Alyssa Explains It All: "Cali" instead of "California"

Thursday, August 9th


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Cali is not the same as California as a transplant one thing that drives me up a wall faster than anything else is when my friends and family ask how tally it because believe it or not the state that I live and actually has ten letters not or we can no other state did to nickname we don't Pennsylvania penny we don't call Texas Tech CU but first some reason the rest of the country insists on calling us how it's like somebody gives you a nickname that you didn't want and it catches on every one and you just like I guess this is my -- now off but the word tallying it just reminds me of middle school when the -- he was on and everybody was wearing Hollister shirt that just had tally plastered across Latin. Yale middle school with a dark her name whenever someone says tallied all memories of a unit proud and flared jeans come flooding back it's just bad it's all gotten.