Alyssa Explains It All: Moms Texting "Call Me."

Tuesday, May 22nd


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Mothers man this is for -- my mom just did this to me any gets me every time so today I'm going to be explaining for all the moms out there wind it is an appropriate time or on the better yet not the appropriate time to text your child call me period if your kids or anything like me immediate thought is good guide my dog my great -- in Boston -- I gonna be happy to make a trip out to Boston should I be looking up flight straight out of Boston and then I pick up the phone I call my mom just to find out she wanted to -- and the pictures of -- but that your cousin Cheryl and that hideous draft that you order at -- signing every time he gets me or another one call me my assumption that house burn down the reality can you pick up milk on your way home not appropriate time -- Tommy don't get me wrong I'm not saying they shouldn't call your mother but moms if you can weights or better yet beset via text -- that.