Capes on Capes 31 - Westworld

Monday, October 31st

Hamby & Bryce review Westorld(so far) and break down all the juciest fan theories

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Bear witness their way to go if you if you've been listening this is going to be the third part of the podcast this is we're gonna talk exclusively about HBO's west world. But here bear out compare it next summer viewers I was really diving deep this week summer viewers are comparing it to lost. In that share the show is funny HBO's that comes out weekly it's like it's on Netflix it's bear and we just dot bitten and at least get past early mysteries because we have the answers are anything. Column but we're at the point where each week everyone's like. People are diving until like Redding and they're riding lawn after Atlantis there this I think this is gonna happen now this is gonna happen now and it was so funny because there's a lot of light lost isms and he was gone. Legend is marvelously it's busy than not they found a secret doorway and I'll let tiger look at all costs and I go well lost enough to know they don't say you're always thought I opened yeah. Nobody is how it's like popping format let's row is very much. Trying to please try to be lost by. And this streets today and I each week people at a site where you knew it would what are well. Swollen I was still in this league is topic is gonna talk about week. And excuse the redundancy in this but I was thinking about it I'll let you think of that this isn't thinking show. You just. Every week you think you know when the minute tweaks that seeing what you're saying darn. It is so I mean it is surely looking good either all spoilers for west Raleigh where a cell Alyssa why she should want you mean you don't have to make. Why did not want to edition so when he originally. It was a Michael Crichton directed and written screenplay from 1973. Billed as a science fiction western written thriller film. And exhibit three that's an awful that's like one. And basically what's wrong robots this media world Roman world and west world going. Western and eastern start out functioning. The killer from a computer virus and a pension these are attacking against central control falls at all the humans into parts. Are killed by other lots of stuff really does present red crescent park eat well and I went on right Jurassic Park so. I dread the west rose slightly very early adaptation of Jurassic Park and address are you literally just took away the robots putting it dinosaurs and the tea literacy Erekat. I'm com. One of the theories of this new HBO series and I thought this is a screenplay erode he would later went accurate book. So he pitched this absolutely wrote the screenplay hears it and it. IC part of it that's not going to let all my dad ran and we watched it you know not near as month's death as the show has no but I reverend. Now it is the second west Russia there was a west originally came out in the late seventy. Take off and what's the sequel movie as well so it's not like this is. There is a noon new continent that. One of the themes series for Michelle is that this is a direct seek cool. To the original film and it does show that sad something happened thirty years ago and so Iran's ready speculate. That's only happened thirty years ago these were the original movie. When we tried again yeah so they literally despite the hard and try to get out of robots are starting to experience the fact that kind of a drastic world situation. Yeah dad alone so. Leaving here is the last world is eighty. It's a giant theme park. Like in a local real world theme park like if you were to go to you. The green and hidden in the entire program to create the entire range in wager playground and west road being that theme that is western themed so you need to go in as a cowboy era account borrowing needed to do whatever you want. You it's and kill vehicle don't mean yeah that's an every month you go to the Cubans here hurt each other. Picking kill all the robots that can do whatever they want to RO bilateral literally there to tell a story. And let the humans. Sort of live and sudden there's a lot of light. Story comparisons to video games. And an actually the second episode there's a hardcourt not have like one guy when it's going to cost to me before he went into the west world. And like literally in front it was a white and a black death which review when you're down you ought to be good I got him I like red. Your program is out and it was like. Yeah etc. I I'm on fingerprint like this is GT today. These you yourself and GTA the creators of the show hosted their very influenced my red dead redemption in Grand Theft Auto and hung on the one creator of the female creators say she's the kind of character in. Great potato when she's playing at the bottom she might. Did you play like the latest gripe about it address. No me neither and now I know it is Andrea and latest on which it was if I see no where there's numbers that go with only one. He can't strategic idea I've so the latest is also an Al yeah they're lazy here it is so. Gorgeous when you play you literally get lost night's program you trying to run his. You may seem to re creation of a smaller version of Los Angeles eagle in the mountains you can write on the train. Dancers you guns play. Everything the middle of Southern California looks like it really is that it raining and it's so. Regulate. If I going to get that out of my city you know prost is yet to block of issues somebody but why they have those were robots and those robots and feelings. So that's kind of where this yeah challenges and coming and we aren't act that has a strange so this is where. It's really picking up steam because every week. It's lay hearing this story. On top itself so like let's say prices the character in the parking prices. Lake thing was that he has a daughter and he runs the saloon in light you know 11 episode an early episode. I come into the park and somebody kills Bryce how Dan Wright and now you commit later in the same day Bryce started the process you've taken in the he's cleaned up is repaired. And they sent him back out now he's back adds that bartender at the salute again like nothing ever happened and you come into the park and you're actually Bryce is literally. Look at perjury if he goes well let me tell you funeral drink. There's this came out while you can treasure from our view the map unity anybody can he spoke CU entice you. To go further into the game so it's weird how everyone has different experiences but then. The biggest is that what you really can't connect it through that's what that's how did you get that side quests it's the rinse and repeat its idea that. Ha. So I am so big rumors that comes from the show. One of the main characters Jeffrey Wright. We believe he's playing human deeply deeply human antagonist or protagonist that imprisonment Russia. We you know it's gonna happen. You've got to find out certain answer now going to be but what I eat you know certain characters that you think are people. Are gonna turn out to be wrote about it that I use you know that. People are thinking. Bernard is a robot. The reason why is he keeps talking about the debt that aside and how it's affected them. There's little keys stealing people are picking up on me and he wears glasses whereas at the end of his nose. Haven't taught in classes he talks to you open ain't never use the clock if you're reading glasses that could be reading he's the one that prepares the droids are the droids and he's someone like let's back the other end and also reports on them. There was a scene this week this last heat. He's been having this affair miserable single. But he's having it's it's it's with his spots yeah isn't there are lots of character and it really felt like in there are seen in the bedroom. Then it I actually he does seem like Andrew rightly he he gets like he massages her shoulders and he starts. Analyzing her mood in the telling her about some things that make it she's like. She's not when he or robots that I'm going to be broken down as it's like little things like. Is a row she ever sexy you're like romantic relation to. So crazy stuff. That's just a moment there I think we're gonna find out Anthony Hopkins. Is a robot that's I whenever anyone brings up things like these roads or do enough he's. Two months of thinking. And it is he's not sit out real quick always Britain and Canada London the problem in this show they've introduced the other realms they've got introduced from the movie I don't. We will in this fares well listen I think Tuesday there were thinking that that's how you expand it for their seasons also mentioning there's not a lot of female leads it's been a lot of male dominant fantasy leads in the end. There was a few million in his last episode she took a hooker and took her to railroad. They're saying that it that we it would stand to reason that females are more attracted to the medieval. Or the Roman world and not the western world blind date they're very identified in the western world that's why menswear I don't know hanging out all eyes yeah that's a girl in the general year of a prostitute. You know starting or you are the Latino gunslinger for this week and has been and so yeah. So as a supposed to be like it is this a video game is this like a virtual reality right when it's it's a war you go basically go into it. I think he can relate it to OK why is like in the game when the guy got dressed. Any hat like assistant helping him and stuff and she was actually enticing him to say I can stay in. I'll be changed teams night in knots that's our guy. He literally he went into tar and it is not a train and the train delivered them and so it's almost like. The answer from a little portal somewhere then I could train is like. You know you're riding into town and you get off the train there's a theory that there in space. This is actually like space station and that has a lot of workers have said you work in rotations when you get wrote when you rotate back. So there's a theory that this is actually in space that you mentioned last names that I am at home in four years at that minute opening yet again. It looks like big massive part. And it had a huge holographic representation. That like security like works that. And they they can like pinpoint stuff in the park and accusers not by me you know plus 40000 dollars a day together. That's interest they mentioned it exactly that reason thousand dollars that fluke that rule. So the rich people go to the park to get their rocks off to light. QB got and it's. Obvious that he hadn't like invented plays nominee at this moment wearing. He was having lunch with the spurts that it was an the scenes of the board we're only three Thailand and she's had this moment where they're sitting there alleged he's talking about. Some power of any song about how to. Light east lake is huge with huge machine that this thing is the pressure. Just churning up the gulf of plantation people working on moderate Q education people could. Hundred people working with expectations. Huge giant machine that uses its delegates they simply Earth's mass and it's churning up the scenery like they're building new areas. She's talking to us national the little girl came here. I feel like we sat at this table and an Arab minds egos. We know everything that happens in this park. That the reason why you are sitting and yet we know error while driving about everyone who works here yeah like Ryan outlying we know you're with Bernard. And it almost like Bernard is a robot. Maybe we'd put Bernard which he and then it hit it and else's Q as he's talking he makes all the people who get up like zombie all the road hostile guerrilla. So creep either way doesn't an odd moment where you might turn that you just he just like. Motions to the field and all 100 people drop everything and start walking off and it like you should note that light. I 100%. Control it yet and he talked to god does but ultimately I am god care yeah that's the only thing on girl he says he styles people you marquis people you never understood that you thought you were selling packaging and experience. You realize. People get dots here and that's the experience but he made any calls saying but I'm the only guy yet because he wanted to ease. But every you know it's so it's light interesting and because like everyone's got stories like because Bryce is this a little guy. A lot of the story captured four episodes looks like how far prices missile would again help Iraq's missile and again going to want to wish you have to pay attention is. This isn't the last time we saw him. This is that the next time we see him this is a first that we saw him something different happens in every single scene almost like round. There's also little things that. The that there was that theory. That these two characters you're watching. Art this is the same person different time lines. May not be but it doesn't change the fact that we may be watching two different time lines in this felt that same time. Because there are things there's our logos that are different in different places yeah same you know physical place. There's a pattern it doesn't hurt to think the man in black. And here's an old catcher white hat. We say there is that it took them by the by each of the Whitehead is going to be a guy. There's people are saying that an idol like cat is the younger version of the guy in the black of the man in black who is an harris' character who like. The person who is you should kill that Reyes and like eats away. Like east peace killing its farmer's daughter and she's like yeah. Seriously they aired out and I want it to fight back. Playing really has grossly that's really sad it also sailing I've. This is not averse and I've done this is the first ever done this that's the first time that robot starts a flashback there has memories mystery thanks sir do you remember her. Any game any time you lose Pamela Gilbert ran out and they couldn't remember that there he's iris. I'm starting off her song yeah. The video you referenced there Arnold has the other creator of the park what's an Arnold deal because he's not in the picture that you're gonna funnel Arnold's in the picture somehow. And is I think Selig wasn't it lacks ultimate goal apparently in his real life heroes charity foundation. He went out of Michigan quote unquote mission and some other. Guest Ron it. It is one gets came up to me was like oh my god. Your work you've done with your foundation was revolutionaries see my sister's life turns the guy goes. I want (%expletive) vacation Ohio Caylee I will cut your throat look like Johnny got right. I don't care who I am in the real world this is under the banner this right here yeah I can't thank you Jesus and G Booth. And he he put yeah because they can't okay cell. If they can't hurt if you can't hurt each other right right yes cutting us some nerve. You boom. Use it most people you don't iRobot. Your gun your gun somehow just knows it I mean as the featured technology. They knew that gimmicks place and you kind of pass like we'll be creative robots take me a gun that won't click. And appoint that person up by the robots do you have bullets they're like rubber bullets that they should you it hurts. But it won't. Really she you know. There is supposed liberalism never see her and her like buy anything and this playoffs some Vietnam some you get job either or both in front bruise. Seems like but a little bit of an option isn't quite that you like. Wing heat hits the Cubans cancels the other hurt hurt each other I bet that I threaten the other guy will cut your throat so you ask yourself. Wi-Fi and it can hurt with a knife like what are the secrets it's good question might we actually don't know what art is it guards that yacht builders and we got a little tease and that they say remote literally can't hear her to fly in the first apps that. Plug on their face and they would never elect shoe law they just let it happen. But I'm very and we didn't see one of the robots Delilah. Delores hill yet kill line and age she's the first one that we see breaking relations for us like it's trigger on this virus via. Two things happened line. That brought us as a hurt anybody into an apples to lie. So she India us on a flight lands on her face she kills a fly the very beginning at this. Heavier little lie now. I've never killed anything she says now she total of two things happen once you kill something now and two she can keep the lines of that rear light. They're setting up a lot of things like what's gonna take over but like our thing and it's no wonder is so the movie. Happens it's it's very it's pretty simple in the movie there in the world growth compliant and his kind of survive and it because the killer just address part GAAP. Yes literally escape though that the market share share. But it is you can't get the first season because he did Colorado anyway. Discriminated how little thing you know Diana is it pretty well these are special sent an season. So couple theories west rose on earth and artisan android. Was another juicy one here. William is the man in black but I think this last episode series and that's not possible it's. It is completely debunked it buddy media's. In minutes so that. What. They'll have to go back to her role for the network yeah and then you're still watching two separate things. The man in black is Arnold. You are saying that's also. Well I certainly wouldn't do that figure for next week night tonight will find out that right or not because. He talks to end up in here right in any other theory is that Bernard is Arnold and that. Bernard being an android. Also being Arnold and that. He died in the end up scared to meet his friend into a robot so Bernard. Is Arnold in spirit non and that's what he takes care the other robot he. Texas and he feels that because that's what Arnold wanna deal yet and so that the best thing that if Hobbs scared you can view and every room was big but they did exactly what Arnold would do so they're saying. Bernard can it there is a robot that is Arnold that's a theory people I think. And that it actually is theory this is essentially a sequel to the they exhibit three film actually theory mile. Is that it is seems unnecessary. Because the movie is such lower across the movie is it's like a cheesy it. Movies when you watch it now right now I don't know why you would want to connect it showed there was so much production to act and act. As possible. That's that's on damage to think that's fun to ride on line grabbed connections. It's probably the case. So every time we're here. I think as they were good we can policy here for awhile and then she's missing the Cleveland World Series game rain now let's get back. I'm OK okay believe me I can't throw while. Not a bit Arlen Marron. Come from based off and add. Gone tomorrow to dole like tonight is it got changed Nellie him in the World Series tonight or tomorrow that's that you really really well. No movement movement that now I know I know he give me a serious and nobody can win tonight nobody went smile. Maybe some day. I get dumber I think I. Because there's someone I know. From Cleveland that hand and a group equipment now thinking that Nan Nolan that Chicago corner he'll Murray's room for urged god bless him but it IRA. Gonna be okay. But I don't plan is exactly is he really. You didn't see that picture of that and I think that does kill Harry a time hours and it got more on how my range it was a little more like bill coming. Could be there this not immediately. And I don't understand that drafts and then all I can get it like definitely. Does that teeth. What really repose did you post that first hit hard as it is well like I've seen as posing in my. In other places like but you know what I don't get this story is the story I don't get into hiding at the address thing. And blue we're going to anti Hitler and his and I called. I view for a I only saw blue like I didn't see any insightful. I saw two version of that and I could see whereas blu goalies heroes lighten it's on buckling overly. Let's look what these listeners going again and a wrap this one out today. I Norman you know we can I think she should estimate for nine ST dot and look at all the numbers look November gastric look into it matters goes with us on Twitter I'm I can't see Diego priced at broad breaks Rosen Melissa you are. On my on Twitter Twitter Alyssa apartment for a long and difficult game written into half time.