Capes on Capes Ep. 12

Friday, April 22nd

This week we dedicate some time to discuss the late great Prince. The night Prince died, Bryce went out and got a Prince tattoo. We discuss Coachella performances, Dave Chappelle Show, Kevin Smith, the music industry, and more.  We also discuss news and get some feedback from Oz on why we should be watching Supergirl.

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Money. We knew things. And and we've talked about that. Yet that we need it I it's funny I thought is talking about it we just we just make one happen. It turns that indicates how things work in this world but unfortunately not yet paid rent. My all right it's been a long week it has yes it was a long day again. In. Like. Let's rally energy let's give it lets us. And you take silica and gruden copies that would be cool coffee. Hey guys I'm him be that rice and this is the case in case podcast episodes. Well I mean well who knows we imagery and it's twelve. That's episode twelve. It's not an April 1 he is a good. Robert de Larry it's Friday is Earth Day and yes you have a place you know where we are in time and space and you're talking about. We call it keeps on cage is generally a superhero themed Visio by. We talk about science fiction and we talk about geek culture we talk about comic books and TV show less than you and as you know where. We talked a lot around your neck and any financing he has. Actually we're in the brain well right now we're in this 1988 before we let us. You know formerly EZ their opponent and and an yeah it's been. Has been a crazy weeks has been lab podcast and sometimes I feel that we ought to be doing this more because there's so much going on and sometimes and decide I need a few days to light. Mean let's summit itself just not be news place it has not a story don't care yet and I think last week as they do and so we covered so much news last week it's just a little lot and a good looking or talk about that we're not gonna talk about today Miller throw he's out. As topics that if you guys are on Twitter I'm at him BC eagle Bryce is at rates rose and you can always hash tag keeps on K it's not gonna start looking for that. Let's you know things I wanna talk about. Cultural appropriation we touched on it very briefly last week. Where white actors playing as an hour blacker others got estranged. Arrange the big story not only don't strange but I am ghost in the shell with Scarlett Johansson dia huge feedback and feedback and a lot of a lot of anger and community in Hollywood and and in and around what ya that's not at some point. That there is. And to a lot of problems. It was something else. There's stuff like I was wanna talk about but this week I think our big topics going to be prince of course they were gonna spend some time in about that. The end news wise. Be Russo Brothers who direct need Captain America civil war which is in goal mark you know. And getting rave reviews yes they discuss. The avengers 67 characters and infinity war rumors we'll talk about that I don't know this one's going to recruit we have an update on Star Wars episode eight. Certain vehicles were making. An appearance that haven't in her parents while. A new character Lincoln deep view in. That Wolverine three we should be coming out next year looks like they may be filling by the end this year we'll talk on that. Emilia Clarke from gave it throws which debuts season six on Sunday we have an update with her the terminator franchise. Mazie Williams also from him in throngs. As an update on. The new mutants rumor came out about her coming weeks which really didn't talk about Lee I think we addressed it we didn't. We did Israel when it some casting news or Spiderman homecoming. And then the one story that you can't really have a chance in knowing about but Hasbro cinematic universe has got its writers room. And I I really want talk about that and are excited about it. So let's let's just kick off with a new ones who have straight out certain yet. Forty wanna go first and I. So let's go to the prince for the end because that's a topic you. Yet I have talked about we got dot. Yeah I'm done. Off the show week I came in and see new and yet you guy you went out got a new catching last night you and I and I got a princess Taylor any loose offs. Thank you now. I'm a big fan and it's crazy. Because he's an he's an artist for me it has or 89. He'd already been doing this thing or 87 Israel having more. Drinks before does that that's there and after so excuse me get a lower ninth lap I had a long and right there yes. He cited high and we do his thing on them for has borne no after got a tattoo going to Bart had a discussion with pentagon first album in ten years before you remark. 77 things so. Yeah since nine itself. And the guys ask me like you know party's identity like so into this guy like you weren't there ever purple rain you know even. You do it better yeah. Email your element purple rain but you know oil and therefore. But in Coachella 2008 yeah when it or did the best performance I've ever seen about two hours over the curfew widely known for token do that anymore. They'll cut you off like that now. Couldn't stop him he did that cover Radiohead in just like three took it from them that's his song. That's the sun customers I want here forever allow okay. He did next year needed the Super Bowl then that's who were Alley their top nine in the long. Yes. I mean that and it felt medical videos selling like is that. Commentary behind it how it happened like the directors and gas producers they might put the show together so they had he called prince wherever he has. Any shall hate translucent so you know it's raining it's raining really hard that okay alleviate any said can you make it rain harder for. And value and you watch that floor it looks slick he's in his heel isn't he he's gonna. Friends and yet. Is that was the best thing. I I was able to catch one of the shows when he did his 21 night stand at the forum in Los Angeles office that is 21 shows in the bath school size arena. No artist moments on this planet can pull that off was that the tumor that you've got an album. With the ticket now known I was different line that was oh look that's that's that's hero's welcome to America to those who have different. This one is I think Oakland and San Antonio and acts as well and he's done it more than once that is was the biggest one yet ever done yes usually you'd like small cloud put over and over this. An arena. It is played over and over 21 times in her out. And I just houses so we're so lucky to be part now is if you have a rock star. Who's trying to put out this aura like prince. It really only comes my comedy spectrum like Popeye it's funny look what a rock star I think I am who don't alone. And notice of them it. The real talent to pull it off and a Lotto. Yeah. I have so many thoughts on this like I it lately we literally. You know we'd. Early can talk about. Just this for two dollars and an eye out on the air last night I did my part you know I got in the studio and how this whole. I was actually so excited to celebrate me. Yes because there's so much to like Hahn and threw in the south and like stories from the united. So I'm you know we've established on the show when I'm older than rice like my ten years and so. We in. Purple rain came out I was like six years old and you know and I was not a fan and in the 80s% or like I grew up on pop music actually grew up my mom had an old AM radio I grew up on oldies country. Want to play an item I'm very well versed in the standards. One get what you want legendary. I'm Becky. It's weird would be like oh my god it's it's a lobbies are made for radio late night not that's and he but I ultimate kid that would grow up. And I had the radio on my house on Sunday mornings and listen eighty top forty and and and I can do lake Casey gave some impressions I can do impressions of car commercials I didn't know jingles because does that can that light. Soaked up. Radio and hand prints on the part of that obviously because of pop music and and purple rain and when does try and you know the litany of his eighties it's just monster. Monster and it's not to mention the songs he wrote for other people yeah angles and it. Monday in the literal version admitted Monday that actually the pop goes punk version. Early yellow Carter somebody. So because those late. For romantic Monday at what god. You say of course you know an end. I mean you know Chappelle and I'm gonna use shock and all the Mike Utley Chappelle doing. Charlie Murphy's real true are true Hollywood stories about the OSHA days an end and then prince. Taking a photo of she gave him well as prince. Who calmer and our end and then entitled beautifully. Practice can wait yeah. At a you know it. This is it's crazy because. In the nineties when. Like in 1998. I think 1989 let's go back to healing users again. He does the music for the 1989 Batman film Huggins in this match and smash it wrapped. Awesome. That is element here is some good I know that sunlight and a pitching Jack Nicholson coming down the float thrown money in the hands parting it yet. I. It's just it's it's it is tragic thing we lose these people but like. They're artists in in it's crazy because. I'd like prince was James Brown. And Jimi Hendrix is love child. Like he could just sure it on a guitar and a guy but he's performer attributes. He bowed James Brown all the state one time. Knew we lost when the greatest artists that are but there's no doubt we lost the greatest performers after I was luncheon. A special on MSNBC last night a pretty special and they had on a couple of you know different. Writers and stuff that had written books about him and and they had anecdotal stories about him and in one of the one of the reporters slash Talking Heads is Tor and he's a writer for MSNBC that's been pouring them. He had written this book about prince and he told a story about how prince growing up never did drugs never drank end. And I saw I was listening that housing but supposedly died of a drug overdose or something painkiller that's now and apparently. Age actually did catch up to him. Where he was at Madison Square Garden a couple of years ago he was in flat. It's into or it was like he's never had flat he's always in heels at the reason why isn't flats is can you wanna take painkillers. So he was doing what you'd be out of the station just kill it for people and you talk about the story with the Super Bowl and it's wet in its slick. In his heels and in isn't big belt bottom they have that are just billowing out and it's like. There's always times. There's always tons of her life where. Yet you wake up be a flat tire and or somebody called unite is really just. He's your Cheerios in like does it matter over with today just like it was a monsoon. In prisons like is that all you've gone. His play so and I've had days like that as hasn't. Not an entertainer like onstage but I've been an event coordinator and I've I've. Worked on he's being timed events like like festivals like Coachella and finding a connection or Jonathan Byrd he's big events. And I've told staff for years something's gonna go wrong and did something he's ever ever everything's going right. I'm gonna listen some things wrong because now going into a panic it's a little wrong I can fix it is liberals wrong is that all you got into my plan for the. And it's crazy that light. Sometimes you have that sometimes you don't like today's trauma only this room I'm sorry I don't believe Israel as always relic is that is not. I'm taking on the chip and I'm gonna bring you back. I really did prominent be real IE I was close to giving you the ring early today and thank you know that I'm just. I was a really I drank way more and they should have. But I you know. Partly solid you know what would print studio. I have a prince tattoo on my back no line not to follow through now by his virtue. So here we are analogous talk about that and I just. Story broke this afternoon and you are talking about it before the pike as they've done it Dave Chappelle the media obviously we tuchman. Was performing last night in San Cisco and a couple of days ago they decided to schedule at 2 AM show. And when the news broke. I Dave actually hadn't heard anything but. The media was all calling him as you do this kit yet that's the first thing we know which he was comedy and when we were like how did we how can we. How could we laugh again I mean not you know. And and he was just avoiding this vote and stuff and and and many heard that he was like man Alan do this I'm heartbroken. He says something that's like controversial drug dealer needs big deals on people but he called the black and eleven of them you know. He's just and people are devils not saying. 9/11 he's here are devastated and. And he didn't want to go on in the band said that's known on a man it's not prince wouldn't condone that. Completely right and he had to go out he did or worse yet earning 2 AM. And told stories about France and when things that he said is. I didn't know the man but I knew me it's like yeah that's what it is about these guy in the boldly you know you wouldn't that protect you from prince. Jack Jack can profile and on where he went to the Bo we had to an excellent respect he is due back in the late. Do nothing matters least so much that inning and attacked eaten but like the fact you Italy I feel like that's awesome. Yet a school that didn't end the tax full circle tattoo and South Park X he's who did it is definitely great art not a passionate and you painful not yeah well. You know you guys really did. I came in and out like a wanna be nice does alcohol imposing your shop. What is if we're gonna do it does mean a budding book tattoos that. I gotta be bump and prince Albert Janice knew I put it on man hug and like Ed is that our I have to get it done and like the perfect play and it's and it's just. Even likes of the two guys to unit one was into it when he was more a metal head directly eager to see that they aren't feeling it. Again I still think that's eluding to is that. You know and in our building we have a country station move and I feel lake our personalities on the country station were just as devastated as as anybody John Flynt John. It was devastated are putting you know absolutely devastating night people donors and that's what I always wanted to I was like try to reiterate. Especially our podcasts if I have any platform is break down barriers yeah we always a bulls don't put the ball might. Let's sums also go you know I mean he knows the country that's fine but. If you're in the country so we country music stars came out with tributes to print yet you don't know this man was it. Yes if you appreciate music. He held at the British are you appreciate movies he's in there. He's touched something new I don't NT I still late. Jack Nicholson's Joker was prints yes in a way I've never put that together you know it had like a prince music video filter out what yet again. If I touched on this briefly by. I turned twelve and 901990. And that was the print that became light. Mora. These are beaten. Not you are not like a punk rock early eighties Bristol like RB like many men. Seven and like a lot of these like ballad type of song and McConnell aren't yet. And really those puberty for him and that was and that was MTV now as the H one N that was an early ninety's in. So crazy that a he had a slightly his music label on me. He goes on The Today Show and or whatever music and more actually wrote slave on his face. Early ninety's you're so tournament early nineties about record contract didn't artist getting paid. That our story we're understand it's relevant today that like he was fighting your fight twenty plus years ago. Oh and that's why his music is never even now is not on streaming right I guess except for title you said but they look an honor its title but something but I am in but. He's dead bodies in you said it you know your masters your Macedonia. Right and you make a point no ours is getting rich off streaming dollars no. But Apple's doing great. Really great to do we okay what I was making money and an effort that was a cool unique situations analysts say that we capitalize. In the wrong way but because most people go to music and shaming things. Radio had a cool moment yesterday were you I put to end station yeah and prince is up and even word alternative rock station yeah we were bumping prints all. I really an insult people or like a guy can bleeding as a plan alternative and it and the other alternative Reeves he's in town. Not give them a shadow they are doing the same game people were like I can't believe your whole plane is constantly I'm just gonna tune out. That's fine it's fine but let people grieve yet not really I get I get it sometimes you wanna turn on the radio and you just wanna have. You just want us to tell you what's cool magnet that. But sometimes. We're human beings is how we greet two weeks. Actually this music hesitant to bet you knew you and on the Hillary woods Wheeler all. Bummed about it death. This and this we lost a lot of good people as he finally back here share David Ball we let me promoter and I mean it's a huge. Monsters. Of talent. This one though it feels. And analysts say it's any more worse because. Well this feels he used to you. But with both Lee and lend me and George Martin who produced The Beatles now and a sure this morning give but for the most part of that we got. We got maybe not so much bode well we could have done more I think the jury about Scott while I acknowledge creatively. While it was past his prime yeah I think. I don't I'm not expect anymore from Rem prints. Still have more could drop so tomorrow we never know he put on Al last year I sort of got to get it it's fantastic. And normally you've you've been around this long you know if Rolling Stones put out new album this year mr. against you if it sucks. But it's this down deal by you have that you listen to once you putting your car into it again the net against them they did their time. Prince is still was still open now bankers and nine and beyond that accused of doing things that would bring off. You read about what he'd. Before so he was prosperous ones came home and he got. We got in the studio campus but he was possible arrest came out at a 24 hour dance party who. You know. That's prints though the prince moved right. Have things that I went to you online we immediately. Is not a big fan of Kevin Smith and I kept the evening in his first dvd sick as special any drug that Kevin Smith. And he tells the story of friends hiring him. To do it hockey memory. And he basically gets the eagle ranch it is like film being in light. People are tellem like gambling you're here like you know Oprah's is that jehovah's witness kemba what what you. Know that they're a whole different meaning and a dog yeah he took all and end. Kept canceled the story gray and go get it even with Kevin Smith rented red box it whenever they actually the whole Clinton is on YouTube and that's how you wanna go from them. Just watch it's like a thirty minute segment and it is great it's great correct eases budget goes storyteller. That is we all wrote blogs on at nine point let's say yeah yours was basically what you would discovered mine was. The do two things for me in the last fifteen years that just completely humanize him more me. Was Dave Chappelle's. Charlie Murphy is true Hollywood story isn't and then Kevin Smith's story about prince because it humanize him 'cause Kennedy talked about. Like. They're not the assists and meal islands and its friends Larry plays basketball you're King and I united. As you think maybe you know he wears scooters he receivers he does. Where is it okay he's really get our issue that life doesn't you know what JC Penney's is I guess he's amid such yeah. The juniors since I'm. He's a. It's just it's so they're so Almonte you don't use Simon in 2008 cajoling girlfriend didn't you and like today issues tell me about she's like that was. Does like the best performance and she's huge Backstreet boys and only the things I mean we all have different priorities I mean that is like she's like no prince. That's it like that was that was I shall now. Never musically and you know I. We definitely don't do this for the money no I do this because I love music as wanna be around even if the song not into I'm around you discovering this for me. Seeing prints and I I am I saw him this into doesn't it. Oh just like he's a prince is a big deal I I've heard is hits. I had a greatest hits Citibank earning big damage inch on each his blue is like seeing. Open door I can see like. That had a light of heaven and I stepped in and never looked back like boom you're my favorite artists. It's just right. To me that like. We changed username to the symbol and wrote slave on his face and then you know 1015 years ago. He sold concert tickets that part of a concert tickets was you bought and you buy his album welcome. And his album was number one and everyone's like oh yeah black you know he sold every once the seal that's why they. They bought tickets and got the album that's why it's number one and I that's an asterisk I think you anyway is again you're gonna bring an. I remember. I remember. Morris to do that that's what I remembered throughout my life like being thirteen fourteen years all that is not the biggest fan of France and and Cheney's name and everyone has me I Fredette formerly known brands in now yeah it was a joke for a long time it was a joke and it was late. Then there's this selling of the elderly but we find is. Is that. He was just trying to not have to deal with the record industry and he was trying to find ways of creating contact and getting to the fans without having. To be told what's cool what's not cool and. That's what we're doing that's what it's podcasting's. Late. In a weird so this. He was fighting for stuff that we're taking for ray it yet. It's just it's crazy to me and when you have a different perspective on stuff but I look back and I'm like. Being formally known as in dealing with all that bull (%expletive) and her running sleep on your face them. We hold this the record industry were generating a seizure and that's how the music yeah it was it's how it's how things work but. At the same time I got it out on you to try to make content then finding new channels like twitch. Not doing faced Glavine like. Whatever you can do to get past the doorway of who tells you what's cool what's not cool and you can discouraging so your own. Just hope to double whole new world where you know end and it's amazing to me like a Mac only. He was part of that he thought that I never I never democratic like. Zip along to merely be that joke to say the artist formerly known as anything plugging in name here that NATO could I think what really or means. That was something in its its with its ripples are felt that in respect. Respect. And that that's not about this I was lower go to the podcasts like. Can't talk about you know another character found Spiderman when my mind's just like with lots prince Michael and better yeah. Prince would want the show to go on you want to show to go on there's no doubt about that so I don't think one of my other favorite stories. Good yeah I anything about it I host for later but it's at qwest love of the roots thing. And he was hired to DJ for prince one time I've reduced or it. He didn't feel like having these things done and put Finding Nemo. Buyer lets up I'm finding out and left look sort of an idea irons and Princeton and mind you it's crazy prince. Such a character. That he didn't like. You got a spade a spate. Of mean but since that shocking things that. Let's look at the asked him DJ in my house he came he brought his records he came DJ prints that now it. I'm not feeling this but Finding Nemo on. It's epic that he did that to you let it happen in that Kevin's story he tells this great story don't spoke humans could you should watch yourself. But the goat he goes all the way down to princes like at ranch where he lives that. He he'd be film to document area for him. And at the end of the gates he. Said in his like hey he's he this is winning in the middle making Jane's on Bob strike back and a kind of use this song in my movie and princess says. Now Matt that's on that anyways my I'm. This actually this Ari is so they were filming genes or body they wanted to use most beautiful girl in the world the world. Upper Shannon Elizabeth characters here and with the Internet. Where they actually. That means he's like no you can't use that but I'll even more day and time yet we should be worked out OK here's Jay you're growing up right. At him. Yeah. Yeah that's all he's a banter it is a fellow Leahy opened with more than Italian in burglar S anyplace. And that's not so good and bad boy Morrissey says it I think you know a portion Minneapolis last night when they all came out. In light geez you know beat together and then an and then they'll brilliant purple ready to let. People in downtown Minneapolis all singing purple rain together in the rain last night. It's cool. And you know like. You know San Diego we're not in Minneapolis doubled partly up. That lit up when I after I got the parlor we went to three different bars all buck entrance perhaps so you know there's no country was doing it. I would just one song let's dig into the dinner on demand because we had would you put an ornament. Rude and. What it is with two year. Annette and diversity I think of energy hourly friends and great song had tweedy FaceBook her first reaction was nothing compares him and for whatever reason you let your friend in my exits in the back your mind share. And outlined its request for Kay yen was and she doesn't know that she's actually in Austin now isn't he didn't listen to Michelle rounds like this Turkey. Nothing compares to year you know such their mission and it carded a very good here version of it but he has risen one inches off so army in. Am crazy especially great stories about it. Let's move on let's move. Let's go out let's do our thing. With either you back from ours and they will break into the news market so last week. Well and for weeks we've been talking about. Were getting back into keeps and keeps like it usually is now but the last couple weeks we've done about how neither one of us. Watches or has watched super girl and I watched half the episode with the flash the world's financial watch that'll it and now watch the the premiere okay interestingly enough this week's flash when it just passed was the episode. That like. Although super sorry we know it's been like a weaker than like a month I mean like four weeks or a month since the cerebral episode aired. But we ask you guys. And and specifically on its Oz at Osborne on Twitter. You don't sell us tell us why he has even even ever actually you that's kind of our super girl. Then this season finale just aired like I needed I needed to eat like a low as he loves us and he loves listened to I guess he just wants. His friends on us to talk to him about it you know that all of us are like he's and I generally act but lose. Maybe a video for us on YouTube under the hatch TV agree is the TVs and gone we're gonna play it. It was his 32 sell his pitch. Why we Schwab super he would. Who grow can it can get to. Our. Graphics are amazing and to fight scenes are. Loan me some good fight scenes at super girl gets down to marching band Turner's story are repeat not yet know where it was awesome. She put to work right guys she puts in work she gets on camera also working our current season finale at your. Watch super girl. Okay. Yeah I'm in the whole thing go through I hope those of you heard. Oh that will give the link in the article yet we gladly drop the only progressed he heard that we'll find out and he actually execute two minute video he has like a hold of the Internet have got the book about him in the podcast. And I think he's. And everybody else it's a loud the production. It. Hurts them. I don't think our our ABBA hit a bullet. Did you do that Xbox one back nine's I'm impressed. President sort use old are you win. Well I'll get in the luck. Of timing in that. So in that Kevin Smith's prevented them Batman podcasts. He talked about. So he just did an episode of the lash weed and blunt he loved it he loved the whole experience he's huge fan and that he said there's still more. Tynes there's repercussions. From. The crossover that house okay so well that's got me intrigue is I'm pretty entrance announced last world and out. On aero but I'm flash Russell if you connect to that'll follow yet. And renewed for a second season. So initially to echo through yesterday's missile shoot super girl yes so. If if if the more it's gonna happen now that's. We know that it wasn't a one out so there really a part of that this whole CW versed. So you bought it on TV yet it was I mean the air flare over some remote. Not the legends of flare out permit the universe legends of flair to her. Well Greg related yet elaborate theories. I. So I watched happen. The one episode with a flash next I mean you don't see a lot of knee. Reviews every week is like on IG has staff and I I don't that people are into the show and this kind of where I'm not like where it was an aero I. He saw like one episode Errol part of an episode of Merrill and first aired. And Dan. I didn't even pick the show up until like the second season was on Netflix and you know I mean I asked how are I would like an arrow light. Okay all watched the first season now is Agassi's and when they announced they were making the flash I was laying low heat for Merrill. Okay yeah let me catch up right and the it's kind of we're not a super are now late. I don't know I have nothing driving me wanna see it and I'm really kind of burned a lot of stuff right now and and I mean I'm not. It's hard to say since we do podcast every week but there's so much we talk about there's yeah. But we're gonna talk about something else here a few minutes that. This so we talk about it the thing is is that. Which is the shield as we had a big twist it was Britain. Flash great big twist and let the Marlins Bentley is kind of pay taxes we got an OK Amazon. And that's what are my number and I'm really burned out lake Indian I don't locking dad out and burned out. And I'm not really care about him from season six right now I'm ruining his game throws and for ever why she. I K that's good though the hype is isn't that big enough well we'll get into that get into I think it is what it is. I didn't feel in my Latin name and and and speaking this kind of on a personal level neither one of us is likely. Pete really sent a demon throws the hides out there I'm not I'm I'm on this point again frigid thing is that is Johnston they're not you know I think. Oh I don't care anymore. He's alive he's debt he won the other and I think part of part of that my age. Think part of my burn out with bull the Walking Dead in game two rounds is they they are bold at a point. That your pass the written material. So yeah me I'm almost like eight southern their backs that that features three territory. There and got by the three territories should say it kinda like you're on borrowed time here I mean late. Wrap it up also I'm arm's gonna say I think blocking the fear the Walking Dead is just an awful is just a bad show. Just get ready meanwhile second at a cinema cameras I can't think America and everything about it like he's just it is is not he's about. And a like I have in Seattle which at that academic don't watch as if a court and as you'd be bored launches. And I'm finding no more no moments were like I wanna finish the subs that I know I just don't care now the first episode there on the vote not on its site they lost me in last season season finale because it was so bad that could sell like one thing hammer. We're dealing review. Videos more and I am we just got. Sidetracked did you review videos for a long time and I was like I said Greg went walking Dickey back. We do you do want to get video music I guess we begin and end we just into and ultimately probably a popular thing. Sure Laura really burned out on a minute and I hate that BK is an actual condensed season was a canister. But via a lot in debt anomalous and not you got it's she's got to do something else to get me excited and care about the characters like animal. I don't care. An army like you we have a lot in bed and finish is on its finale. Where it's like it's like it's a war is happening yet. But I'm years into real hotly denies that you login to your back at the beginning of when everything happens. If you are making dumb ass mistakes again and my dad can't I'm sorry. Actually want this to be a conversation topic at some point as well. It was just I'll ask you this question I think at NASA's before but it doesn't it mean when you decide societies done. That's email and that's that's a question I have I'm thinking about as they watch fear the Walking Dead chart because boys that quick. And I get Zahn is up and then you it would be fast but I honestly I don't think it would be that fast I think the line the daughters is in. Season juice episode one see that series premiere she says. It was all over. Before I. It was overby forty begun when everything was over. Before I realized that it be done yet so basically she's like everything was going. By the time I realized. It was we we are losing everything everything was gone now like that's now they're really going on a great line. And that's cool but I'm taking them tell him with a view as as a viewer care what you if you wanna make a second Walking Dead show. Cool the you have to do something different for me here because. So locking edit this post populate. The world's done and it's the cool you always watched when you watch live wanted when used to watch like now living dead like how would you accede live what up. It doesn't it yeah value form cities and get guns with a red Nextel that's what Robert urban road. What happens when the zombie apocalypse doesn't it yes the mood here is a good story now in the field Walking Dead even though I know this one's going to be like wallet happening. Announce second season and you're already too like he awareness. Of like. The Walking Dead. First one that I think you got to do that too quick I didn't get to savored like the confusion. I mean they're on a boat and now they got like these people hunting them because as the world over and they're just like people hunters outlet does it's too quick. I don't know I feel like you run you missed out good storytelling by not just give me the confusion in the crowds of people. You know do. Ten part David dead type of deal where you hide out in a mall for larceny you're literature should have been more intriguing than just sitting on a boat. Exceed his lip and this is comes back to the question I have is. I gave it we like it suddenly set up like we walked outside tonight right. I know where at midnight on Friday nights it's Dell's move you know it there's a shopping mall next door it was it's a grocery molten. There's nobody there right people in order routes but really again all the shops are closed. Well. If society and ended when I'm locked out of a building on and online again it on the Internet constantly but like Ray Nagin and his you know you phone. Doesn't have any service but like I walk out the door. I don't know if that guy down there and turn into a zombie and what's my reaction like. What he's not so I'm what I'm wondering is that we why go to that point of light. Season three Carl shoots another kid and head these guys and Xerox like it and an and I wonder like. Could not ever be that bad it's like hunting other people down and I'm never thought it. Americans might you be living in but I I I an idea that don't play all take a baseball bats you trust me. Yeah trust my I will not let someone closely and I just I know is that that question always fascinates me of like. What do I woke up and everything hat and what is going to be indeed. Before I realized that'd be dying and I was just dealing with the aftermath lakes but there's no polls Internet. I don't know if it was my parents again me is that going to be driving force for me like we got to see my folks. You know ligament in the raid the grocery store don't history I got no I case out whenever it can make. The folks on behalf of my how can I how can tie up workers up my my my might lots yearning Kabila pence on the underside that. That's the backers now. What do we do can we make a fortress could not what threatens our. Crazy so I think sometimes my. But he is always that one question of yeah. How and how they now it's time to start. How what I know it's time to be like baby. It's over you know I tell you because. On these are so pop culture yet. He'd be quick now because you see ones on the regular old world done I'm out there I thought he won the world over. I've as she tells showbiz that he killed this thing where an end. Like in a black neighborhood that I gonna fly united mile in my you know Charlie is walking on the street he's zombie. You gonna be Dick Charlie that's you know let's get you. Should be done there real good it's a rabbit big attic. He's so funny we like to have a series like a sketch comedy show like this does Allen what happens in a white neighborhood right. And I'll. You read the vocal was he and I I question do we ever loved little movie is nothing like bloggers are actually read the book that this. Because everybody's asking for that. Series is. I guess. Yeah I only got a series now. But but the technical perspective they if it reads like a docking like a documentary OK so that's part of the country was doing this. North of the mountains the rednecks they're deep well they actually in the mountains behind them yeah and guns pointing one direction. There'll back and it's really cool and they talk about urban neighborhoods and stuff and the distinct I do. Wouldn't go I because I wonder about population. You know and because we live in the city and like a sprawling but we don't live in trouble. It's a really downtown yet we do you have all women like north part Golden Eagles there in the city league club and gravity would do is keep them away can get to go uphill from down on the. Or did you. Couple thousand. Yet you are nearly ten don't like how people are in your neighborhood what it ever would turn like hole out. That's all this and you're trailing whatever it's Oxley. Wait what's that people stuck. Yet but it really not here then we'll talk at that brought us here sooner or. You care. So prints all we are talking about eyes and shows and positive results we asked him real Paula we'll take that back and check out. Could that not lies and you're locking down. And now now I it's like this that I am kinda out I'm still watching. Let me as far as selling the sentences he was weak. Flash is great I can't wait for the season and like I'm yeah were. Q how is it. I wonder when their commencement episode is going to be coming out. There's only five. Left and a lot of them and it's not see them and heat all of either of the episode before you see the now. The pen ultimate yes pen ultimate you know I guess screen necessary filming a movie so he's they're done filming I gathered on the since then. You dine. In on movies doing. No I definitely not a superhero elements and I do it I'm against me and I mean obviously given movie and I mean jobs job that would be yes good for you gotta eat you warbler. You know he got his break mentally right another. Another I don't know the term or learn guessing at the literally just get that has written yes it well in fact they he had his Travolta pulp fiction moment. Where there's absolutely had indeed karaoke. This season right at ministers in Seattle and you're limited and the first season drive in without that girl and then his girl you dated for a little. So Andy's or doubling anger it was was a villain and the like yeah. Our blue. Look on down some of the Letterman went Imus on menus armed. Big news Robert Downey junior is joining the cast of Spiderman homecoming. What we. They know and I was I was I was on a string and negative ones I said that was not my choice but I don't find it and thing but when you really think about it I guess. What it what it looks like they're Hindu and civil war that's when the makes no sense to take a mentor role yeah and I think it's. Obviously going to be any sort of re mix of the storyline of from the comic books yet we're Tony takes when that are under way there as that story and yeah. And I mean there's even. There's even a shot. And its allies like a comic book shot it's been on the Internet doesn't mean mentally people are posting its where. It's Tony in Iron Man. And Peter Parker as Spiderman Andy's hugging Iron Man. And the caption about firemen and says we have don't worry we have money. And spider gets its public I think god yes it does because when the broke he is he's a kid yet the united. It down and look his spirits then Murphy dragon. And then Tony Stark comes along and you know this storyline that's not even ten years old now and who becomes long like you're brilliant scientist. Like usually playing in the playground with the rest of us can you Bennett a Nigerian undated. And a great. Like Brian Michael Bender that went that way yep that was like this Tony Stark's mentor Peter Burke yes it's great. It's cool and this may be just a. For me immediately. And try to have McKay ET situation okay because. I see that the same reason. I didn't want Superman and Batman defiance like that that story you do some really pretty far down the line yet and you're doing it right out the gates. So it's like I'm your. I'm missing out on that in between. Well it was Spiderman we have already gone and what five movies in in the recent future in the meantime her. So I guess if you want to jump far ahead. Because that's okay yeah and I'm excited about this. I'm blockbusters so in this this famous cumin and I know I've it's been put out there there's not be origin story he's just Spiderman. He's here now so I wonder in this how long has he been Spiderman. What's what's what's going to be via is where our lives at a time. He's young we won't know for sure until we see an accessible or it doesn't seem like. He's been sperm in a week and then you know god. It's item and maybe a couple of months maybe maybe there are no explain but it's very exciting to me and he's really exciting because even though it is still under Sony and that it these are marvel movies and he has Sony was like what we were doing was wrong. What we were doing wasn't working even though they're making money. Yeah those memories made money. That the media but that doesn't mean it was it but they were like long term that in the mean yeah like long term we can't figure out how to get the citizens sixty can't figure out what do I. And they re. The nursery or read about this week he may we each ruptured their entire. Movie department to follow marvels model not. President of the two that I read about is that. People are talking about still the whole band members and reasons that some war conversation about wisely and that might as we see here. But you don't like marbles and almost ten years he is the first suddenly you know 2008 yes only eight years ago. And they had ten years to fix like the reason why Sony had Spiderman and the reason why fantastic four was at fox really X there box. Was because marble. On a for a long time throughout the nineties and into early two thousands and if I may add fatal. They literally would of lost the rights to everything they put everything on the line. You that they would just letting go go back to song until there's no I mean like I mean like as collateral. Then the bank would have sold off their rights to everything button like your ears Captain America up for auction. Who wants the right captain mayor I think yeah I mean like tonight we Barbara roll the dice and they were very Smart in the way they they approaching bush. You can't can you can't compare success for one company to another announcement because this week. I'm really lucky or very talented and very Smart and really really Leyland and everything ready and everything is brilliant original Tron seemed to be. Just too much but you wash it literally tens of no real. I talked about that a few times in the podcast tend to hand and thank sum it up. But I would actually allow. Don't adjust we into the commencing Mikey you're the key phase retail cold front that's come on and that's few bars you fail the movie. I'd just think that it like it because I set the bar early these enemies I'm like I am I don't like it we'll see but it was it was still good movie the process of me. Into avengers movies in four years mean OK you all that talent you have all of the brass at marvel and Disney now. You know everyone's got their input or have a writers' room this is how they should be this or just being you know and Josh is Jos is very talented he's very creative and has his own ideas. He broke his lady at the beginning of that movie shoot I mean that's under a tremendous amount of stress and just like just ordered all review today and unfortunately you make a movie and you edit the movie every single huge pressure humor hey we just told you capsule more than expressed her. Because burned near Burt she wouldn't be. And as I say that I as a weird job Sweden were not human being yet they don't have all the time I'm so opens up there again just you've been resting now. Someone make it happen Warner Bros. go get him and let him take Sachs managed jobs and fix. John Fiore was out again today excellent time somebody Broder article out. What they can do how they can replace Zacks utterly you can't please he's. Let. Ultimately it's too yeah pirated. Meek good bit man again and again you really bailing these that. Let out let's talk again if runs real quick button to be broader net Emilia Clarke was dean. Terminator Genesis says Sarah Connor yet she is. That Aris and immigrants so she came out as we during the game throws press during their asking about terminator and they are talking about how. The pressure isn't dead but they have pulled the two movies are on the schedule and hold those indefinitely so who knows. And that's a great sign that it's gone yet it maybe don't come back another forming a rethink things but whatever her storyline was at all. And that was my first thing she said wise no it's gone I'm not sign on. There's an there is another question. Follow to that game later and actually no I don't terminator and there's no I'm not going to be Sarah Connor chronicles and don't terminator. I guess your context on whatever but this is his college mill cop it. If he likes terminator Genesis at all or something like Oz like it. He was mentioning to us on Twitter I enjoy it. For latter it is like watching it like I Helm of the big deal I can put on nothing about it yet and it has great homage is the first one in the second one listening. That's one that there's debt there's not a sequel directly to that she's not part of the series anymore he wrote do you really want to try Courtney insulin terminator and try to Courtney. I probably a really great guy like you were awful and I pardon me I altered and incidents at school yet. Ukraine's markets regulatory yes. The other actress from. He has greatly had two characters from game bones play Sarah Connor. Yeah and Eddie Newton yeah these hundreds in Tunisia. Through that Sarah Conner strong chronicles. Odd we have Mazie Williams from giving throws a couple weeks ago. It was rumored TV cast in the new mutants movie turner fox next and movie and as wolves Spain. Which turns into wolf. She's like half. Legitimately. What's good excellent show the triumph. Region an athlete now I mean I. I ask sun ahead x.s and then he means next well. Please he's the son of resurrect so you'd think you'd be in it means is that generation what he had. It's combos are long and condom industry it I mean Williams came out and address the river no I've not been cast but I would absolutely love to. That could free if things but to say you never know on this anything that cast is just five Twitter pic and then we're I'm of that with that it must be cable. Slow. Stephen Lang and shockingly I would love to be cable like he looks the part. EB I've I've even done that oh in commerce fund commentator who would you do too early to pribor cap that brought him up as Stephen Lang. He also went immigrate to throw I think it's another example news. Do Blu-ray was gonna come out and today it's gonna have the PG thirteen version on it too. It got pushed up. Two Tuesday coming out April 14. But the thing that. They like just today. And because anyway so Lee there was that there's a when she comes to earning and it's devils on it says I'm coming. Mesa. And then today and it was last night today there was another one it was an update this I'm coming early. Gags and I like rot like Eldon Fabian. The CEO of that that writers have dental and they're on Twitter and they were like. Sometimes gonna pick. It crazy how this dreadful thing has revitalized. Bruntlett built who have a goalie for the longest time was like a joke in the Obama. People hated him because he built characters wave tube ride. I any ankles yet sticks ankles and then it these seven foot wide broad shoulders just look at. Look is Europe in Superman like Google problem life held anatomy or my life. The other real body and it's like you're so this bay and then also in there it's hardly talk about Robbie case. There's potential for him to be on this podcast and in our good friend of mine is his policy yet so hey necklace does this then. That SI what he has yet rated some of the coolest characters in comic books today as well. Absolutely our xmas music essence were there certain. I won't marine three they're hoping. We've we've talked to better in the show whether they're. Rumored to be doing the old man Logan story line cool which will not include bulk all well Aaliyah that. Re old analog and fantastic storyline that you like a one shot means the a couple of issues he could reunite cool story. Story really learn and that's the angle they're gonna go and they've said that. X 23 who is wolverines Malone. Will be making her parents are hurting veto them so we really cool and yet he's got a different she's Wolverine but not she has. Two closets at three or her hands that she is Warner could mean she's got a bunch of weird stuff like that but she acts like his daughter she's clone but she's a kid yet says he counted surrogate father Aaron you know watery actually Sarah gets a lot of people keep my agent Leigh. You know the list goes on and on of characters and. You see in the movies the way he did those rogue apps comics of that did you believe but that's but the did in the and the rise as. Think road in the into Packwood wrote an excellent reason I think was. Jubilee keep pride and as I got a melding of the two under. But that's very. I'm actually excited I mean I like character actually three and I like a female Wolverine and well if you suffused the whole pumping and that big alcohol catalog of characters they can. Pop and there. I mean if I was in universe that an answering universe is he he's you could you can nickel he could do apocalypse not Sampras. Under. Unnamed the guy comes medal and I'm glad all seem to do colossal is an example like these can go back they actually think that writers came out as we. And a couple of interviews and hair they talked about how they couldn't hit a couple of characters and dead pool because they you know budget carrying stuff and let live that's a fascinating because like. Let's throw long Siegfried. We just we can't be that character has an hour or so you know. But does your initial they're thinking about them they didn't care if they were talking about are like deep cuts leg. Deep cuts off the beside you don't think man has hundreds of character literally. It's fascinating that's probably spoke next and into the relating to join any other universe that you are starting sol YE it's fine it's perfect. That fox as a restaurant is just you do is you guys do that yeah. It it it some it tomorrow I found out marvel acquired the rights to X-Men I would be disappointed by that. I really fascinating by the way as we're getting into this part of the topic I don't think we mentioned it on the spider venues Michael Keaton was out he was not cast. You know. I'm looking at them I'd like I'd love Michael Keenan an actor I just wasn't sure if you're not indeed Kabul in our culture. I don't think you would have done W and ordered sir I wanted to touch on that the news for the accident I. And I got sick (%expletive) about him outside of them joining others marvel. The two realized why marvel and Disney are salivating for fox to fail. I don't think at this point I think of Ali if you look at Sony you know and that didn't work. Who owns sentence for it it's got its talks as well box so that property can backlit I think they're they're doing and they're done very well up next. I don't think they're gonna lose examine the noble greens and X-Men movie property and they can do that in. They didn't they didn't and they're gonna be doing you meet incidentally Tony they're doing something dimple. I I do think Omar hunter is near LA. When you fail in Yuma. You remember reduced. I tell you that what. Well let's let's. What's the goal pearls front coming here as they wanted to hundred no Infiniti or via they were talking about that next 67 characters river. Poses there's an even bigger number as the number as we do grew. We had a bigger number of leg I mean rob thanks either in the sixty or 200 I think we sent to hundreds. The 67 men if if if they if somehow they were able to get X-Men yet to 67 like that no problem off your dad and thank you go. Like nine. Then look or look into this mess service Italian who. We currently are numerous characters are which include Spider-Man whom and how much of that. Yeah like 2525. And that's what are halfway their with just scared to BC owns them anyway. We EXP universe it was so interesting to me that I eight. Marvel started pushing in humans and in humans are in agents is she a mountain and it's kind of like their version of mutants now two or his exit is unique plot just like well all sorts powers and there's a McGovern device you've you have of course. Ma and saying you know me your powers. Any push back the humans movie in LA. Is trying to pull fassel and on people and people were no people don't like now. I don't want to second rated X-Men. Extent yes and if you if you lost the fox he still own it you need to make you as a lot of money accident. I mean it's not as much money that button but right. OK it's like they've made they've been promoted that it works. They still get a piece of these noble characters they get something. The guess I didn't just by the caught the right the contract now just like at certain amount to renew it I'll probably firm things up and off figured out. Okay like anybody ever thought about that. I think -- like maybe a penny on the dollar type thing or something and Monday night but he if the movies Megan you know 3400 million with us as any that. I'm not seeing. Did not all of their like Disney and Marla you you're using it right now you can meet Spider-Man you can meet now are yet to be neat that you're not going to be actually you. You does not and that's unfortunate. In my than what you think his marbles even it. That toys eliminated. People think the comic books are suffering because of that's a big it's a big story in. I tell you trying to pull a fast one and we rely on and we we know what you're doing an intriguing danys. That is unnecessary I think I don't storyline if you're gonna do that and the marvel universe earning guess yes and gone to a lot of heroes now but when you just all of sudden you go from 25 euros to life. Bam you now have 75 it's now it's like will those heroes are just much less than big deal yeah and they are the main story I was. You know we're being introduced Doctor Strange weird being introduced she captain marvel she's going to be. She's going to be cast very soon we need a story out of the last week in the month two months. Captain marvel news is gonna start breaking some might come by comic con we're gonna know. The reactors at a public argument is we're gonna play a lot then GAAP it and it is turbines and interviews and now that they have and Disney's. TE Tony 43 is like the next weekend and where to begin before they do these holding a lot of stuff out of comment on it still going to be near whose regular access to. They announce which movies are gonna come upon which aren't is modeled Al is modeled on the set out comet coming in human body image is being detoured three. But they let it not really don't think that TV's I will be there and that's what I am and was there last year. Like a list of the things I feel that big the so they won't be hall H one's gonna need a little more press. Maybe. But I think all the other stuff for Detroit because they make all the money in house again yet so. You finish here doing. It's an analyst talk about for a minute as we skipped it last week. The stories that we can and apple was Lutz elected your opinion on it nick fury it. We have heard that Catholic is getting. He's gonna direct concerning his own Batman movie you know I think Michigan's lead nationally and talk about it. I don't really have a I don't really have an opinion on it I mean. I like Ben Affleck directed movies artistry no I didn't see gone girl and her great. To see. The town with a one has little brother of countless towns get too little his little brother and he's he's finally kidnapped girl that young girl. Gong girl is the movie where the husband he killed now I've CEO Casey Affleck Alan was really guys now. He's been help from Batman movie I. He's a fan and I think you do well he's not Zack Snyder and I don't know he's gonna reject Healy Congo's pages onto the screen and I couldn't get a really cool. First person humanistic story. Is that's what's he like he does well. Some that lake really getting laid out you're earning a grounded. I like about is they put in that Emerson and I the Playboy Batman yeah. He's drinking a lot even all through layer over Britain drunken don't fights bad guys since. He's very violent in the hills people like I school as. Story as we all I wanna talk about and I'm gonna talk about it than I mean I think. Releasing insulin or stories for Batman or Superman. Using bronzes Larry. That's up I didn't read it so if you see them movie or you've seen the trailer for bad neighbors who many see the that is weapon. Arnie and actually he or she needn't commit kind of idea Robin out of movie. Here she actually used like a battle ax with killing people in the streets and public. Again and it's not the bully. Me and it's this is. We. Like eight you really should go megawatt Adams and like be content and we had to cut this part out of me what to do that yeah. How that well because we are tuner cars burn bloated. Yeah so. I'm so angry about that movie soldiers. Yeah and quickly we mentioned Star Wars episode is the anyway gonna make its return go I like he really cool the best shouldn't eat. And funny and this is the big flaw. Of the the prequel they did is they also and they went from like. Good classic five ships now you're the X wing be a link between the white winged. Typewriter and type I type bomber and yet typewriter and I bomber tie interceptor wreck. Classics that he knew them you knew the shape of them. Mostly I'm kind of made the letter it was an apple announcing the prequel and as like others by ship to like it now others like our finer now. And a hundred ships that. So I was like I don't care about any of these islands and you backed the classics I think it's great and I. Big head and wing and it's a vinyl toys I had the action fleet of the ailing all of that to. A wind the story broke this week about anywhere in Lincoln's reading comments you would gobble and I might not be meanwhile nice relaxed everybody letters get. One news story at a time together how you do you're bombing runs without the why that's in its. She. Com. Let's talk about the 67 carriage treasurer and avengers and then we'll go to the house for us and I humorous though that we've got to sciences is suddenly. More just briefly. This on my side. Some other Russo Brothers. We're the directors for kept America's war yet part of the marketing campaign needed to ramping up the were interviewed by the nearest. And they addressed the reveal of the origin of the six Everett the sixes or caregiver. Guy meant. So vendors at the door closes out marbles phase three films. Earlier this year an offhand comment by the Russo was led to the rumor that 67 marvel characters will be featured in infinity war. And while those movies can easily eclipsed civil war in terms of characters they're probably will be six or seven main roles in those those main roles and things and so you like to see like a character throw a punch flash and using sure. Andre and you interview with the Huffington Post if Ernie or screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McNeeley reveal the urgency some characters rumor. Is that it was the number of available. Marvel cinematic universe players who could potentially here. And it doesn't sound like a final total will be anywhere near that high. We had our office filled with cards and everybody who was a lineman available. And the Russo Brothers came and went. Well related freely so that doesn't mean it ever when he is you know there's not going to be six is definitely parts please. Inco from Wi fi. Well. Still what I take from that is. We might get five to ten more than we are used to that Billick. So during a mass you can use them that's cool do you not worry about casting that character and being stuck with that person going forward to her. But. He's an easing of 25 now a walk in and more than that they actually covered here in the period up here. The new candidate these three including Doctor Strange black panther captain marvel and Spider-Man should appear in some capacity all four of those characters haven't vendors and marvel comic and universe on the line. And everyone who still lives should probably appears so safe spots for Captain America hiring hall the war hawk eye black widow scarlet vision falcon. War machine is somebody dies between now and then he may still show up in some capacity Anthony watts guardians of the galaxy. Tracks and Gomorrah from guardians because they fight and Alison when they had earth without star or rock group in the newest member of me it is we think not. That's 23 character trait there if you add Samuel Jackson and Colby smolders as nick fear in Marie hill and that's 25 main characters. This winter shorter count. Point six. Also lightly there is a Brothers will throw in some surprise character appears to after all we're overdue to see Adam were locked in the NC that's just even in the article from areas that are the right a lot. Ian and interacting with the or you could bring a little crew but it's like 33. Jeanie Alexander ads since. Well the girl three Libya that Brothers the three net and the it is out there a man you know he can come to tour. That's fringed dress either. They are as James Bond just applied but everywhere but that's not funny someone pointed out. He's an animal in utopia. And be sure Klein in jungle book that's gonna. Well it didn't he's like a beginner do it again rob. That's that's in the sixties and I character drummer came from and and so it's not. Did they ELE David just basically saying here's available. In on the means to put 67 characters and a movie behind that's for that rim. I think so it's it when they put the cards on the ball. They put 67 up there would that be a final total I don't think so I didn't think that ever made sense. That many characters I mean. It's not good storytelling. Wouldn't want that note a list of how your duties like other occasion just pop out as ago we were just kind of laying low street level. What I make fun as next matter when they say he. You know orgasms on the screen when Mike Miller shots from the congress that's fine and I'm disparaging and I you know the same time. It is you know with just brought to sit there you're gonna vomit all the stuff like I got out of Soria got. Doubt it though and where 33 EUN Netflix and should they get the Cuba 45 or forty. But on anyone it and variety turn over the next story. Arena was in Hoch and you don't have always have a mound I am so lives in this story let's keep the last story. This actually excited me and I hadn't given it much thought until recently. When this article pop back up but her pictures and Hasbro there was that you transformers they did did you enjoy movies and ordinary gun. That transformers there is also weren't very good right. Mean it's not a money to me more than get a lot of money is yet that moment a lot of money but they have gone the route of marvel and Disney. And line of the universe and you not only that they they wanna have a writers' room and like these the guys that are directing how this is gonna happen. There's a marble you know the blueprint is the comics and and they bring in the writers from the comments they bring Michael Mann does it all the time like in this you wrote this story. We want obligated for the big screen obviously something's works on things don't work when we do and Marlins got their blueprint like that the whole start of the 6% to actors they wish they were like. Here's a little. And just Medicare drug I used capital right now and we're doing some and all that and Telecom market earlier. Holes ruin. So karma pictures. Castro has set up a writers' room for developing its cinematic universe for Hasbro properties with a key blugolds man overseeing describes. The featured brands of this particular writing room include GI Joseph micro knots visionaries mask and wrong. Now mask Liz much toys that transformed and like battle vehicles it was called mobile armored strike command and this is like my child it. All cartoon that I watch are not necessarily Raanan. My grass but I want to visionaries I want Matt I have maxed poison my mom's house but mostly earrings somewhere and the writers assigned to the room this is where I got. I geeks out and I'm Lindsay beer who wrote was advised and which adaptation that Michael Sheen on who wrote the amazing adventures of cavalier clay. It is a Pulitzer Prize winning writer I Chiu Coker who wrote ray Donovan Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley who wrote spanner man homecoming. Joseph Robert Cole who wrote black panther. Nicole Pearlman who wrote guardians of the galaxy Jeff thinker who wrote the dark tower series that's coming out. Nicole rival who rose older girls don't of the property Geneva Roberts and who wrote Tomb Raider and Bryan cave on the writer from loss but bright. People on. Fantastic writer he wrote Y the last man which is a phenomenal. Yeah its ground. From vertigo and he also wrote X mocking her which Patton Oswald was the biggest and a for the longest time that's a great great series. He also wrote one of my favorite marvel comic properties that I can't wait to see one day. Poll runaways. Were a bunch of kids find out their parents are all super villains then. And they literally run away but you've got a late in that you find out I guess it's an alien and his kids a mutant and that's you know magic powers this team. He's actually on the all. Dodd and Sully and the like rank him on legit legit right here playing any routes and that is that the loss and the incredible and I'm like. That's and so I'm very excited about that kind of newsroom good doing just this I'm like oh you are right or you're not documents here it. Go over the previous writers of these properties and now not these people. Now because those on better than honour this is this pretty bad the avengers assemble a reading okay. Sue him outside know. Yeah I mean is it sounds cool but on moment BIs. May in this may be an age difference. Eileen deal of all the property you just named I have never heard of any of them except for transformers and G edge out. Yeah and it's it doesn't look like they're in an eight including transformers is I think true as far as has its own riding around. They've gone that route with transformers as well where the next few movies and leave it there tonight. Everyone's everyone's going to Disney marvel route like that we've got to have a writers' room we gotta have. A blueprint. We FL player and yelled we're yes for making this movie but we're assuming there's gonna be a sequel we got crazy is that they're all chasing them marvel plan. But it's really only works for marvel. So far. And negatively than last can be used to work trying to replicate it. Yeah yeah William. You know marble started doing something I went eastern and maybe in the late nineties early two thousands of these started marble and doing that long. They were doing the marble or treat them and they take all the main writers all the main stories and I hey we're gonna go to this cabin. For two weeks seven Gavin the static Avant woods then I think we're gonna go this fat. We're gonna barbecue and we're not going to be the Phillies were we're gonna just. Bee nerds Michoacan books and right. And there'll be a public a white board like the S and L like hey what's what's what's it's gonna do this being so gullible white lowered its like Halloween is all I wanna. Cinnamon and it. You know I have this characters in a hole in outer space and somebody else like. I asked that all right. All you need a reason of gladiator and volleys dealing becomes a big hits. That's how all this happens because these writers in her room they're like. What do we do and and it's it's almost like. Prince onstage general and most rightly. Is that like what you're doing this that I do this this guy that ties him because I'm bottom underwent in under the super cool I'm very excited. You won't get these really shady Diego. He's getting more and hopefully both for. I know that story I know that you're not really to examine that and race. I get out of that well anything good. It is I want to get through to watch it. That now. I'm democracy should tell you. I want to larger terrorism or transfers in the apps and it's not what they do it transformers like if you do an Iraq enters room like that legit like. This got a good writers and those letters earns yeah it. I always believe that I talk about the gateways and power in the game is cool earlier in the show when you know some people go to the radius is like it was cool telling what's Maria. And I I feel like legitimate surely you know Shannon was on the show last week. It was so great to have a female voice speaking guys. You and I get really nerdy about stuff but it's great to talk to her about like the surface level you know I mean like. You are durable Tony mills he. Played I am I I'm passionate about it like she doesn't know things that you and I know my becoming what it's like so great. You know she can she's one. She's satellite season to think she's gonna start this weekend. General freight shenanigans small as we call her back on the cool and it's. The more voice you haven't room the better you are creatively just just I feel on subways are shady Martin's view yeah if you got more. Created a very inclusive person not knowing that partisans like or are Auburn and it really does it in that and I issued so thrilling. No but I can tell them oh I think he we have a good time maybe he won't shoot some. Now you put it that. She sang out but if if the goal is the universe that expands different outlets the movie's two hour drive into the same thing. Writers' room is aptly how you wanna go about it yet to get these figures were planning announced like okay inevitably go up in the company's. And you gonna double world or GA Joseph visionaries and mask existing and that's that was my child what was mask. That was the mobile soul strike command. That was the they have helmets right and then one guy ahead of him or recycle and many rides motorcycles overall and a battle enters into. When you hover in the show G edge and observers noted a separate cartoons of several urgent but now these cartoons. In my head. Telling us what universe and now. You can master as the property judge you gonna go probably like maybe Iraq is still in GI Joseph and I. The rock and he's got lots of lined up ma she does now you Jumanji and yet you Monday's guest is Dan. They have and it's exciting at lake you can have like a character like the rock in GA GO and it sets out. The movie mask and maybe he makes an appearance and masking it's like all these crazy vehicle while. He's an every facet. Colored. Rocks him today. You. So this is in the show. Obviously you Mon we start out semi depressed and and tired I'm glad to talk that out and it. In that we feel okay about talk about we talked about you but it was fun endless and speaking of fun I can imagine it's obvious show. You can still text and movies to 6174. Yes to win tickets to see that on evidently that's next Saturday and try it April 30. Probably by Thursday make you Texas and I'm even with tickets on the show as well on Monday. Meant if you Thursday on a familiar and anatomy and a key on a movie with. Keegan Michael key and Jordan peel. And it's going to be alters our mission valley has center now with an expanded menu in great selection of local craft Beers in alters I think you again very. Giving us these tickets and we're gonna have a screening like finger. They haven't announced the screening times in Bolivia by. We're aiming for like 7 o'clock 730 showing on Saturday night April 30 this before comes out and blue dog who goes on Friday in Atlanta on Saturday but we do the podcast and I'm on the air so. Will we see it Saturday night. And this is technically hash tag because they're gonna post you and I being there than it would on didn't really surprise attack on site is well old by the way I mean I. So text movies is 61749. And even if you don't think you're tickets I have nothing to announce. But I asked her what I've been talking about as we're working on captain America's war when he comes out like two weeks so where does your role race and capsule war. Promoting that as well so text movies as excellence and 49. I'm twenty gets from at and were they frozen. Pizza.