Capes on Capes with Brian Waggoner talking Marvel Heroes Omega

Saturday, July 8th

Originally live streamed on Hamby's Twitch channel, so if you hear character voices and noises from the background we were playing Marvel Heroes Omega on Playstation 4 while doing the interview.  Check out the video!  Also you can win characters to play for FREE in Marvel Heroes Omega by texting "Marvel" to 61749. Message and Data rates apply. Characters are for Playstation and North America only.

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It of the delayed but on I'd like to introduce you to the game designer Bryan Wagner Eric Lew. I greens are not me thanks so much is the TV this thing so much for joining us. And before and I radio NCAA or alternative rock station. This Diego Padres. But we're also beat and gamers and I really appreciate you guys. Taking time to join us in case. Happy anniversary the for your anniversary this game this. And now it's on console and I'm super excited. Yeah. It's been a busy month. Exhilarating. Comment what's it like for you guys that I did mention you know forever and he's here now. What's that bluntly tells the team changed in the end it's different now on console can't see. Other console version. I would say it's still has the same. Court you know and I mean yes it still has. You know. Marvel heroes it has you know. Ones that you know going. It still has great era PG game play. And you know it is great roads in his fanatics or elements are simply that. But it's also a lot different because. Just taking it easy game putting her console. Does not a good console game make so. We took a lot of time and kind of breakdown a lot of a lot of the game you know to make sure that felt really great of a controller. To make sure that the life felt really good because you lose a lot of fidelity. But if you're used to having mouse and keyboard to do. Close your input and selection and reflect that. They can feel like it was a lot fidelity you. When you have controller losers let's buttons on the don't have the fight shall amounts so. It takes a lot of time to make sure that I. Right and it's intuitive and not clunky. Mean. Yeah its it's. It's been an honor to do that but it came out real well. It's supposed to do. Please listen up and just. Really appreciate you. Crashes. The word I was looking. You're just here. That's good that's good over in the. Use these are. What talent you have. And some characters. Really blossom later in the game especially. Let's look at current topics at the. Any outside things yeah. Yet talents are. One of the great things actually came out. Working. On the console version. You can really we actually use them on PC about six months before. Woodward. And I think it's absolutely free choice on her progress. Before we we just had the traditional still curious that. Anybody who's. That you can maybe our energy is used to Wear an Arlington. Yo ma that something that makes it better. And we thought that you know we felt like I was getting an excuse me a little stale. Where it was it was quite right. Incremental PowerPoint never did never really felt like. Never really. Felt like you were getting more powerful it was a more Brad Walker. So instead he says okay. What we wanted to do as you watch to have more choice and have more significant. The road that you when your level. We have you on our facilities. We'll certainly. So you. They're those first thirty what was your very conflicted hero boring mechanics brings her inner resource. I'm wearing the primary resource. And then what you're at level thirty venues are blocking Rhode Island. And this talent in me. I noticed this. But they concede anything. Anything about it click yes and it's it's really cool because every time. Yeah we go back and we've been working on a new hero world report and update for a foreign posting more. He just by cooler cooler things we can do. Did you ever like even here. If ever felt so. Guys it's really greatly by having been treated sample there's them the boot. Like playing mailers firemen. And they like being up there and slapping guys around or some people who like to play arranged you know using web shooters and before it was like go well you know we have to kind of support the bill and weird ways because. You put the points in your abilities. Now we can just say oh okay this ability that you speed you know something is now. Now it's arranged ability and it's not only just a range ability but it totally feels that that yeah. And then. You know it it it it's almost like it's a completely different here on. I think is really really weren't that the biggest you know. Biggest points of the of the game as far as effort. I think. It is one that really surprised me was seen. Slight. Here is telling me now. This is amazingly. She definitely showed that and the other ones like. Origin is a good example Piazza's. He functions using you know he has to power which is as primary source of an. It also has this overheated mechanic where you it generates heat and then you become overheated. Abilities and looser abilities. Like the media before he I was playing Q you have all of the guns. And so. Politically really so bad because. Changes arms which is. But most of I prefer playing fringe and felt. We are really you know if you're putting range because overview auxiliary facilities that. You know that's not really great because it makes me now with the way I wanted so you've just been talent that says okay he could no longer a thing. And it Boozer abilities often and in these and so you very often this. I felt more machine. I was like oh my god he's. We're losing and I want. And I so it's like. Tyler it's. I just kept busy especially when it. Thanks so the question I was going to ask all play against these friendlies here. Jessica Jones playable character or is calling me. I find that. I later in the game. I think they're trying to Lockett tell. Yeah it's. Yeah it out of it and you've it is being. And heroes for hire and so blowing all those. And everything about it saves. It is. Trade policies. Pollutants and those some of these changes well yeah. That's the security of just against him up as well. On PC so if you really love just Jones. You can it later. In every team a few minutes. You know you're playing daredevil or whoever else. I was wondering. I don't know exactly how pleased. He's talking. Or they're just. Controller there's less. Yeah I. Body and it. Nothing to announce but yeah I mean that is on the right. Don't just assume. Well I was just. Greater flexibility. And for us to keep that much more focused where you can just see Jones. Purely from a designs it. The powers really as a super heroes aren't that. Like she is incredibly interesting character. But there is a fairly generic group. So. Yeah that's what these were you know we look at the computer people. But we you know we want to figure out why do the mixer. CN. Above the rest or you know make people say oh this really is worth it to viable. Is that. All the steal a lot of cool effort. Available using. You could actually you're really good candidate to do something like. And it cost him it's pretty great Social Security a lot of hours. So yeah options available to us on he has. Just making moves and actually I think we have more team ups and rehab. Label heroes and you know we have a lot of steps that we can Oprah. I think it's really exciting. But I do attitude. I think that we ensure right now and now of course that. The nuts and piece he's and years ago. Aspire Starr she's just what I care characters. Are either I was telling. That stream that's it. And greatest things about this right now yeah. He's a little bit as. It's. Clear you know bringing to console so there's four years. From yours or your history you guys. And it's you know it's like here like Tina your fires are finally. Hope it's one day she can you character like this gets me. His interest in the it's at it's four years old age and you at this time I am really appreciate it. Yeah that that's that's one of the reasons why we are reporters are confident that breezed through the councils because you. And we before here's experienced any PC games and consoles and completely different market. We you know we know that we have a lot of a lot of content believes that earlier this week. You know. I don't know that saying we're going to be all that over is now. That we can make because there's some things that life. We we had a really good chance in making the console versions trusted to take out a step back and look at all of the different parts of the game. And find things that we like about it findings that we didn't like about it and Wednesday and we changed things we don't like. And so that's that's very you know. We are very careful about which games are available at auction console very careful about which heroes are available. Console launch because we want to make sure right out of the gate it was a very clear very focused and a very good experience. And so we have some news in modes and peace either they're ordered that usually things like post and an accidents you know players like. Uncle doesn't Luther you know a little bit antiquated and so bringing them to console. To a new audience we wouldn't wanna bring a game that is probably years old. Margaret government and expressions new and updated ways it felt like in years so. Yeah we do have a lot of a lot of the stuff they collect cards in the deck. And you know and we only had some you know we have some of them we're going to be was. Yes it's very exciting to have eight. Wolf it. It. You know there's only sixty. You're gonna reach a new audience and I'm excited to. It's. Got me hey if you want. You can do it here and that's so you know we'll start we'll watch. What the players like. Him. In the field and off all the feedback we're getting. Doesn't mean you're born there or you know for me I think the best part about this hearing stories as coach go up as it is a really big part of the we'll look out thought and it's been pretty good kid and every time here's a story. Players these days you know what this is something that I can play with my kids and there's. My. Art theory here as you go out if they've got some bad guys together I just I loved that because. It's a little bit of a everybody. The veteran. Yeah because. It's isn't real regional players. Is partly because between him and it was this that that. Partly it's. You know like it's gonna excellence in just hours with him. Look reaching element audiences really good. You really. Give you feedback we have got to it. Let's. It was at the most. And this is their favorite did. Oh. Yeah. And it's obviously is if it's true. I've played well you know the sixty cubic feet. And I have my favorite there and then play a bunch of oh. Every time I play them and console. It's. I honestly haven't answered that. Because it came today we do we. I'm wearing it. I also like I'm about it. But things kind of dramatic mirrored instance some days out of before. And so it's what people. And so it's for me it depends on the group and the day itself. Yeah it's. Yeah she is very. One of our most popular pastors. Players really really loved her and we're really glad that we have achieved here. To counsel. I am I to suffered from. I haven't seen. Yeah that we can only care. I didn't fit right. That's something that part in this game. You'll burn. Spent the Summers. Please that was great is really popular. Here you can and so. We went through a lot of reviewers it's physically impossible. You go back and meego and so we've. Who says that about yourself like. I'm here that you wouldn't acres. If you're counts kind of like it's colossus. Colossus would be this summer but it was truly viable so the Doctor Strange. We're back so. You Israelis Iran. Destroyed by Paul. Having. Here's the studios field. Like they should. I guess is the best we've. Always when the number of things number one things in designing and secure. Their. You feel life. We're. Just launched. Constant guys go. Now feel we have good Leo. An ideal schedule of releases. Black cat and nursed recommend homecoming concert. Which. Black is going to be comfortable here is my favorite tournament. Which feel that you terminal which you can go in and I finished sixth and then. And it's with a brand new book life. Torture. What. That's coming later this month so that lets Libya and expertise to both. You're confident and where it'll happen. We also. Your future it is we're also. Very make. That's responsible. And what well. Featured role in the next that would show. So definitely hurt her over as well. That. You have played and we've talked about Luke some good on the PC side ready. If he mentioned that we're working on some content on the view across all mortal beings and all that has to do. And that we had that works. We're also working remembered about yourself over the council. Do I. Each other. Calls. Quote I mean where yours Ehrlichman and we try to figure out ways to bring. You know things from the public. Films and. In that game. Especially since you know. I mean a really great example of this news. Marvel keeps a lot of things close the best. Yeah Rory talking. Last year but this time really what we wanted to do or. Agency shield. Or in the fall on some humans and and work your way through May have some of their ideas for Cuba and then you. What that oh yeah by the way. And so bitterly after that but I thought that. You hear it if we have to double play. It's also perhaps that we have repeat it. And we did and he's up in such a great team he's got a charter. He's yeah he's super super. I does he always speaks of it there. Of course. Shield emblem since that's my grocery experience. It does go where. Young relievers. Surfaced that they had about woods. Where and started down that route and that we. It's one of those things where I think if we had more time we would've made it work but. Like having your travel art so much of go straighter playbook and they've surrounded him. Maybe we're changing that to a hard. The first card our game. Would be it would look at it. We're it is if you looked at doesn't powers were called in and like an inferior to drive everywhere. Real sure why. Homework and I. Yeah so no we just victory in. There's a lot of things that we want to. A provider. And use it for your support stuff like that. This president. Social features are really what what's so it you know if you think group's other most have been really popular it's. Rick everything you have. It's noble. My friend and I did fit. Who did this thing and together it's. But his true. If this sounds. Great ways to make memories pilgrims. Trying to make it bigger moments where. And they should step ago. What. Like that and we'll go through body. Popular yes and it it's it's really remembered what was the car in. As the accidental. Just like. Arcadia. Alaska experts cite rule likely to be usgs and every point right. Yeah that and that's probably one of its epicenter. Of that throughout what did you know it's like. It's having too many books in there's such a huge array of characters in this idea world. Believe these instruments he's in the world at this point. There's somebody giving you characters to choose from that. Really hard to break out of that. And you can't even tell your community because I was the first is everybody has their favorites and everybody has. You know they wanted game. You know we go through everything on the table. Did you really thought this. We all have our didn't wanna add even with the 62. Already. It's still super hard because big league at that point reflect okay. All the like what guys who isn't more being. They would not let. You know quit all the different families and the total history and not only comics with the films do you view it. It's it is an unlimited throat. Ideas. It's. If you're in a process. Yeah. Yeah. He's having and where your experience and see what we're zone. It if you didn't make a lot of decisions that we give. He's gotten. Group which it was video of it or always refused flirted. All of that we're hearing from our choices. That would be you know maybe when we announce who you know or you're worsening. A lot of players are saying oh my god we're gonna do with this and and really just way we have really good plan. If it was ultra right like. Oprah and he's such an iconic villain. And he and everybody who's read his stories of experience. Bill. As very specific ideas about what approach do. So you know trying to. Very clean and place a game play it's very tough but it worked out really well. Have their personal conflict over us we can do ultra he's like one of the most powerful film and in the universe and it is tab and we'll to destroy everything in. You know every every I think we really do it's job that. He's one of our our more popular here it's and we're richer than they do this year it would. We're we're taking your first. Kind of separate version of hero. With. Where the door opens and yes so we mean we have. We have. Or in our game the one that you everybody knows the hammer. With me over here and always Clinton attacks but it's. There's a lot there's some factories losses ever lost hours and completely. If you still sore. But not the war. And he you know he uses the words or use. Acts. Field and it's really cool. If. So yeah. But it's fun and it's also really challenging road. This week we had an unlimited amount of resources it's. And you know back when it was like. The editors to marvel movies here and I've been killed. And it's like every other month there's there's something to do you know you go from earnings to. To those Spider-Man two defenders you know I just keeps going. And every one of those things where are important to different audiences and always on something mean. We always try to hit as much as we can't just do. Give players some things some aggression in you or. Four and yeah it's it's. It's thinking and your business you know and that's where where the hardest part of this comes from because you know we are there are so. Again we have been limited resources we knew were there here's an here every month. You know here's even you know here's two month and it. Make sure you know hurt guardians do and here's a little Ruder or whatever. But and that's when the hard truth fit right. We know our capacity we know we can do it sometimes like I. We really wanted to do a label for this we just we just don't have the past he would do it. I'm and that's tough but the great thing about this IP is there's always going to be you know a change history. Yeah that's ladies love books and it's just that little. You do you know. How much there's isn't easy. Hope for characters and then things you know and I like. He's he's like that you ask me. You can also just excited when it. Awesome yeah. It's something that I I probably should clear up to its. Like the console. Our goal was not just a feeling well here's here's another year it's easier for your PC you want to release new days to. You know we have a lot of here is that we can pull from you know bring order outs. But we have a lot of heroes that you know we're gonna release. That are brand new. Some you know some missing sync up with movie and TV in and ultimately it's. But you know I. Carnage is. He's come into PC at the end of the month. And and we definitely wanna bring him to console. At some point in. Yeah there's there's a lot of stuff with a worsening global sponsor or new label here is that we wanna get testify to console players suit says. I. It's. It's totally totally go. My buddy who. It is. Thomas it. He is huge. Eatery built. It's for Hitler and there's but it is more so it's. Request for eatery. Eater or will it. Oh yeah. No I have a meeting with their model is that it is not the negative guys reiterate possible. He's got used to order the new. Are good men and history struck. Out. You go I think you so much for joining us I'm. We are giving away some characters let's turn collectively. You can text marveled just one sentence what nine guys don't it's quite obvious is planning codes and dental coats is part of the county coast replay. And became a street play. These guys are taking their time outs and countless talk about it Carson thank you so much. You bet. Thank you take care he acts. Awesome. Your father that. I moved to lean. Stop playing it this and he's keeping it going for awhile. Into. I'm. To come. What else it's. Shifts its. I just eat. It part eat at its core casino there's Nader. And hearing entire. Structure. And we've got a new episode that he's on his podcast and our wounds and about an hour. Was Spiderman. We know more common country common content. So again thank you for watching. Thank you against it Bryant. But it can be ominous music out. We'll talk.