Capes on Capes Ep 61

Friday, August 18th

Episode of 61 of Capes on Capes!  We talk news, notes for the most part in this episode because we spent an additional 40 minutes talking Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall which airs on Sunday night, so we will post the rest of the audio Monday.  Thanks guys!

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You're not still talking about tokens are still talking movies will eclipse is on Monday and since our last show. They announced that Bonnie Tyler the original singer of total eclipse of the heart has been booked on a cruise. That is an eclipse cruise and she will be singing a total eclipse of the heart if that's the crazy. And Kelly and her. Obvious that a from beginning bright cement absurd. 61. Now it is sixty to view us some I guess you ask me what ups that are going on yesterday for numbers now. You meant listeners know you are not labs a number I grew at a 170. Don't trust against this I guess I came episode 68. Solid cookie got this. Does that then yeah no that's literally what happens when I'm being vacation mode days ago and you said hey do we have a sheet for this week's episode cardinals I can't. Now we have a pretty healthy text conversation I'd of went off of it. Is refreshing actually hasn't been like. And don't take this the wrong way. But I'm always we're always doing episodes of the contacts of like. All right I'm on Saturday compiled beer you yield down now with you that turn the tables on me. A movie or next Friday nothing dip. Wetzel. Yes but we arm during this episode we are going to do. We're gonna break out we're gonna talk about game at drones the the latest episode elite it will get his usual fast. And that will post next week so there is something that gets someone that's because. Like we're talking Texan you last night hey have you watched the leak episode of game in front yeah. Wrestler was amazed balls as I said oh my god I asked. Is it wrong to review of what's actually came out we decided yes we're talking about now could we want a fresh yeah. But let's talk about it why. It's not fair to talk about it publicly known before and asked majority on us especially since it was a week so it just yet ratings of the news will get to game it throws and and a few minutes but out. I am that's actually big thing I wanna save the last line. Obviously I was gonna sales and knock this thing Mars I wanna say and try to take those out of the podcast. The last episode that leak episode four that you and I were so excited about was their most watched episode. Of all time both gets and I yes and I also don't think that leaks are duly I don't I'm not advocating that. Mean they're always right in what I'm saying is is like if I was not going to be on a cruise ship and not have access to HBO on Sunday night I would. A 100% watch this episode again. This owed six. That's thirty Lee quasi on Sunday under immense lake. I I didn't watch it because I'm like oh I got it for free I was like I have to know what happened we're Catan is on anyways lets it loses do now I get cool. So news. If you if you don't know we just aren't bugging mr. owns more like forty minutes we cut it out yeah it is not right to do it. I am what we're talking about are doing is and we didn't talk about it because they got them right news. I don't also deal with throws episode leaked this week HBO Spain. Accidentally put it out. On any minute without a lot it was not how. Italy is what's put out my. They pulled it back but it's too late the damage is done right so if you guys if you don't watch the episode on Monday do not listen to the next part of our podcast when it airs on Monday because. We that was all we talked about is. The latest have a sort of person that. A 100% that so what's most. Yes I'm punting. But speed article an up close and I guess it was like a week ago and and is guy I was like. It's time for Americans. To fall in love with lights. The Bane and not the thing with bulbs and it was his dive from buzz feed New York. And ideally that light is Canadian. He was light yellow this is why life is awesome I listen doors song giants it's still. Blob blob blob all block. Her fans are awesome she's awesome any surge like. Posting. Heap in beds photos. He took a listen this photo with lights instead you should be a fan of lights because she her fans dressed up like her. From her comic book and she loves her fans and it was a photo or heard Alyssa that we had taken a comic con and I was like. With a taken against it and. Yes I think it's I was Twitter embedded penniless from lights Twitter it was the one wish nine cent I own this photo I. I think either Alyssa Jack. Or the label owned it I think it was the record label because that's how light touted. But we had shared photos a lot of us before we sent out by. If it was six can I went back right photos through I hope god don't owners photo I don't I had a lot of stuff from now but I don't so. SO Alyssa got a big shout out. They're both feet article and all things. Pretty cool she's telling the third wheel of our show she's like. But it could not get they're being on it. She first got here we talk about Iraq vampire diaries and I wanted to Karabakh and she's like I'm so embarrassed I am tired. And requires that every exit amp writers. I did you see he we talked about by Tyler. Did did you see. And. Sleet. Infinity war art. Not art that's on the Japanese trailer noted that's for regular on the infinity war. Here's the photo. So there is promotional art it had spider many avengers and guardians at stores Ireland's new armor Spiderman has his. It's irons high and his irons higher when near the movie Captain America doesn't have his beard nor his shield and he has that rugged. Dirty look and and it's guide teenage group rocket and one of when they need at Pratt he asks Iron Man. But hey can I initial back and uses like you don't is that you. Excuse me cough and and that was pretty cool though get guys it's just vicious teeth are at a audiences and if you're looking to get out of my god venues going to be amazed that this could. They eat that thing they've done so many things they even if it is bad that you really get them. Defenders comes out today let's watch the hat like twenty minutes first upset no drugs or lack there ever is like so far. Would Hillary can't we get back. Well I we Heath and it and you know I gonna actually it was intention this week in passing and say why don't we plan. When I give back what we plan like will do episode just for the defenders yeah but what can I don't bail out as long as they implement their iron fist on this. Then move on and having terrible. The reviews I've heard army is now I don't think yeah and even it even this article that I ever hear. I think Jones. Comes iron fist rescue before the defenders debut and he had this big thing about how you know I have this season Warren. He was pretty much thrown at the role you didn't play good. The production schedule sucked for the S and what it's what we talk about our biggest things is that the aegis felt rushed. And he talks about how. He didn't none of the choreography was he able learn had a time he wasn't able to practice see it in you can see in Michelle and he says by the time of defenders. I've been working on the character and training for about seven months on and off. So by defenders I was a lot more well trained than at the beginning of iron fist because I've been doing it for so long and you talk about how. By the end of the show in the defenders they're having to learn everything on the fly but they had time in the beginning to rehearse. And it's like you know I am. They're gonna go it's film a scene with Jessica and isn't settled their great so mean and wasn't name has blamed the cage we can now. We can actually bond just talk but in a written copy we have kids that kids leave any like big human beings like bond to become link. So I think I think defenders can agree by another user great I'm so I'll be I'll finish it within the week. Under center well we're taking on the cruise so we'll be watching it on the cruise and and when we give back how old was discussed. Tom did you see this during this week revenue bad manner when writing losses through reuniting finishes its is that bad it's aides. Isn't the same movie that's getting. Horrible reviews on this thing you know and it's a shame is it it the art. Goes back to that gruesome sciele it looks cheap I cuts more corners than it should it feels more like an average TV best sound. Than an actual movie that's when it you know it felt like I. You're in all of the animated movies back breezed him. There were pretty good the only one that was just OK with sub zero did you see out here and Alan government on is just okay the one that gets forced it on you if you have. Amazon and others are yes that's why is that it's like it's the way weaker mask of Santa hasn't this one fell of that quality. And I know there are gonna play two in the Adam. They. The way they did a Harley they tried. It's it was really like I got to the kids watching this and she's like. She's she's trying to get it on with night lean in a laundry at one point as they. This is pretty. Columns a always gone there and that's a dirty little thing we don't talk about the way women are drawn and I'll always been drawn church or her is really liked sexual Lyonnais. Two well it didn't agree I doubt it haven't they point out sort of Bruce Tim its detractors point out dampers Tim's art is basically. Time. Is basically. Pin up art from the side of airplanes. That's OK I you know I'm I'm saying it's OK Ali I NN I want an answer to wet. Selma when marvel would draw X man. Or Spiderman there's actually there's not enough yes but I'm getting it is with how they would drop people would be to get all the muscles just write it just like comics. And fortunately an animation especially back then yeah. It was it would really it was really do that that looking jumpy and like that and that of Bruce Tim made up the great conscious decision to draw simple. Clean clean line though is flows lines are clean and once you body into it looked like he thought it was great. Is let it bother me about that I think the call that she is selling well and Andy. Article says there biggest things that he cheap Harley Quinn turning a beloved character into. An idiot. Meet scale well and those other movies where it's not mine yeah she shorts in the got shooters have a bar Aaliyah district in this in and you talked about the whole scene with I wouldn't blame and I wing well that's the biggest you may have heard it. Coming off of and it's it's not terrible answer any you know it's not terrible but doesn't see the stick out we're like low. Like that whatever but that's pretty ridiculous that they act. And she entered movies but I think I think this is an act this is their reaction to weigh it everyone's done to artery but the movies have done to Hartley. You could have was who's an actress who played Margaret Reid. Can't her have her in the outfit from that any any series you'll get a girl that attractive and putter in this likened trash back out it. You know the editors harlequin that track. Not in addition aside to cover all the body under fire and definitely so the definition of a woman that attracted. So could this really was a reaction that they wanted to grab eyeballs let's like let's make it more like the one in the movie people love her and that movie. That's what this felt like to me and that sense it was the strain the character. Is thing is I do agree I didn't wash is one I haven't really had desired washes on. And I don't want one other guys came out sort of snuck in I side is in the like alcoholics and up lean on line they debuted at comic Con Ed. You know yeah I'll tell you why. Yeah breezed him any enemy Bruce Tim news coming out of comic con used to be the biggest thing for me and now it's like. I'll watch Elena comes our weather let a little odds and was in the last doesn't know I'll vote was. Yeah double when they got the glass of political Haiti killing joke I do because as. They gazes ever since they made back girl into. She was like a one dimensional character tiny for damage just want to sleep and another guy that's end you know. It's it's tit for tat they tell here's right now which I thought well here's rob I'm really popping killing joke and normally so here's here's Ramel this out right so. My opinion and is uninformed because I don't know I think really commencing the movies yet op. But they didn't seem interesting to me and I I didn't wanna watch them so that when I see these reviews only I huge assertive. Ali wash doesn't it's available but again we Killinger is real or not HBO I just analogic much better than this one. Nobody and I don't I don't really desiring now. To experience the killings killings I've read the book in my nearly as. It killing joke is not nearly as bad as it was say it is I'm just not that what I'm saying is is the contents. Let me currently. I don't know if these are really bad movies I just haven't watched him and I don't have a news Ireland and the content on the site I'll watch a Monday may be but I just don't care. This is one of those things that sometimes you're like. I'd love Bruce two movies but I don't have to watch all them you're really I don't know how that not every now every writer directors everything they do is culled. Really. Sometimes text later everything's. Well what does it matter airline. I see bullets I wanted to balance. We can't aren't actually Dwayne for a day not I guarantee you one or. So be. The Japanese international trailer for it nor Iraq Iran rather sweet line for this yeah. I think this year Quinn and use the current bill shows a fan of the show them. Quinn who works here he comes in last week is like handy housing Iowa somebody goes. Are you more excited for justice Lee. The Saudi Arabia Quinn our viewers a soccer there is not a I'm more excitable or oregano in goes I don't semite because those are really two options in the fall. And Justice League is going to re shoots and or Iran Iraq has an amazing trailer it looks like darting into the galaxy three stop race there. I'm going to enjoy it Justice League. It's noisy that final trailer so when you ask which will Elaine George and floor stop right there I can answer that question. Or hacker crack. Yeah. That's rather it's it is pretty impeach impeach this line is. Not a lot there's nothing he can't like in there and the money shot for me is this shot that we can see on the screen. And is striving it's Hulk. Diving catch searcher. Dollars and if there are back to what it. God that there's a there's a lot of comics that'll do this there's one of dead pool. Charging down a god Villa with his sword there's one of Wolverine. We can see that the silhouette of him and his clients charging at a monster yeah building I am so it is cool to see that's that's out of school. I'm yeah that that trailer this we lose any. A lot of that they had shown but there was things out when you got a Japanese what god given the other than the other until you know it just it hides it up even look at translation otherwise Saddam. Isn't strongman. The incident took the only guy that lets there is it was a before bilateral well I get against. I ended the literal translation is at Doral in Iraq came across this or battle Roy militants in southern very famous movie right now. I wouldn't use carb about earlier also they honor on and say about that translation I don't know that I had killed many children in this movie. I'll probably nine no net it was good it looks good yeah. So yes or rag Wragge. International trailer for that generation ago so yeah let's get into you you figure out so. In what I'm dubbing the movie we never knew we wanted so much from. And I think this is partly because of the Internet banned them it's start a couple months appeals in the case that would be good and weren't talking about is. He standalone Hans not done well. Standing on OB one movie there starring. Who McGregor waited they confer beat writer LaMont Nancy you want it and if they don't come out for our for our listeners. There's no confirmation you McGregor will be but over one lead does not confirm that he's not I'm just owners say that's confirmed is that they're talking to a director I'm just saying Oz is Ortiz Britain has three tweets. And he's excited about Ewan McGregor and now you and I passed it just pop is not I. I did a non. Yeah above that level I'm saying that I'm I'm saying this on the record as someone with zero authority yet to be talking on the record yeah. There's no way they make this movie without a McGregor. I've heard of odd side and I actually tweeted out and I said I holy forgot about you McGregor even though I'm seeing his photos everywhere. I love humor writers everywhere can help me the preschools and now biggest sir Al mcginnis he didn't have a lot in the first movie. You McGregor has a lot of screen time. A lot of screen yet and he's done a great job leg the first week. The third released each fantastic he really get straight time. And it for me. One of the things that really help build over one was the Star Wars clone wars TV show and five season six seasons. James Arnold Taylor. As the boys of over one can only for now Blakey floors adventurous like I love is over one because he's. Witty sardonic and like why is life. He's always cutting late 01 is like you eat. All that she serve you would Emmy Kenny Lowe is like. Delmon etiquette might do anything will throw tell me it's crazy to edit I like that showed anything it's crazy goes hey. This from every rep had a one. You might. Ultimately we like hey Anna can I get your wallet right now but I have a high ground next little. Let's eliminate vivid real crystallized it and I think these characters so rich and there's so many possibilities for story lines. Do you go. To him falling in love with a gal from the man Dolores originally you go back and tell that story. Do you tell the story of him on tattoo mean I think you have enough a gap in between there and he literally has only got older vets and that makes the most sense. Well if you go you're McGregor I would think you go to the tattooing story line and you go to a storyline raise on debt buying it is since there's someone who almost found live and well. An art in there they're covering the comics right now there's there's actually a story line thread. Luke found like oh we one's old journals he found mental journals. And at the end of each comic has literally like a couple of pages. Of Luke reading the journal it's owed to the pressure like it's what he's doing so it is just. He's finding water series and he's learning how to. Not be the adventurer anymore he's learning how to just live on tattoo mean protects. Oh and in Peru and Luke and take care of them and so. They they started to tell that story in the actual can in the universe. So I don't jibe there's a lot of places they can go do you go. Wanna go yellow we want you guys think you I wanna middle lane show where you gotta go to that realm between at. The end of clone wars in the beginning of the new hope bragging. Have to go there. Yet all you're gone you're gone posts. Revenge of the set. But before roe ones. Solicitude timeline. We gay episode eight this year we hand solo next year to get Epson nine Kazaa on every other and then we get over one notices that are at least three years away cracked yeah. Southern love. Bring your a lot more about it before we don't hear anything about a for a long time. And speaking and hearing let let's say it's he wouldn't I don't know what's his or broke my nose on SARS well gonna. It's a new segment we wanted to yes. Or not will not news every week we do when it calls for it. This recently call Arafat's view of the week and to save this funky you. But you'll write articles just to rank them not a lot of substance you want it clicks. And this week's winner is Matt Goldberg. Act. Collider dot com wrote. 10 we want to know a B movie shows Star Wars is still scared to branch out. Some of the examples he's that he uses is ours is too afraid. She's characters we don't now I'm sorry but they just made rogue wanna and yeah exactly which was completely made up characters. It also says it is emboldens the pre schools which are staying on the series and I think everyone can agree. The clear the pickles are very yeah very Florida. But no one in says the the problem with the pre schools with unit Gregor as Obi one now. He was great he was fine if anyone he was one of the better things to tie this as a character in act is acting like like hey this feels like one of the characters from the new line. And I original in and I guess the point of our entire thing and the segment is. If your being contrary for the sake of being a contrarian. Walk you yes but seriously this is its us. It's almost our goal likely just pick copy and paste what he wants he man and ballot and it will all fit in sometimes I I read articles anomaly where is your soul. Neat because like you I mean contents on the a lot of content and sometimes man. But having their say and I don't make things I don't hasn't say and I get it like an editor I don't do this for a living or someone like yo you gotta get. Five articles done in this and they got out again that but light. Cops man is as you say you've been titled is the problem was his approach is that it reads. It treats original trilogy is like a security blanket and those red recommends the best character in the stars universe is the stars uterus what the (%expletive) does that mean. It did that they're not at diversity in two things about two things as that he won that Ron Howard this week was teasing that he'll have the deaths are on the console Louie. On flock Keogh but I mean let me just going to can we not have another Star Wars movie with a death star that. You know what my with the time and I don't I don't know I don't want the death star another movie I really don't like I just don't care. And the other thing is someone else puts this week. Shouldn't we have the new trailer by now first hours and they were looking at the time line. For the last two years you know normally around now they originally drew talked about those last time. Lesson meat we went in depth about when directors changed when you know we gave we'd like to get things about the doubt here policy. I have a theory I think there waiting for a couple more weeks you know I think it's that it's not quite ready NL force Friday for Freddy's coming up as a huge marketing push. It's forced Friday Tuukka apparently was the only way way. Was fourth Friday apparently the only new thing Friday I'd say this for the way he's playing well of course is odd years the big movies come out. So two years ago the seventh movie came out the interviews force Friday. And it's the day they all the always get released in the store. And it's the first leg week of September and and it's kind of the big deal because it gives away spoilers a lot of cases yeah they're real all the gene like winning the big game and came out of the biggest asset yeah a lot of the jamming type thing like that there will be. Spoilers there'll be characters in costumes that we've not seen it. So force Friday's a big deal I think we get the trailer to force Friday and that's like September. September 1 is this hours remain at the ballpark I think it's September 9 I think it's the next week and it's on a Friday. Force yes force Friday everything by its hours Nampa echo park they don't think they're gonna Pernod for that now. A much better job market is okay. Today it's I'm postings tonight at the motive but it would not just on the yet I just haven't been. Where are we interrupted our podcast to talk about it other than job we can't talk about it was odd million returns for forty minutes and then and then put on another set. Yes so we went to the ball game of the ninth and we saw a thing of the Dayton's our amber tonight. We saw that. Star Wars day is this past Friday September 1. And I immediately text that are promo guy I was like. O'Sullivan the ball late. Do they want us doing it I'm totally down and then I walked over to rich who was going to be on the show last week big fan of the show big friend of the show rich is the voice of the Padres. And I was like rich you redoing allegedly used walked over rates at the ballpark Q we do anything first hours names like. Oh my god what you wanna go so we started talking and I'm gonna close the big pep rally that they have the ballpark. Unrelated to Star Wars they have like this pep rally on Friday nights they have people command post at. I get those that. Is hours denying there's a bunch of stars programming only gave invited because players it's like they're happy about impose a dress up as the hours like the final first they gained. And a bunch of those folks come out bomb but where it is going to be. Geeky nerds enjoying towers didn't take part in that. It's going to be fun man and and I join. The Padres radio broadcast for the pre and post game show which hinges seeing them on the night as well so I'm I'm recording ratio to be on the out. So if you listen I'm on Leno clone quote but I'll be down to the ballpark. And on. Air on our Padres. Style handsets and yeah you'll literally I literally take over our entire airwaves a couple of times I'm trying to get young canceling as well I'll take over every every musician had no so I want to go over. I'll be on both Padres radio and our radio station at the same time that's gonna be a lot of fun. Yes so I had to and that's coming will meet your match from the cruise and Ali and it's just going on. Oh will be off next week gap you'll get him to throw this thing we'll drop that on Monday. And then we'll be back the next week I think because. Surveys on the night that easily record either wore this thing earlier or. We've been meaning to have rich on easy. Maybe other strike cash rich and at a beginner as the mean him. And we'd talk about Star Wars I the Padres Obama blossom mediocre average we'll do that bank we are a lot of fun stuff come and September's going to be amazing. Indy jam. Like god got to come on join us for any Jan hammer niners yeah. Yeah. It September 9 any jam. Imagine Jenna is coming out Oz is coming down. We've we've got to be keeps troops going to be roll out and then. Yamana. Yeah. On and on that note. He's not only guys.