Capes on Capes - Creator of Deadpool, Rob Liefeld Interview from Wondercon 2017

Sunday, April 2nd

Hamby sits down to interview the creator of Deadpool, Rob Liefeld from Wondercon.  Rob had just got done hosting an incredible panel in Room 209 on Saturday April 1st, 2017 discussing his new Original Graphic Novel "Bad Blood" from Marvel Comics.  Bad Blood will be availble in hardback in bookstores, comic book shops, and wherever graphic novels can be found on May 17th.  Among the many things discussed Rob shares his love of the Los Angeles Lakes, thoughts on social media, how he's career connected him with the drummer from REO Speedwagon, the importance of casting Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool for the movie, and what has been the lasting legacy and impact of the founding of Image Comics on today's creators like Robert Kirkman, creator of "The Walking Dead".