Alyssa Explains It All: Fifty Shades of Grey

Friday, February 9th


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Sometimes like needs a little explained. Alyssa explains at all. I'm horrible like that time again I mean lots of patients who Damon live though came out today 583. Actually so yeah I am to be explaining why you need to go see that movie. By yourself. If you're going to. It now I should say that this doesn't contain any spoiler because I've only seen like the first thirty minutes of the first film for the first thirty minutes with Ollie needed to know that this is definitely a solid trip to the movie is not a girl night my date night milk. I yourself. Why it. Hello you uncomfortable movie scenes were movies you watch with your parents really come because that's. Ever hear is filling dove it'll take her if you go to your friends are always going to be people and that's the whole time and you got used to be another like would you want soft porn and using it to another have you I don't want to answer to that on what would you do it in public. Now sell it. Option left here is to go I yourself make sure that you at least three feet away from whoever ultra in the theater and have yourself a weird time.