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Thursday, January 19th


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It like. Hey hey. I eat hot and gray finish last week yeah I'm misty to yeah we into the podcast last week. Would you were at Disneyland Disney zone no sympathy for the skies are as a nation we were Cordelia where we're different studio put in the ninety for nine city and actually just thinking. How old. In my work out and might never have done radio again though that how funny would be if say we made a mistake. And this is going out live on air as him he stated that the board to make sure it's not happening and then we become like the most happened podcasts and tapped that one here is everyone loves it. Or we would intent would be like your gun because you'll never work in this town again and public hearing in studio in him. I'd probably start passing pretty quickly AME paranoid. I was and it's Disneyland last weekend. Jessica was running the Disney's star or stars are. We're getting there cheering as our pirates. I doubt she ran its focus and in the head I can't Friday that ten cancer insurance. On Sunday. Holy. And a half marathon Nixon and agony that so there is the significant other when cheered him Saturday it was rough a rough she was out there that I had to get out ahead. Seven to get out of them and I put my budget and yeah. And build its enemies while. You were the trophy has been I was sharing. She was actually. She's very excited play how it adjusts I think that's. But that is five cake is Disneyland you know expecting that's pretty intense by ten. How much of the fun we Revere. Checking in the days and I'd be into detention of the bigger ones yes yet and it's it's an hourly earning medals to like. Guess if you do that ten and a half and EP do you immediately it's like mental limits I don't know it's it's well we on a disease really good about that you can be exclusive. You paying. Mantle. Your media Horry and that cool stuff so. That was what we that we do we we we did the Disney thing through around. Yeah. It's it's money we spent the week because of that he hadn't I was all the sudden paceman Adam nowhere. It was like a year ago you were promoting you're about to do the the lack of game four let your little harder about it that's others. Others pocket out so. If you don't know the story of of caves in case welcome to the show but yes this is our one year anniversary show you this it's me and no where and an embrace at we are talking today as it. Reflect this last year and look for it and you're going to do we've been doing it a guys are near Hershey and yeah. Look. I mean the year just changed didn't wrap up its and to be honest I knew Lorraine our anniversary. Was that based on the start of pleasant tomorrow but I forgot legends are asserted the mid season show start admits he's not behind back in October or whatever but yet here we are you later and I still op idea this the scene that you launch party in San Diego we would amount to Dave and buster's and I hosted this party and we got to watch. I thought we're gonna watch the full episode Internet as a site and thirty minutes to sell it was minimal hype and it was like it's worldwide event and all the circles that we all these awesome prizes. That you CW again a year later was awesome and move on my FaceBook pals like those. Bryce you should highlight shows lets his podcasts here is caves and you'd dearly and I and is on the NC. Think the audience can we do that sweet sixteen look back. We want to put behind Newton. And we will we couldn't record I we tried we we try or technologically held in the house are signaled the job we got to do we got to record the pod cast out of the restaurant down in the gas plant. You guys got mountains CS I got to broadcast live for us phonetic for an eye and com we got to interview Greg Weisman. Last year and he is a great writer. Same yeah just as we. Did we did it might I I have to admit I'm talking and I think racing to put. It is you Disneyland. I mentioned to Greg last year in that interview I said. I was just as ours launch day did you land and I saw caning comics because he wrote economists for caving in and so we're dismantlement that a fellow. That oppose her drag on Twitter but there's just it's full circle all Campbell but I mean. Sort of great memories from us you do something that stands out for you. You know. So I'm the worst out like we if you asked me do what's best concert Europe into your lungs is good whatever is the most recent concert kind of feel like the best life and so lastly if you're a hardcore comic fan Kawika got to be for this month. Alonso from little this common city lights that was really fun. Yeah that Indy. But any kind of brought it back and has you know we we won and we want to let things that you don't have to be that intense of a comic I'd get. Because you know so we have these things that the movies and TV says that can really just turn around and watch. But we forget our roots are in comic books and bring it back was really cool and I really enjoyed Toronto and. And I was telling. I tell my publicist Fran we are meeting in my opinion it's a Muslim. So geeky friend he should listen Norah last podcast gave me a reference point. It's just you and I having a normal conversation we're talking about west world and Helen goes I can you talk about what's life like what's rob. If Erica. I obviously I love the little fish comic book studio story I love this story colonel its name I got to listen to our hockey asking for the kid went on stage win yeah. And Jim Lee. That's our host hasn't read people sell. It really felt great to you again. Beamed that first year on my you know and how episode that I only telling people usually does that is that this guy is great in. Us is because we got to have some Leon just Greg Weisman episode going at that make less than originally at Mellon. Sometimes EU EU put a lot of old and veto people are prepped and the sometimes yes and sometimes in the podcast starts in two seconds you know. Everything you plan is that the windows of the just spit ball and how bad. And news to your. Again area crisis yeah let me know what it comes to get there and didn't courtly manners nice of him and adding I. But that's you know that that's the journey that this is so it's fun it is an and I'm looking forward toys and teen. You a lot of things circled on the calendar. Did content possibly millions of decline. Bryson and of course we always talk about comic yes who want our guests this year we do want to do more and wanted to wonder kind we have won an accomplice goal we have not hit management all. Gift to the into the episode that as an uncertain concerned captain. He's Gumbel talk about it later we actually get into some news. Kind of we two big trailers excuse. But dropped today. We got a mighty morphin Power Rangers and I can't believe I'm actually quite intrigued by. And we got second Logan trailer already on start you know feels weird percent pace can we miss last week yeah. I'm sure added some wind podcast I'm gonna speak out of turn and he'll get something I really want Italian. Cairo last aren't we'll get there with so it was a it was a stroke Logan. Only because. It's the least intrusive and legacy so well we know your excellent opinion but yes who. Let's let's pauses with the car radio so I can watch and refresh myself. And that we're back. All right I'm golfers rich people trios in Iraq. Outside of Al. Why it's looks amazing and cannot compete. More wrong. Once I mean I. I would say between the first trailer in this feather does not even though it literally showed us more stuff you didn't get a lot more out of it same kind tone of song. Same kind desert desolate look in place yet though. You gotta cut eat that Claire track it was dealt. We clearly elegant mail and we really did is that again. The music still looks cool it looks like a complex story that it now how does he fit it fit very much into the that cover. John Jack Dunn county can't cover hurt right of of DSL the coal contract we don't we go being a monitors on. As that fine definitely say so and then it will was so we got a lead in now you got a little more at the screw you could tell there are some special and powerful about her I. It would insinuating no surprise to me yeah and this but it just just given what I showed you is should you she is powerful dangerous. Which is kind of ad basically Wolverine seems I actually think and ability didn't even has clots. Metal claws yes which is intriguing. I mean if she is actually very. Dollars and you how shall we dance around eat and say you know. I apologize you're taking a layman's thing and I give you don't know who these people lie you're doing it. This exactly who they showed you yeah. And I'm like we're both fans were talking about next quite brilliant it would you in a I was playing out here I read it wrong none your your show here. Asia is more of these characters whom don't know and yet she is for the don't say yeah. She's like a psychic character which is very new. It's very last of us it is. As it is now. It does times you know I actually don't know advertise in the Bible may love it. It does a little bit but it almost feels hears me modeled him and only eluding felt like this Logan with the like the obvious choice because Hugh Jackman was getting older and literally he's getting older it's harder for it well like young Wolverine yeah and almost all light. Sometimes I'll be honest you guys I have friends that are in the business I don't know when they're putting me on. Now it Bryson was an actor and was my best friend. Maybe we know when you're putting on like a lot of times I think I know who these people are the actors and he'd go to the pressure on this stuff. And there are others lion can certainly. Also sometimes. I so huge I mean plain old man Logan before they announced the move is gonna I definitely. They wanted to drag down you you know last movie you name it we. Did we come back for that one less Bradley a girl talk what you're about to cowboy up you're you're playing us in Q. This movie and a light source. My thing is I'm movies and other activists that any dissent in a different town and it would've been a good thing. You might. There's a lot of those apocalypse a burn here is serious it's been burned here and here's my thing. I'm. You use this is where I wanted to go this is the story you wanna tell you did all of the shall forever until that transport you to show it. Violations of the dead pool. They're making a run at the Oscars and didn't pull it ironic that Oscars well that that's that's kind of a job viral campaigns they don't expect actually maybe not best pass of what's the harm let's roll that idea. Anything and it gets you saw there just by trying out that it is the key guys. That this is that you wanted to me. Pit bulls and you didn't wanna make you me and you as a rumbling and we'll load the movie wanted to make it every good. Good luck close. And agreeing to debate it Logan was made after as there's no reason think they would. They wouldn't look at well works in debt poll does tell them I don't see any really. Things that would be similar debt politeness this looks like a dark movie I say and and I feel like teas to do this but I did hear a rumor of who's being cats its cable. Lie I've not seen anything verifying that got from Friday Night Lights right that you're talking about it's I've seen that came out. And then it can't analyze LA piled them and act and the original director and kind of directed dappled that's no longer on yet you like Kyle. He wanted to catch myself. I'd love him so I don't know tractors and directed job with their version of these allies. I've heard a rumor from back past record he got in trouble. For reaching out to the artist of life when we get more details on who is here under the I'm so excited. It's great. It comes out because that's true I will tell you like that to light up a lead essentially the thing and as I can't I can't. It's a conversation with it doubles as Fran can't I can't share communion to miss something I hold you off there. Not like I can live with that I guy or hard guys. It feels like they have passed away all argue aren't you think because this is the future expand this is pivoting into exports. Saying I don't know anything about is that the same time line is yes they're saying this now this next day at Pullman either introduce cable. And they're also vehicle that would signal a Logan now. Logan looked well into this looks about forty years in the few hundred and loading times that source I think Logan's gonna be a movie on its own up. I think they'll have some nods for stuff that's happened by considering homage. Holland probably introduced into the action and you reverse share you can consider this be possible point in the future Scalia. Our and that's airtime. Again do you see them it's and I'm being again I apologize and be very salty. But it is is them trying to set up the young girl as the new low and I doubt that first eyes the first things that came out of my mouth was. I really don't wanna see the actress from stranger things doing her version because that really taxing those kids are certain. Nearly Bobby Brown turning what the issue arduous for the young lab that's a thing. More of these isn't he here fifteen minutes but like I am tired. And seeing kids just got unfair unfair thing to see it yeah you will play. Back to Illinois Bakalar. Seamless in the sweet girl on I did like and and then I still if you're gonna make ex met are rated X-Men I guess you can do it with this one it didn't seem necessary like had to me. People because the debt cool because that was no I did their content alone you can't. Thirteen old analog and RPG thirteen loan if you would have been like no way what we don't really expect at least the only. Old Emma and you want me a lot of it's this can be. This can be a world that's they've killed most me in the sounds like yeah it's it's very post apocalyptic kind of mad Max. We're not gonna have the holy war at some farm it looks like. Share it dried out I feel ourselves and I I don't I see it is not inconceivable that this is like that you write a western part of the united the whole money and cities the in the special effects you're right I. And I am. But we haven't seen anything to to me is that conclusions about that we got a little reminder at the end. Paragraph professor X saying I'm (%expletive) ninety's which. Which he wasn't saying I was I'm looking nannies like Aaliyah this movie is (%expletive) rated. NTS dot the movie is rated. Lou the present act is actually dead in this movie and whether he's just. The field mapping minute look at the floor. Maybe this version of X when he three. Has some professor axis powers and can do that. I don't see them going there I thought I'd succeed it would fill out of the blanks of like how did they all think they're talking to him by. It's I guess I'm. I guess looking for a new trick that. He can guys with love him now like seeing Hugh Jackman do the wire act. In its if you look at the candidates obviously all the action scenes like. He's on liars wean Wolverine leaps at enemies you know any link his body ships like yeah I'll take that oversees. I think it implies jumps ambiguity by the use the same techniques for the girl mandate in basically they're fighting styles what the deal. And it's a children's green and choreography. But actually I'm looking at going OK I've seen that important and I. Honestly you know this is an easy didn't play. Seen before it's all next what would you prefer they did then. Does the right light. Conversation with. A graphic designer from over the weekend when I work with a ground whenever the designer I give me an idea I give them light. Ideas and I tell them things like I would like to look like this is the but it. York's you've got a meteor stray and Wolverine movie. Couldn't you are right the script for literally say here's. Wolverine has to do this shot where he believes that this club out you don't sonic I really controlled the exact same thing which could lead over and was like. The light. It's if you watch tremors movie. No there was a big scene where Trevor will reduce head and shock and did in the belly and in the new trailer and movie. And a tremor flight there against any shot guns and at night. You don't go look a little more specific about. Being very Smart he's the about the heart out as long as long as that's clear. And it gets into. Guys in that movie about Haiti today you know. I think it's maybe me maybe I'm I'm enjoying I'm enjoying seeing that it happening I'm looking forward to but I do. He's look at maybe he's just well. If anything this can dispute piece of evidence that you're not you're not just listen to fan boys here because we cannot disagree more with this movie. And willful but Allen comes out and it it as much as Michael Cahill. I hate this. Starry eyed dark movies that sort of light. That certainly the gunslinger so we go to Johnny Cash covering her like humbling and it's. Certainly in world. From the Donnie Darko sand track with Gary jewels Manuel. You get it certainly here's all you get a certain light Richard Gordon and I don't bush was for me. Does affect hasn't made an appeal right. Is this legacy of people who multiplex not originality like I it's great it's an original movie based on a comic but at the scenes were a result I asked. It's so let me in my black comic movie would you compare this one tip hard is there anyone you can do that I would say the I wanted to almost feel an elegant in its that morsel. I feel so obvious it on everything you're saying because this is the most unique looking comic book movie. To date. Compare this rate by fray with like electorate treat my problem listen marvel makes great movie and I and I have no rule. Quarrel with them but if you look at Paul side by side man today outlooks similar. That's all this one. Good or bad like I seeded they're doing something different. I'll see to it reminds me of for the Wolverine origins movie. And it it was the worst movie of all time clock term forget about it like. It it's happened late do you don't forget about it. A profit up that movie exists in life. You know Willingham from the Black Eyed Peas place. I character he plays mean and like blondes and that episode that passionately about it again and why don't we give it more light. The thing is it's really turned it show me anything different. They what I see that's saying. And that is so biased in crazy like the eight year act like they only made terrible movies forever I think we're a first class we get a much different than the terrible ones it looks way different. Production level just the story telling. Not a Lawler the origins of these were just like hey we have these characters. Welcoming throughout again I'm going here. I'm not going in the air I'm literally just being away immediately different don't believe you look predominately because this is why I am Russell the exit and I have the blocks broke me last year that last thing I love it I have not seen it because of from not deceive and other credible sources like he is as bad as you think it is what it candidacy is it that bad. Has it that all the advice of others just don't do it yourself but. His side. Controlled arms capabilities on this ice all with a grain of salt. As high for the next. Yes and I don't we re going to he's just an idea actually things. I it's a little bit. Could change that sounds good things. Yeah I've seen those early movie than this is great. Now that he isn't what we're talking up marriages by the way if you are not the other room that you editor became apparent that he's coming out of march by the labor that crash and to get my. And in the mine and that's in my arms right around the corner so I now let's get. Now and here's a movie when they first heard given dusty tells and I I grew up. Need power and means the blanket the toys the posters on my wallet literally everything was Power Rangers. Admired rim yet. I. Calling for us and they are not what you think and I don't know. That. You can recently. That's not the corporate thing I'm not gonna take you down we thought Nicholas yeah Rick I'm right up there it is that's light and played a trailer for you we just watched it but maybe it's better. But now islets at this the last 2 trailers I am very intrigued by this movie. It's it's a super rip off of chronicle. If likened the trailer looks anything like what it says it looked like chronicle meets. And weaves so it's obvious chronicle meets breakfast club breakfast club and people were tweeting a match like this when the first Haywood the that your man of the match. Did you write so this'll be no spoilers 'cause you sought in the trailer and if you haven't seen chronicle go see it it's him. Fantastic I don't see it come see me Syrian man and that's my favorite movies. They chronicled about. A bunch teenagers at a part of the outside leave. They find a hole in the ground in this like roped off area and it just carries it to them they check it out what is it they touch Iraq that rock has mystical powers the next day they wake up. They have powers yeah true and aids why is like. Everything to the deal looked at it I think he's never seen a guy like that any kids are he does that grab some death and it broke a break. No. And but if they do copy it all chronicled remotely so your copy of something good. Here's what I wrote in the article I wrote for the trailer I wrote finally. The fight for the two parties would drop today we finally see the famous. It's morphin time to get permission to read this article review is it okay. We actually get it ran resorts so we actually gets it done some answers changed. Transformers they did that little small. CM he's saw. In neighboring France and has soared on. It's a robot named alpha you had a problem with the alpha. Alpha looks so terrible okay the first south I had like a cool Daft Punk looks like he can do that again McCartney egg output bias yet on alpha five. He was he. And you know they'll likely get the short run its mix source in a gay robot. I get that. Adding Mexico might have a problem that sailed by. You are goalies go we hear it and this one and that's what process do you no problem that you you have no connection now. I don't this team out the girl I wanted to date her little brother was huge heart can't. So. Let me get with the Brothers and that our. It's the preparedness of trying to get in with the Brothers who. I. Could see I'd be Sparky and a lot of the fans that's for agents for a long time and while the series. Is live in the last twenty years this particular story is that once everyone full of lovely it is the origin story in school looks fine. Let's go and it's it's your saying is that this story but valiantly chronicle. Yes a lot of free refrain. Cup for years to now 34 years ago. Our initiative on Netflix. And I watched the first couple ups that could take the old school yes the region of the all right have a little Americanism this American national yet so get out is that every time out. There's not a lot of depth to that story secret really mix it up actually I want is what I want the clothes actually from Cabletron story now okay which makes sense people are they're identical so you'll fronts are. We have now in las Central Park we're talking deleted so you can access anywhere you want to if you're gonna steal flippant that's fine yeah. Alpert looks terrible seed these Chinese new trailers we've seen. They were all chronicle meets. Breakfast club yes that this line. We find. It. Yes the parties who gets. We did she great Elizabeth Banks a lot of people were like its consulates readers let's say they have to be able to shop a gallery you see a real looks like yeah. You know. Up top I I like we got we got we've said it before it a prank Hanson's voice which lets say I love Cranston and that. Would you hire some link Bryan Cranston to just do a voice jar. You're gonna let him do his wife. Be able nitpicking you could have with the processing on that make it sound a little bigger. Toll in the comes out tomorrow that might we don't know that it might again I had a pretty simple thing to do that they would. -- in the vehicle and trailer on YouTube and see it appears that mean obviously he wrote one is a perfect example that we've got into it atop the evening meal because he wrote one in. And say it's era when violence indiscriminately come back to back pain and that you though do we see and we are image we see the dinosaurs are the words yeah. Super little I'd like a lot of humor with the kids are glowing at one point and the one easy because I'm black look hey. Yeah. What is funny the veto remember. It doesn't raise a little bit is fun because. Then casting on the original cast was so race based by color. I mean training in the yellow ranger was agent of exact the black ranger. Was black like except for the game ranger was in Q was he was blue but the Barbie dolls and Hank. Yeah I think you know he I believe. And it is nine doesn't up until a couple of units Hewitt is still on the Power Rangers. Yeah Tom Green ranger he's still alive and I interviewed on and off that I. Catcher. He catches talk Tommy was actually from my hometown had a karate student. Feel like in the fourth of July parade every that was Ali was creating DO. Not to yet Jason something. No hunger and I'm a variety of but I'm sure are injured and candidates. You'd think I'd post it. I suppose the links for the trailers today and I see people. I knew had gone high school thing and had kids and our mayor solid liking. Some commenting on and as my. I think about the fact. In my when I was in high school. It was all those not cool like Power Rangers marriage Steve what is but no it's not like it yet gotten anywhere. Twenties and forties this hole I worked at fox affiliate when violence like this. Season flooded back. Allred is still in to say hello to talk about it. The fox Morton block grant approximate what was this a bit. And this would even when I was tween Eunice is only six years ago they had was this it's a bit. Now they did this was on normal fox and they had a version of Power Rangers who they've had a lot has been safari and con flew in this. The version I had that would anyone out there was really out there. And it is. They were like race cars. They had wheels on their terminate an eight Turbo and they lived in this pokes apocalyptic world let the world and ended. You dedicate to process that like everybody's dead. And they live in these bubble cities and when you go outside the bubble you've got turned into a car. Because you're mad Max these are the Rangers into a global space force via. I'm eventually the Rangers did. From merge or meet up with full Tron and even odd. It ain't because is that car version. Of ultra line is what crosses over which. The vehicle version of power meters this way now because I believe what is the power in Spain had a death for like a warrior world is watching this year saying I am able trying to tolerated me. I'm sabres even drawn is all vehicle based not. Linesmen and an Indian once he's the Rangers and it was based off Turbo. They were able and this is the truck this guy is the helicopter this guy's snowmobile and all forms. Big but it it's really up the story is the one season blow dry it is like a user really drag in the public face. The film came out from those around yeah. It's style and value to be at some land somewhere. It was days it has good act good special effects studio album is an attorney. Will wonders kept tomorrow forever doesn't matter who he anyway. Yes so excited department. Yet any no. Even diseases that can they got a sequel rate ago. Those they're gonna you know some of that and drop Tommy in there and tease the story of the green ranger that was probably the most popular time of Power Rangers. So they've got this story of the at the next one radio. And you know that books are back for powering excuse I was in Tennessee and a all I'm doing right now where Tom not time for the green Rangers and some winners Tommy. Tommy has the answer and become the wiring has been in the comics and quality Tommy or the white rage and say specifically should be green Rangers out. What kind of what it is and and an agreement it was the coolest news that. Really don't know it is Tommy and exchange as a team night. That is not. March should be fun we do of I can't leave them the importance when this first came out. I was like this is so stupid unnecessary. If they honestly just look like solid and transformers again. But I don't know why I mean it is good trend this looks better to me. Taylor made us look better demean. This trailer made me feel like how he transformers if you really want to include human beings maybe this is the way to do it yet. And maybe transformers needs to go the way of head masters storyline because if you really wanna include humans and let me tell you why they do that even. It's because. Whenever one talks about representation in Hollywood not to get political yeah. But when Cuba representation on whether you're talking about I wanna see onscreen. Someone I relate here yeah so I can see myself snack irons and why. Black actors wanna see black actors playing you know no attack was released records when he won as a white actors they surely you yeah screen you put yourself in the he knows it is it's theory tested. If people don't see human beings they don't play as much big gash us all right so. They've put human beings these movies that are annoying as well. Because. Of your own little economy yeah and you feel really and ice is based he's. Somebody probably has got. Oh no he did. Really didn't do. Yang. The cartoon like I it in for meets alleged transformers Lorton gates locked in the humid stuff I can't stand it. Yeah so I. Don't read a transformers Kumble would just all troops for religions is the only good this is all I want it but my point. Is. It you gotta have humans do it this way incorporated into the into the Max and and that's easier to do with our Enders yes. Do you agitated. Transformers they introduce the head master program or they mixed with a mask sitting out transformers. Massed on the big screen as transformers movie. But the technology of Matt's really humans get like transform them actually give argument that a likely possibility of them I happen. How Carolina they're mixing up to have probity is transforms the one they're not going to mix intuit will not patronizing and are now now relate it to AG a German Muni GI Joseph movie. Chance originally transformers movies and I think there's my distinct the next day but writing group there nets started writing this economy. They aren't there it is the first and it is sort of like the new. This is fair I've really talked about. Mask and GI Joseph are gonna start writing W. Comic books here in the game they transformers mask they did the big revolution that I read. But in light on the big screen. I forget who it is that has that isn't the point is that you have all of those but they want to. They're using the writing group and they were like here's baked bagel the stories so I would literally it's gonna. This minerals and out it it. It's it's also was faces at least as it was a terrible so yes still Michael Bay and Seattle day. Oh which path. Dvd brewing lingers in my mind and I've been yeah did the easy as partly take him on. Yeah that's the one of the best ones yeah. I haven't gorgeous you know speaking of third trailers eight we're gonna talk about comic but haven't read that auntie who's been through their trailers. Things inaudible and drops tomorrow I'm a lefty quarterback this and I don't know if both on Netflix you know and it's you know at the Netflix model so they released the whole season. When it's ready and guys he's one of the ball striking out last year in global trial legendary defender it's for them. The scene guys created. That is up here. If you don't know breaks to reload this season and powering your similar yeah. Five people battling with robot and robots form one giant robot. But the thing is no I'd I don't know if which one came first but. In just for the popularity is most Ron grown up with knowledge of the other Power Rangers. And it's sending with VR troopers with the same vein. Changing this in the blog post that but I think we're not about as I said. Whether you grew what Kabul strongly tied. Mean Rangers via a single trial is the other power train is out there I got after answering my question. Tricky first part was all fun also a Japanese says the tweet for us have the same thing yes the point is is that it all comes from. Because of the sixties and the seventies and urged early eighty's but Japanese back into. And so it all comes from the scene plays all comes from the same SARS. Absolutely as far as like American audiences we doubled in the eighties we tighten powering it seems that the oh. And they are like why it works from the all from giant robot action. So enjoy your own it because it's awesome. Although on the bring of the names of de careers. Because these guys also worked on another fantastic series I think it was avatar. What can you just don't Santos and yeah people cannot he frowned. Would in the six degrees of connection right here he did these super missions and return to black and a movie he just didn't DC showcase John Hanks and green hero he wrote for those. As well Alice. Flood DC connect to let air Cora. He also wrote that the Specter video GA original resolute you worked on average less they render Justice League Unlimited cell walking in. As a deep a bench that he pulls from the three for me. Just Leo and it adds an answer and there and elation of Cora and all three of those. Have a long form storytelling. And that's why the first seasonable trended on Netflix instead of like trying to tell you the story like this quick. Thirty and thirty cents or thirty minutes here's an hour movie. Here is six however along with a half hour episode and then here's another Howard in game. That's article just don't see it when it was just illustrates Netflix queue to take advantage of that. You can time this however you want right. Right rarely Eagles you are net Netflix doesn't sender says Everett syndicates and both have so far. So don't worry about the year on dvd at some point now out. Yeah I really do they even do that because in house of cards and DD. Of course you are Blu-ray you focused again aren't there yet I sense in which you can Amazon PS up. You can buy it as a guard them there and Amazon Amazon's starting to kick off that you can't buy a crime cast on Amazon anymore. Really now hey can't about you Jared I it was and comic when it's a common yes QE2 things that I've been since. If you check out we'll try and I like the first season was a lot of fun in the second season. Today we got to rainy weekend this weekend you didn't check it out did you check it out if you guys definitely step we checked out cold front. I'll legendary defender stealing you from one dad is an aunt Thailand Levine. Lot of actors no idea it Celeste shootings. I'm mentioning. We have a different way we're gonna get this an arena Telecom looks. I take that issue one of Justice League vs Power Rangers how is that if it as a gimmick that pretty fun yeah today. Alice you know you never know title like that for the graphic novel I was. In succession at home if there's one issue. Yeah I was about. I was out for a couple games and for the first issue there just came out. I'm super cool because the Power Rangers accidentally end up. In DC universe satcher and there is let's eat these later added yeah. But in every meeting in neighboring Tibet and some backers that he calls it for help and of course the flash light weight is. Are you for help and you just get together and it's really it's really clever guy and you're reading a ton of other stuff. Price I got the so I had a problem limited Brayton will Jessica got me the Kindle fire being for president yet marble limited doesn't go on here. They have the public apology because this is it is lines and my car and so it was comics he. I give comics. Through comics college eaten its access to mom. My balloon limited account and so I mean today I agreed to comments knowledge limited. Ian was able to download a bunch of comics that like they know we have monthly. Thank here's the moment is that everybody yeah so I tried to get one for eyes or be on on comics knowledge in the that is so that we can do. ITW dark chords sound nice studio DC comics marvel. I'm. I'm really heavily and it looked like the first six treatment at bats with Thomas Romo are true but of who salary that. Lump grow a huge growth and it's a night. Even if you look along the gone on about we can it mean if conversation about it now we're anti immigrant vote guys in that. If things keep running into comics it says in an available in limited ago. Right. It's become ecology and I agreed to that happen now and I've been buying time accounts avengers. Just liquidity and marble democratic I'd probably not on this titan on sale. I got that first iron history government and march. The dominoes started on Lewis yeah both sales and are up in the thousands percent and a high. 100 and a 1110%. Yet. For an okay weekend after he's has little spat with Donald Trump yes yes oh awesome so I heard it was a great but. March podcasts forever again. And tweeted out I'm on Monday I was I department today why today I guess I. It's midnight march. And to train wreck for new were here's what I really loved I told you about the money or. Comics and back into an imaginary right out and it's this little tablet it's. I got three Chinese national or go home back to our roots and Leisle. As we wrap up the one you're number. You know we talked about the one thing we have an iguana thing we want one thing and yes a lot he can't won by this week we talked about it La. I it's and we need you guys out we need your help it's Stewart who gal gal Alex able if you listen to the shelling never speak out. Is Christie Milan and warriors and need you guys smoltz shenanigans didn't we need a Twitter. Specifically to where we're gonna sit out that we. Lots yes let's start tomorrow on chaos c'mon this job you're froze and we want you on the pod blitzer what are Twitter handle I think it's yeah lots it's spelled CAA IT YLOTZK. Well I was treated though we ever at a rally in. And I think sixty let's pick a hash tag and no it is yeah. What do you think the nineteenth two candidates. As it's about an ally in the next six days at my January 26. Help us get this thing react attention yes when he Michelle it is not comment on all want to know. I want I don't want to know I want aides now we just look at Lance we want. KD I'm hanging in one of the step up movies which one that is you should keep it idiots but I don't use in the German pop group before she. Current pop group and they went anyway acting as a top. Yeah I talked of human. There are Lance. Gala us there Lance. It's got to plan. Captain I think president Michel we'll see you next week you find us on Twitter keeps and keeps prices and a razors and I'm in recent you know the radius each of courses at. That and nine for nine ST dot com get the listen to the podcast we'll see you next week beats out.