Alyssa Explains It All: Social Norms Don't Apply At Airports

Wednesday, September 12th


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Have you noticed how lawless of a place airports are I know your Molly thinking like what does that even mean airports are used for travel you get on a plane point eight point B doom. Score the actual airport facility of its high heeled social norms just get elected TSA Blake's 7 AM you wanna be here usher or whatever you're stuck here anyways might as well flight got delayed on man that sucks sure got taken out on the floor and you want a slice of Pete's not cool that we thirteen dollars are you blocking but not quite walking fast enough. Now with some people movers he'll get there just slightly faster got a charge your phone open any outlet is fair game that won the Florida that had a slot your dead it's just. Those places where the theme isn't happy with in an airport happy nowhere else in public and everybody just like Rollins what pants so this is probably fine.