Capes on Capes Ep 50 Bryce Japan Vacation and How Many TV Shows Can We Handle

Friday, May 12th


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So what are GAAP. But he got the army I can't make money check this out right each week we a patron here. There's teens they're rebelling against their parents there's amusing there's aliens. There's lesbians they've all these great powers with his lesbians. Its power well I mean now let me like it's cool and like there's like cool that she's an alien lesbian all right. And their rebellions it's the parents who were sacrificing other kits. Edu down. We'll give to 30000039. Okay I got a show Korea drug epidemic right several were about drugs what about. Two teens content and love comedy romance star crossed lovers in the affected by these drugs gives the superpowers and she. Y eight with light powers he's black with dark they were interested I'll give you let's just let's start with 26 episodes of the let's start with that knows how does that what about. It's man but like I assume is not and it takes Superman out we don't have access is you rent a is really your mind there are you there okay. Is days were busy actually come from critical eye and it's not script on is game of drones in space is that Superman's dad. I guess. Whoever and me is the absolute on the planet can we use the Superman logo sure why not and I got to help more of Korea talking Teddy bears and the power to care I'll get it went on episodes knew some O'Brien knew and seeming like X-Men yes. An even better op final one is. Love X-Men this one okay bear with me it's got zombies and in an. You almost have to ask yourself. How many TV shows you we actually handle at this point. More than ever look. Is it's a case like you spike as always happens to beat and a fifty. Hey you're at the decades after that path now have the apple. Hundred have a hundred welcome Matt rice they Q you've been on occasion so over and talk about that's. And I'm. All that was right out what the bookish and gonzo QEQ isn't dressed and does a lot Donna addresses the on this are sort of comes up it's. Thing. We are last episode together Bryce and I couple weeks ago you do. Talk to rushing Godzilla and act and I remember the conversation and an embassy yet and I remember IGI's. Especially if there was you're about you talk about she nods a look I didn't really care rushing a zone so you just I was like I wanted to hear you talk about it. I just was listening to you'd call it sounds to you never have to sounds coming out of a mound you know my point being it's. Are amazing fans. All and rely it and I graduate you guys ally aboard his comments sent me copies. Hate me and had a chance washing Gonzalo. Yell really excited he does not currently. Am I why is no one direction it's you know like you know it is and a lot of follow it right Miller now at this point. We doubt rise. And you'll get back and you may be one day we really got that the handy and you'll bring it to him like the next day or I'll immediately answer MEI I don't know I'm but the thing about it was is I just had this moment of late I IE with the Olympic gradually. Why Els or or talk ushering got Villa I don't care rushing got they'll look well at an early in the podcast they know eight prizes on the other side of the planet. Let's I mean I'm up. So and deadly did listen and listen and so you're back from vacation wanna get to that is but for yeah. Who has mastered honesty but you got me copy of that. I ask is this week and I'll give you reveal next I have the copy you know she's an international. Tabletop to read to the table top it was so excited to watch that I'm. So we're gonna get to your vacation Iceland do a quick update here. T shirts. We heard you guys and we got really far in the conversation and and then I was told to stop. It's not moving forward and here we are in Iraq so T shirts at the hope is. That not everything will work out on the corporate side. Because the reality is it McCain is accused podcast is part the FR 949 network are podcast lives on the given nine point nine avid lives on the F from nine point nine so they have to be involved they have to be involved and it's not Eveready grammys corporate its intercom and it's this is that a bad thing. Comet but this is indeed start. They kick off a much larger conversation but did need to happen for a long time. And we have new people involved that were involved before. So. I'm hoping things move forward and become awesome and I'll hopefully Michael McConnell has assured maybe even by June I don't know. It honestly depends on. Again we're part of a bigger thing here sometimes were not. The focus and we have to just be patient and wait which amazes me we meaning that amazes me that we're not the focus. I'm on things going on you know speaking of the focus we definitely need you guys to be amplifiers for us because. We are a big part of content that is on the front nine point nine Upton and that F nine point nine that is being promoted heavily lately from him and eight you view live seeing specifically to our stuff on the map out weak numbers for the and we see that it it helps us. Get to sell shirts cells. I know you guys listen to the show I know we had a loyal and are all awesome and you listen to whenever you do. And we have a lot of awesome fans. By. We'd love it if you guys to share it you know be the world's two seconds your time. And an even even even if it's like if you decide once a week once a day for a whole week. I'm gonna be annoying and share this and all my friends and if nobody would listen that's fine and as one person clicks it means the world and it's really best yet so I'm pleased. Spread the gospel. Of the games against Al promised the curse last but that helped Iowa OK glad the Levy for doing it up. Or thing before we get to Bryce as vacation. Preach it summer kicks off on Monday and I want to point this out. I aid it's free tickets summer at a nine point nine it's going also rely on to massive contests and you can win. Amazing prizes like Wonder Woman tickets. As well as the mummy than any reboot transformers last night were going to be giving away CD comic con tickets. Every night we're nine Limbaugh radio presents summer by Stuart featuring revolution and more as well as the vans warped tour. Which is coming later on this year it's superhero theme that teamed up with Downey comics. So lot of gold price and this is just like the stuff that matters to the case a case audience but not necessarily. All the other cool stuff we have concert tickets everything. The smallest. Thing. Car's going to be her hands are you during the show. A month. And I don't know we're talking about a hundred yards and a billion show result of the soldiers against. Hang. Okay leadership. Guys smalls is joining us cook up I'm alone. Cast world so. So that's the update if you don't have the F nine a lot of publicity to the top podcasts on the captain if you don't and I 49 ST dot com download the app. You have more chances to win and yes we know he's elusive podcast all over the world you do you have to be in San Diego. To win the prize 60 yes where are Juarez or reality Bob you to Bryce. You back from vacation I am back yes how was vacation it was good it was good. Cleanup Shannon's also back early case and colors of the world I was angling out literally. Of the islands both of us. Don't about the and it just really an issue and went to higher ruling yeah an illness and I went to Japan yeah pretty much same place but I'll give you my spiel I think yeah. That's Japan. It was cool. And beautiful places and it's an article people and they hit an eight the most amazing food and was inches and we have ever had. Some of that took a black there chickens are seeming like the thing rock and delicious she she needs. Well I just got Rodney dependence lets us Eagles have a seared in the outsiders very get. As of yet they can do that I can't hear any act on you can eat any meat as long as it was raised well. And is very fresh Basil had horse meat sauce Simi. Which are I mean yeah origami is like a a sic a really good beef. And the most incredible sushi every act. Beef you would think very tender yes yeah brought into the gaming at all. But some in applies to our podcast that was really cool to see was pushing until it was should know. And a copy will see it now yes. What's really cool judgment is how much. There into video games and I don't mean this in the sense. That there on the nerves at which whatever seven's that's not the case the other people live on lies. But beat you games there are like a family thing. I was my little cousins or not semi why Scott little cousins birthday party and they got their version of the many Indians which over there was got a family computer did not know that. Oh but come the family computer all right well a helicopter did not have an an ice Odom went and then yes looks like in the news and even their parents were our age but I've never seen as I don't know what that is like go I have never seen that either. But similar games that. They have Mike Tyson's punch out they had a sumo wrestling game a little differences in interest today but anyway it's even like the grandmother. They all get together in the play Mario and switch off the whole family housing that glow. I wouldn't I've never Suzanne but my parents to play games but let him just how it is there you may have never mind and liked by nobody peep about it that's why the week he was so amazingly popular everyone could play however I am saying is that you may have never had that exact experience here in the states but other people did. With a week are you playing with a great Oscar scrambles when we bowling you know it. You that's doubly true but writes it's a little bit more now you're right what what the point of it is is that it's Nintendo Wii is Japanese based. As well into the headquarters right now. Like they're bringing that huge everywhere else ask them that as doesn't intend this is the country's past on these are there. We have classic movies and shows your instantly reference. But to them it's the old video games because that was. They I think they took a lot of pride in it like look what we're making a day early following persona five that just came out and I has been people and rabbit in waiting for that for ever. That's a game that slight. A billion dollar French leg that's when she guardians of the galaxy blockbuster movie yeah. When a game like that comes on Japan like people lose their for arguments you know an ever won owning and everyone will play at and culturally ever little reference that could you imagine if you were walking on the street. Mario is probably the best way we can reference and in this needs even then it wouldn't it's not the same. Yeah nationally famous you're getting irreverent as long ministry some annals of Leonardo. Eight on the club my coin flip side of that you know what's also crazy is. Comic books are called month mongers over there. It that is not what it is here there is there's a sect of people that like Colin Brooks and yes it's getting very popular right now because in the movies. But to them that's just books rat every half policy half of Reading is comic books they're graphic novels there. Their enemy movies. Are right up there with the biggest blockbusters every year this it's. It's fascinating it's you know. Completely different culture comparative data did its I've been to a lot of places you know and they may be them. And a lot of ways they're very similar 'cause they're developed countries and about a lot of poor countries in the past but. In a lot of is there by far the most different. Offense. Interesting because. They've had the longest as a as a democracy and you look at China and read how much and all the time especially as far as movies go share the case there's a larger conversation about American movies. Being dumb down. To light eighties style movies just good to barricade explodes whatever cool because in China they've never had these movies so is like. For them it's a whole new experience and that's like super girls are so amazing and then do so well because it's simple it's flashy ads cool you know and yeah yeah. I don't think there's room yet in China necessarily. For a western. Like a drama yeah I mean. No but it's it's smooth and fast you can. I was a failure I. I wouldn't seem like a rom com or like he had a problem his leg but it's easy to Graham now while takes you raise a lot. Amanda did he do well here's a reasonably good movie yeah that's a bad example though but a. He is the problem as we get into now we're getting China but I dies thumbing its dialogue base yeah that's a moves the movie. Of course and it makes and that's going to be harder to make work in two very different parts the world now so Logan's work everywhere what Perez your trip light. Obvious closeness and halftime and Osaka is is very big city. I want this Lehigh towers looked at it like holy (%expletive) this is like. Five New York's the igloo to museums. And the second half we went to little town called cog Oshima. Which is the very southern tip of Japan looked it looked like Hawaii and I had a really more traditional things then. It took those it and it's just. It's by far the most civil country I've ever been to maybe the most civil country in the world alight at her that it's a hundred million people there and yes country smaller than California right yeah you never know it because they're and so play. Beverly Hills on Italy's Southern California that I wanted to cry and then it's lord I don't know I have to gun man PM until everything's clean yes at that. Every toilet is of the day of the console that on this but you know I found out there. I there. Every country has when Iowa new call (%expletive) tarts and help it has not starts right now as a budget didn't understand does. But they're (%expletive) cards become like introvert they go to the room and never come out there's a real problem right into that. They don't they don't like they'd be off down society are but ties are aggressive they're in your face you make something nice they're gonna smash it just a buckeye. So it shouldn't because culturally that is exactly the difference in society because. America is always in the war brazing brash yes and in wind are fringes act out. I guess this has we have some more people it's a losing then yeah those like the football analogy I how many football players have. Done drugs are committed sexual violence those ads than any guys in the league and I. It's all going to play Americans did we have this because. How are How the West Was Won how America that made its way. Isn't exactly the most a double civil out in history is but it's very. Attitude brash and. We're always gonna light black heads were always getting combatant because we're like no you gonna tell me what I asked in Japan. Very subservient very polite varying different is it the culture even women having. Equality issues. And having to break off old old traditional chains. That's very fascinating. I mean and that they would cause of that then they went there won't happen differently he wasn't too far up the same car we did. But it doesn't I never like to say better or not just different this very very different you know. There. God I. A pair rigorous yet but I'm a guy there that other holding her battle thing yeah yeah see on our way out yeah. I am aren't blessed and yet. Sorry Diana on my service that you look at ago that's just stuck in weird chart it's simple as that and no it's actually not as simple does not that weird. When you think about society that decided to censor its porn sensor sexuality for long time so it was gonna come out somewhere yeah so take that. We are now you can do our. A lot of Japanese and we have not really weird sexually kills me out we that when you get there and you find out why does get weird. Because it's going to repress it and here they had on this site we get really violent it just part of an anxiety. And but. We let it out and we don't get stuff like that I was having. Any of Japan is different I was the Japan as he repressed society at lake so yeah we're gonna let me when I know I. I don't even get into the broad swath and I must mean that you're so polite. Your repress your holding Dana and I always think of Americans as like that monkey that discovered it's hard on for the first time it is like. Yes yes exactly look at yeah yes or light. Look look I'm injured and like I. All and it put the. But you're right it comes out we're a somewhat we still forward about I mean there were yeah were just in the garden society what we've hired a. Unlike the non. Exactly I am. But there's there's two sides so that we talked about how underpinning its we are just in Oz in all fairness. There because of what we do here there's so much stuff we can't do it could candidate now. They have beer in vending machines yeah doesn't know he's gonna get drunk and act like doing everything they tell you that. Other vending machines our lives she everything's in maintain its so nice being up ground in nice green tea in this thing she'd get underwear and gave us he handles in the vending machine. I'll order a hole right here now now we're gonna go up on that corner that's what we're gonna do we're. I'm on record UI on this corner that you and I all the. Folks they drop off. At the institution crops yes 30 routers are up the thoughts at Medvedev and she you know rally rolled through at any machine yeah. Yeah I showed up with a B I tell you a guy he knew his pee pants drive and how. Having our own window and he decided to confront the car and soon his defense is by not so I just a margin of myself like. You're better in this say don't let this done during that don't don't let may and smack you think the way people pay. Half and major are resulting doing did you know there wasn't water put yeah. And on and yeah not mean that it's got to come up I have got there I think any other fun stuff from your trip. Hey do you wanna movies did you go to this what do you. Always bug who live there it awesome day they have songs for every single player every single player I want to the bulls hawks. Doubt that a fastening stars so. I want to announce soccer tiger's game which I'm now soccer fan its usual mind is learning things didn't pan Zeta. And they believe they caught a T grace. So I asked my eight. Lisa's aunt. In very. Oh lost in translation type Japanese. What what's the story literally about a Osaka tigers she's just talking in Japanese with a little bit abruptly as I'm not gain anything but don't they I catch is when she says. We're cursed by colonel Sanders. Wednesday do you say your curse by colonel Sanders and two guests like that the KFC girls fan who said yes I'll tell the story. So in 1994. The Osaka tigers won the championship. And in the main street of a soccer's big river that runs through it. They're partying the celebrating. They started doing this thing where. Anyone who looks like a player to have a player you got jump in the river so large open in the river. And in Japan I think you ought to have two American players on your team one of the players they had white guy beard looked. They wanted someone to jump in the river. Couldn't find anyone who's light big with a beard. But they could find. Is the statue of colonel Sanders thinks that can't say they ripped it out statue they threw it in the river almighty god out everyone else who jumped in the water swim in got out. But they never found the colonel Sanders he got left in the river there are found if they believe because colonel Sanders. Is somewhere under water this is happening Hearst the team this is only nine and I went and when I got to explain to me. I said that the main thing this is now my Japanese Baseball team yes and scuba gear and other fine girls and there's avenue again and other and he never. We'll visit two years ago and comic con. Can't see had a those Wi-Fi hotspots from colonel Sanders has all the different kernels there's like the unicorn colonel Sanders there was the feeling kernels. You do win around. Downtown and they had there was like eight different. Versions of curls and a leg curls and has caused why they were these statues. And they were all Wi-Fi hotspots button and I remember it was the years years ago was the year we had the museum of art gallery in downtown. And they had the alien colonel Sanders real science and many. I was going to get photos and in anchoring anyway nice guys hi colonel San. We media magazine is is is there recipe via. I'm mama I'm gonna go all over the place that you start naming off the ranting that did but it was a great chip Mike Myers colonel Sanders ran on saw Mary Nash Carter. Does anybody go looking up YouTube that injury cells and then I love them and so it's it's during an. Look at our attitudes like it's a virtual tour at he he's artist and a bit but no no he's got that big daddy has a whole bit about the world news and how. The world is run by the Rothschild it's the queen. And colonel Sanders is an anti media isn't as an actress and anyway guys definitely YouTube soya Mary Nash a murderer. Colonel citrix. So smalls. Yeah really joining Israel trying joining us back from Ireland. Backed UN telling her I asked Iraq chickens duty in Ireland I mean any any ratchet and good beer again GAAP and as few people now warmer but now I don't know I have to ride it to be V gain. And I don't yak and traveling the lead to it you know so here's the thing I gonna get taken from Vienna than that I'm. Tried to vegetarian early and I ate fish. So it was fine I love I love there's a lot of that I let them. Yeah allegedly angry because it is not any and his colleagues have a pesky Terry enemy now that. No because I'm not willing to give it up but I did you can hate on them online on our our sister station and people. They did a little segment and I doesn't hate online yeah stop it. I really dazzling our lives and I was so penniless and how to cancel is cancel and the like I end. Yes they needed and I am so petty that I didn't comment manage it like both of the comment I hear it on the and hop like these are quick you know Richard grey island their parents. And then agree to and we the rent is driven situation. So lunchtime and Carla does aim at the end. Green pastures and Ireland you've land on lottery here I enjoyed your photos think you can I enjoyed scene of the time. That was a super fun and then into London and London in Herman and London are blending down. Underlined and you sound like don't end and did you and Tom it's great when inside. Sorry oh did he may go Jerry I mean there was this cuts because gosh there's this out of line and Dawson. She Uganda's Junichi commandos I did not know that she can I know ratcheting up that's. Rally. Yeah yeah what seeking an OK I don't know but when I hear a lot of fans as the movie. I'll explain when I used to watch kind of funny bids daily. And they would solicit from their fans like weird videos that they would open their show it on and on twitch. And one of the videos that some transcend lies. A commercial. For cheap yeah the house YouTube chief dean and I seriously don't you know this is the but I am I'm gonna. Put this in the block and putting it this she can't video in the blog get any of these three things very British rapping about this chicken spratt. Yeah I thought okay late. But I want is this race what kind of funny every day and it became an ongoing mean or a bit because they would play the G I don't think all the time. So whenever someone on LAT Mendez. Is weird have you pick that stuff. A ransom and way off topic at all and that's gonna get this in that you mentioned meet ongoing mean yeah. Four against severe TV says yes I you up on this prequel mean. Rampage that you've heard what will mean snow all my we Thomas. It's unread it's his page is guy tell you that part of Australia early got a dozen rat of the two. Yeah I won and other I don't know. It's obviously and I just don't want critically I don't either leaked out this Sunday and I went out ended ended and he learned me whether of the pre schools. Better just amazing. And houses up on it because he is causing utterly artisan bread and Elisa was eyes it until a couple hours. To start scrolling through slash. All like is it seemed like you like this appeal of scenes and I'll have word on how. No idea is it's it's very silly and I don't wanna get into with this topic is because will dominate what we talk about the bank but you know other people claiming. They means trump into office oh yeah. But patrolled admit they troll basically what we got caught many air yet it's everyone knows the prequel is not very good. I think into them. I'm so glad they want to remain to be weird meaning it to be good battle whereas. You're making these lines that I know that line below it was good battle where it's all these other things that you McGregor Papa going why hello that you really work and I. I am working the story of dark slate dot plague us now is like classic in my mind around on a brilliant thing he couldn't save himself while. Like so many things. And their meaning. The precludes being rates they're making the grade I have worked on you know it's well yeah. So we have we have one quick news story and then reading and today. Other big topic of the week and magic jet like you're listening you need you help break out the show will break out by shows on the the second half but I wanna talk real quick. Mister Rogers is coming to twitch. Every episode of mister Rogers is coming to twist and that e.'s loss. Big fan. Why I I would love god and they that about ruffling the Bob rock thing was resentments he defers all launched there a twitch creative channel one because they had Bob Ross dolls and people were like. They deserve it has has he did yeah. What have you been good ideas can I paint can and paintings bodyguard and yeah and that's then they launched which realigned and I was proven that you can do that and not only that. The fact twitch is dominated by a younger audience and they got exposure about Ross that's what today is day. Means so much relevant again because of that twenty how would how would Bob rob via Netflix if it wasn't for the fact that he was always so Kansas bash on at the ranch. I don't know if there was a bigger plan in place but I understand not to know and I was even added twitching candidates right now I think they see others a window. Understand mr. Rogers and I'm not saying I was always the biggest advocate. But he's content is so amazing for kids and Heidi I think. The end of the folk hero of mister Rogers. Just certain people that's it at least on the surface it seemed they stayed. Pure and true to their cause and there's only could I handled really can really say that in theaters say that no that they paid big work around and aides were cameras going 20%. And and eventually you do something now it (%expletive) people off yet but Bob Ross mr. Rogers these are people you can put that category and their gentle people yeah. Yeah Selig obviously we can always tear down our heroes at some point but these were genuinely gentle people. Ed you and I have talked this offline it always makes is that gonna watch in my Rosalind twitch or on Netflix as I watch any time now amazing. And I get closer to his death. And I are seeing the absolute like it's like 919 you may mean for me I'm like I'm Manny there's not much left is he didn't move. Passer Boise YouTube really he's got NEC like evolution of the show is like. Sometimes yet animated openings some things that. Anyway. Mister Ryder seeing there was C. A YouTube channel after the name during navigate DNA like thirty things you should know about mr. riders. I think it's mental floss each you've got. Took her mental floss and a bomb but at least some of the stuff they bring up it's amazing facts about mr. Rogers and one of the. Great stories is now. Like a driver. Drove him on Christmas Eve any started asked the man like do you have family in my Youth League adding as well you wanna believe let's go to your house. Or something like that to mr. Dodd went to the man's home. And made himself part of the family on Christmas you Fedora started playing piano entertaining everybody can that's what mr. Rodney would do. Little worker I'm at bat story ahead it really bad old. The apple does not agree it's out of sometimes there are wrong and it's about. You're a big advocate for the VCR because he wanted kids and families to be able to watch whenever they want to programming whatever they could. And he was a big champion. Opt for content against the government and yeah slowly as CEO as always Bob Denver. Mr. sunshine on my morning there's sunshine mind if I can't navigate that yes bad news of her life as again but Bob Denver was also lake if you look up. The SEC battles in the eighties with Bob Denver helped me out Twisted Sister. And other odds and Frank Zappa when they had to go up against the SEC are then go because congress and talk about how their music was in. Bad and that parents you should put labels on music and like. When you remember. Are really really good your chip ins and they're so a designer so a decent Twisted Sister and brings Avant. Anyway. Some TV shows. Eva Green out in that I'm going to say now that he's in the bill nine and 99 and now is so it would he'd want to play category. Or is not Israel that's because I love bill ninth I love them. But I so before the flight enough with that you download offline apps whose great yeah why don't the whole season I can't watch with a fight it's terrible. Unveiling a double episodes and let audiences this for kids just really suffered no this did I. It's your favorite Alex. Knees audience late because it's like a live audience being it's honestly for people that plague. It's not if you're coming into you it is now not knowing bill Knight was it that's not for you if your child. It's still cannot for you okay. Jerry are you still in him. Could be built could be a night be like Obama mr. rather I I think he can rebound drew a rebound I Lebanon are not gonna not like the guys. Go little that. You either die a hero. Or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain and bill is too strong a word to use this but I really our way I dress without a Leslie first episode he died. So that observer use. Talking about is the transsexual or genders lie. And there's ways to do that with science and what you could have done Manning like. It just gosh it's it's too is like you wanna put your political views and like I'm not it's not even though I disagree with these years I've only are you with these firm but it's like. You miss the point you could've left opinion now and kept a science and that would approve your part in it arguable manner. But he didn't and then they bring out these guests who have no credibility like Steve they OK you're saying. And there is really cool weather as well yeah I get back to the heart of the question. I don't think currently and our current. World you have anyone can I think you can't let our don't you used to be but you have to decide. Very would surely at a young age. Two you have got to. Taylor who you're going to be you have seen because if people go and if you deciding your twenties to be like I hate this actually better example if you decide to be born again everyone forgives your you ask for forgiveness you you me and what. If you're liking your twenties you wish heard any of kids these are becoming an adult and each satellite have this. If each becomes someone who's different than you were your twenties in your early teens and you will find that stuff interior you'd have pledged down what they think because missiles and so. You Patrick rafter Selvin Young gave out Ryan have to live with the Twitter account that put out six or seven spots and I sold every. I was saying our society eventually will tell you down yeah. So I'm growing hobby what cool to watch Bob ross' spot problems that guy on and on TV until public area. I was homesick and Olivia uses Bob Ross guy yet he's and a member of the nineties lately we've. You made fun about bras it's younger generation also discover this guy someone makes a mean out of it. And it cool music stints in its dance happy clouds came a thing. I think I think anybody at a certain point. I eight years into his is that you look like a bill Nye and you mentioned the politics out of the opinion of it they opinion about it. I think we're so tribal in this day and age especially becomes a science which you should not be tribal out exactly as are better but the problem is that he's a scientist is so. There is a large segment of our segment of our population that really does answer to the I fossil fuel industry and they don't wanna listen to sign the wanna make money you know enable worry later. So. TJ he's not the right person because of what he falls on its aim for but but I agree I mean I grew up but I think he does it well and in the show. That was a little more literally dive they don't see her question was could you give it. Like a transcendent character like like I just he genuinely and. Bob Ross are like mister Rogers for the not really bad people have never really you know it that of our ages may be at Tom Hanks. Carla quality doesn't. Things everything I've read about and why maybe he's been in his Mulligan has gone yeah you'll serve are the two things were talking about are like Bob Rouse isn't necessarily for kids. But he's choke on is and so has mr. Rogers was program for kids I mean. But I ruined my day produces Sesame Street big birds now you know not now it is you know the result on that Jim Henson yeah yeah but yeah back to that. Just feel they can't of the sixties the seventies the eighties you know and dynamic duo Piaf I'd just EI and assaying at lake. Bill and I am I mean Agassi could say they using team and for science. He is and whether they discuss the show is bad then take that away yet and says like I I I I still kind of do you hold them. Cool it because that is lost essentially that yes but I do I do to hold key bing isn't the first exit to use like I would love to stop. Yelling in recent climate change that I ate it literally I don't have in me yet and yeah he's been the tax and it feel like look that's the point is that in this climate in this reality. This only people that monitored on science geeky past is yes and you can actually taken up that. They can't be. On fire brands because they feel science is under attack eight yeah they have tune my back and I just don't think they could be that. Sort of Jeannie goal. Sort of like a look at mr. wizard learning from him anyway as the weather siren of the wizard and I was honored urged Reid to bring that back bring back usually either in the morning on Nickelodeon his catch it I'm mr. winters that season. Does and we're talking about. The TVs as we become eyes. While we keep up today beginning is and isn't staff and there's been. A plethora. And announced his mother doesn't even do it just it doesn't do it justice and are there any day or get released older shows coming out yeah this just coming out this week I think the reason is the ties. Networks had to announce. And other cancellations but as well as who who's going to pilot. So this week was that big like the European now is only guy that actually did kind of get a lot of against coalesced. And we've talked about some of these stories Voskuhl weeks. But we're gonna update your calendar. We've got a handful of shows your 1234567. 891011. A new show us news shows that are on the way as in the pot yeah so she didn't dive in on any of these figures that about or not be like I am annoyed when it's about the same price same thing. First one very long known we seen the trailer at the defenders it's on Netflix as coming in August. You're excited. That it is when. I think we've known about this one for unknown quantity. What blew my mind this week is due diligence you never know it's not that common yes this week was a lot of light law so let's listen at all. And then we'll take them all okay so the defenders which just announced Krypton. The publisher gets hot in humans black lightning judge dredd. Did pull animated expand the gift it's it's called gifted but I put X and the F didn't runaways cloak and dagger squirrel girl and a new warriors and that doesn't include shows that are returning. Like. Just presenting to you is that her name and a half flash. There shields who let girl tomorrow shield locking down and rebel theme throughout Zandi literal spin off its press forward adding legion. Stop them. And that's that's not even going deep you guys as a business. Just yet because surface you read preacher preacher got for a second season you ever just isn't badlands. In Lou appreciate it very good about it my more like it may very well so I wanna like it's so bad but now four of those behind and in the catch up. I caught up the insulin because Jessica and I have been on my daughter is really good and then yeah on that as surely as awful it goes no where are you dying. Him and we're all dilute their insulin around but I get. You have three years ago or four years ago journey was literally just barely concealed. It is a ship that was it yeah. They surround save time maybe gilded era 31 year before possibly through the close just air she'll by the way has been really fantastic yeah I heard yet be. The world of hydra storyline. And not is sort of wrapping up this week in next week's the season finale in ghost writers and he's the combat but yeah. It's no pattern of out of the can afford it anymore he's the it's the finale ice. Let's change the renowned but some huge things as we actually did for things like let's go to the newest so this really is and shows. That don't exist that are on the way we've talked about some of these four crypt on. I'm on Google what it is not the way. This is but this is a bigger story this week scifi channel. Is now in a re branding effort. Around this shell and some others they're using this line as they're sort of light. Launch shell. Non. So it's going to be scifi but there it like they're dropping that old logo going back to the but the dropping back to an older logo and there. New look new projects and a focus on all things scifi fantasy paranormal and superhero apparently there peeking up. I Harry Potter movies. They're gonna go up. Gathered in the media marvel movies. And that they're trying to rig create who own NBC and NBC universal cable asked. Critz on. Which is gonna be there big flagship show. Is set to generations before the judge yeah surely yes Superman's dad yet to generation does it you aus open you're gonna give in the beginning when I sent commands dads get India and you're gonna up. Well no he won't even be on my opinion now yeah. So's house and L and I think I've heard it being described as edema thrown seats need to see in the trailer in the looks like it. Right looks like it right whether it's going to be in the DCU. Probably not. I think that's gross things if you if you really ask that I was pretty it's not that they say they're talking to Warner Bros. about it but don't wanna get away that this is hundreds of years before. So are two generations UK is that this is involved just go sure why not. Yeah well armed and and allied as an add to the scifi channel story. They're also adding. RR Martin another oh scifi scifi show called night fliers I didn't putt on our list but it is here I have the article open. I guess it's some. Com lookers that mean he brought a book he wrote in the eighties. Bill and and another thing for brave new world is and then since he has overstepped so scifi revamping themselves and it. They're gonna Krypton as a reflection show for them and it didn't even take this from like it's no surprise why right now people. Why take a chance on just a random scifi show. When you did you suddenly Krypton you flavor you can flavor and add the element even if he's not on it. Paula got just the element of Superman but equally as Nicklaus he's he's built in audience might question this week was how much you mean sustained. Can unite us as before. And when this the starting hitting this week I went. Seriously how much can we sustain what there's a point oh is again and superhero shows will serve mainly on CW and at the low threshold to make it on its DW yeah Larry you don't have a lot of budget either. Am gonna cost lie to be fair a lot of these shows are going onto networks where. The threshold you need to meet to seem like a hit on that channel is not very high special attack on site by an ABC family Chris Duncan money Hulu SEC rap. With this many shows. You're gonna see some such get canceled. So yeah I think are not gonna make it doesn't I wanted to ask you is that back. Where. Where's the equality too because. Devlin not only that well when you take out lately illegally Burma anti verse you the aero a celestial I had to another show black light. That's going to be OCW it's another Greg variety show him. And they as CW has ordered the black I need to series. And they're also bringing back eyes not even as a part of DCU. But so you're gonna have aero flashed super girl let it tomorrow. And black lightning all existing universe could all their crossovers. Hits a little much but not just that I don't mean that is a little much like the audience is overwhelmed. I just mean. Where's the talent because eyes. I love reading a judge John Buck and but I don't love reading a green lantern but if Jeff Jones is it on. Necessarily. Due under trying to save their light. I just because I'm getting a good should our show doesn't mean it's cool yeah that's for. You know that they're like today they can play out certain elements just don't like specifically in CW bracket prayer. All watch shows when I know I'm not into this season. But I wanna say caught up on the universe I don't know what is I like it I like just knowing what's going on here say well let's Illini. What you know and it's they're plainly like upon when they do it but it's done. When when Alonso was on it's the article in our talking about nick. Zombies take all marvel zombies or Mets around August defender mommy's they yell you're like it's on the CW sobriety shell what's about a windy and I mean today. They've announced the he's rejoined his gen iPad I would like I is that it may be on C got no way I can so you've got flash led as moral super girl. Aero and black lightning they will all be on the same network and yes the conversation is like when is the creativity is not there when he is maybe you announce your show with the people you put on it. And saying they're not trying to Joba what it's just an hour sometimes it's is not even as black and white is that because Sergio start. And it needs to figure out sometimes enters that in the case of like legends it takes like this season and gosh even this second he's a legend I did not enjoy and that to be for ever to wash last two episodes. And I enjoyed the last to have a sense island could last two and enjoyed rip as a bad guy was she would say a bad guy I think that it could filler well the great story. I don't know like that's aloft. An outline. Four shows five shows but apparently just beat out five yeah lives by Colin Brooks says on one network yeah. About two sub washing air. But back on the continent I'm sorry there it. This season it was the best show on and I'm so far behind an arrow that's us and our just legitimate right to throw a completely made up villain but yet. Oh and actually that was tipped one we should you actually get to black lightning. Publisher announced we know it's happening guy it's going to be on Netflix late 2017. All gears that's this year all of this one now for talking about who's just kind of drugs at the wall I don't think CW there's one's way more like that. This is one that does not also balls and that not category because. They've been basis to eject out punish or may have happened solely because hey they reload artist and a pleasure in India are gradually. And it doesn't help. That iron fist was a pretty man isn't it you're the portal to bring about that rate. Iron fist generally speaking people didn't like I enjoyed it and I have a lot of problems with and it's only suicide squad yeah yeah I'm gonna be sensors at what and tell you why it's Nat. At game time male candidates yeah. It's not as good as people are defending it but it's also not as bad oh yeah I think I don't know what I Wear in the middle right that and I don't mean you go to him. Employing is is the big show runner for iron fist is the show runner for the defenders know a lot of people like oh god it's about the please don't make the defenders batted. And then a lot of you are saying oh god. You short trip to an iron fist to make it a predators yet that's the point I mean when we are reviewing surface is not don't like. Is it out of those those companies were coming up balls like I do feel like. You short shrift to emulate first of all the beginning of iron fist the first episode half feels like a pilot on its own you know it's an hour and a half. Because it and this is a bad thing for me is editing is cautioning coop who really show this season. All on episode in and the recent quarters into the series gadgets at the time hey this stunt double looks way different in. And it's cost me his hair and his hair and makeup hair and beard. It was a big hair and beard for the first episode in three quarters and then he as the big fight any bust out the wall in the big moment brings I have his regulate. Well he's. Why is his beard trimmed down and his hair is different company different and it was obvious that they filmed part of it and how to come back and then. End of its eggs you hear that there was a lot of overlap with defenders and you like got so. Again where does the wind you get stretched teeth and winning is just the people aren't good enough or the people that are good arrest. The story arc there you know I think it is one of those cases where it was right. Marla Netflix has been running a marathon yeah yeah yeah and that they reached a three quarter mark where you're getting tired and you still can't see the finish line up at. But to not hear my academy of while this who's more enjoyable. Call do I remind me of the first storm of the okay are atypical. And only got to say the world chart public law. But the only difference in this one end and that it is needed to make that movie because vendors was coming there was a lot of marvel movies that are called point eight point B. Then yeah I had to do you from point a point he is more exactly and another that's not the movie mean more than and that's upon it's not a knock on the movie if you can enjoy it for what it is we knew do you see the connections eagle cod this would be literally. Yeah we from point a to point it was yeah. It really appreciate the movies that don't do that. Oracle or appearing in guy yeah wildly out of Logan is just to store a lot of people complain about. Kept America which are sold to catch American civil war logo for Doug while good while I mean stick Iowa are huge setup. For infinity war and for Spiderman homecoming and for black panther like that movie was. Hi here's news and more so than any movie but if you can do it really good it only as an issue. You can hide it batter has been at its perfect my point what I'm trying to say about all this is retirement age does is like. We're gonna need to shows that I am fascinated by. Am prompted strong enough army I'm probably not analogic I accept that as a I'll probably check on the map will probably checking up as they rational mature adult I have to say. Did this is show isn't bad because I don't like it. Someone else being really like it'd be good that involve enough for me but at what point being is where we say it's how we get stretched pretty thin and what it means that like the people that you personally want to hear a story from. They can't do all of this at the same time so there will be stuff like if you wanna see a certain Superman story and that guy's not available in some doing that and you're like I'm just waiting for him to Superman one thing and that's kind of where I think you're gonna be I think. You may get a squirrel girl in new words and say this story is it for me. But maybe if there's a new worry stepped story in the future our our. You know something maybe I mean the bat and you know you don't use don't. Blink you hated what I'm trying to say so I wanna I wanna. Disrupt our flow could very good right now but I got twenty minutes for Iran as blizzard Burnett. It is so handy the big wind that's got a big IMAX premiering September is in human who. On the lay you to take this because this one is fascinating I don't talk a lot about it there's been a teaser. And it's been maxim is the guy is getting a movie theatre premiere how fascinating. Well yeah they're debuting at. I'm obvious yet their date did Billy do debuting an IMAX theaters and then it's a two hour premiere. That the pyro the other doing a full. Two hour premiere movie in iMac got a got a good show and figure out. I robbery talking zero about it but it's September it's men and yes where it's at a long conversation yeah. I am but that one has got an all star cast it's got the guy who played. I'll get you guys came with Rollins the bastard. John Ramsey not yet he played Ramsey man. Yeah the yeah. Kenny he's going to be Maximus is like ability and he's to blame the younger players yeah and eat there's a trailer tiger the end of the nice guy now he needs the south zones that he needs to be pretty tough yeah sounds crazy and I agree you. Oh away the only thing is that. Maybe justices hair looks he did and we may know and so that's interesting. But in humans can be an ABC. We mentioned like lighting this what got announced out of nowhere this week a judge dredd TV show. Yeah that he had a year others who you know what I really want us yeah CUNY law and order. And he's just haven't you and does drug you're gonna get more of swine. Class in law and order. The mood that Colin Ferrell slot movie it's just XY and generally a reason it's like TV show and he's a yes or exciting you're gonna get a TV show that to a party following a couple of friends. And they mentioned that a network. That's making it an it was a network I didn't recognize it's it sounded like to be on site by some of the movie studio Metallica's studio north we knew it but it did it. And don't have a network yeah and the big thing is that it's like is this judge dreads fortieth anniversary thirtieth it's it's it's anniversary this year already at the so yes so this one and no network attached yet as far as I understand and I don't know which but. Ollie and a bag on. To distract us alone do cameo on the pilot. I say yes that's why I ask you think as long as we get as Stallone did yeah yeah. I know melodrama that he loved in the path you know Arnold desperately wants him to be in their movies now Bedard on. Would they build. Kurt Russell Brooke so I didn't and it made a foreigner if I was marble and says hey. The morality is not allowed no Itamar ultimately. It's like having grand. And then it's not discount that we talk hired a lot of guys will be movies so their kids will CEO and still loading movies as Greinke to be like hang out you know. Bruised. Look at movies you can't iiroc you're talks over the talking raccoon and this announced this week amazing. Donald Glover starring directing a horrible horrible memory being a dead pool animated series coming to FX acts yet as it IE sounds and amazing Briere and out of this one. Ayman. On the check out outing a no I mean I know it's funny I thought you would have been an guys is the imagery not you would have been wins by miles Morales. Because I know that he wanted to be the mile round aspiring people wanted him to be and he was on out Donald blah Diane. So there's really not a sound asleep Tommy in a week. Of boom boom boom that I was like let this happenings to let. Yet people are blow example enemy coming into eighteen sounds awesome. And of course ladies and radio are going to be an adult themes are absolutely did on that exact TV MA Ellis the hello TLC running back. My understanding TRE MA LSU yeah it's just been. She just relies also is an anarchy itself Dallas or lives she loves that show the very end was so bad I should not only in the last two seasons and my god. I am good line but this one is called. The gifted I don't talk about two things a quick one there was news this week about new immune system and I assumed it was a shell now. Newman's is a movie coming out into when he eighteen that will be starring amazing Williams a game a throne as walls Bain. And other girl got cats as magic and they have a whole cast is being announced. But no means is a movie while so that it has some nice online yeah and I'm an article that I just know who. Bottles and possibly five. I I the end basis it's gonna. I mean I think it's an X-Men universe movie and you mutants yet. And you on that absolutely. Wow that's an article that you're talking about didn't read it to sought title I read a couple of articles but I have yet. I assume this is casting for that new show they're making body I thought there was a new means shell. Now and it is is that there's a new means movie like there's X horse movie that's coming out there's also a new means Mary so this is dish so well so it's called the gift. So that's as thinks of fox is not. Dial it back and gone back to the classic cast their movement forward yeah they're going knew me in X fours wow get a they have got to introduce the new bad standard that brought the universe perhaps. Nom I have a bit how well yeah. Like I rumors saying you know although that's compelling the rumor is they're moving forward with next excellent movie under the under the radar. And they're filming a lot of stuff with light so we turn stuff as gene Grail like they're already filming the next exclusivity under the radar these in production is 45. Polls they're doing this (%expletive) that they weren't able. Malia nattering back account gap. Exports via nubians in the right experts mapping right now that's what must be after dad focus dental and at caves and time. The cable going to be into movies candidates when you know but they haven't necessarily. I went out world golf that's true could that the guy they said it was for Syria. What are you going to be an end and and he's gonna be the new outlook that's why it's yeah David Kay harbor lets you know share hopper let's bring back to shows I was trying to focus and just I'm so sorry about it demeans derailed as lewd locker room and out. Or to show that doesn't mean it's fun summer and this shows the gifted what is obviously. Got a gift it is X it is it's a Bryan Singer. Produced and directed show restraint Camby loves that thing is attached to these cities it's the trailer by the way for the gets it will premiere this Monday may fifteenth. Flow on and that it will be on fox believed in the fall. And waited in the fall. I didn't have an exact dates in the fall or early 219. But it's called gifted and it's not called X contains basically. If you watched X two X in the united where Bobby eagles' home and his parents have to deal with the fact he's a mutant and that mutants are like being chased down. So if you're out it's like a teen drama it's gonna be I think starting off how the Walking Dead and it's easy for a world were mutants are just popping up and now and that kid wakes up. As a mutant and how his family house in light of us really don't pay open nearly. I actually saying is cut and eight because. It's the principle of normal too crazy which I got from ghostbusters. I when I watch the director's commentary here gusts as as they said. We have to introduce we have to roll out the crazy slowly and so that you're along for the ride the whole way as opposed to. Legion. Was we're gonna roll up crazy yeah getting crazy not getting crazier and getting crazier and wanting. Yes by if you did you watch ghostbusters in every movie sense if you apply that you go like. Any science fiction really realized everything starts small that you can relate TO. And they solely spool out craziness. And there'll be the care to the introduced late the movie to re explain things to you in case you got lost with since that war itself. Up up up up there and do this act. So yeah go ahead. 83 hour shows and they got to go rice. I went to the bathroom at oh runaways will share gonna get to run away it's coming to Lulu and when he eighteen. We briefly talked about that gives quick recap well they've had a teaser trailer so odds and this is. This was very seed having none of this 1 is. I am a huge runaways fan I didn't wanna geek out bomb on you guys I wanna eat out when it shows like there. I'm a huge run always had love a comeback mom Bly. I think numbers and money on this Shoney's earlier this week and somebody had their phone out in the auditorium. Took foot agency with gifted the continuity of the tees or they saw there. There's so there's fingers mountain climbing I don't I think either runaways trailers actually coming up next week as well runner as is the one where it's a teams and high school. So. We are we tease that we. Arbiter bracelet and had little skit in the opener. Basically. You have the black kid is the Smart kid not and it starts off him playing an RPG online bets you're introduced to all the characters right he's playing in Ed the game online MM RPG. Arab and it's at his house in his parents like he ready everyone's about to arrive and then several soldiers arriving in its like the nerdy girl. Who ends up having a pet dinosaur. The kid who's like an engineer but he is a good job the girl who. Who is super pretty Jesus. Liberty turns out she's an alien. The girl who's really into magic and she's a dog and the girl who happens to be immune so you have aliens magic. Like engineers to regulate super scientist ray. Alice you have a leasing service that it turns out all of their parents. Our bill that's the super villains and so they have these light. Monthly or like every three months these meetings and all these kids meet up in ninety. Kids literally and it gives a play and then eventually TV the gators are going hey let's see what our parents are up TO. They see down the days and they find that they sacrificed virgins to Demorrio dots and so the kids still on this and it's like big kids or is gonna rebel and the right. It's not it's free form. Free form now he is and no I don't know who it was okay yea it does say ABC family or. What every hour every hour I mean I'm not gonna do that part on an island what I think I will do this. Over the line yeah. End and I don't wanna give it away but the kids on a big adventure they run away from their parents who are villains since the mom has a name and of course they represented all the different facets of powers in the marvel universe. And so. I don't wanna give away and how it in itself but I'm I'm agency were Gaza who once the main first story in us. There's a lot of measures the kids went on but I inches to where does it go you know I mean late. I've runaways is having bungling comic right now but they could. Just because of like how many realist and Thomas gone I've probably not Tbilisi that want but I'll be honest explanation. Intriguing yes ying I highly recommend it higher I'll bring you the hard copy comic to furious that he I have the heart down runaways it's the first twelve issues. Om and it's really fantastic gives the kids meet the vampire like that. But they needed teenager and teenagers vampire remedy the teenage vampire and they get sucked in because. You know he's a vampire and so like big kids going adventures I'm. I cinematic. Yes without. I don't know library. And has all excellent general stuff. There's a little bit. It prime. It. History that edit I mean about it. Literally wearing a very interactive podcast. Oxley act the human. You're right grad. Me. Hey do you chew gum I don't often you can. Thank you. And it. As gently and animals on myself. And nine minutes plus chicken we inching dogs and so last few shows. And you mentioned ABC talent or free form now coffee now call for farm so when we mentioning his wing before he left cloak and dagger coming into when he eighteen. Which sees. I we are making fun of it. You know drug epidemic in these two gives it powers and she's YE a slight powers he's like it's dark hours. You didn't mention the joke. Being white and or black is not a power. Relied on guys sick and that lesbianism. I get the other stupid joke answer there I I I mean advancement of saying these two gives it powers. She's white and can fire lighten he's black give start parsing his joke as those we. Being black or white is not a dollar. In these Kazaa clothing dagger. He is a black kid in love with a blonde girl beaten and it's you forbidden love when it leads looking dagger argument the trailer. Now yes he did yes that's what and that's what I thought. Was a runaway expand how we deal medical. This one looks like to do that very team. And I'm saying is sixteen candles I would almost say. It'll be kind of Romeo and Juliet asking and they're going a modern day. Typical would you like the seventies and eighties or organizer you do have to deal with the fact at the time. Weirdly thematically the blight blonde girl got light powers and the black kid with a hood got dark powers isn't. It isn't I act the black ranger was the black guy asked. They did. And I like here's your car that reality. Hearing about it it's about as easy obstacle to nagger fanatically. And in the last one we talked about. Swirled girl in the new warriors also coming to free form also coming into when he does he cartoon. No this live action school girl apply that and then now square overlooking I have squirrels riots power that's how. Mary I've got to give a recommendation for Oz he's been asking. What should he read a squirrel that I'm an well I'm had a history I'll be honest. I don't know what's recommend for each region's coral to make you a fan because. I the first time I saw her I was like I'm a fan. The Costin was hilarious that out the whole concept squirrel girl. I was Ian and I think it was Great Lakes adventures disassembled its see you next manner she honor I don't disagree knowing that she's a dead pull character a round she's a lot of NRA now know she's a wildcard that's why recently she's probably gone pot yeah well. Well yes it's very seriously and she's a detonator went poor yeah she's squirrel girl she took on and doctor doom and took him down. Because she's good she's a funny character she's written for kids more of bright and she talks to her squirreled sure it. Tricked her church deploys his sure sure it and she's always light super happy into. There wasn't injured and Brian Michael and this on his avengers Ryan wrote her in as V. Baby sitter for Luke cage just adults so when they were brought to be avengers that's Brodeur would babysit the. Awesome and so depending on what. Who writes it what the story is squirrel girls Khaled a dead pool lake squirrel girl seems the marvel universe squirrel girl takes on doctor dim. So she's becoming very popular character. For that reason she and her serve from stranger things once. Strange things exploded was like I'll please let me be squirrel girl it was that they panic and a please let me be squirrel brought I want these rural so screw you think. But. The same reason I don't know what I can recommend Oz to be like this will make you a fan I don't know if I don't I don't know if I had their recommendation it is. Great let's talk majors this assembled news any island. So that. You guys tons of new shows coming on top of the says too many we are you watch some days are going to be good some of these are not going to be yeah and I'm big it is that we get to this amount. There it's. The move that it became colleague at your perspective. Tony why. I'm bringing up all these shows that offenders crypt on the publisher in humans black waiting judge dredd. Dental animated actually gifted runaways club nagger scored all these are all sure I'm actually sitting at Alia possibly want I'd hit it now the simplest. And now suddenly they're just being used because there brands exactly is in no way they cannot yet and they're not going to be for you you got as if it's a free form it's probably for kids teens not gonna be for general darling yeah. Mr. though don't ruled out but it does anything on CW on paper I should have been like. No the other. About Gary panel now some balls are pretty great it was vetoed their primaries as close out a list says the huge empire tires and I couldn't get her on. It's not about the end of hamburgers shoot your parents who bought. The singer lights. Is releasing a comic book or common it looks and we've or online talk when dynamite comics and I got out. Alyssa is a 100% in two. Review lights were gonna try to set have been interview with the artists as well around comic con. It will get a keeps on came through for us it was. They got home. Or and the sadness of so that's episode fifty guys say he's a much returning in this movie you know you don't relentless on the app of course tell your friends. Tell your friends listen only at Channing you're selling your friends Pablo and Emily you know your friends OK all both of them all to a halt. If there's so my friend and those are my helmet that's what you shout out rising back from vacation and didn't think so much for joining us you to so sweet to get another rare. It's completely. Yeah and mosques and as studio.