Capes On Capes 75 - Star Wars The Last Jedi with Rich from Padres Radio

Thursday, December 21st


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Thanks for joining us everybody time to talk Major League Boeing's ball as we bring you re really rich but yet run podcast. Talk congress hear us. Yeah bomb I would just like to start off with some housekeeping Bryson who enrich our guest special guest. Richar error from a city of Hyder is and that a project radio. It got his money is so you. We got all of our buddy Billy Joseph everybody but I'm. I'm noticing holiday cards here I'm here in the studio floor where Damon Jason on the moment for nine. And Mike hands and then Jeremy. Regardless it was so sweet so where does that say kids holiday cards I just. Move on Indiana killing a man man Valentine's Day card instantly hit it leaves it to her did. And like I usually did you know we're moving. But the new facility. Did you get to dress no not ambiguous at the new facility went and he bit into the spot since he now all I have made recently. Yeah you don't have keys. Now. A lot of times in life and I've been to that wiped I've been in the new club serious because you don't get paid to be here to get him out of the music is our new studio I would never say that is your debts and even I am glad that. Get property taxes well we are finally joined this week what Evans at least some of I've. Caves caves episode 75 possibly the last one of 2017 we don't help other yelling and Yuen long. Well Tom. Most cynical ways and he I can't drive into next week money yes well we have let me apply semifinal than to get to you by we are finally joined by our good friend rich. A Padres area who we've been talking to you for a year about wanted to be on the I think he's our Matt Damon to Jimmy Kimmel. Utterly out at a time rental and there. Are apologists or reds who ran out of time ran that time I think you guys. Super for letting me come in on a big fan. Rigs my son came with us and he listened so we've listened to the car because we're both big. Comic book fans were big Star Wars fans wishing get into heated passionate debates and fist fights over. Justice League vs Clinton. I can't totally like one of those parties is getting beat. Yeah. I think Eric is probably on my side they know you are justly fan and a huge Justice League damned yeah. He's a marvel guy Captain America Captain America yeah die he watched would would you download the king's men. Yeah of the first does that second on a gap as they would just on the prize funds the first one it was fantastic man that was awesome. There isn't content Riggs how old are you seventeen OK as wanna. No no it's a that's a good thing I'm getting more perspective we you know we know now you guys fool I begged not I don't feel chaotic kilograms 68 an all time. I got past that allowed them. I swallowed that actually all the time and you battled through you know you know year old. Is one teenagers don't pay attention to the mound mall. And a long time ago I have followed us and then the funeral and well we're gonna it's hard. Start or is yes the last yet I mean I don't think. I've been trying to plan for nerd news daily tonight as well. It's really been slow like this week especially for Chris waters it's this is that times and you said Dan radio is quiet ran out of there was no question eight trailer like it. I think you know as far as news goes but I don't think not been eating I heard a story today Batman Arabs are bad and Ben Affleck. We'd still like to direct bat man and I didn't click on the link I was like that's adorable that Spiller. I am happy I don't know without him regulate the idea again John Hammond. I like it yet if that happens a lot he may have I don't. And but you're Donald about many fits really well well here's a real broad stroke we are at the Christmas party last night an average are talking about. The lash and I think actually tackled him be torn to zone that you talked about last. Do the same thing rice when I saw him I was like it's not based on the no doubt about this follows a lot about startle and snow yeah I don't look at stories I've originally had inches think ours Asia where. I basically said out loud for the first time that. I was kind of excited about some of the choices they may with last set I will get into that will spoil things that I apologize there'll be some spoilers here. But it was it was fun for me that I felt. Until almost troll Lee. Mike I felt like I'm glad eating get answers in this like I was excited I got that I want the whole world the bird. I. Great so rigs we walked in we're like two OK so order a result of rock out there who was slow why is this why that when there's so much build up on FaceBook and social media. Was re really related to it took high low rent we talked about that India. Our issue related to Obi wan could no reorient related there aren't yeah are going into is that she's like all the ones great great granddaughters. What's been so there silly questions I walked away. Almost feeling like I was promised. Captain asthma was gonna be a bigger part could be out so we live down Florida before muhtar we would go to Hollywood studios all the time all the time and I stood price of her friends are you working on Star Wars and got a chance to see him when we are back and last week when things. And you know captain asthma rigs. Is a big part of all the of the stuff that's going on Disney World we tried everything Star Wars has something to do with cap and yes she's and everything but she I thought I was gonna get a lot over her in the movie. Honestly same thing as the first really kind of honestly yeah she is a little I felt she was a little like well look that where she suppose I just this peace. And then she's like one's seen it. We don't know just as well. It. I'd I'd be I'd I'd take the under on that that she is dead and I don't know if you don't know if I would Jason found me is gonna. Sorry it is and I think probably the not assert that the all like this whoever rice and our boys yet I'll see I know I just inviting this round now and I'd like. Yeah his father all you can do that feels pretty everybody tick shots. I it just gonna actually bigger discreet about this as well because the way she went out in the movie I was like honestly. That could be an offscreen and she stole a line. It seems like she college of fire inferno Mike to you by CB IC a body lets move URL of cyber chic is the you need a break that down frame by frame if she just goes into the flames during the civil if it's into the plains and even extra light. Burst up she. Eileen good. Brit I need a break and yeah. I need this I am right I know the supreme leader right is dead because you somehow. Then we summon help have been solid Jim. When he hit the when you're at the bottom edit data cut late come back later and they're looking down at him like he would we do now. Keep in yeah yeah we've been right about that whole scene especially with snow is I've not been a fan of smoke since the first and didn't iron. And and fans are feel free if you're a fan. Any built of this mystery in your head in your heart in this was part. Of why you were excited for the next hours early I feel bad for you national semi are right is that I never took that her now for meat and cleared the way the aggressor. Let's talk let's go right. There aren't good and yeah if you want to go read the book I ever will I don't care about is there Dirk I was. I I I felt like its role I was like I gleefully wanting. In the world burn I think it's an evil and laden are like it. So we're here. And there's there's there's been there's been talk of a theme in this movie of this rhetoric John Ryan was named Ryan Johnson Brian Johnson had backwards Ryan Johnson he's an ID three Ortiz. But not related to the summit more stars yes I don't the next Julia so it seems there's a theory. And there's some evidence to back that based on what we thought. That Ryan Johnson. Part might not have cared for force awakens because he really undid a lot of them movie here's the thing about that and I see that story a lot I've seen a lot of reviews. And articles. Take pop shots at Ryan Johnson saying. He wasn't a big fan JJ Abrams this stuff and the force awaken and so he got rid heating carefree captain as me heating care for ray's parent team care for snow. But the problem I have with a all of that theory. Is that. Disney is the machine and we we talk about these stories every single week of the directors and can't operate in the machine. And they burn themselves out and then Ron Howard has the command to meet a new director and what does it. Is this is exactly the movie. Disney wanted to make this is not. Brian Johnson's movies I'm I'm Kathleen Kennedy has got her strokes on his way more than Rangel creating what he was involved and we're in vows boundaries and they are real idea I like. Crashing his helmet that is not good for toy sales but he did it you got rid of the helmet now snow a lot of action. Maybe not may be an action feel like Wheldon now he's gone. I'm in a good conversation piece was where's ray's parents where they they're nowhere because they're nobody well again on that note. Wing it the only person who says that. To her in this movie is Kyle though they could be lying to us look really why I felt like I was very disturbed just killed his father. In the movie before I mean like. You have bad. Either that narrator he's not trustworthy and peace and they someone who would lighter red now maybe if anyone he would rigs which McConnell ran. He's a knock off Darth Vader they wanna make him seem like big and that was sir but he takes up the helmet and he's jeans and inside. Gillick snow actually. Mocks him you know he yeah he comes into his take off that silly element. Because you like you're not you know like rumors saying you're not Darth Vader you're not. Here's what you wanna be. But here you know you're aren't your ten. On the block east to prepay an elbow we Duarte at what you expect how well we're not or an awful sorry to be immune tolerance and Ted sexton. So go back to the one line in the movie were Carlo. Can I jump ahead to battleship around us February yet so Kai hotels ray come with me would let everything die. Yeah was that foreshadowing of what's gonna happen in the style which franchise minus I don't know that I think everything go I think that was more of a theme a lot of characters voiced that team especially Luke. Column being the main force driving that theme of we need to let everything in we need a letter all die. I'm biting his whole movie. Was. Disney star hours saying you do need to let go. Now of this stuff we've you need you guys need to let go this stuff because I know for filmmakers yet there is a double in short right so what's what's now the bows to roll call. Which I'm old enough to know what that means my czar idea what does not mean OK so MI CKE YM WSE academia the musketeers TV show they would always read up through all the most deer or other got Justin Timberlake. There. So I saw so here's wake it breaks down I saw Star Wars at home on DB on on VCR. You do Bryson handy saw Star Wars probably. On a dvd now as I had to me it says we ask about thirty points of the track your wife Elin man. Our children and I'd make people. I had it just you don't ridge I've got a general. Lynch coming. So we watch it a DVR the next around Corvette at the watches and a dvd and he watches it on never assured now bush earnings and apple TV. So all of us have a different piece of the stout reports so if they want to make the movie appealed to Meehan the only old guy. That you keep the original cast and he gets old and dated light. Star Trek when they tried to of remake. The movie over and over already held the captain Kirk is walking with a walker right got too old after reboot it so we have to make sure that I still feel like a part of it. Make him part of it where. Star Wars to me is. Actually tapping in front of me stores to him is like. Home like god that that that special effects is so old and dom and cranky and it's it's lame it's not as good as. It's not here you're putting words in your sons now in a dramatic and I. I'm over here saying he could address that I would like Craig gore if you're invariably my favorite scene in any movie ever. Was when the deaths are love and and you know. See but I acted to read very Rich's point. You probably saw a version that George Lucas winning and added a lot of CI it was not same slow you can see a similar I saw the movie my first time I saw a new hope. Was on the old VHS that mom had in running that's not but that's not what we saw the movie the so we saw a movie Peter is even more. In the not in the ninety's they went through an updated all the graphics format to shut fun facts remain Arum I am actually physically seen all three of the original stars in theaters. He it's my mom was pregnant with me to go see the first one. That is that really count but I've always heard it maybe it's the at least personally. Story from late my mom was very pregnant and then I was I was born February newly tagged him because I'm. This summer now let's bring you signed Hawaii loved it and among my mind it was actually conceived as tantamount to leave my introduction to Star Wars my mom has been might get myself. A couple of years later can really get minuses. Going earlier like in Polly. So to a double feature of empire and your originals are hours so we saw originals are ours an empire on the big screen. And then a couple of years after that me for my mom took me out of school yet. And so I went to school the morning and then she came to him like ten or eleven and and she did not mean the return of the Jenna I darn fair and Scott Walker's. And so I got to go watch return of the jet I with Darth Vader was gorgeous reduce the plane had to. He told his mom did you have the little Kenner dolls yeah I had this extension is political gossip I had I love those that can't but bring it no articulation are you know. Apps like Luke Lewis the likes it came out there yeah yeah yeah it now raging out of play with us no no audio and of course. And edit and when they came on the nineties I was there in line I couldn't win that I'm it's fun fact I have actually seen. Well here until possibly doing this point is that this is it's so hard if you're the director of this movie. Do you stay true to meet Tony masters you have yeah via the adult that grew up. In his watches and it's a piece of my childhood once more Luke Skywalker right now or two why appealed to a millennial. Or what generation you. Over the one hour after do I appealed to them are ordinary movement testimonials and legal advice into the wheels generations done. He's not one I remember when I was part of the as some enact some lineal actually fall in. To bolster its categories in weird ways yet and I remember when I was not more hammer that yeah I'm. Notre on the cover of magazines being talked about in broad strokes. Threats on your point then though if if what they're doing in a sense is reinvention. Right he's got a reboot my best of it and then aren't we rebooting again I think there strippers to wake aliens and was. Another big FEMA ease Kyle though and Luke. And snow and others so actually. Snow actually. Represents. The old. Rules to sit and enjoy and I order and actually mentions that he says the time low you were accelerating so far in the dark I knew. That the light had to have an answer and he says that's what rains. That the light had to answer all of his dark and that's which she is will we look for that so that we can perhaps there and keep the cycle nine. And I was whole thing is as we need to in this cycle and Luke is saying you know the sit an edge and I both were wrong but you're right. All right people were wrong who's right or wrong we don't. It's not black and white we need to live more in the grey Ed you in the movie he does he does stare down. You know I'll quote unquote maybe he is. The last Jana maybe that was his point like maybe I do need to be the last yet Ike has been the Jan I isn't like. This university's I don't know I don't know of sorrow as we get away with that but I don't think he had that in America have to go back to this hidden agenda and its affiliate there there's little pieces. I don't get like there's a lot out of yeah I love it but the lying and so why did I have to reset the movie for the first order. In the small rebels of 530 I really play that's in our read that. That's true it is directed at this is not the answer but what IE. I didn't I should remind you that stuff but I didn't because I felt the force awakens to the poor job of paid isn't too bad it's the first order who are they it doesn't matter that are here. And oh they got their start again. So to just take the rebels and turn back into this really vulnerable position of Dole's got a remake yourself they'd feel more I OK and ash. Then I'd tell them pointed at the idea of rogue one shot that's gonna be the point I think that. Win win the rebels win and they become the republic. That's not a good movie and also your various cars story. You know stuffing out of small enemy very the rabble that same day I got together he cheers went off the rails against the dollar when the rev happy endings you get your hands together on hard headed and hammering go from there who'd bring him after Jim and Pam. I brought in than the next girl who married oh. Who's to Mary guarantee you may Allah says. It was that way right now so let's let's let's let's move on to the other part of this might be one. I wanna enter a rogue great I have a thing about rain I'm you know Kyle says this movie purity know the truth your parents or nobody and she doesn't. She doesn't agree she originally cashiers regime influence violently brightly she also as our protagonists never agrees with him and then says only not your right my parents were bunch and nobody's in thing got to become to this conclusion. We don't know that moment we do have him say that. I just realized force awakens and labor and win mas cannot. It was down to the basement of her bar to find rang after ray has discovered him in light Saber and she had a flash moment knocked her down the threat. And miles cannot and like give urine. And she's did you know who your your parents are and then. Race is no I was left behind and there's of the flashback of raving left behind just like and it's been really moon and then ma says you already know the truth. And I like oh my god they told us again ray's parents or nobody it just means part of her journey is accepting. My story is nobody's my parents were nobody's I was left behind I was sold. So is that at. And I know that's that's silly truth but if you want. If you want ammo for that story might go back to watch forcefully against the bottom of the cantina miles cannot talk to our minds says the same thing your you know your parents and nobody. So I am a big problem if that ends up being true because in the force awakens literally throughout the entire movie. Everyone seems to recognize who race for an somebody yeah area tat as somebody Leila I don't like she's known forever mean yeah eight. She thought let's I'll freeze we find out it's a girl let me and I think and big step back. Gang this isn't the same service really whereas George Lucas who has just mapped out in his mind for always known yet but he knows that he does here here's a here's the in this good this nobody could give different directors and their answer but right now this goes this is goings director writer to writer director to writer director. This can change that whoever has now. Doesn't necessarily have to be completely. Respectable flat out for them now they don't running you you don't you can't go crazy also rails so how did ready have a flashback scene if she's nobody. The force. Wouldn't have been forced to answer a lot of those questions like a magic you know I mean like. Speed horse but again I can defend with snow says this movie. Because of your evil. Biffle the light side had to find an answer and we around her she's so why should all these things. Because the force decides she yeah Koreans made out like she used her powers is facets union because the forces Digi connect yeah me blank. Like rate herb Brooks I'll walk you keep saying the force is really strong in my family. And ray is like. Going really fast in the regular spring I feel like that's what they have to mean only in my family strong woman about this movie in the big theme of burning it down and and and I mean obviously we lose him solo in the first movie spoilers. We've lost Carrie Fisher and realized soon Brit in general lay up kind of gone I was asking her to die in this movie I must. There could. We got role as a Bellini talked about the Mary Poppins thing. Yeah that was a great we'll get there did not let let's finish on the Amish don't you go by what you YouTube and Luke has now spoilers Luke has now died he can be a force goes well I think will be a force got again the original three. Are now officially gone and in so it is a question of. I mean does it keep people from having captain Kirk walking with the came. That was such a rocket so we're good it's an issue volume Peter Mayhew had to step down this this initially and another I think it was an inch about an easier you can avenue. PO but it's hard when I rigs are talking about James Bond today. Why do we why are we waiting on the next you respond to it's hard to have a James Bond. Be in the franchise for more than decade because they just out aged the role ugly right yeah. We age really fast Sweden is like every Phillip or young rapper and we'll have. Chris Evans is too old white man in America isn't about America per. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Souza away for the way to keep you know almost ranks yeah Hamas and she is their home is a way to keep them from just aging before our eyes and becomes a joke. I think it I think I especially Disney and exist we Disney has the umbrella so you know marble Star Wars all that rank. I think for Disney they're very cognizant and very aware of the fact they have to keep getting younger but they don't wanna give up. Making a good story and so you're gonna get Robert Downey junior for as long as we can as long as it. Worse the moment it doesn't work great. We're gonna replace you in re re Williams she's young black girl who becomes Iron Man in the congress and here's the new Iron Man and really that's what happens is that. When RD JC hold. You're gonna get the new young meaty female maybe minority you're gonna get all the boom boom boom because they're like hey you like me and. In you'll love Robert Downey junior here. And hard. And she is she does the city where she's younger Irish are out and she's error. And ended the other part is that. Didn't want me as the old dude to take my son they want you know prices the old dude. To take your kids and there's got to be the site it's like WWE Grassley vs WC them. WCW was all adult themed that was kind of dark. WWF was all superheroes because you want they are trying to get you to bring your kids you brought your kids you by five tickets but I just go to watch WCW words. You know violence and all of. BZW's try to sell you beer yeah Debbie Debbie you are trying to sell you emerge so they're long and they wanted to Disney experience. Debbie Debbie wanted to be rowdy they want our database now BZW wanted to be around him as much money as he spent chaired by Lucas and out of by fox they do need to get a return on harassment by pumping out a movie about every ten months my name is my biggest problem with this movie and and I was able to stomach it and I'll see you begin in May this stuff may stand out like really harsh to me was. All the products science. On any knowledge not like you know not like we soggy. The apple computers should play the Netherlands dollars and universe but toys toilet like always things like armed well you know link hey we're gonna go on this mission let's check in with miles cannot conceive she can help us out that yeah necessary. I cannot come under fire. Yeah. I was growing up about ten more movies well it's not just movies that musket out of think that's it bows and a reduction for new animated show anyway animated cartoon and it's like after. It's literally one of those things like hey if you're wondering why it was mas in the movie what happened to work here's. That is eternal light snow dying as fast as he did against spoilers let's not dying as fast as he did it you know guys say it. I didn't whether you're gonna tell you and he loves snow that's all well and good here's his book. And I'm like I grew OK not great at least it's weird it's like an onion. So this way I'd. Don't know where rates in my fan boys on the fan boy and could dump all fans are our money like it yet I don't know why rank amok or read the books. All look on FaceBook and Twitter and his dram a read the story you do YouTube. I love those but I'm not to read the books I never saw the cartoons. But I think I'm pretty and a Star Wars yet but there's others it'll just go Sheldon Cooper no doubt around. Posters started as he knows what they're telling us on it they will participate. But you know that's what they're counting on you know they're counting nine in front of the it's not counting on meet the fans today who doesn't care but they're coming a mile Santa ten years ago and it's like. Oh my god there's a new movie coming out plus five books plus for comments and honeydew you've game on I'm gonna be Star Wars dot the next six months. Barrett they want that guy they want that they had and I'm nothing nowadays and I'm like I really of the new week. Wanted to see it great. I loved could never in Hungary could ever comic books that you're anyway doesn't let this kid my life it. I saw this picture this kid did an eagle school. He must have been about eight years old coolest watch fox ever I wonder what happened to him. You don't talk about eight years old and another photo that's like sixers only sixers a what what what don't want fox to just try to go out literature image and I can hear box atlas and old photos that now in the process. It was my friend injure him and asked earlier kids and that. It was a photo my mom had found a couple years ago and send it to me and it's that two of us standing there. With our lunch boxes. Not mind return the jet I think his his GA Joseph working hand in listen the world was picking up lunch boxes right in the I'd like elbow a lot of the way if you if you. You wait did you ever do things our lunch box and didn't survive very long out here these guys we have this thing. Where there was this really long highway a hallway at the school it's so everyone on his ceiling how are you year. Box and hallway form your told. This. In this lunch boxes get a cut is gonna lashing the entire year can select for the first three months of school and they were still metal yeah he is LA when I was a kid and and I had this awesome Superman lunch box last me. Like a month and they got stolen by armed and better make sure. If you lose your Hancock Bastia next time you're sharing your caring your your caring your lunch in your pocket that was that was ahead of Larry Miller may about it BA's. I I sucked into playing with all the other kids in and it was those fun things sailing village boxes were still metal not plastic and so his we're just just rocketing is lunch box. Yeah well all weigh in just did is getting beat up yeah who's your favorite new character from this movie. News in rightly think. Cool who is even knew in the rose and you know. You know at least that could not stand rests I've been I'm gonna dig in and this is she can say that I'm taking that her words. We finally got Asian character and that was that wow a lot of those articles that's. His license Eddie eagle is a shoe I. And TV. But process that the issue is a San Diego I'm not dug into her car crazy well her her issue as Lou Williams UWB that is issued the movie hi we are not fans of the whole act. I like that lay is grooming. I like that pool we didn't like is this whole thing stopped taking risks do you need to be a leader. Could this kind of contradictory to all of the Star Wars movies you just gun it and go before we did talk about the last night analysts fine. What's a line in the movie. Can I say yeah excellent time please jump in my actually and blow something up no no don't own wrong line that's great line that's not my favorite line kind of what's a one line it's in every movie. Guy bad guy and I don't know yet exactly which is gone gonna take a chance at being say great point in the force awakens were Darth herb. Are there while on those like. Ray asked him like as this government and the more he's like. I never ask that questions are yet already done. Exactly it's into it it's it's kind of antithesis of what the rebels have been about and grow the roses part was kind of the peak of that you know. Finn is going to save everybody. And no 'cause it's not worth the risk and I killed myself in the act. Watching that part well like you might killed everybody by doing that. Well I actually. Here's a weird thing I actually light rose seeding fair and her saying that these guys. For me it that is the big driving force of the entire movie which turned out to be. We're not gonna be able to win by destroying what we eat. We're gonna win by Samuel we love it colonel Louis braille as well. Pretty ass kicked but we're not going to play by their game when I do we're knocking him and we're not gonna give in our moral high grow in its always aren't sure that exploit our way she definitely did something out on the save one life and risk. Everybody hill yeah. Are all well and again it goes viewpoint of the entire thing of Star Wars in the rebel. They always make our choices she should've let him do it and she gives them two days is just it was odd that she was in a pilot. For the final battle again that at all how she she. Yes she's at the very beginning I just can't find my boyfriend is not a black or even you guys and it was he was more of the most theater bright. Right but it this really plays trying to sort of Maria yeah yeah and real like military training yes. Reality. Of course why did he ask again it dikes are here as a get well. To flight and they're right and that's a situation of writers have to escape this is like. Where is about a hundred people here who's the best apply fly over plane it will only seconds on confused on them. Because he says he was a gender key deaths there is there is that trains aren't like this yes you're not only super soldier but he's on. Captain fast was personal platoon of the end and squat yet settled any money to wait seven ads saying I'll just a janitor. In a way out and I got skyward again or I I was gender card auto and I asked Lee ran and well feel good that they're not in Kansas under real pressure full story for sure I only know it from the movies by you know who. It did lose to a bad job explaining this. You know he had at that time for the that's literally like his first engagement. That's not like he's not like a bad acts like he's not like do we know again the first generation of modern storm troopers were not clones is like it just I think all right hander gets into is that they don't really explain in the movies but hawks. Why is hawks a factor because hugs his father. With the emperor. Develop this way of training troops and like. Not having closed but Blake basically birthing them Lleyton you know where. We huge birthing thing arena birth people and then train them from birth to be un troops. That's what the first order is yes his program. And at the follow the second dance dire I'm I'm I'm doing guys it would book information to their and a few of the bucks a share at the Paul the second death dire. The temporary dies and he is his plans contingency plan goes enough a fact. And so the whole battle of two coup where you know he's seen all the ships are crashed and killed. That original battle. Haven't post. And deaths are the death star and that's where hugs his dad in a couple other high apps have taken everything of the empire. And they're gonna like they're gonna kill all the line of storms elderly. You can't. Like we're gonna go off everybody who's been she any we've led this thing to excessive rent a boil it down to the best of the best and we're gonna leave and that's what I did. So I don't know how they come back I don't know that whole story but so them the little visit training program for the and that's where food comes from is this training program. Part of the back story read for hawks is the reason why in and we got to talk but this was he incompetent because. Snow talks I think he's acknowledged because the movie needs him to be out of these yeah I think Connor is the spoiled brat who's got an army news on the family needs him to. Beef and they need him to be like. Yeah. Having turned violent and even that characters what what note. I actually I did question our hawks' brass and sent them to our government and anyway my points of snow and throws snow those machine is laying yeah. Any way before he trips yeah. Right drag them around the rim the back story the reason why it was a Triad. Is it's no it was a supreme leader yep but he talks for the military in the needed his apprentice does yeah have been -- his dad is the one who agree of them yet house is that is what who invented the training programs so he needs hawks ordered bell hugs failing to me charged to blow for the military right because they are the ones who built the military says that's when we're on the when there on the lockers yells refers to his mind army you need in my army he refers many times in the first human reason light my arm my army my training my army my yeah yeah my dreams are. Would words are a Alex seems like. Issue aired so Mike it's almost like the civil war union army. The Ford Ulysses S. Grant was in charge where there's as incompetent and like hesitating. And getting booked every single time. Well that was duty for this duty yet so I could see not to see that yeah nor in the context of this movie a 100%. That is the role that he plays and that's with the storing you are going to be and yeah so I had another question hawks is he. Equal to Kyle Lauren McCarthy on equal not Arnault and now cannot Largo win but both were just jumping to the end when the east. He can see Kyle ran like. Is this is leading us that was the face you could see as used to on the just shoot shoot the ha what you find out the Holland are east a projection. For a live look without in the right Force Protection via. Which was now you I get another example of the sport is whatever you want it to be they event that will always had a long time even if you're gone to this morning's. Yeah yeah. Don't exactly Curtis you now beacon of that. Our wheels gonna fist fight. The it'd bring me an arrow we definitely. Oh yeah some swelling well we went to go buy your tickets idol I was like can't be an angle bottom like three months have been like whatever they of the third yet it weasel out front as we try to Saturday. Total sold out and so legal guys were immersed in their depressed and there's a standing next to us and they're going on and on alike should you guys stop you don't like yelling they're yelling things. They just left the movie theater this person or seen it like for the fourth and yet they don't have pictures Danga. So ridiculous I believe Maceda until March if I don't get out right now I'm gonna go be that family so we laughed so. Just I don't either seven loyal core of listeners. Tall beat that guy now everybody hates that guy you know should get punished not listeners are more on the because like I think it comes to us for the outlet like hey I its pocket but yeah on oil and it's on a listen you guys talk about it and they almost always there aren't here right away so. There we try to we try to be that for them as well as we try really hard to last week to not talk about the movie because. Also want to do is talk about it anybody on what people do we have to wait a couple days so like I shut down my Twitter shun them and I'll say they let this one though it Sonja had gone out today and LA and how it's gonna happen long to wait before you start talking about the public a week. Who we think I think it depends on how well today it was the day that like all of that being one of the moratorium on Broadway revue like who. Like the huge discussions like to sit down discussions those calls are opposing tanks I was like I guess out late told her what I don't think you that. And longer to like put it right in the title of your post. And you see how we skirt around it has its breasts I don't like to light. Talk about like plot eight plot the yet we don't like talk we like hate what is Malia and you light. We don't talk a lot about that we truly. This is not go watch it well actually stuff man at at. Did you not you know I think when their day have you heard of there's a name for a government come with that but it's when something happens and a movie you logical sequence that you realize didn't have to happen. And one of the biggest examples is. Indiana Jones and Chris is a lost art. Indiana Jones thing with the movie we'd lost our current credit a lot dark stickers hitters it'll aside Iraq raiders of the lost Dario and that movie. That India just gonna did not think the Nazis still would've got the Big Bang Lenny Sarah sand on this so that the thing that comes at the movies right in you don't realize laughter. In this movies we had a big goals sequence of sending. Thin to go get Benicio del Toro and heating accomplished nothing but think about all they accomplished was getting a lot of people killed. Through yeah had he not he just stayed the course he won Benicio Toro would have been in play he would have double cross them and it would it will to sneak that planet. Moscow they also weren't working on a story line for Benicio del Toro. Because reviews of his character was so interesting if people are saying on my hail wanna know what that is so I read the of I read somewhere the other day. That they're thinking of developing a book. Comics something to tell his story can so interest. As they announced that the Disney machine and I know one thing watching the news that it was so regularly on display that. For me it was gross that was like. Can you don't really got to fans BofA and the deal what Saturday want to spin off the just comes out of nowhere. You want to hide it long that's good I don't distract me absolutely no I was a kid I was so. I was it was up in the air only god do I get another Indiana Jones movie I mean at a at a time viva yeah you re okay yeah okay. I've great news really excited to share this with everyone now that I've platform. Sorry can you Phillies went through what have we done and us. Open would be paid out its kids the world merges Livan and it exactly stock. Look out and out around the fifth. Indiana Jones movie and Harrison Ford signed on to play India agents you saw the fourth one now array of humble does that would you want more of that. Is that the main thing I'm they said we're gonna have different director the and so you know there's how those Spielberg had been led say. Per common good stuff called nuke the fridge. Yeah you know that's about daddy and into my head and in the fridge yes for an Indiana Jones in the car or call one else can we. She's so lame digital in the we're getting it that they're still lead lined fridge so he lives the. Well. I mean why do the logic is there being you'll do here there was a time release and have visited the blaster to hide your forgery I like that but it's also a new Cabela's also get charged that. I don't anyhow. So why don't you and Mel B and the bridges state cold. And that's what do you see the other day that there that they are talking about in Indiana Jones land. Oh yeah at Disney might be building in Indiana Jones land in animal kingdom in Orlando I've heard that. I'll be excited sits on you guys are so up to date and Orlando and I think you say it's the most you'll hear they're like who looked. Yet but not us. Successive that's an ever so we lived in Tampa saint Pete is an hour 25 minutes or fifteen or twenty minutes to Disneyland and Reynolds like Saturday night we'd be bored. We and he just look at me like we CLA county this. Disney we go to flatter our act in an interview on Iran because we'd be back and actually yeah I don't know enough leeway. But it around my eyes and everything Star Wars and what now they donate all the contents so it does everything let me as we do need to wrap up contractually getting in my life shall. Nom La Rosa the other for you guys since I have been around. I was thinking about is has beaten nonstop hours a day so the Disney buying fox liked the idea and so fox has aliens and predator we discuss that right Disney owns marbles so they have black panther. I wanna see. A black pant there vs aliens person outline there vs Iowa where answered and added bladder cancer vs aliens are spreader sitting here is the he did give me three issues and I want black cancer to tell us. Any easier that he's in the jungle is and we'll conduct got any aliens land. And he's got that or maybe even took what ever I want to show all of fighting aliens and I want him to barely win. I didn't want. His sister I want the I want Surrey the other black panther I want her to have a three issue series against the predators and I want her barely win. And then I want that third series where the Panthers get to team up against the aliens or is the predators I think. Kids I they've gone back and I matter to you tomorrow how. The thought I was like. QD black until the notoriety may Sanders is predator. What leg I know what isn't it if it isn't right let's just be going out like I would love to see. Black panther vs aliens in buying hand there is a predator I just I immediately I was like did you see that using Batman darkest night right. The opinions of the fan movies where predator fights that man I'll read or write a hit only ten minutes long any one. If it ends with a question mark a game that was best line of the show tonight who have The Who have Basilan. Rigs obviously yeah yeah when he said he he's so happy to announce the sun's new platform okay. I'm letting me say that he might podcast slash radio debut. I completely commercial when you were three Alomar was not it is not Osaka now we'll get out we'll go to Oklahoma this week I'll give a shout out to you one of bridges. Padres radio partners the voice of the Padres Jesse Adler his last night we are at workers' party and I averaged like. If you don't you know he just he just is just because there are all about and you just there talking and averaged just OK listen I document store hours Jessica's. That's Mike usually. I'm not gonna tell us. And I don't grab them like I'll take him out there probably 1015 minutes later and no I mean yeah. Well like bright but I had a hole Garza he's here in bad tendencies and his inner. I do come targeted Jesse innings again you know the matter is coming ads are back there and it's someone else comes up maybe Dora the I don't know who came up. But they come. They start talking in my Hollis is Jesse with a pot and entered under them and they're like oh my god I am and I've been looking for you. We talk Padres Jessica's that's an acute lead compound. He's done and out. You know the guys around me on the Padres have announced their June 1 is our viewers today. Yeah I think we need to figure out a way to get me to host our hours then again I'll make it happen at all beyond we here and whatnot would Jesse. Will be the style of Jessie. And I can't believe I. Interview you'll order immediately if we can work out or Richard like it's just the end and raise your own got Tammy from games against everybody apart I'd. Talk showers and then I've just got that's like you need to I. Hey guys we listen all the time it was awesome being here visiting with you guys who get a positive way. No I think you'd get we want your had a forever I mean again I think this year was the year of we've been trying to have ever on forever and we we seem to have. A quick within a couple yeah totally seventeen it we we me. Lot of those happened so the model are you had on the sheer. Oh with a big one we had rob light field throughout I assume that companies on her rock creek man Lou Greg Weisman was that long that well here. That was my counting on the file it did there answer disappoint you again what you. How that you know I would have enrich unless yeah. You might actually could have been because he's got a chance to talk with it's been time list and be around Luke Skywalker so it's almost like a stroke like that's got to you know I. These it that experience never Mark Campbell and I never met no no I riches it referring to use you guys don't know English and my guess a lot of time. I Eaton and they now most marketable drive may have been a thing here is San Diego and so I quickly need to video and I said. If that becomes a thing I will sell blue milk lemonade on the street corner for the rest of my lag and so then from that. We got worse attention. And he liked any re tweeted it. And he started talking to us on Twitter driven I think we're nine. And Jack with the orange show set up an interview and they got among here. And they're talking to them and their talk about how the whole thinking about and also Marcos who like. Me so we'll. Send Sean yeah I believe. We've not bad person yet and I'll I'm obviously I wanna try wanna make that happen by. What a charming and amazing individual and as a real nice guy man riding him details honestly how about actually. Ciampi and I want everyone else can be yeah. Debatable Bryce is debating delights me to deal with them Greeley smoothly and so though we're done but why you have to be home. It's for his son is not mine a bargaining power I I have some five OC next week maybe. But there is Michigan public eyes.