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Friday, December 9th


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Let's. OK you didn't quite finish episode you can slow them up that's not the problem. You know of course relate him as an awful spoiled yet he went silent. I love it love where they went in and they basically. They decided to go the angle that eight the Ellen. Of course they letter read any rule book what do you expect was gonna happen and night she not really going Ebola turns out she's. Income we don't know her motivations by. Turns out she kidnapped Egypt may and replaced her with a another LMD. So we don't know when that's gonna be solved the next story line for Asians shield when it comes back in in late January is going to be. Like this was titled ghost writer aid our spirits a vengeance and it's going to be called Alan. Adding it's like six or seven episodes is going out about Ellen deeds would we get with goes right aware of that would that. Our I basically. It ultimately. I'm Robbie Internet taking out his own goal. It like this new killer Fisher thing hidden. And light. They were exploded into another dimension but they were sucked into another dimension type thing. And and everybody was like. All Mike Conley rob Lee wanna sacrifice and Coulson at the end was like. Not seen other I've seen other ghost writers come back from worse there are other ghost writers and it was like and I Nicolas Cage is. He's acknowledging like he kind of knew Robby was an unlike you I mean like you you play early in the season you didn't know none of kind of a know it light. Colson it got a nose when he didn't now yet it's mats or it anyway. I loved and loves rod loved ghost writer I already did with a new so. Sue Bird isn't for lack of a better retirement like Robby the guy plays out Robbie your highest rate job of like really light. Having this great emotion and like these. Like this snarled I came over him when he was becoming the spirit of vengeance was really Condon. Great acting just fun and they did a great job Kutcher I think mitigate the season and now I'm two episodes behind it. But. Even after hearing what's gonna happen and so here so it's been better than it has been and it's one shows that light. What's the show I recently gave up on. The blacklist I was like can't write ticket unity of our I was letting it record than deciding how to watch it nine yet. I watch it and trolls me it's like I told us CSI. Way patsy assigns expiration date where it was like every week I was hitting Matt I was like oh. You literally turns for the audience and saying to me. Hey Jeff how dare you keep watching issue that's like Celsius I was shell that was the last two years of air not this year than right but I also gets out and so but with heat shield I've never felt that way. A bonus Salt Lake. Maybe is not clicking and likely they're gone our love that there's marvel stuff going on I love what you're doing and doing it and great way. And ages shield is just sort of been able to like lay here in great storytelling with mediocre and that's kind of the hallmark of and that's our show Iran's point forums of the season. That happens. I just always seems to be consistently. I've never been like I can't wash your show ever again yes I did not like I'm like all right and I was gone that we'll see what happens Amar I'm on take a ride yeah. Yes he access. So I I like I did this with the finale was dead now I'm kind of bummed we don't have. Eight Carter. May anymore that was in between shall. Oh that's right apparently back in late January but it it gave them an extra like month. Month and a half before they had to come back and then finish the season and and it's so funny might. The whole winter finale thing I've talked about it on the show that's the lost effect. Late that's we'll tell you lost essentially in print well they're the ones who who first started doing his defense. It because people were watching lost. And they were getting six episodes into like season three men and then it would be a hiatus for four weeks and those would be reruns men and people and like. So they what's what they're doing and hatch while other lettuce and so. I kind of trying to appease that anger and decided that let's get a big episode numbers like well we can't. We can't run this season 24 episodes we rarely straight and that's not how we run anyway yet we have. Programming brace for the holiday yet you'd stop. So why don't we do this. We do that we would split up lost and two seat in two breaks them for their next use seasons and that is what it started was ten years ago that's what started. Singed and then they may have to just a good way to you. Make sure the messaging is correct in saying like just this is a mid season finale yet there will not begin new episodes driver rating its kids' credit market. I and it's interesting though because now we no longer live in the world that. For the next let's say eight weeks two months let's say for next two months now and it's reruns and he's shield on Tuesday night's. I know Asia as a shield will not be all right yeah the next few minds yeah and I wanna watch EBC now right I'm gonna go watch dancing I mean I. Aren't as bad guys are the bachelor I'm self reliant and on the go out there used a lossless has on apps. Right so it's like it's not like I'm gonna flip through their high now I can pull it up and says no new episode so I close it immediately hits it's a fan driven economy yes that means he's thank you yeah so. And then straight to shield we're going on into UNESCO gather downs go to flatly for the CW show will go flat there was knows assuming Melissa wrapped up last week I think so because there was none who have said this week. So the flash my thought it was good not great. Okay. In me that may be because and I'll explain this I thought the youth and alleys for errors and legends. Really stuck with me so they just seemed better. But. In flash I did like that they finally drop the whole. Don't let Wally do it and it is game sit so I'm like great I didn't like that plot line it didn't lose a lot of table associate and that it's. I get it that they want they want to seem like it's its own and become a new hero this is a big deal so we're not just gonna give it to him. But that's within a black canary and while I get it and I you'd like to defers it he just takes too long and I'm like at the bare shelves on clay in that main. They introduced am Charlotte Bell's character. I am the daughter from the other. Just quick and he suggests he got ours yet and then it was it was a couple gambler alike. When I'm gonna be Wally right away they're gonna tease that but that's ultimately that is. What they did eighties debt and any week he tees it for like four more weeks it's got an interpreter for a respirator and show that that's that's a long time. July 8 tied he is that a lot of inner beast right now with the way he approaches things as he never looks like all wanna save that. It's always liked it it works I wanna do it let Alan do at all 'cause it hit. They can cancel me every episode. And then that's true you can't. This one of these shows we're talking are not going anywhere but down. Woody woody and what it was the big it was a big big reveal on this one my. Art now to savage aren't we knowing what's his name Ron Harry Potter. He would he hoosiers now Floyd now for making up. He learned like I EO of Baxter there and learned well IA I now because of the good and it's been marble blackouts and there in contact I think there is not yet now he's doing yet. I did see some a little bit and guys gazing between him and Kate snell got so he'll be debts and we know that you. Oh and I think we Mata got some cool more closure of the night and integrating it more from Cisco. That things have gone on for awhile there was a lot of there was a lot of there's a lot of their first party and as a lot of falling out from invasion and a lot of light. Okay so we're cool again yeah variance is now there's a lot of light and can't believe flashpoint heads Asian effect on stuff there was a lot of like just. Hitting the bases you know I mean men you can believe millions of it okay we get it invasion of last week you know. I think it's a really cool that it. And it's not always the funniest part but we're now how little we owed nine it says select that and 88. With some nice. Many errors nine and now they'll change all of them finish honey this week I believe I'm not gonna argue with a gadget. When when they announced last what was going to be one episode there's a lot of people who were like that's a big deal that can't just be one episode. And there are a while and clearly it's not I mean that was and one called flash point we're bowler eight episodes in and it is still focal point and it seems like that plus what is what. A labs avatar come out of I have more comments on this for aerosol save that a guy I will say. I'm I liked it I like the episode and I like in again I wanna say it is on aero and legend I don't wanna repeat myself but I. I like adultery but I was also a little bit disappointed in the finale is. I felt like they were all. I don't know first of all and it. And piracy is here a certain. Age guys figure out to do with her dad. Because I'm really sick and tired did you notice till they they did a complete 180. Last episode you had Aaron while his dad get all excited like month. Looks like champ you know that does it here we go tiger let go get a and it was iris who is like. Can't let him do this yeah they absolutely flipped it this week at a nowhere and I always shows like stop train my kid. If you like these actors are being really abused Nina is light. Bit this that's a writer who can't decide where we got this you've heard Joseph and iris is always eat like really she'd be reactionary him and I did like how are humans can react and meadows and like. Craziness and things popping up like you you see travel I get like Ian Tyson jumping out there I get like to eagle gets frazzled because he's the military show from the real world it's funny. Yet he's light while that just happened yet and they're nice they're light. Many others a lot of confidence in my that are littered my my brother yet my brother and I nearly. It is adamant about it involved male because like I just feel again and again no offense iris I'm not trying to be sex is really. Really tried to really be careful about is that the stuff but like. Do you have dressed her in the tightest clothing you can vine like oh god yeah. Trying to dodge Jeep she looks she looks alone may ease the. Us. I'm not be sacks Katie when you come if you could bring iris Weston of the RA is just. I might have for my it was like represented her her las layups and I Cameron and the gala plays iris last machines a really nice gap Candace. Candace Patton. Anyway I really nice gal that I know on the night I've heard right I am late. Letter and let you know you know I think the English to be or were big that's and so I think they really reinsert her as a reporter yet which is only ever in star labs. And it's pretty clear lakes you do anything to right now computers is no sign. And the team is berries down compliment him on him and look and commented I look fantastic lawyer. Now that she deserves more on that wall you should be hero behave bunny your my brother here's a beer and. It's like you're you more in Manhattan and I get late. If their dual PO RB of the crime fighting duo that they are in flat earth in flashpoint right but again hasn't storytelling policy you have to earn that stuff. What are witnesses and other dimensions are of course really accepted it's happened it's. Happening Gavin when it's in your world you have that they have to build that are least. Reach writers feel they have I think you could do a cool thing between. You know Barry were to copping computer people that's for gets information that story goes it is a bit of a falling out Irish is a reporter she knows things to. They could be something that. I mean I guess my problem is series that in the flash comics like iris is a character that we touch base with. And she's part of his family she's part of what makes him who he uses. But like ultimately. Win buried or Wally you're. Whoever in the comic books is facing down an enemy iris isn't part of the should not in unless it's in one of those situations like. And when Barry goes to the speed forced iris is is anchor. United means though and that's how he can travel through and in the comics you guys in the title of the show and the comics that's how he travels through time is his connection iris. And when that connection is strongest is when he usually pops out of the timeline and a new light on. You know it means so. Now from weird Larry they wanted to anyway. I liked it I am I like where the show you not like Michelle thanks Kyle is a little disappointed I think it ended a little bit dumber downer that they won I. It did I mean what you they ended on. I was being killed and he he has to go home be like. I think I decide the future of you dying. But I will say that it wouldn't touch on. Singh John Wesley Shipp. And Mark Hamill together and it's so cool early that's now the the holidays special tradition they're gonna bring in he has the trickster has been on all three of the winter break episodes. Mean apparently it's somebody said I was I was reading area and somebody said that sounds like I'm gonna check that one I don't is one of them I don't recall it. That's right he has been on again yes. It is strip that is correct Intel to have John Wesley should never sent that was only because that was called it if you don't know Jon Lester Shipp played the flash on the CBS and and I am trying to be. Yeah and and and Mark Martin hale and its eccentrics are so it's fun to have that. Banco Annie talked about this resume tricks are on earth three yeah or three. This is his trickster Joker yes this is Hamels verge then. You for the make it was a little different guys in order of their friends. It was so and it wasn't it looked like as the Joker this was someone right in between yeah as these are these are Hamels characters now. In his mind at least I did like I did like John Wesley Shipp as the the the the other flash he was really great as and asking Eric. I'd like to digger flash as the yeah it's been an end and this. There was a little bit of time there's a little bit of friction between being married to because in his world he is the flash yet that's I was quickly like when they're getting a new job August satire he quickly not all gets avatar yet you go to get it. Illegal wasn't friction like they were like the butting heads but it was like hey man on the flashed him a unity but those I I I thought they have a great chemistry. They and so. Yeah om and anything else that popped out of this episode. There's a theory online that imperious avatar so buried just watched. Himself kill virus in the heat kills iris to meet Barry. Usually heals I don't know like even evil version of buried in the future nestled somewhere wow well India. If he can pull Nissan haven't got that that twists and gas that's a proceed W so where do you let me ask this question for the flash because none of the three episodes showed previews. For the next part of the C note note trailer for the yet have the season they went out and nine what do you think happens with a flash would come back. Let's let's you know 11 o'clock let's do this after they've gone all three I I had answer the come intertwined with each other so that's our Errol what you'd would you think an arrow I'll Errol I got first episode. Yeah well. While we've come a long way fan (%expletive) tax that's obviously coming off 100 and coming off the 100 they got a lot of momentum because I thought he was the strongest character. Oliver he really shine like he used to for me. Well is it a strong but he was really strong but ballot. This is. It almost reminds me you know pin. It's really hard to explain because the movie wasn't the best one but here or how Batman returns tie the Dark Knight returns. Do a lot of call backs to Batman begins almost kind of skipped. Dark Knight yeah the whole onion routes a cool how these things it really didn't touch at all a Joker now. Not that that will not that we did that was good coach Joker is the best part of those one of the best parts desist or not acknowledge him wasn't a good defensively but for this. The parallels to season one and he's into you and it's. It's so evident you're dealing with repercussions of they images kind of moved on from it in the first season he'd killed a lot of people now. So now that the villain we're dealing when it is a repercussion of his. Actions that is so cool and the the way to meet the US citizens the way premiere the district timid to killing someone and rather than fight him we're dealing with a villain that is just. As of writing like it's such a better character than Damien dark was who just has magic and he wants to blow up the city. But this is. I think everyone here is great because it was tied into. Like we learn a look at times Russia yeah but we learned it about more apartment up from me is and that he was tied into you. Where this guy once that was killed yet somehow maybe just some lady's honor Yad aides talk about he's he would be thirty now. Because he's trying to. He's had for years to train who has called verdant. Or at it to be as there's Oliver so that they and it sounds like he trained. Through brought them right in so they're like hi so in season one and I did this mean and now here we are in season four seeds if I've ever and I haven't I got to deal that. That was really adjusting for me allows light. I'm summary I'm not I am not stop with the shell becoming dollars and please. And here I am and I watched last week Adam won the week before and this economic my great annual egg all the best use of flash back yeah I don't like the distorted flash now and I. And up inches of the first season flash the flash backs had a irrelevant and I does that door I say I never got to Slade Wilson in the flashback OK obviously didn't get to the good part. Right right but at least those. The had pair lows that made you care about each other learning something about the flashback actually could teach you something about. Knew the current time ashore so has purpose the last two seasons. One has been a story. A virus that got released and Asia ahead. Absolutely. Nothing to do except it had. Tonne in it rank but certainly the nothing to do with it. And the next one and no cut what do what he went back the island. And there's like military people looking for secret stone and had zero to deal with what was really going on. Other than one small thing. To this one is great it makes you care about one of the other. I always thought it would this season it was going to be too unbelievable. That Oliver is below the main air rule and has time to began Errol and in a way it's still isn't. But at least. I can flow all right with. You know solid Ellen all right I would say that's beyond the realm of reality except. Our president elect. Is going to be hosting its it to a direct he's doing his own companies that are owned and producing anti losing again you show. So he be president of the one out of clean American fun out on oracle and a win there jobs nothing that the country and wish him at a city take it. 'til you make my friends. I got really sad but I. I don't go to that are out well I'm like you know what it was granted Israel was kind of sad and was they lost it was a kind of a beat Dahlia finish. Mr. terrific he gets divorced from his husband. When a divorce they are hard to miss finally room. The real Terrell and I'd get anybody to hit it really pointless scene now. Yes but he's using that bold artisan for me is as you mentioned as being a complex villain. Per immediacy is out for revenge on someone they see as me to name and so. We're seeing this from hollers when you obviously yes he's our hero but he's not. It now you said the nickel also reflective of the first season that he was killing alliances all this and you know. That crummy he has sat up all those bodies kill all those who look just say why is it an athlete. More and I was like watch an episode going. Mike. This really impassable and aren't making character goes he can as enemies and killed Phyllis these boyfriends and and I I was reading a review by that like I've not introduced the character this my international drama and it runs like. He's right commendable wanna what a (%expletive) waste is what people really should happen at ease a waste of a character and this is what you use them. Why you go to the building better. You are his. Is what they're I you may even someone we care about instead you're relying on the screen unlike those green Bali killed him. The only area I'm OK with that is lately they have killed a lot of characters. Or eight not killed like ruin their lives to our like if you did not say you could Agassi could replace that with the captain Lance show you don't want. Every season were always so sure they're gonna kill capped Atlanta they actually illness you know he's lied to show public aboard somewhere that he was crossed off that he was dead. No he did it across and does not dance well he quit immediately had a crossed off maybe he got it made it written. Debris from me is just wanted to make here is back on the booze makes. And he did it. And overnight it was across stopping at the scenes as if he's a fantastic actor there's no way Easton Ellis and that's and that's not fair. It's not that's not there highlight the guy I just think he does either of scenes. With Imus who examined everything you. Well he you're sick you're some of ash that this whole thing I've got Jesus son of a vet. They did into the had to play always so I'm sorry he was always so. I'm homesick on Tuesday indeed our lives drama is on you know I mean like today if this arrow was on a fair middle he has two daughters. And he's lost like five. All because there Kayla just keeps dining gun that we will say some bills schematic of the union yes and now I won't comment on that. Living in attaches to legend tomorrow wells let's get to that will say that yes. Time. I think her all. I don't know I don't know I mean like I don't this there was no trailer for the next part of the season and I'd also like. Again there on excited I want hero because I want to see how it like. How ties and other ties into the flat rolled in a public if I'm out on an amount Yakima Washington bank. I'm I'm here it's in my OK so. You know artisans a traitor but I don't think she's a traitor traitor I think she is also. Many she sees Ollie has. Complicated but like I know she wants to see all torn down. It's was in debt she was good about that that he's like no I don't wanna I'm not gonna Gilman G little disappointed yeah I don't know I mean I. The artist is a traitor being I mean night. It almost feels teen titans asking I think they're going to be honest I've been watching T die in and now I'm now like. When McIntyre which in turn against her enemy it's it's it's good it's the terror from all teen titans yes Tara was a trade issues were conferred. Dexter that's right and that's that what does it did Judas contractor and I think it's very I that's right that's like the best story line today. And I don't know what the parallel is for classical literature of that the spy you know but I mean like. But that's it's it's a trophy and so when you when you see any DC proper daylight when there's any Justice League and all the sudden like that character Sarah considered an issue like oh (%expletive) when elite guy Gary Galley and sometimes it's age seem to seal late. We look like Arab unite all you guys are drawing from different things so how are you how is this story getting involved is this can be. Like thirteen type story Lincoln feels like Malik has borne the teen titans. He's got yet mr. richer I think he's guide am. Now she wild hog wild I think you'd I think he's actually a really great job you know ITF verse he was like annoying annoying character and he's really grown to use managed. Yeah likes to he's gotten kids can easy and the. To quell another person from them a character. I got no place else to go. All bad idea I get from. While doubt a bank. I think you don't have much time they did TC might have a child our love lost a child it was interesting to me a lot of snippy comments he made his son is that he but he was the. He was the voice and data we deal was in the early is on the boys and the audience is also Lois a mimic. Yeah like it was a lot of the stuff of light not a flash points crazy Han. Yeah he's that Barry he just changed giggles like yeah I bet. Just that was films they'll talk about our factly of light like a bike to work net I was like in a roomful of people I was like. Can you believe Christian Torre's arts smell that he's. Really I was in the relief already its just like would cents. Lay out where many of my. Now can you believe Barry just change the timeline and we fought aliens and I'll play some don't know me. Are you that you need the guy to say it just like I would say it's one of my friend yeah yeah where they would say to me so it. I love him I'll do that I might I also sometimes like I do I mentioned about the invasions are in and I sometimes grown. Under the weight of storytelling when I see the gears the big daddy just I know these are CW shows I know we email come a long way but they're not name the promised land yet I know we you know me when I'm enjoying things I also can be like I'll see you telling me this Hariri now not. It's a very rare show that can completely not do that I was wrong by quest for yeah. Any airline that was not really mystery we wanna use all that stuff yet we used to play thing about boost saying on track guy. I've got to really get I I like the episode in and out of downer though Ellen on inaugural they're going and I obviously the teams getting back together whenever do you pick those up diddle the rested down he's out. For a bit and I just missed that the end key here is phone call which is his wife saying get back JJ sake I. Cities captured captured whatever yet from atheist says no. Well that looks like he turned I it he was a trap but no doubt no doubt it was a trap but I think he's back in jail. I don't think it is really have an army. Or not. Mean because this was a whole room looks a lot like a swat team when an actual media set him up that's well no no doubt that's who arranged it okay the totem like you know everyone around you lasts about he ruined. The mystery of English reverend and the florists. Felicity does it look like friends you care about these Fiat no visual note to be fair nobody care about and see exactly. Two Eagles back in jail we don't have the sun life either now. We think could be and you know and applicable important. In applicable. Implicated implicated in that. Thank you. There's great content right there and I platonic a joke and now like that shall shall arm Salome behind mine. But his debt as Greg. Are there under it. If using ninety into the episode add in some real measure this apropos of nothing out of nowhere. Laurel shows yes hey Ali. ECO Laura from another dimension is she actual Laura points. I have no idea now where you watch you were like polish. You want yeah why I am not until. Some in the middle but that Goodyear is this show has brought them actually you from the dead. That in one case in part of my mother Barbara brain is saying. You're starting to abuse this now and is now no death ever mean anything. Yeah having said that and a to me is saying what you're gonna bring someone back that's who you bring back I think I think it's obvious she was going to. Be back as they. Cantor maybe not the character that died yet she would be back in 10. And I didn't realize something that laughter. Your policy you just came from his reported girlfriend house who mysteriously had like that bottles toll or of the would ever. Russian vodka from out right so a lot of people now are saying oh she might be comedians. Now if she were reportedly drank that drink. That drink could have something in it that would make one hallucinate and see that if okay now. Inning arrow it's going into alleged that tomorrow yes. Let's get poorer always in the end alleges that tomorrow and or adding to the end let's get. To Rory starry night and tomorrow yes I would Aaron dollars and more intriguing ones I'm Heidi interesting enough is that it's he appears to be. As seeing a vision of captain called yes. What if he's not actually seeing a vision of capping called eyes and then he's the captain called who's going to be introduced. As part of the region idea knowing that he'll be come apart legion of doom yet I think that's the case and I think. Not a figment of his imagination it's somebody else was saying out there what if this is what it these are not unrelated. One half. The end of aero. Ease the lead you to do doing something already to all. Like they brought a laurel or. However they were having captain cold talking a mic on the show within you that is gravel from the past. Or another alternate or all of the universe Larry that he can grab one for the past. Ortega he's he's a future. Go to a different future. Gee I mean. And then it possibility in this world. And kudos to them real way sort of lie so I embraced multi verse and doing it well we'll somebody made that connection of like what if with the legion of doom what if they were actively sending catching cold. To top to make me needs in his head but actively doing. And at the same time they're doing that Hollywood laurel so there was somebody asked that question now that interest you oughta bring that up because what if what if they do you connect later. But what it did back up the season is. Not invasion its legion of doom and all the shows can act again Maine may always do you know we what we I don't know when it will be able gonna get at the slowed. From the point of view of the legion damn what yet. Hannah lately that on the island bonds they will be communal violence on my head on the senate. I think every hour of legends and the bid to further fallout this is so interesting right so. Professor sign goes back in time to the eighties and tells his young self the stop being a ponds. And treat his wife with some big news back goes home and has sex whether it's a now he's created an aberration. We just dealt with flash point. And you just wait to Barry and we home about flash point. And dimples daughter changed or you know had a son now is dollar or whatever that is rehearse rehearse anyway we know things like Siskel brother is dead right all that. So why is it that and what do we thought about legends Arnold Klein why is it that his daughter can't just be an aberration a flashpoint. Why argument could be that he got inside. I murdered my daughter because she's not supposed to exist because I went back in time I told myself. He should have more sec. With your wife you know it before. I answer that I usually don't like guys your answer is flexible. Please take a moment you know who appreciate. The recap you keep getting from jacks on what Stein did in the first episode like let me get this straight Stein you had that talk and you took it a pound down. Authorities gave up personal SC and then there's ever that he did it again is like. Because you went no rubber and now this is happening and I like slight lead you're on Jack's I was I re watched was it two days ago I realized and tomorrow with Tom Cruise to CNN he's in the. In the group yes I want. He's one of the teach him and he's the one Mickey gloating about how many he's killed him. Maddening finally like you know battle and now I'm in this ballot apparently. At a. Yeah yeah. Going. I did you do an old time winning connections I'm like I every that you're in this movie he's just never connected for me. But it's awesome to see that he wide experience I know I can tell us Ian he says that. That should a lot of people are going. I don't. I get your point. That it's like why do we have to it's almost a redundant story to do that when it's like could just in class when he hit it dealing with flashpoint but I I get that there's more emotion. Any advice you have a daughter in Italian oh sorry you did it. Yes it's not bury who did it you know you are responsible and this is I agree on is making a double that keeping them like it's so yes I can't point there there's redundancy and what are. Flash point in the reason she isn't an and it's not because of what you did your Alley you know. Because it. Is that they are missing some of the repercussions in time owls like you can't know that your. I mean like obviously she was conceive that night Lleyton Hewitt new encourage yourself quickly we could have encouraged geely. Because any time is what I didn't believe I did it I now I now. IA I'm glad that is taking care of my day captain Lance Katie lots at the end aside and I were now what you go with me oh yeah only. Laid the law she exists he mentioning and why she exists she exists. Left. He has now memories are now inject yes he's is the time is cementing itself yes in the point like it's dry additionally why is that a big deal I it. And I just feel like I know they were telling a story and I just feel like maybe this is the story out on the hearing made. I I haven't minded but I I'd I'd get what you're saying a guy. I do like. The partnership with the accident in Rory I think it's fantastic yes I think their friends some people early or mentally and I think. I don't know is not you don't think there's going to be a romantic I think their I think I think he is not even subtle at all no I don't either I don't the other romantic on Roger Rory likes the poor weather because he's like the big tiger I think she. I think that that's her thing to have light but she's got a she's like hey like I got in yeah I can hang with the you don't say and I think that's her thing a light. I'll let you know I can always hang with. You look at that guy. Idling in Iran's I don't agree description I. I think I guess I think again the next episode I think we start seeing the pairings split up again I think we don't see the romance pairing out we see adamant and. You know we don't insisting that the bro man spanning. It is still goes back to. They cannot figure out what they wanna do with ray Palmer they knew what kind of started every parent or what kind of care they wanna do and unfortunately was citizens steel. It's kind of or the home captain stillness commanders who managed up. They almost have given things citizens feel all right give us steel pins that called steel sling it is commander was rolled anyways. He'll. They almost gave them the same character as ray Palmer this kind of confused Gorky happy to be their guy. That's really the only depth there is to these characters to the backs religion affect how they act right weight should write. So pairing them. You got tries summons they agony shot but to Rory and Dixon yeah I disagree I think. Not just on the love that he will I don't that is put that out. I'd I think that will be the main pull. When it. Smart does eventually show on south and I'm sure will be a Rory 81 chance come over and join us what will pull them back it would not be loyal to the team it will be loyalty of Nixon. I think he below fifteen years I think it happens right because this is how this so they tell stories especially a team dynamic they've got to keep shifting all the personalities I get that so I think ultimately I think I think Adam. I think captain Adam might end up with maybe. I don't maybe we we don't really see him team up we jacks that can be a fun team up you know. Who's to thing rejects the Stein has the count. He doesn't doesn't I was thinking about that housing goes two ways a gimmick not least known property it's not sooner than not fire Cano. Ano another reason for the day don't get that because firestorm is very expensive. Yes and he's also yet he's Superman I'm guessing Victor Garber makes harmony staff. Tonight you'll more expensive he'd probably have to lay down all those scenes with him because he got him like two days out of the week you've missed. Just at he's fantastic he's a great actor he got really there's times where I either statesman and I'm amazed that lake he's on this show. Like you've been happy about movies overtime like he could you know as the ships a car you hit that big roles that you think he could've died content and I was. Out in my backyard having a smoke and yeah and I was thinking about scenario because they just re watched in about a week you know and I I was thinking it's so weird sick Ariel with. Emily Blunt and then I watch is Marlins and went on. Anyway. No I was thinking about my key on like well known fi into fact how well he's a fantastic. Stage that they're doing a lot of Modano is now his name he's played you see his face and you know I seen him in tons of men but does a great thing about the CW shows as well as like a top to bottom they're filled with speed accuracy yeah great we're gonna get that musical episode. That's. You puts those two that are in India I think Kevin Smith is directing it I think. He did one episode RNC. I didn't. And applicant doesn't happen that Dan Meyer. All I thought of sodas really dead. We talk on the villains which are a big part of it yes and there any you know I think there if this is the first episode. You kind of knew this was happening but if put it felt full fledged. Out this is the last time it was great seeing it. I speeds there as a villain and you know we don't have very now yelling all of them no answer for what we welcome what we didn't have was the cutaway of them now speeding together you and then having those long shots of the recent gallop around buildings literally like a speeds are run amok with. Norms so yeah I'm trying to comprehend aide knew it was great light. Dem like home and she disagrees circus yeah knowledgeable. Yeah but they don't I would dearly that the lid on the can't help was late. He sent every one of their next literally looking. I think if if five sim could slapped hands they could've kept up a bit. But that's the only one I really think well I may tolerate employ a seed higher speedster could to contain them down I mean. In that environment you can see it's Iraq to get you have a are we gonna fly around the act. Atlanta you know he also can offer if Firestone doesn't throw fireballs like ours has the billion trains you matter yet he literally can meet. Wanna get an assault yeah I just doesn't that's not a thing they. Tell you he can do you need to throw spot her poems he's nuclear and absorbs a big bomb everybody radiation exactly I have emit light firestorm. Yeah this is the common theme in writing especially superhero comics you'll. There's a lot of times. Word of the heroes powered just Condon depends on what they need to be done. Yes and goods and really easy to write that yes Iran grew so many powers overtime that we just want him to do this a lot of people I got. Alex Erica rape bomber. It today he he that you'd in this episode to be commands against yeah. Our vision and his hammy and became timing and yet not done it in a long time what you never see you also need to know that even when he does. Usually he's more of an Iron Man character Jacqui is kind of where the army can't rely on on Lindsay you've done forget like. That's what's been his main thing yeah you're supposed to shrink yet and they don't. I think also might be expensive also might be expensive is growing conceded that want that he never did it again but it was super cool let's. Cool and I did have to see that's something like this thing too they got to realize is light. When you look back and watch the season Monday you have to remember they need to get these characters to certain. Story beats to tell you a story that's why they have to take away racing. Yet and in the Caspian story about how he gets it back. Obviously you know he's this this down America. You know like commander Steele doesn't have powers of being seasons he has to explain the meaning mirrored. Mirror there. But at the end of this season norm BLS not this season finale but there's going to be a part of the season. When it's all gonna come together and I'm gonna go is just so I guess that's. But I think they're not there yet and there there it's been season finale. So the story is yet to be told but it was our. I like where we are going. But 01 though very final let's talk about. Written on there isn't a version of the future were he is a movie director no he's in the sixties in the sixty and he is a movie director I directing TV show about time travel about him him then essentially yeah. And there's a do you think they are you got a guy who think he'd play a part right but it was kind of like it's been a minute since I've seen you. Susan I was like it is he actors and directors but the record he also has an American accent. Yes there was a conversation there's a there's there is outlining did he not know. And he's heard hunter or is he hiding and he's during the summer this so it's Superman is dominant. Lean the latter on the attack. And I Billy was a British that. Or are projecting me because I think you have a house that you love you to now I think I I hear you it was so is that he fundamentally he's I think he's from doctor. Yeah so if he's or a directing an episode about a scifi series I. Is this super saver that I. I like I was the show is called doctor something that would pass great to be called just the dollar item doctor time after gawker stalker Y. Doctor lack. Seattle out assault on CW and owns. Yeah overall guns I think. There are really get past right now especially now they had of more to handle villain then I think Dan said his savage ever was. Of his most of the motivations for these. You really don't know what they are like a little more intrigue is not just I want to dominate the world they do they want to find the spirit that's O controlled high yes and spear of destiny is a big. Because a big role in Constantin yeah I know a lot of the politics you'll read about these shows says that's not likely to happen. But what's unavailable. Often does end up becoming available to these shows so I think as well and they also have the line OS yeah he's us in suspense they have deal. The bastards except the fact that sometimes a reporter last question. That they have to lie Americans are TO and stop being babies about button. So I'd liked to a decline on the front for awhile. Yeah so lightly so we'll talk about these that's why I wanted to take a break in India as well be as are showed her dad's in his. But you know we knew when I planned to come back. Solid in the new year we love the show us stuff and again I love big news not bad it.