Alyssa Explains It All: Tide Pods

Wednesday, January 17th


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Sometimes life means a little extra hour. I'll listen explains it all. None of them not one time. Gonna cut this he's on the one group there's not too much explain other. Don't eat that night hi. Would say our all our children and you're going to do. It's high time he courteous and just do the laundry there's youngsters Burmese and Thai they're not large gusher let me not is it good business decision did you start putting it gusher is. Liquid inside of the iPod so that when people eat and not so much a problem or I guess we could just like darwinism do its thing but either way it's set. Someone asked me my seventeen do you think it's funny eighteen could be on the more surprising than when he seventeen Allan said you know man if there is no way I. Off and here I am watching the news and seeing that people are eating high blood being tied pods can come over here rolling my eyes so hard they hurt.