Bro Safari

Monday, October 9th

We're out here with Bro Safari on his FIRST stop on his Collisions tour after taking a small hiatus where he re-found his passion for music. Now working on one of his favorite collaborations with long-time friend UFO, the two are vibing in the studio with new releases on a consistent basis. 

Producer and DJ, Bro Safari coined himself in his earlier years of music as a drum n bass producer. With an avid punk rock background, his diversity in music is clearly shown in his music. Now producing more hip-hop influenced trap and huge mombathon mixes, he has earned his striped alongside some of the biggest names.

A prolific on the live circuit as he is in the studio, Bro Safari's tour calendar has snapped the globe's most notable music events with recent appearences at Lollapalooze, ULTRA Music Festival, Electric Forest, TomorrowLand, Mysteryland, Electric Zoo, EDC New York. He's been featured on BBC Radio 1's Diplo & Friends, and has recently collabed with Dillon Francis. 






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Sam closed in Diego wants to introduce you to some of them it's it's early in the season and it was you know. Diaz and EMI chairman of the night when I. And then the back of buying them again thank stopping collisions iron then had its advantage brand and Chicago. What about this adrenaline. I mean nanny came up I mean they'd laugh yeah. We Maria. Yeah. I went really hard for the last. Five years or since the survivors' stories so this year the second half of the year decided that he's seen that it is much. Felt the coolest TV me. It's Sunday you know group. Bands going this year it's big plans for. Right he really EP will enhance our monthly and has an Alley he needs hands pretty frequently like him and finally have a hand. He then I'm gonna live this video recently and that's it yeah you elaborate a little. Yeah. Yeah I want to elaborate. On my and a clever reasons you. He and I just worked really well the other day. Maggie good. Go ahead yeah. Like I mean I'm. So. Yeah yeah yeah yeah well. You know just work really well together. And recently we we that's had a discussion where we admitted that to each other so we are veterans to you know we are. We are working on hefty them music. For different problems so they did that for now. It isn't clear clearly defines. But we have a lot of music so really cool. And it's okay here notebooks are just. Feel bad sun news. Beyond what we've come forward turn. Elements of that. Okay well into the IRA yeah me crazy I mean. I hear you saying you mention that this money your favorite collaboration and name. You must guarantee you haven't about it I think you're an elite operations for airline. No but there even. Hear me yeah OK you kind of like I've it fat up our act. I wouldn't say I definitely in this country music but. Just burned out million. And and it is true sir many years. They lose focus on. What you need to do to maintain happiness as a musician as it created. Yet to push yourself in when you're traveling as much as those traveling answers when guys. I would get home and I wasn't interested in making traps on substance but I believe that are supposed to do. And I got inside Lynn and I think I just I don't know I needed city tab through this. And reassess the situation that being said. All of his stuff that is working on how I feel like I think. Reignited this the score you know it. We'll really well. It's an. It has to be here in the studio it's that time you know he's gonna have a hard day's good if you're a good thing hades. Still the basic idea you're not work under it's. Please know we should do. I'm feeling I can. So are absolutely safe chaos I know you do I have the same thing is that for a we surprise each other each version. And even really highly bedtime mean back pain at the back of my friends and now they can I think in the end up I mean. I'm not crazy and that's rare name and nobody and I mean immediately ran. We are seeing names at me and and there I don't think it says he's fat you this means everything I'm happy at that track and. It's totally preferences and this is like a natural evolution because every. Well. I don't play this team doesn't have talked about this recently with the I drove it in the homes at night. I was just go home in thousands of and electronic music. Based anti interpret. Her face and I beautifully. Knowing. And I it is just same old same old loser and I started spending all sorts. First part. Right now I feel like the getaway it's time independent. Shifting into the next phase because every. Or five years or so I think something about you personally where. I don't catch it wasn't something and I really pushes hard again and save there. I may be hidden yeah net and it is very likely keep many of them have paid them. Latin music played music variations I am not laying in the maybe there comes my love of me and let it live here aren't at all like Chris I. Didn't feel I don't know I don't wanna. Bit let me I bringing. Knee playing there may come under my let me know about them. If you think those that are since you if I pulled my laptop should. These titles with some of the songs are working on and I don't know. Hey they're kind of turned me me my prayer in the I'm. I'm Paul Byrd who pray for example Brandon and I highly migraine that you like adding I don't. Maybe they hit me like yeah it is actually hit it many an idea and I wanted to know why am I. I don't know I think bird brain and personal lives old songs and played I think I saw thirteen I think myself that but I think I heard rumors that resides think you'll like. Like little tiny little bird feed readers. We're thinking. And I made I don't know Leslie how this all sounds to me. That he really comes that he. I don't know insults to her signature green. You say you look at. That's without I sat there like three me direct and obvious that it. Fame I love god and man transplant aren't related to you on the power and then I think you're not making me the name. Then if I mean this nice guy but he's well I am. Unfortunate news that. Why am quiet about me in the here and me and every note that I is this bad. Tell me. So that guy right. It is like he's all that I am not fans here I honestly. They say he's been everywhere in anywhere that unique and everywhere and everybody doesn't know oh my he's everywhere. Leaked and that's not my it's. He's everywhere because that's where. He's in a spacious than the street the and he needs to be a tennis water safaris. He anywhere and that's it. Anyone anywhere he had that ends. Tiny video Bradley head. Did he lose Ed. I did my I got paid me back and Brad I don't let the Leahy and me and I love because they chat. But I and that I present my that would like my aunts and I had like a man maybe you would like I've been I. Worry about like a little better than nothing Illini. You got married okay. It's. No way anybody else. Third logos. And it was an accident. Together industry where you want us first. On that together I resented designer. And a couple things in my life that is wheels come. Other things. You show. Are you look for flyers then I figured. Why don't we just use that they again put different here different background and. They. It's now. Yeah I mean. It's time to know. On a minute it's my email me. I can feel I've got. Today here at well collision. DP was. Always for me to do. Has been this year and where it's. So OK. I didn't think you just have so called reality. This heavy. So OK okay maybe more. All those. It's. It's. And then you have like this awards. Crazy trying to it's one of the my music. Okay. By the idea that I'm nuts. I see evidence tonight. That's slowly teacher. At me part of your mom yeah I mean that's your yeah I thank you love me they turn them. You make your hunt I feel like you I. Crack. I I know they eat out pretty accurate I hear got an age and leave limiting Atlanta though right now weigh in your call. Whenever they are going prayer by the way it's. Like you're not extremely unite union then let me. I'm gonna do. Oh kids. Wake up since morning. Sickness on the school every day. I know it's. So watch tonight we'll play. I like that. And I think it's important. Artists producers these days and musicians whatever I think it's important that you have a separate life that's. Outside of just being. I think if you don't have another interest and other another aspect of your life that you drive yourself crazy here are these good history here it's. Inspiration from. I really when I'm home my trend line and I was he. So it's it's basically you know. They know that families do video games. And it's. Yeah me my math. Facing any greens your iron yeah I mean I have me me me. You know I am yet friend me. And I. If you're anything like Max. Your body. And how they're raping them. Yeah yeah is that actually the rest of my enemy me. The only. And I pray for us and I am. Supporting me. Listening to me. When you first. Main. They've on the. You here.