​Five little worlds that provide so much in return. Each week, Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack heads downtown to ask total strangers to air their dirty laundry. What did our bright-eyed and bushy tailed little Jack find out when he asked Whatcha Doin' at the Courthouse? Somebody needs a hobby...


​The story that was everywhere this week, Ms. Helen the shark, and what can only be called The Great Shark Caper. In a plan that could have only be conceived by the Little Rascals or a team of Muppets, a few knuckleheads smuggled a 3-ft shark out of a Texas aquarium disguised as an infant in a...


​What is the minimum temperature it has to reach in San Diego to get you to turn on the air conditioning? Dana runs cold, and is constantly battling it out with her husband, her family, and even Producer Jack when it comes to the most comfortable temperature. When research found a majority of...


Jayson's wedding was on Saturday, and a wonderful time was had by all the attendees, but at least one invite must have gotten lost in the mail. Siri. Our friend, and the salty voice of the iPhone didn't make the cut for the final guest list, and she has a bone to pick with Dana, Producer Jack,...


​When you don't have time to keep up with the news, don't worry, neither do they. Every morning on San Diego's Alternative, Dana & Jayson break down a handful of the hottest trending stories on the globe, and provide their own context and commentary. This morning, in the wake of Jayson's...


Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome Dr Dawson Church to discuss the influence of the mind over things like genetics, health, and even the matter around us. 7/27/2018 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson