Capes on Capes Ep 51 - Wonder Woman Early Reviews Positive

Friday, May 26th

Bryce and Hamby discuss early Reviews for Wonder Woman.  Things are sounding good, positive reviews are popping up all over the internet.  We can't wait to see it in theaters this weekend.  Listen to Hamby all next week to win tickets to see Wonder Woman at Ultrastar Mission Valley Cinemas at Hazard Center.  Also how many times has Hamby watched Academy Award Winning Suicide Squad?  Also do you find you enjoy watching movies on repeat viewings over the first time you see it on the big screen?

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We'll talk about Wonder Woman three you mentioned I was actually it is I've got let isn't a disgruntled the American thoughts okay I'll play I'll hold that the embargo the the review embargo was lifted a bunch of people got to see it like last who like Tuesday of last week and they say hey we're going to see Wonder Woman I can't tell you about it. And then this week. I think it was last night or yesterday the review embargo was lifted meaning. Now targeting is trying to ramp up that pace and they wanna get their own talking about it so. The reviews all got released online and of course because they are not released the same time the aggregate is. It sounds awesome everyone's really excited so people really several portable isn't it funny this one is awesome as excited. It's Ifill you know I look at I was Aziz who either way it is relief relief yes. I don't know if I could take a look at their pet do you secretly this thing is I don't know what I would do. Other thing that the best DCU a movie since the Dark Knight. From what our trio now let's engine when I saw that title. LI SI article in the title as one of the best DC movies yet where and I thought okay. Vargas what does this mean does that mean between the one. There's been man of steel. Batman Superman and suicide squad if it's Academy Award winning Academy Awards and Chris that's going to give. If it's a one of the best of those and you. That doesn't mean much now it just -- I mean probably of those three the vessel is probably man of steel was the most coherent well I probably the Basilan is the Academy Award winning the suicide squad extended edition Atlantic Atlanta you know it's fantastic I've watched it six times. You're lying but I'm not at beginning to end yeah. He was six times out the other chair six times beginning in. The Indy in three are you okay yeah dirty your right. You're never told you what was the other one I kept doing you just keep that in in a cold front ski put enough. It wasn't the best and a better solid theaters and I was disappointed roughly. But then when I had a chance to watch it again an impact in its unpacked my OK again it'll memoir. Nothing movies. It's reduce some of the movies are made for the big screen for me personally meaning is that there's a thing. I don't necessarily enjoy it Louie the same way on a big screen as a deal on the little screen you the benefit cystic I've boiled it. I'm actually speaking literally about physicality of it like my brain can comprehend the smaller screen. Like yeah you know to me like I don't know and maybe it's because I've seen before and I think expectations. Once I've seen something. And I go back and re watching it. I know the beats I know what's happening to serve and so my brain sorts look for the other things that I wouldn't like that and that's the so anyway don't mean get as the topic. Legacy you know beginning to end. You can kind of connect the dots yourself and sometimes it is a less abrasive when you know well it's gonna end up here and Yang and sometimes I think when I'm watching in his enjoy life. Smith style and yeah Adam my age I'm analyzing things like where is this gonna go all like how did they introduce the next scene like. Sometimes I'm watching things I'm. Not analyzing embers say about a also. Is that expectation. I'm. Watching a horror movie ray yet and I suspense movie and and not enjoying the roller coaster edit. But once you've seen a suspense thriller for the first time I didn't re watching it is like easy. You know I mean these you've already had that well and say I really hate as Canada can't it's like watching aliens and repeat again you know what scenes are gonna be. Anyway so I don't know. And mumbling about where am I wonder women Wonder Woman like. We judge image go to from IG and he is review that featured yeah actually they're retreat last night thanks for featuring Larry view. Because you know they're pulling aggregates. I mean people is that really excited and I take what I stopped there. The reviews are great cool not gonna diamond not gonna go looking for are now you know is that real this plan. Mariette I want yes I'm a mom trying to ease the country has funny ease up alt Al do enough so we're informed on the status that. But this one does Wonder Woman or any DC or marvel movie that's this close you should know enough. And I think it's out June 1 I believe so next weekend. O Jack and I'm doing it. Note two weekends still a couple of letters and that in the mommy can't like the same. They go oh yeah running easy time because I think I'm gonna wait to get some blue one week bold choice for the money. A lot like my dad is like like one was coming on Thursday the mama's coming on Friday regularly one day apart there is the same weekend and a com interest thing.