Alyssa Explains It All: How To Prep For Indie Jam 2018

Friday, September 7th


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I can not believe the day has finally come that. I was saying he jam when he teen is to morrow I'm so stoked it's gonna be sent to Sunday but it's also let it be a pretty long day so you wanna make sure you're prepared to step one at first and foremost make sure you got your ticket we're currently in double digit tickets last we have a less than a hundred silly if your plan was to get addicted to keep tomorrow I'll you might wanna rethink that steps here with no one's even if you're just going to see one act in particular checked every one on the bill because there's nothing worries then finding out that you really like a band after you've already seen them and finally step three pack baggage on top import charger copious amounts of sun screen sunglasses I deep because the beer honey he's against the cold at night chapstick eye drops and bringing crock -- if -- -- you never know what's gonna happen.