Alyssa Explains It All: Everything I've Learned From Warped Tour

Friday, June 22nd


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In other of the last scene legal war Torre today how the data less happy Elisa explains it all today I'm going to be explaining all of life lessons that I've -- for more -- over the years lesson number one who never Wear flip -- to a concert this thing I learned from more torque mosh -- that's fine but -- be aware that you're gonna come out of it with a lot of ran Embry says I love mosh -- personally but I've seen so many people come out of those things crying you're gonna get banged up a little -- could just sense the hit before you jump and the third thing island for more -- never underestimate the amount of sun screen video during -- needed an outdoor concert back up is essential the fourth thing island for more torque while it might be healthy at all it is entirely possible to function off the only energy drinks and water for the entire day and finally. Thing award where has taught me some of the -- music comes from the band the -- -- go there to see it always -- the bands on the smallest -- a chance do not underestimate them.