Capes on Capes - Alyssa Guest Reviews "Mother"

Monday, September 18th

Alyssa does not have Acid nor a PHD and she feels she needed those to understand Mother, the new movie starring Jennifer Lawrence.  *SPOILERS*  Alyssa REALLY wanted to love this movie, but her experience with the movie was so awful she HAD to join us for a guest review on this episode of Capes on Capes.  Maybe she will give us a Retro Review for The Vampire Diaries finally.

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Well handy if you want to near review a Jennifer Lawrence is in new movie mother. Here now. It at all. Don't see it but that's pretty much the quickest and easiest way to put it this thing made seven point five million in its opening weekend. Which by the way is. Unfortunately it 31 dollars of that. That I will never get back to preface this by saying and I took a lift in May be right. And it looks driver as like what litter thing CNN's own mother. Is it called Alex good I'm like right I know I'm Christine Jennifer Lawrence in a badge to get Philly she everything she's in usually get. Don't let up W that is not the case. Okay does not case this time. Local time against sitting in the theater on I found Wikipedia in what this movie is about I'm watching it. Two solid hours and he's sitting in this theater and I had no idea what's going on on the screen element if you look up at the movie is about. While you are there. Think fail OK I like movies that are easy to digest like American hiding can't comment here many analyst at some dummy but like. Still and I feel little biased but. I don't see as maybe all you need to have a Ph.D. or be on said. Or have a Ph.D. and be on acid and then maybe he'll get it perfectly unfortunately I wasn't on adult height and things. I don't have to cannot peachy either so some might be spoiler ahead. Early tee shirt isn't a lot Alicia with the movement of bowel. On that pretty much it's two hours of jail locked trying to get people opera house. A very chaotic it's a frat party gone wrong. They won't leave they will they she's screaming and they just won't get out keep breaking things a little water everywhere they yelling everywhere late. It just a match it's stresses you out not only to movies Cuba in a way that like how party directly to get out of my house now you can't get any relief. Michelle Pfeiffer is that. It took this time not looking for a cool writer she's just looking to be like the most annoying woman on the planet like you while punch in the face. Michelle fighters that's like that's saying a lot for me also Chris can we isn't it. Bushy company illegal hi yes this is this is really need to get saved it does not. Acacia just comes think she's in jail on the lips sheets to people in the head and then bounce that she is done. This movie tonight to be a horror thrillers. It neither of those things it's a literally just remind the whole time Regis don't know what's going on. OK and also Jennifer Lawrence had a baby. Right fine okay. The peavy gets slaughtered. Richard. Really does his baby killed slaughtered butchered every McCauley. They each of publicity not we should over the and got us the play in the movie where I started laughing I say it laughing obnoxious when I can control myself because that's the moment when I realized. Either I am just a lot dumber then I nail like I'm just I'm not Smart. Earth this movie was just really really really bad and go with the second one. Probably the best part is meany is that you get to see Jennifer Lawrence is tubes. But if you saw her knew that relief the year ago. You pretty soft her boobs so that's not a minute that's not even a great part of the movie there's really no depart this movie so pretty save your money. Spent 31 dollars on a couple loads of laundry. Do yourself like a Red Bull vodka and gas plant but that's maturing in Q why phone charger. Thank you ever have too many of those savings 31 dollars this did not patent Aberdeen.