Alyssa Explains It All: Why Women Hate Cargo Shorts

Tuesday, August 7th


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Cargo shorts a trend that women have wanted to die for years and it still clinging on for dear life guy is today disclosed -- speaking on behalf of all women everywhere I'm gonna be explaining why you should stop wearing cargo shorts first of all there is no reason to have that many pockets why do you need that many places distort things you did like triple the amount in cargo shorts that I can fit in my -- second of all if you're gonna say other practical right to ballot argument but you know what else -- practical the pants that you unzip it can meet to make in the shorts and you'll see anyone Wear those anymore and finally there's just so many better options like I know for the longest time the only thing you how to pick from more cargo shorts and plaid shorts so you're gonna pick the lesser of the evils I hate that sure it's you got she you don't shorts you booty shorts I don't care any thing but part of assurance that.