Baby Walt, Will Myers, Destiny 2, Sports Games & MORE!!!

Wednesday, September 5th


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We took a couple of weeks off. Again maybe intact. Only only took. One week Wright married him two weeks and weeks. How can we missed one week. Because if I didn't do showed the letter of any note that you just had baby well congratulations think. Think he had the no I mean I meant because two weeks ago weakness that week because of scheduling. And then last week crooks you came back from vacation house like hey you wanna record I'm Mike I'm sitting here in another and move up. Raise their babies. Sometimes you know you're occasionally babies who tend happen about every nine months I think he you know it's he he he came eleven days early. And dad that would then. Say Wednesday it would mean yesterday he was do so twelve days now he's twelve is old and I mean I talk about us all time what do whirlwind my life has been around I can tell you what I was doing thirteen days. It's like I think well I've it's crazy yet but I'll policy when the best things was seeing your FaceBook is a picture of you. Laying down with wall laying on your chest now I remember that from my two kids in that right there off. That is the best is to listen a little bit little little body that's laying and you breathe and just thought my god Sony's you know kinder Duffy once say I know we have a lot of talk about some I. I I have. I have this idea. That I wanna create my own yeah ready player one. Sort of like here is ears catchall of what you're dad loved. Like sort of a biography of this did nerdy stuff I grew up with Al wanna try to create like a hard drive for. Him that he can have a channel. But it TV channel that's all the shows I grew up watching you know I mean if I did. License Syrians. Bionic six transformers GI Joe's us as easy to find so let's let's not. But like the stuff that she'd tell me where I was like that's cool man. Just something you can tuck away for when he grows up later in life I mean I'm Marty talk early boxing games. You know Alyssa is borrowing my Nintendo DS I expect that that caves. But but she made she made a comment that she'd never played a poke my game and she is over for dinner and I. She was sent home with a Nintendo DS and like six get another hotel as me a year and a half golf if you play this one in the play this one play this one if you feel or how some of my crack. It is that is Mike Cragg. That cell I did little wanna put like the games that I love I want like a database that my sign. I want him to like beat us and Emeril on that and he'll have a zones like this does not cool dad. Wanna be like dude this will. Now here here's what it's going to be it's going to be something where he gets to the point where he's in his late twenties. And he he's gonna wanna know more about the psyche of dad dad was when he was in that phase of his life at the that's what it's gonna be cool to that place is going to be the box or all that's all crap yeah there's gonna be a point in Walt's life where he's gonna wanna dig into. Your brain say how the money's like four and just certain sit there and the Walt channel. Not. Trying to curry clone a result I'm not for him Ambien is bad enough so the expressions he makes it look like you any he does look identically like me. Photos but. I think it. And diet. In those comments came almost immediate but then when he settles down like my mom sees. Her and him it's impossible that it's impossible to tell what it years on is gonna look like this early know now. Is this little glimpses of things you see your relate to each other but he's he's played some poke mongo the training game he's played some Pokemon card games at Cannes. Because occasionally I have to sit computer and hold much time. Guilty because. Both my kids I would play destiny in the middle of the night with then curled up right on my chest thus I was like just goes like what he knew about gaming on my it will not play if he needs my hands but if I can have one hand on him joining in on the control curtain and and night. This craziness like I've. What are you wouldn't you want control and other remote for the TV and you that's your twelve you know out of there playing if I knew my house. And I can play card games what's the problem with. Those fans in the new are all up up up. So. Some things are happening. It could get. The things happening. Again you wrote the story that you published on our website earlier today I've had missed the story and I am late to it in fact I honestly I didn't hear about it until you pushed it out but this. This is one of those things re always have to be. Aware. Of what you're talking about and where you're talking about it so San Diego Padre will Myers one of the stars of the team he moved from first base to outfield and it's been a rough transition for me he doesn't appreciate it. He was a line. Here's where that story it's in the weeds from Munich has been a busy day. One of the other players on the team lies streaming for Nate. On his PlayStation and will was part of his squad in three other he and there was a group for their foursome. And it was like four hang up and their play a short night and they're talking about your day job and will's life. Yeah Amanda make it has run laps and Leon early September this Sox any he mouth off about the about the GM. About. It. Oh my god it's will miers and and it's AJ. AJ green so he's like at a rate. An eagle we've all noticed you have a bad day or the boss this issue off eagle and your wife your loved ones you like did you use there. Unfortunately. He did it during his buddies like extreme. So as he's just you know venting about his boss AJ green he's like AJ. At this point is well worse and that's what his body is like dude I'm wires should. This is what bro. That's now gone viral that video got captured author of I would I guess I streaming on twitch through his PlayStation. And that players body was then captured and this got caught my dad's been by everybody. It's a it's a player melting down about his manager not a huge melt down just the sort of like. Bring me it is odd that this is not so was that was called an honest meltdown when he was being honest but he was doing it in the wrong form. Yes and add to it if I was talking about this with a sudden this with a list earlier and I was like I was part of the story. Wind Jeremy our buddy sketch or cooler that he look we did together word typically streamers. And there's a chance one of us could be live at any time so we typically eat. Key parcels Jet Li reserves or like hey I wanna I want to mouth off they are you live on the line item has mills and T like we we do that right meets your plainly your friends here in assays based. But when your broadcasting there's no safe space doesn't exist though is it to be careful when a plane was gaskins he does stream a lot more than I don't disagree and that's yes and sometimes you don't know if he's live. And in and got it can be anything you know Jeremy Nike give away. I'll reveal of summing we have working on you know any week giveaway of a lineup of shelling this thing you give away and casual conversation that's not. Public. A little more police and I'm just saying like you had smoked it. He's on. The Internet and the. I don't anybody their early twenties doesn't know the Internet is always on Paterson well I mean who hasn't talked about somebody around their phone and then. In an advertisement bump up their FaceBook feed that's the real thing a couple of hours later and they say it's not nice guys that are that this is good and all we know it listening lives that are good but you know will it will end AJ green they will went straight to his manager and said I'm sorry guys that. This is you know an egg. They made up but it is one of those. It's a cautionary tale and it is funny play if I mean you know and you don't know Jerry you like it into his all the time where it sometimes. Schedule have a friend or Europe have a friend are all have a friend who comes and joins us and they don't know the etiquette. And then all the said they're like I'll man my digital life in this in this. It is like hey maybe didn't. The and I know you don't really know the real this year he'd hear this I light streaming election. I. That's funny I got the guys are extremely denied its when he brings up because this this is not a monk streamers and people who play video games on a professional level we got I play with. You know they just let anybody on coms know it because up things like that mean we can have. That great conversations with people and chat and you bring somebody in non coms and you have no control what they see he had no yelled roll it out and you know part of part of the broadcasters limiting. Your are your liability to things like that. I used to. I used to make my roommate not allowed to be near my streams. He would want you Russa he he he didn't think streaming is heating care. That was stupid and then he signed an audience and he he wanted to perform for the outings he's B and I got out of hand right. So he wanted to reform want to tell stories of some might. You're allowed me anywhere near my extreme enough clubs beat you're not allowed to be in the chablis. Could you wanna make it about you and you re like 010 win this isn't your circuits bro not your show signed with the. Analyst general Myers on your body is a part of eastern right next to me that's more of an important night. Did they win a I don't know I didn't Christmas Eve. Did they get pinch hitter. Better than I can't see over the weekend I did and I was pretty proud of them do it pretty for a boy I know you love doctor Luke and. Over the weekend he was doing what he was hosting for tonight's official. Turn it streams that was him. Another broadcaster as far as I know. But it you know it if you watch ESP and if you watch any sports. Commentary you have the broadcasters who were delivering the the show you. And Lou always a problem and he did this for. He did this for destiny just recently. They did again that faceoff with yeah a couple of streamers a couple of Broder a couple of pro football or basketball players and a couple of musicians which is really cool to watch by the way and you know loop is. You support ace he's a fun personality. Any got a great voice and he's a good he's a good guy it's awesome to see this man this is is getting goes Major League. And becomes more forefront. That guy Beckett got a future in and and calling the shots and you know me when we're in meetings here on boys like you don't talk about your kids deal with fifth bat all right there's there's not a doctor Lu Bo and he's huge admitted yeah I actually I have these fights all the time about Jeremy and I like. Hey listen guys who are nobody are getting access to stuff why can't we quickly got into it today because just recently. Ninja who obviously is one of the biggest for like streamers are out there what a big server and around and going out he he is starting team stick second look at what's out there in terms of quick twitch vs U2. I caught a conversation during binges live stream twit dot TV slash ninja I'm a couple days ago and I don't message you. So the message you sometimes I don't that you're gone or out of the pocket. But he was live streaming and also just started talking about YouTube numbers any talk about. XYZ YouTube guy and he's averaging 20000 viewers. First he sees three million followers all clicked OK numbers makes sense 20000 verse three million ideally you're saying. And this is when ninja slammed I paid attention he does. And I have a hundred million dollars on YouTube so it really makes me think what kind of concurrent use I can get. A hundred million vs live that guy's got three million I have a hundred million he's getting 20000 here is what can tie game and I'll play. Not that's a great question and ninja said I don't know if it's because he's built up. You know a certain the following their expect to see him on YouTube I don't know if I can do something like that and it couldn't matter. But when you talk about the broad numbers all the time that's astounding. Is like and just as get three million. It's that he's carrying to a dozen years I don't all the other million cars what can bail. Eric they're bad that your stats that's what you're talking about that's that's what your kids are into that's what you can't understand this. It means streaming is Saturday morning cartoons it's more than a Saturday morning cartoons on Saturday morning cartoons it's the. It's the weekday afternoon cartoons when I come home uniting is the tailspin block its. You know maybe you don't want don't want steele's been done details and Jimmie Dale's rescue Rangers should go hopeless doctor Luke both for two hours. Hey you dear all more laid my life would be vastly differing on the things that I grew up whereas if twitch was the thing and I went home. And I had twitch all afternoon or changes all your priorities on which you value and you know the the things you consider pop culture that is absolutely I mean. It's astounding and speaking of pop culture I know you shared some news in the earlier today about some. Stuck urban confirmed. When it beat these are the conversations going on today and it's ongoing but it looks like I might be hosting. A panel at LA comic con for the brand you gathering yeah. Our good friends of the gag Greinke gathering Havasupai will host a panel on tabletop gaming. The CD it's improved a bit that's the end of October mom and we plan Jeremy and I talk about this today if this is a thing. We're gonna film it. We're gonna have video for an end and memorable and comfortable making a podcast episode could you won't be thereby. Time will definitely share cool stuff from this and it'll be about tabletop gaming subtly but she's doing finally talk about it. But it sitting here next fifteen minutes yes about let you yesterday. Yeah we will we will brother really slowed it ahead this up yesterday I took the entire days you do an eight hour live stream from oh deficit and of course and it is a wild finally. So gosh so I. What was your day like did you have to deal with waiting for our here you lie he's learning not nonsense it. There and and I had the feeling it was it was a little rocky at 10 o'clock when the service all came back online ray when it goes okay that's typical. But if you weren't prepared there was a seven game download. You have calm down but yeah. Into the game I. I was on it like 9 o'clock so I'm prepared parity had the downloaded and ready to go ahead though the welcome stream. Just wait for the service to come back on and at 10 o'clock I smashed it. It went right in yeah. Again destiny servers connecting for about five to six minutes all the service came back online and everything equalized but. By 88 minutes and 210. I was playing forsaken I sell. Sell it for me you know I I haven't played the game saying it seven months. So Celestine I'll say this for anybody who's never played destiny to you know this is DOC for an SECO. If you have PlayStation your part of the SPS blast. As of yesterday destiny tee was now free for this whole month so. If you're on PlayStation and you've never played this is a good way to do is get a feel for the game and see how you like it right now. Is the best the game has ever then we've got. All the things we loved about. We'll talk about that but this this is the most complete the game has felt. Because you've got the backbone of the Vanilla campaign you've got to deal sees behind that and then we got in it it would get a new campaign that takes about eight hours to finish. It's not it's not a Linear story you go through the league beginning part of it. And that's like all right now that all the senate has done little yourself up and go chase these guys down I it let's address the folks do. They're not like me but the like me you got destiny to yet got the first deal C. What was that of Osiris that lose. And November December edited out of your game goes in November. I played it can I probably played into January or February this year wanna say. So here's the game is a year old and and if you were playing last winter. Hand the ever verse initiator is and their stores in. Luke create controversy where we act now. So it ever vs their revamped its its got a whole new feel to it where they brought the trees Matta matrix back which is your chance to directly by. Kind of it's still it's it's RG but the loop cooler smaller dog and you can you can you can get things you want from that say you want. This exotic you mode that's you know you petting chicken that. It here you got a pool of twelve other options in the news spin this cosmetics makers what you get for free from playing the video game. And then you know you have a chance to pick one of those together you get one for characters that three per week. To get whatever is in the matrix now you can still buy your way to have to more pieces in the matrix. And you can still find it a dust. Pieces that are in the feature store that day obviously you get Ingram but you know they're they're giving you a chance to buy everything in the game if you put the time and they've added bounties you can actually. Earned. Dust through Downey's now okay. Is it more calm and end. So they they are trying to address that casual players can kind of play I think they're trying to address and I think its weight gaining trying to address overall. Actually read as separate article this week about how. A guy on poly Don was trying to go back and play World of Warcraft and he's like I actually don't wanna I gave up 2007 I've never looked back. And he's like if I go back to World of Warcraft now. The group that bat play there's no he's like there's no one hour. I feel like I've done something and you've rewarded me he's like games now have a one hour turnaround in games that are super long. A World of Warcraft is right in that nickname now is only for that guy anymore but you know to like what's it like for the casual player. Vs the work hard court grind player is there a good mix now like casual player gets enough out of it an hour to feel like their brain is getting scratched. So I OK and when I got in and I am in my mind hatred to break it up. On how much does progressing for the time I had invested in the game OK and now that you're usually a better rated I've I never can judge that hears like. I was two and five levels the last night denied. What I muted. Yeah. If it's just the way my brain works but here's here's how here's how I saw that if you're gonna play for an hour you're gonna get a few things accomplished there at their tasks set out for either specific. To reward you for the time you can put and say you can only put an hour well. You can do a flash point in our huge amount you can do that the daily heroic mission you can do a strike you can do. The you know the if you're strong and he chased down one of these Berenson is that each. Each piece takes about you know 45 minutes to an hour to knock out. It's it's it's rewarding. What I wanna do is I wanna be old C news. I don't know what our schedule looks like and this is probably a late September thing I want us to sit down. Played destiny to audit the deals he. Apologist I wanna just record the two of us playing it and have your input Miami put. And Campbell you know will give it their diet this is Jeremy and and we planned the best and she did you check out you know I have certain doing them more for the games we play. Not necessarily should you play has been apology what UH we taste test foods. I either for the games late. Based on the game could. What we're playing with. I'm about and ask you something yeah how's your Xbox. Not one get one so and here's why in it and what we have that conversation happen. Here's what I say it and apparently you consider me shill for Xbox since I moved over that direction her daughter's at that but you know Xbox gives you the game pass. And with the game pass is long as you have your patents valid you can download hundreds of games lesser I played human fall flat. Last Friday and had a blast it was something including game pass. Halo master chief election saying it with a game pass doom and clearly game has a lot of games that's great and play for free with Indian pass and it is. Absolutely amazing bitch is that the play time we get. I've always I've always wanted to hit an Xbox because I just VI not. Console exclusive time I I love my PlayStation four that was just what I can afford when I. When young got the system I got my started streaming by boys wanna get the Xbox and of course now only at the switch and Jessica's. Half brother was staying with us this weekend and he brought his antenna switch which was just one of those things I'm like I'll man like. There was one in the house we have to have and I really want the Nintendo sewage more long term because they've got the new. That them poke my let's go to comes out November. Policy that's great for the game patsy a lot of games yet there's this is the recently and it's. See that's way better than PlayStation has a so so why why destiny you know plays out and on Xbox over what can I haven't Xbox so. Yeah. It's it's it's it's an extreme on mixers the community that's right because mixer is obviously a Microsoft haute community GAAP and there's a there's a lot of pluses. To being back backing the Xbox Marty streaming on mixer directly for your Xbox know I I'm I'm string to my computer but they have a guy can actually. They had the single life stream reckon upload all my scans anatomy and stuff if I want to let go directly to my excellence in order to travel in stream I can do that. You know weird who besides having to it it's kind of in any in the vein of like the Y four nights a popular. You know when you and I play border lands we always go look at this. Supplied but I wish I can do any about literally that's Clark like I wish I had a name out and native dancer than I. I really wish I could dance on this guys I wanna show you guys that I had a good shot through with any literally becomes kind of an early displayed estimate. And we certainly does mean we have the votes and it's well and and that's use it it becomes that thing important is the same way it's not necessarily about. Showing off her like you know tea bagging another guides about light. I did this tonight noted to a Disco yeah yeah and content but I really think. There especially games like destiny like do you votes makes all it is three comes out in Saudi most bride hit. And that is Alan day Israeli unpalatable. To Celtics and magic I haven't added a. Which is funny bring that up because that was another thing I was gonna mention. At certain points in the campaign while playing destiny's Jews and I knew DLC I really felt like for a second I was taking on something that was very border lands ask. Because their whole theme for this season it's called the season of the outline and oh remember this this this point vividly because do we we all had. The same thought then that three hours three as I was playing with we were. Chase thing this bear and who's on this this this weird like that shooting flames okay through this thunder dome looking place and Cray. He jokes that's that's boring. Crap food. This feels really like Portland right now if that kind of making jokes about incest and eating his kid and really great workout expect. Well one you know one parent was insulting me and telling me how dumb Iowa is yeah that is growing as a guy who is weird about that I bet if we witness found who wrote those scenes it. It literally may be a former border and track record. With Claudia that's what you found out like. Hands. Will I used the word a mortal entered an immune these probably were the active lesions I wondered why why why did you do that my brain right now he's killing the movie I guy who dragged the scene now and it now I really wanna know who who wrote some. Like I I I need to contact them my people about it and ask you heard things I need to know movement. I do it in on one somber note it happened while we were gone there was a shooting at the mad and turn me in Florida. Why don't get too much into that and. Why how we don't need to go there really ever any dizzy not Blake like I couldn't wait to talk to you in general not about this but I was like eight. You know when he hits community is ever 12 hours a rally in with the gaming community so darn weird and diverse like and gaming news. What happened five seconds so literally what happened five seconds ago and when something becomes a few days old the story's gone night. You know I this happened lying on a live stream they had no the guy. Had a laser on his gun and indeed were showing the lasers on people's I didn't even click on the like street to watch a video I was like I. I wanted no I it's that this story's not Fermi and I I didn't want to know the guy's name I was like I don't wanna give you win being. Did you just talk from all these folks and that was why if you know. I'm Molly I didn't really want us to talk about a except that it was a lot of it was just like well why is not an ordinary and his buddies dreamlike. Gosh may have little world preliminary now yeah pretty. He did there there's a lot of things you can say about that and and I'm I'm not gonna get in political on eight and now I have my own feelings about it. If you want to discuss them we can talk about him I'm not known put them in this public form because this is what it's about but you know we're talking games it's yes it's just it's one of those things where. At some point there has to be there has to be something to. Being you know. I mean you know Jeremy and I have put on a video game tournament and we wanna do more and it makes me think about that I as an event planner and like make you think about everything it is and I I've worked at the fair I've had conversations about security I've had. Conversations post 9/11 about. Throwing events and it's serious conversation also tackles that was probably well I mean yeah just recently happen tonight at the door extra. With ice cube I mean and it's you know it's one of those things that it puts a lot and my head of like god I would never think that somebody waiting. Leave a video game turning come back issued an Abbott now I am now I always think about that and might not it. That comes out of it's it's is sad world that I have to think about it in I'll see it did truly just. There's there's no place that's safe for wind and you and I insult somebody not a deal where they're going to. Ironic doesn't. You know. You see somebody did you dislike for some reason whatsoever finds something to like about them and give them on all in you know I'll end on this huge area with so much our good buddy John flame. Johnny can't ignoring think Israel and houses CD by the way. Amazing this is rich that the assaults well we have those flaws in the John makes the thought well you know he is Diane he is Italian he can you saw on FaceBook and you like. Why do you no good. This ball game on the Xbox. Watch my kids MLB sure the show on the Xbox and how lying. Militias that Jeremy Irons Adam but foolishly put yourself on the Internet for everybody there is. Why why Jon why why John why don't they'll think that the public forums he felt he got mad because I should actually not cool but you know I he did make a comment like light. Why is there not an awesome walking on the ex vice finished the fact that Mattingly is the only ball game in the world. The market only supports one. And when MLB they show is PlayStation exclusive. There's the only baseball game so. Viewers are listeners noticed you're listening in you love. Baseball games and here at the end of baseball seizing your Joseph losing for a baseball game. Not really. Well you're stuck with MLB they should go their beer and peanut eating simulator and that that baseball game because that's that's all ideas should be yeah there should be but if you're in the mood for Mattingly is mad and see then and that is your own. The bigs. What makes the baseball games of the regular console wasn't as you know in the end I can't remember that it doesn't matter you know an ending on this the reality is house explain this is not what John was at age I was over in my kitchen talking Z eighty and talking. Baseball games with me one what happens is. There's not enough people who buy sports games even though mad and sells a lot of copies. It won't sell as many copies as destiny. And I and I I do not know officially why sports took a dive. In the mid two thousands maybe she made too many sports games they may be that affect you make me by the same game every year a year yeah start my campaign with. New characters and not don't give media villages updated to tell you sports games what have you better life cycle if they issued one. Every time the platform changed and then every year they updated. The the DLC to a berth. Thirty bucks I mean all you need is Madden for football and I might Matta it's great if you love football you love Matt and. But like do you remember NFL blitz you remember anything else you remember any other do you ever Microsoft's. Edit fill the game or whatever I mean the problem is is that these many sit massive brands and corporations once they get pigeon holed. It now they were only on Sony sorry I won't stood Sox say. Sports as we feel bad for that that's why Sony is holding out everything they can dragging their feet screaming and kicking on cross. Let you know what it's a conversation in the name wrap this up right now we will see you next weekend for gamers and a big.