Alyssa Explains It All: Green Beer Is Better

Friday, March 16th


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Can't believe how alone I am immense said today I need to explain why green beer tastes better than normal beer maybe a little bit science because usually people die beer green that is actually illegally crappy beer which is my fever kind but still it this way I feel like beer Ali's case batter when you're out with friends you're never just gonna dyed beard greening your own home that Steve bed you're gonna be having it out at a bar with your friends on Saint Patrick's Day or out at a bar by yourself with some -- strangers on Saint Patrick's Day either way it's a good time novelty will only get it out one day year if you sit out a -- Thursday in October -- your beer green yeah that's a little strange you only get at this one magical day year you don't eat candy -- all year Leone Cadbury eggs all year it's special therefore it tastes better yet heard the mind over matter thing -- might be the case but regardless you'll still find you the green beer in my hand comes Saturday.