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Friday, December 9th


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Now so we're do you wanna start we got a lot of let's get into west of throat first we'll go chronological okay yeah yeah. So let's roll oh your thoughts all of I feel like allfirst mall I was promoting this all week. Because we had we knew we needed pockets in the week here. I am but we I think we hit a lot of the theories I think we can't know a lot of what was gonna happen battle on not just a light. Bryce and I knew we didn't weird it's like you're ready else but now it couple there is that would definitely not right what I read an article like on Monday of light if you feel light. The mysteries were too easy to solve guess what the writers probably want did you lose all the maybe wasn't. That big a mission you know it you're supposed to be on this journey and if you're gonna tell me you saw the very ending coming round call (%expletive) on that. Nobody saw that coming right. There is a lot of great stuff I mean OK so confirmation. Bernard is Arnold or you know I mean like Bernard is patterned after Arnold you. Confirmation yes. Dolores is Wyatt and that was at a time and Jenny will do whatever she says well. Even remember. Arnold unlocked term that she was able to command tent yet so Arnold gave her that power. And she an in in. In a way programmed her to go on that assault team ultimately kill him. To which ultimately set her free that was his goal but he also want to create. An incident that would meet the park not open it didn't work but both white Ford knew lies. That human beings and of course corporate media is inevitable in the park will open no matter what happened yet. And that I guess Ford played his long game you know that. That was the cool that I thought that's brilliant writing and mean. You Google on the whole thing you think of the difference with Arnold and for sure Arnold believes that these are people going conscience. Board is like the greedy now I'm finally gonna write I'm a god damn machine. And you see now they they both. They both knew this app one biggest different ways of going about it and I think that Ford was more savvy that. Like Arnold's more naive about how things that he perceived in fort was like knowledge commend. This is gonna happen and it and it's funny that light. Ford had to play a 35 year gain. And not only that nudging the host now because in the pen ultimate. Episode. You know forward reveals some Bernard this isn't the first time. You've remembered this isn't the first time and so it was very sad going into the finale going into the finale did you like. All my god this if there's a revolt if there's an awakening it's not the first one. And that they have been shut down before and that how sad is this the futility of it. That there'll always be slaves but Ford played the long game of light. Now I will cause. It im sitting in front of I won't cause an incident that will kill you level. Incident that everybody will have to know about him and I'll ultimately my dad and all I wonder where season two doesn't this obviously. Shogun world Samar world whatever that was the tease was lighten. When you left the room. Because Al we're watching this here there you see catalog and getting my cousin that went down right what you're taking I'll see you were here in in the room I was like yeah that's. I couldn't help myself I was like. Let you guys you guys go sit around the world yet. I get keep getting overlooked with moto we saw samurai or that and we also saw a note written that says park one. When saying where May's daughter right so we know there's multiple parks. The other idea how many other confirmation of course Williams is the man in black men and we ask covered Allen and went silent count there are saying is like. That's okay well there picnic comparing it showed a lost in like the mysteries. That's already. And JJ Abrams right JJ Abrams but at the same time. Late this show is very like I feel like they're like this wasn't going to be a big mystery this changed this was just the order the story need to be told. So like the big reveal that William is the man in black like yeah they could reveal that the second episode they didn't have. Have CO and that's what it's fine fine gap isn't hundreds OK I want to see this season this was a another master class the story telling now this is a great story given a solid day solid gap yes it made and I mean it's. Very few shows in my life kidney class this gets neck. There's a lot of things like a lot of Latin brought up what happened what really happened LC could reduce confirm Menard shelter. But did he Kilmer. He I would I would be very surprised that BI looking do we want we want to assume that there's never been like gay got free found LC's body. Now that there's also things that were confirmed but it seemed like this is obviously what happened so in all of things Maeve has been doing yeah. We found out wind brown looked at her you know her little. The bio or whatever analogue yet says like no you you still aren't making any of these choices like you your program someone wrote for you to do escape. Put a crew to gather. But believe that goes on to leave the park reached the mainland yeah. There makes me think we're on the island does appear the way they said mainland yeah that was it well there's. There was at their buddy season that they're in space. Or that are there are islanders two things that it I would think on the island now. Yes when the original movie their way in the desert. And they have to hover craft to get there because there's no roads to this place gets help isolated yourself. Not the first time they've done that on some of the other stuff that well backed that there are at though made it seems like Ford wrote that. Yeah I think for alternately wanted me to escape. To have a host get out of the park and no I there was another theory that maybe somebody else was controlling wave as the that corporate sabotage yet because there is that byline of corporate sabotage where. They were trying to stop Hilton they are trying to subvert board and get bad information out of the park themselves so. There is like there's a thought that maybe made was being controlled by a whoever was trying to get better operation and the park and get on the board. It out of notes that could be that could be it's really light it's really late. It was great I really thought the Delores and williams' story India nine great note like she finally controls and like fight and obviously she's fought back before. By an ending you go back to the first episode when he's taking you're off to rape her own and he's killing Teddy yet and he's like university and I want you to fight. Yet he's been challenging fortunately in the lower you asked what he wanted. That's led us. I'll have a smile on his face of the got shot yeah now do you think I don't think he's dead he's only because. It just like this if you're gonna kill someone you think it really clear yet and that's why this LT thing iPad sitting and then also is it tubs are snobs the head of security. Until we have a soda and then Hemsworth brother he got taken over the other hand Werth is at the hands right hands we'll. It's helium Chris and whoever his neck speed let there be keeps it up he can surpass crystal will say they're going to be all are known and now. Knowledge you want Andrew is you go off relief Chris own Florence yeah yeah second. But that well as I I got hit Carmen mine should ansari and hundreds rallied on the frame. It was just. It wasn't leg not explain what happened to him either no that's dangling but what was so cool this episode it was. It was let your let political really satisfying. Cliff hanger and I know this is just me but I obviously. That whole. Couple hundred of wild. Host are coming up these people you don't know what's gonna happening in the small world but this wasn't one of those cliff hangers were I was like. I can't believe I have to wait. Outlets like I watched a good movie and we'll get the next movie when they're ready. Now am Tony team to Atlanta for a while from now it's really not. It's nine Tony seventeen yep them units a year and a half usually you one year is the standard you're gonna you mean ten episodes of that. No argument your hat on and I'm not saying they should give it to me sinner but I'm Zain it is a little bit longer Doctor Who. We dug into every once a year that's great and that's very and they are saying brought to our news you know Sherlock. Obviously Charlotte we get every couple years now via his and say I use of more of that we get it when we get a you tighten things seven installation big yeah. Don't give me a story because this is your time and give it to me because it's good illustrator guy. Agree but I can go to clutter around the world that yes don't force me movies. Yes. And that's I mean you explain a lot of unwittingly CIA had its limits and quick conversation about that about a minute on the clock for the Islam you know right now it's because the Spiderman trailer yet. And so that we are labeled wheat coming marvel movies coming out next year and then. We went on the rabbit hole on the Internet libel when and where are the movies coming out there it's like. Three next year three year after then too. And then three unnamed Jews like unnamed generals that we of the Doctor Strange sequel and you say oh you're right and another viewer and does a lot could change. I just we we as I've conversation because of the matter entry like we are right now. The about it it was like what you like three movies a year for the next couple. That's crazy yet that's just them. Let's let's let's go through we got a bunch of mid season finale race. We don't with west world what do you wanna see let's let's before Jonas is it because I apologize. What do you wanna see you next season the last world. So they teased children of the world is and it got to Kennedys I love to see with going on Sandra whirlpool and I was. And I stupid mentioned and then. The original movie which became a TV show in the seventies the future world. And they don't west's world they've done Roman weld a future world when he dash or did there's a TV show that follows the movie yeah. And they teased future world. Oh in the Lou it was a feature rolled out right and I've played Jana I site was like only guys like this your world this year now that oh you're you're on that you're there you know that's ballot be inching interview that led by the way do you see the Easter eggs that apparently the original park. The movie. Was confirmed in the building as they were like. Going on he's different levels and stuff like there is based basically one of the levels confirmed that he was Arnold. I'm sorry I mean I admit now confirmed as an arm while moderates want that to happen so in the movies there's these underground levels yet looked just like the ones they went to so there's that that was what it was but I think it's more of a Myers. Yeah I mean me. Sorry but. So what do you want what do you want so let's blow a role in the world you want medieval world. At this plane like I was so satisfy that ending just. My trust his senior circuit and then that's not a great answer but. Just keep it out I mean yes it would be cool to see samurai world. I've been don't take away from the story just to give me again I made a joke and Ahmadinejad got a Maynard is Samar oral and a leg. All of that explains that Tom Cruise movie where he is the white samurai. Does that it's a famous blighted not by the president yeah. I though I didn't hardly did things with samurai world is like howdy do that because the guns you can make the gun not work on real people. Swords knives out of the -- hour that they humans can't hurt each other right well and it's a loophole Lou but we just don't talk about you know applaud all PMI is also or you don't want okay. We're all over the place as Russell gaga be mentioned this with Jimmy and down Jimmy. With William. And Logan yet. He sure slogan down when it's finally when he's gone off the reservation he just yet slogan on this ride and how long does he wrote Logan with him. As like a pet. If you like had been weak which is why he does later. Since to folks and yeah she does well every display that you are all my Betsy and it Teddy you know low again. But he sure slogan them a sense of off the horse like you're online going. So wet they don't have security is god there. Let's go get them like I ultimately did he beat out low in on the board like you he says he had like I'm bio the board. He drops the picture of the wife. Which all merely abernathy fine Zia there's deep cuts like a really close all loop like it. Well in MME may be same terms I have I think you would the whole thing was. You can't really hurt Logan and there's a show now you're not gonna hurt them but that makes them think like. If you own part of that company. You where it's gonna get out like yet your son was riding naked in like the middle of nowhere. That could Alley that can be console like you know. And coming down a lot worse Shia and they've got but hey B it's it's something that's not Willa good angle on an honor asked to take our front. Figure out like how did William really. Isn't the real world easier in the west role he can't kill each other but in the real world. That light Logan was still light. His family was part of the borders and boycotted William ultimately buy him out or grab without Barings sister. That he didn't marry this is really aided in the and it should die. And yet they say she did and but she's dead and that's when he decided to go full blown evil yeah because he wanted to push the posts to sixteenths there is tired of this. Ask for it's crazy to get his motivations were like evil but in the land randomly. A lower rate view to your. And Joseph is also it just wise. It definitely was not. Good intended now but it wasn't completely. Bad and yeah. And I leaking yeah reading it lets you don't let for you guys what he I would love to hear your opinions like what are you excited to see. On another season of last world like. What world are you excited to see like what story Lindsay settings he continue on this up on Twitter and FaceBook of course. Keeps on tapes a new policy on Twitter act keeps and keeps not based on its face a dot com. Slash keeps thinking is but give us a follow and give us feedback and I talked to us about last world and talk to us about the next four shows are about saga. Let's alleys.