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Friday, December 9th


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Of him on but it don't buy it you're finished shooting in the don't think you can knock her out that in any market. Does your weakness. Not want to look and action packed telling you really feel well I think. I'll tell you how about we let us this last week. But I hate its timing or not because they hate the holidays. But because I'm so it'll street comes to a crawl yet and you know me I'm like what are we doing necklace tomorrow what's happened happened and now I know and I and yet. Even though I feel like I'm always like what are we doing that's what I was like I'm not doing enough for us. So this I mean I really hate it I can't stand not doing things and I also. Like not to get like. Modeling and depressing but like also have financial problems last couple years lighten for like ten years you know meanwhile you sometimes it's clear sometimes it's awful right. And like it's so cool that we're doing. The spirit of the holidays promotion with the morning show these days. Blake I've been that person like I've needed help and I kind of family member be like here's a thousand dollars and so really it's the holidays have this mixed bag of light. I really great memory is and I have. Like really awful times that I've had really people and really to share their heart we need silly you you obviously you're like I don't look at the bad part of that it would be a part of it but it did happen then so it isn't merely just kinda I can't. I need to be preoccupied again he's busy Atlantis investment trying to say is that. Because of how I IE I need to be working. Well now that said. We got a lot of should talk about yes we do like our last main show of the year was and we had died the last and I thought we would just be recapping all the mid season finale is but we got bombed are all with trailers this media. I wonder sometimes about Lisa got a mummy trailer transformers Baywatch in the Spiderman. And we also I think it was oh a new planet planning a trip. Was there a new plan yet dropped today at the get in the title for earned the war movie so yet. They have the fear is seen as opposed to Islamabad that. I was trailer for. Fast age but turned out it was just day. Hey this is the franchise that yet we do all the schools a member we did this but also about family in my I don't care show me the trailer you know am I. Now the Burma and I know the answer about famine it's while watching the movies might you know what I instinct. With that movie I feel like. So Vin Diesel was tough guy right yes big tough guy out but then they added the rock Knapp who's like. The biggest book either he's done personnel have been these cells not so tough so these has changed and its like all right now you're gonna be the wise guy. You want to know don't know dot browns know you have a family more the godfather he's the I think that the wise guy. But the why the older the odd to you Eddie was bailing me none. Again like you guys know likely to be wise old man I should say. Hear me out here Brice bear Watson toolbar goes the bar attorney says like to order a marred. Arena. Margins as it was with the pond since the bear looks at his hands and he says aha now it's foreign system. Let's go to different this week on the basis that the folks everybody. To what went with just spurred that has been vehicles now the lying. Grandpa the grandpa. We didn't have friends you know he has ambling along and a you know. Yeah well lol recipes Bryan O'Connor. We have some big name out road and 10. And you walk them through that I'll yell so. We have secured a private screening for Star Wars rope line at the lot in lawfully. Am I think you'd like to go to that we are we're doing like a team outing for the radio station we met some goals and this was part of team outing type thing but because. We wanted to try to get a theater we were like let's try to get. Some of the core listeners like some of our friends and family come to see is reviewing those yet so it's not the premiere it's Sunday. The eighteenth two days after the movie is out he's on at 815 on Sunday night but if that sounds like some you wanna deal. Come see the movie that's hanging out and after the movie Bryce and I are gonna record your thoughts for keeps on gates were actually ME that episode. Is you guys so it's gonna be awesome view. We're gonna talk about though we think to yes but I mean I'm gonna get your feedback so it's gonna be something a little bit specials and com and we won't record. A pod cast next week. Because part of that whole team building thing is Bryce and I are also going to lucky you are one of the goal game next Friday night so we won't be recording and meeting room. We are not now unless there's a link huge news that or let any kind of guy. We're not going to look like we're getting into the holiday ads on I'm going to be an on we're gonna bolt and a I don't know mr. Beatrice and what it takes movies this 61 cent for an object takes movies you'd like to come join us for that. Text movies it is 617 point nine message generic example. And out get out again on after this one because we don't lot of content that is the relieve like. We've got a core listeners for this podcast and if you wanna come like Uga gets in your latest funny this'll probably gonna fill up you know shout out. Masters and I Steve it is someone who would like obviously wanna come to this is Nina and I write India also a fan of he's a big get away as well he was. I don't know if Jenna who listens to the podcast but he's a cannibal the Mars sat through Bob and just because I'm the radius he's reform mean. But he was messaging me about last world and like Savard casket talking about this now Langen say yeah that's you know let's roll we're talking about theories he went back and watch. The 1970. Two movies out of yeah he was light he takes a tweet out today's night. I'm looking for your oral sell anyway we have west wrote congress ESL a about let's world. We would have been let's begin to feel that I forgot how well yeah. Yeah 'cause you're going on well I don't. A long weekend short and things and yet thanks to Edith and everyone else who came in handy and man my friends Michelle in and Angela came in ambience looks can make it a bit less luck and then went squirreled and they didn't respond yet. How is Lewis looking the food. They did those delicious the ribs he had a lot of food on the bone and blames the ribs and then the is the wings but I don't want to tots is it teetered does loosen Niger cheese sauce in the renewable work on them. Out of counselors yes. I don't know hold Altera and got okay. Now this is great this is great radio as they forget which. Mets are gonna go first. Apple and some Koonunga yeah. We'll lead. Hey man hey. Happy birthday to the mighty Sime who does our theme song on her name is this lacks week so I had Bieber at the United Center. Good friend of a show a good friend of mine and lets us. I'm as the song list is using any of his music license threes so he's he's a sweetheart or man and a Basil has no. That is the hopes to have really question them Lisa and I'm concerned that he would also work leg before we jump in north topics wonder con tickets are on sale under currently seventy will be an Anaheim. Are you know you wanna go unlikely. Do you mean like you wanna go. Is the question want is what I'm asking. Idly by can make it happen that the goes on it right around Easter most likely sounds fun was you have a child to have a child thinks I can I'll commit to nothing I have a dog you've Childs especially in his leg you're talking a multiple multi day pain in every county yeah I had no lag and commit to that well. I'm trying to get at least press badge for myself I'm Amal obviously trying for years while so I'm. I just want people to know if you wanna try to go to wonder con comic con this is like. The people that went on to any of coming on either however that in the great things about it so vital much. Line like eight year EPS was it that you said the if you miss the that was something we lost content used to be like yes yeah yeah I'm and I think it's what it is is that. It's the spirit of what used to be with the lack of commercialism except for you if you go to the Anaheim convention senator. Hello you're outside Disneyland here the heart of commercialism right for your. Yourselves if you're right about that are giving you play regular about comic book jackets there's more about comic books there's more panels that are light. Like the flash is very heavily featured a wonder content that you your candidacy W shows that they make their big move they make their big light. This is the Little League season let's go. When the rest get his day at age eight he's obviously what the next five weeks six weeks looks like and that's what is I hope they do two that it did at comic on the here and went back to back to back to back to back because there's so many shows now being yeah I'm trying to remember I went to wonder con my first point 115 a year and a half ago and am I I feel like Jessica and I went and saw we saw the flash panel or maybe it was like. I think it was like and he was the CW paneling was narrow first panel yet. But it was flash folks when we saw a flash stuff yeah from season one now you showed up around them for yet I feel like and then like nerd has had a huge panel on mice so we stayed. But I do I know we left enamored teetering came back but his. What do Andre slot number like. He just popped in my head like like we got time I'll want a couple of sides in the room and the militants analysts say yeah you shared an article I doubt it I did McCain's. Once the tickets on sale you can try for a press Bastia and that means comic con is regularly easier as Coke on it takes only loops here your press he would be so early that's why and that's where rat that's why I was legacy continues on my radar because. I'm like wonder con hadn't updated for twice seventeen and that night there had comic con so. Once they update and I can apply for press past it was all point sixteen information to may not have data for new years I was like. C'mon ponson and I wonder got tickets are semi right and you do the press that we were hurt anyway that we take that.