Alyssa Explains It All: Jury Duty

Wednesday, July 25th


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Sell it finally happened after 25 years I got my first call for jury duty the idea of this to me isn't wild because unlike how did you pick I mean how was I the lucky one that she picked and what stuff. Do you think qualifies me it took passing judgment on a jury like -- yeah I can totally passed judgment on Twitter have you seen my timeline to the courthouse just fine my handle and there are like this Carl has opinions. Or we even need her like yeah I have opinions about high heeled Crocs in the Wal-Mart you'll little kid not about actual legal cases I'm wondering if a valid excuse to get out of jury duty would be did you send my grades from the law class I took in college and it barely passed by his skin my teeth that like yeah I don't think it's my civic duty unless this jury cases about laurel vs nanny I don't see it go into wealth for me.