​Not to be confused with the baseball broadcaster Joe Buck, we're talking Jo Bucks this morning with Dana & Jayson. The latter is concerned that the former is spoiling her oldest daughter Joelle by bribing her with 'Jo Bucks' to exchange for cold hard cash to complete her homework, but Dana...
​A lot of us can relate to weight loss and health goals. A lot of us can even relate to having a trainer that whips our ass at the gym and on the phone. Where things get tricky is when you air this dirty laundry on the radio. Every week, Dana & Jayson check in with their trainer, Scary Stacy...
​All of the stories, most of the facts on Alt 949. Dana & Jayson don't want to subject you to the same old news segment, so they bring you a handful of the top trending stories of the day, and top them with a healthy dollop of wit and wisdom with News to Us. This morning, we found out why...
​Alexa is everywhere around the Alt 949 universe right now. With all the chances of to win a brand new Amazon Echo Plus during our AI Invasion, Dana & Jayson are feeling all the digital love. This week, it isn't her kids driving her to drink, all the stress is coming from her new roommate Alexa...
​Dana and Jayson are lame. Not in general (necessarily) but specifically in regards to their respective drink orders when they're out in the world. If this was in doubt, reality hit Jayson hard last night while enjoying a little Monday Night Football with his husband. What drink did he order that...
News is a relative term when it comes to Dana & Jayson. Every morning they snag two scoops of the funniest and most fantastic trending stories, and mix them in with our own special blend of herbs and spices. This morning we learned how a famous band is shedding their rough exterior for a new...