Alyssa Explains It All: Laurel vs. Yanny

Wednesday, May 16th


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Yeah Annie vs laurel and audio lesion that's breaking the Internet. And hating days not move the address I never want this happen again. I've already lost friends over at Johns CNN strong just like I still confident that addresses by golden this clip is clearly saying. Laurel not. Yeah Annie and I tell you why am so confident that's the first time that I heard this clip I didn't read any caption I didn't know what I was supposed to be hearing or not hearing an I was like why is this thing repeatedly saying the word laurel without. Prior knowledge or biased I heard the word laurel. Reason number TO did you can't even a word that no one yeah it's been a word so you're here night you're hearing nonsense and finally reason number three how this Christi T get in both here laurel so clearly that is the correct answer.