Alyssa Explains It All: The "Keto Diet"

Thursday, August 16th


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What is. A diet I'll be honest at a crowded either I've seen people talking about all of her face but in Twitter in icu and house to be healthy and according to social media like Meeks you've whose friends are now but surely the first thing that I think what I hear the words how to diet are books at a music festival who really need a shower I know that can't be right it's normally get up see all the hype is about. Does that had a diet according to the Internet it makes the body pretty small fuel molecules called cap stocks down on pet. Pat Jones yeah I think it's Adam's yeah girl clearly was not a science major what keeps on how to diet now the looks pretty normal meat cheese vegetables. Okay who on scrolling more what does he eat aren't had a diet that. Good the world hot still bread potatoes are here you can of beer why. You say this now count me out its August I'm not trying to work on my summer body anymore anyway as.