Capes on Capes - Bryce Ate WHAT in Japan?

Thursday, May 18th

Bryce is back from vacation in this clip from Episode 50.  Thank you @MasterJediStoop for the edit.  Bryce talks about Chicken and Horse Shashimi he had while on vacation in Japan recently.

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And was inches and we have ever had some of that struck a blow out there chickens are seeming like the thing rob and delicious she she needs. Well I just got Rodney dependence lets us girls have a seared in the outsiders very get. As of yet they can do that yeah I can't hear any I found you can eat any meat as long as it was raised well. And is very fresh Basil had a horse meat sauce Simi which are on me yeah origami is like a a sit a really good beef. And the most incredible sushi are very happy if you would say very tender yes we brought into the gaming at all.