you wanna yes here's your chance images like not only is like hey we're product rather we'd been a part of the fabric of America. And this is lying and I have a degree in I've degree amortized often this is what a great marketing campaign will deal. Is you will not even realize they are marketing to new. And you just sat through nine hours of a commercial that's what it is sure to seal was anything commercially successful it's that yes you sat there nine hours. Other commercial for the eighties would literally like the music it. 50 there was five licensed tracks in the first episode alone like you could tell they got their their budget and yes you can adapt. And it's cool scene in two even even though it is advertising that was causing within those brands. You're seeing with the logo looked like in yes it was that's you know Beijing for nineteen in May 1980 can actually Halloween through lake ray before Election Day 94 and I funny thing is that Jessica's birthday is on November 3. And as we are watching her Brothers tomorrow and as we're watching the season then she goes oh it's Halloween always November 1. All it's November 2 that. So her pacing Michelle is in. To me you think what happens when you're probably breaking a by date apps that are day they say it is now they are saying it in the episodes they say okay this chapters out of the right here. Even in the chapters like so majestic place overnight sometimes there's two episodes over a whole day. But by the time they get to the end of of the series of the season. I'd like November 3 it's like OK it's like a late night November 3 got you bloody was one of those things that hurt are watching it enough funding for us lies. Wait did they say what day it is yet do we know is today your birthday is this stuff that happens on your back. Very again very good very good. I love I love the music I you know I I grew up in the eighties and the funding for me is when. 1984 I was six years old. So all these boys are like the older generation for me right because these are thirteen to sixteen year old kid seventeen year old kids. And I'm like I don't quite relate to them tonight you know. I think graduate high school to when things but I remember 1984 like yeah I remember going to the movies I remember all SF that's what's fun for like I am actually going years. Really use your book or. Aren't apt and I wanted to talk about some of the episode titles mean. Chapter one mad Max but self explanatory but I introduces new character Max Max on Turkey to dig dug score. Track it was chatter cute trick or treat freak which now there on Halloween them. And I'll say to that real quick on the Halloween stuff. Yeah the four boys dressed skips clusters and then I'll make costumes. In the movie came out in June of 1984 so that would be for these nerdy kids. Doesn't listen to them ghostbusters. What a great tying in some time and I also wanna mention to enact Roy it is very open. To a ghost busters TV series on Netflix now I'll journeys on the tour goes both you and here I am a nice Sunday morning I was seeing all of these. You can get a ghost buster series on Netflix we should this is like a predator that was like. I know there's a hash tag out there trying to get it may happen here maybe bombed. But it was not all four boys dressed up as a ghost busters and Malik says that his bank ran him and so does Lucas. And look this is the black kid and might as he tried to say how can your bank or we can't look at me and I'm like. Oh god don't go this way don't know Doug Allen now don't they you have to be Winston picture of the blanket and have Lucas is like. Winston Sox he's only delaying this. Is late. And for me advocated. I've always related to bank and a little bit the smooth talker and now via but I also related data grade courted nerd that didn't quite. I think I'm kidding when everybody I'm not. But really Winston I was light wind seems brat I have always loved Wednesday in and in the cartoon was. Our cereal all my eyes silos Winston in the guardian I always been huge wind's been a fan of president wins and a heart beat but it was so funny to me. This little thing like battling now another gimmick to bring opens. And I think Owen image of a music keys. Bottom. And not accident character. As Lucas and Macs become. Their relationships are building towards the end of the season and there is seen around. In there in the school. Had no matter where it is early on probably blind I'm Lucas and Dustin go to talk to Max yeah. And Lucas he sought to Norris doesn't serious distracted. And I swear to god think means themes are planning. Linking the demon he's going after Dana. And their in ghostbusters and it's not on the fountain in the and then she's coming out and practice. And the guy with the symbols and batons making fun of lemons group in the park and she's being built Murti. Ice and music cue is banking and steam it you have to go back and produce side by side. Yes I I I wondered Qaeda today to see if that. I thought it was almost like home like you're telling us that Lucas knew that would Max by these news Tokyo leg the only thing I'll play. It juvenile maybe you'll shown up a dust and then. Dustin gets the poly long they'll know Devo Don and your leg. Better light of the season. Dustin you're killing me I was screaming at the TV. Dustin you're killing me now I tell my favorite line okay villain of yelling you guys I'm really sorry. What do. You ate my cat it. There line. I want it's my god I just want Peggy reveals and that dubious loyal or like him but sorry you and I can. You ate my cat doll. I'm. More than titles episode three the pollen log episode four will the wise as we introduced. To do they are well yes in the worst. Advice ever from Bob newbie need turnaround is an ice. That was I'd rather watch he had taken well that was bad advice not EDT the I was on either who's rooting for a well when he stopped in the field. And I was like this this could be good and in the shadow monster like Kate Sam and. And gets into his eyes he's and I. But going IC LE grossly inside yeah this kid. I really. Hoch and strange scenes three was I'm sure it's coming. It's not seasons confirmed okay so they're not just torched goodwill games every season they now on Netflix they have a new series called beyond stranger things. So if you watch season to go and watch beyond strange seven quick episodes. Fifteen to tweet by missing. Spot and they do what they do normally talking dad they break it down they have the number Brothers on they have Shawn Levy or the executive producers and directors they have the kids and the actors on and. They even a bill lie on talk about different dimensions that knowingly impossible and. Lot of little things like Mike can elevenths kissed him on the actor mentions in the after show because I was so nervous. That I mumbled I'm coming here to Intel and sleazy bit and it. You can see him encore an incident like buzz he get a whole article about it this'll mean Q milk or Harden and you know little things you like. A joke Cherie who plays Steve yet and adult adult and Dayton who plays Dustin. And their big break our relationship the seasons and I alluded to the beginning. And they're big buddy cop romance that builds up and and how. Steve was supposed to be. Let's read later this psychopath yes yes but because Joseph is such a fun after him. Bing made him more of a good guy and by the second season they are like no we wanna write more for Stevens. I loved it doesn't saves Steve in a way and that and I just. I love apple combo who keeps China pop their head and wonder anyway as one does. Really is that. Going to the to about two will real quick. I thought they did such a good job. With a hard task in him. You have a character that you have to act like he's one of these guys like they everyone knows each other just as well as you know as white might just doesn't as well. And I like get them. Truth be told last season he was not in queues in the very beginning and the very end you really other than mom. The hangover in the front gets kidnapped you guys did a beat early but it's not exactly he's got you was that in the first C. And now he's back in May while he's still possessed he was here at the whole time. Those like you gradually got to know him in that process. And that was done fantastically all the actors all your great all of them were fantastic they are great the only one who didn't get it more in depth. Could you learn Marat does stand he definitely Armando more about I'm gonna blank. The one who had to put Max Lucas Lucas. Mike with -- my team arrived on the via my dad has got to just pouting most of the season. But even that by the end like you got more debt patting him yet and maybe not as much of an Els but everyone really. Got things done. Not at fault or anything like that out just how the story went yeah it's not it's a matter of you have a large cast in you can only got a bigger yeah and you could only have. Characters on screen. Doing certain things some characters will. Not have anything going on and that's evil might the first part of the season he don't have. That was another urgent for a chunk of the seasons yet bullets at that time almost. I have to recall adds to the but I am appreciative pull ads that promise nothing's going on with there. Yeah like maybe but then she also gets a whole episode that's just heard a write offs riled. As a whole it tests on her as much as anyone yet at the same like there is toddler's story how tragic. We pitted gay or trash her motto. Oh man. After I watched that like right positive meaning source talking like well. That's what she stuck in. But you know 89 years she's just been seen him. My mom unrelated Alexi says other things but it's mainly about mainly those things that's really the things that she says are just watching her child again and ripped from her and then her upcoming Tom. Look bottom why here's what the our league club collector shocked to worry that brighter for parents she becomes nods in that. How else at a like. It was just got that mean it's observation or tiger immediately read an article not heard I watched it or we watched two episodes take a break yet so we can digested a little bit. And it was that come into play allow. Men white men in the government thinking they know what to do with women tell us now white men think it's a bad peed yeah. You don't like men thinking they know how a woman's egg what you with a woman's healthy literally. Told her baby from her and then illuminated her lately that's amazing. Olga a map to that this was it's a sash peoples who won it for their own assigned to be scientific gains when I just take something by any great storyline there's an Allen that's with the outlook stores is there and handling this is now and still so many. Great and this show is amazing because it is a love letter to Steve thinking and Steven Spielberg and you know what Wes Craven dwell on pretty. Western habits as Stephen piazza thing but I'm Il sorely Elisa. Has not seen rings movies but globes just disgusting and couples to evaluate it. It but she's never routine duties ET. I don't know choosing Deanna asked Jason has never seemed loony specify how do not seem greens and you've accumulated things and attempts buildings and my. Kelly can accept more. Still. For me. Because is. I don't feel like they're not experiencing a show because they haven't experienced all of the references. Now I think that you yourself willingly got about you weighing more layers hotly little things to you might. Stephen Nancy go to Halloween. Dress of as the characters risky business like me you know that if you've seen risky business and you're like. And all that so this is cool you know in any light and so I am. And I love but at the same time even though may be like Elisa hasn't seen those movies she relates to Nancy was she is drunk. And tells Steve off slightly lighten your (%expletive) That. We salute you leave blue GA and I like and I love my eyes on illicit tweet that out. Leg raid after we have seen him though and she wrote out a drug Nancy is me and I was like oh my god I know what I know this is not that's hilarious. And Keller silly of the big lines. I love that it broke my heart went eleven wanted to go out trick or treating. If she were the ghost costume it's session on the nose eagerly now you have on but still a chain gap. Person other alliance. Army for big for me a big one was that. Oh and eleven hatter can air birdcage episode of the tank. Just it's the city being Chicago. Nobody died at popular movies anymore which is John Hughes yes all of John Hughes losers are Chicago or suburbs of Gaza are right but that was a throwback to being in Chicago and a very midwest things like Indiana Chicago early Indiana Illinois close. You can make those dry idea like it here. You know we think about like that road trip for us is LA yes you're still very much in California like you haven't left the state that I it. Well we were in the city of Abbott light back east the midwest you can travel states we got that are part night. Using your California were just massive snow and lots is real estate. Little things Poehler right isn't getting cash says that he played such a good. His doctor banter was right on the point I thought yeah this is how my doctor spoke to me when Oslo can't you know and hang it you know we're obviously weighty things where there's been I. I was screaming at the TV you know Bob gets killed and yet we knew that was coming he says something or just idle. And. Thought the way he looks back he knew like he's taking too long Canada. I mean would he says the hopper and when these doors open and you weren't. You take my new family may you running a GM I did think it was and staying that was running Bob was dead. So Bob gets taken down by demagogue and so violent they ran out. And they decide to go back to Bob just in case you're share like they really let you know him all day this guy's dad. I thought that well that's that's single unnecessary pet OK I love that Bob just had actually he did actually have a great. There's something wrong with Bob. And I was able to Celine I think there's a Rollins and another thing that that's the thing that was wrong with Bob is that he cared about Joyce in the boys and that meant he had a guy. That's why I was like ethnic problem bodies are not light. Just about as part of the government just the body was like a spy just cannot he may have been. This shadow mom's third. There's a lot of that at least here really the bad. And why he's in and he just he can't always EO and airing clinging enlightened. Too nice house like I'm not getting creepy by Bob Bob I'm just getting dork I'm getting they want you to think their bodies and assuming. And that whatever but alternately. Bob is the father these kids meet Bobby is the guiding mediating and I love movement remained sound like a great idea. Would you say it's a funny inside joke because all of Stephen king's things daycare placing. And let's move remain nothing bad ever happened to me. Is like a wink at the camera light. When they are bad and the main excimer all the Stephen King announced that's going to do. And you mentioned the. The birdcage Edison with a lemon. And those kids. And their cousins they were so atrocious. And let's terrain had a 1980 forecasting yet but that is terminator. Hang. We want to as the movie's playing in the beginning rights but we need to have some plus dirty up for a well and yeah these kids like they would play street punks and LA even in the escape from LA or escape from the art or. Eden it terminator 1984. Now you'd said that when not if it's a huge lot people are sank it didn't dominate the brought up now. That they think this was the pilot to the spin off and back doors to renewed and accurate and others say that's not the case in. Unless you wanted to be yeah I feel like everybody's like yeah it is stated I don't want you want Allen minority there not. And I love the introduction of eight in the quote unquote sister loves. It negative caricatures and the actress' name is Colleen I think that's her name envelopes. Beck and I love yeah that she had mind powers but not. Tell Kenny says to tell Connecticut she ended we can see things. That's around like Howard you're like we're like you guys like the X man you're telling forming and now is that a little bit about it. A little bit on the nose and there was another com. Allegory to them being the more blocks from the expert comments the more lives are the mutants who live underground because it has figured an ugly and they don't they're not the pretty amusing yet. And so these kids were sort of like hey it is like the more locks around like I guess like that bad but yeah. Ugly men. Hours I loved how their crew. In their own way it was described just like. The crew back in Hopkins like this is our warrior yet has desire then this is the fun Alan there are their party yet entirely. By the way I would like to say and it's so kids did it. There are no good guys or bad guys went on about the say this is just kids being kids what they were so mean to Max. You're not the party the app you're not a. Yeah that was mean in the way that kids army yes again and then at beat when Max gets to meet eleven finally is she so exciting. And she put certain shakeout in the NL pay what you remember that eleven saw her and Mike it was jealous. I give it. Or does a bad social kids being mean in the way that doesn't mean I'm so Max and I never felt. Like Max got that pay off and never felt like anyone ever said cigarettes parties Damascus from Lucas you know she battles girls don't come from them. I stand up character for me. You have video how it's I would videogame thing. A fund is activated and these are amazing not Jeremy and I talked about a cavalier and I can't Atlantis touched on it move giant. You know dig dug huge theme at the end the game. Matt has the highest Gordon and basically all the trouble is happening underground and you have to get into the tunnels now Dragon Quest I put funny dig that whenever played Dragon Quest that was of the Uganda had cartoon videos in it yes that was why I thought it was amazing and I'm Daphne princess that mean look hot. That was the whole thing down and it looks hot. Light you know I like I like. Mrs. Wheeler. You'll grow ala get to that and enjoy that I loved I loved Dragon Quest in in decades as a kid and I think it was like a dollar to play like they said this expensive game yes and and doesn't streaming or is she. Yeah the game is run ridiculously hard. I remember watching all her kids. Power through a twenty dollar bill like yet offshore oil money on this we look at thousand dollars when you're that stupid money if you gave me what you boxer arcade I'd either for hours yeah right I just why. Pocket. Doing everything ad be pulled my god. Someone wrote to you were saying are what could not be more wrong about that came down. But the drawings being I sullen article and there was one line he wrote with them and the with the Disney style animation. OK okay. I'll give you that. It's slightly Disney style animation might nerd rage combatant because Dragon Quest is a dawn blues. And a meeting gains on blue to the famous animator he did fight evil and. New American tail and I'm a bunch of other part just he's not a guy that this of them I'm ranked than just that was did you land before time. They keep this not only is he never played this is a builder cartons right. He did Osaka and on he not Disney and I went and I didn't like his style of animation is a very Disney esque it's idle. But if you do it. We are ideally are involved at all at that point as we just. An American style of animation yes exactly is needed Emmitt claim everything yeah exactly and all of it is. It's a style animation made famous by Disney clean and colorful you know like bond with was always darker and darker rilya stuff and. I really nerd priest which told. Me everything like this is this guy eight. Usually the Warner Bros. vs Disney time that you can't say the guys at Warner bros doing Disney style stuff he's doing it anyway. Frank you ring and I guess. I'll and then I'm. A big Santa care reform is still. Yeah it that the cycle the sociopath is true bully we needed in the first one yes and I think the reason why is he was so awful. Also redeemable comically awful and just all of a redeemable and someone tweeted out. Like an episode to air two episodes in some literature it is Alex what this guy. I'm gonna find out like to let it shows that he's getting bullied why is like these he has a heart of gold. And a little love him and I don't want it flock Billy right then it turns out no they showed us two slain or got a little. Bit doesn't get Rick he doesn't get Steelers are Johnson right he doesn't get it it was OK this is why this is why he's an awful he doesn't excuse that he's right picks anything he's what he's stayed dead heat in desire like. You knew it on the do better in the weeks Steve did it was right I'm still gonna do bad things that he was gonna it. Do things because he's angry I mean and I. I'd be on the reason I love his season two's how real back surgery and meet all the supernatural stuff. I love that did the dumb Brothers decided to fight to have a human cycle path. And unlike this cereal and I see that his dad bullies them and calls them of baggage for doing his hair meant putting glow orange jump because he's a teenage boy wants to play any doesn't. I'm sure about how it's all of our insecurities everything right yeah this guy's pastor does he does not bidding with a debt any sort of built around them. Especially Max. I am. But I love his caretakers are you mentioned that Nancy really the Booth mrs. Wheeler. Little Easter egg or they put it out on beyond stranger things is that on the cover of the book the romance novel. Mrs. wheelers reading in the bathtub and it's like Pam give that identical shot at him. With the hair and assure us that. Yeah. Of course she's at lures you don't I don't either I'm just gonna tell us on this Google get weird if I keep talking about it. But I should say is I didn't realize like. Mrs. Wheeler. Running low. I think that row fits just right. To lasting on talk about bad dancing hopper means that Iran in the Internet polls are. Amazing it's crazy because that's what the was at the first episode. Intersects one that is the that was a lifetime and a bright. So I'm sure Hubbard is a little dance for eleven disorderly. Is school or pay it up and I hit. Barbour just that little smile on this season's dancing in the room to Thai share Yemen are. And a Twitter account has been made to put that little dance to every song on the planet like Canada the Disco Fall Out Boy. Com easy DC and and and and David harbors like I fully of proof I public. All of this public and yeah. And then. Primarily last and what doesn't. Look. Is correct here US well almost no complaints lake. The won their regular like was that Burres gave depth so that I think other things fund is great yeah. And I did reach out she's even games every shot you. Our new friend Ross Thompson that I VW Kingston and I asked if you finish stranger things how do you keep you venture going obviously advanced dungeons and dragons are dungeons and drag her. It doesn't keep keeps explaining that things are dumbed. And dogs and a done apart. Demagogues what is that about me explain it never looks and size and importance opera like what comes up in the lobby he can play Dini. But he record of buddy of his recommend game and he recommended different. It was called. Tales from the loop then which takes place in like Adam sweeting. And the way we're ever in the loop was made that com. Think the real thing to do a scientific discovery and I think he created this giant thing though they smash atoms together isn't. It's it's called the bill looper what everybody is tales from the loop. So like how in America we have the atom bomb means a lot of our stories came from what if you they have been radioactive inner beauty and read we nearly all right there. Details in the loop is the real thing have a earlier crane their severe. Isolate all these weird things happen from the woman you know tales from the group. And another one it's called kids on bikes are PG. And if we go nice you can limit you can get out of about mystery and adventure in solving a problem isn't. Puzzles and stuff so till Sulu kids on bikes are PG tube up boardgames. RPG type things you wanna keep the adventure going and they deals. I'm an act like you're from million things by its I was Ramadan there yeah it's called a final thoughts favorite thing. I'm not allowed the I really do you wanna watch began with a notepad. And just you know line my line like I think someone wrote an article like 407 things we noticed some changes things. I was trying to compete with that and I lost track time as we think it's Thursday how you know Bali island ala Ari wants or shall with a pad of paper on this guy out this. This and it is like oh my god I can't believe police see them and they are rare highly recommended and a man can show. The stuff yet I am acted to reiterate everything you said I hope we can get later comic strip coming out of this only in the Monday morning paper of Dustin in Steve. With the bat over his shoulder as inventors who owns the number is more that. And then I'd. For a spinning forward we have Justice League comes out the seventeenth Aurora zone tomorrow. We have a bunch of just random things happening the next hours movies coming on the way as well so guys lot of stuff happening and Dan obviously our favorite TV shows which. Because we're just sort of meant articles from around us navy positive event that is sort of met. Yeah sell me. See next week my peace.