​San Diego is a vibrant city with SO MUCH TO DO, and Dana & Jayson know the fear of missing out is a weekly struggle. Since they see the airwaves of Alt 949 as more than just a platform for fart jokes, every Friday they perform a public service we call The FOMO Report. This week, our resident...
All of the news​ Dana & Jayson can muster on a Friday on Alt 949. Every morning, we dissect a handful of the top trending stories of the day in ways normal newscasters can only imagine. This morning, we found out which Avenger is officially saying goodbye to the Marvel Universe, what Dana's...
Jayson needs to let his dude flag fly occasionally, and since his best friend and co-host is a 38 year-old mother of three, he often finds himself lacking opportunities. Lucky for him, and our Dana & Jayson listener family, we have plenty of dudes out there willing to let the bro down go down...
​As if Jayson calling total strangers he meets online in a desperate attempt at friendship wasn't creepy enough, lets add some nudity to the whole thing. Face palm. He's at it again on Alt 949, this time trying to avoid the cold shutter when he contacts a nude photographer who isn't prepared for...
​Jayson is cheap. Like, really cheap. Not cheap in ways that make sense to most people, the way that helps you squirrel away a nice nest egg, cheap in the way that involves purchasing discount meats. Regardless of what our Dana & Jayson listener family members think it worth paying a little...
Rise and shine campers, and bring your brain, because Dana & Jayson have the news like nobody's business on Alt 949. They throw out your stuffed-shirt, high brow news segment and head straight for the low blows with News to Us. This morning we found out how Toys-R-Us might not be gone forever,...