Crack open your noggin so Dana & Jayson can stuff a little knowledge in. When you just have the headlines, it's all News to Us. Every morning D&J sprinkle their own unique color and commentary on a handful of the top trending and head shaking stories of the day. This morning on Alt 949,...


Brace yourself. Monday already comes in hot, but when Jayson browses the news, all he finds is negativity. To help exercise all those negative news demons, he rips the bandaid off with one quick movement on Alt 949. This morning to kick off the week, he brought another batch of the most head-...


A friend and co-worker had a big, elaborate baby shower this weekend that (gasp) turned into a surprise wedding. The entire Dana & Jayson show crew were invited to the big occasion, but one member of the show missed the invite. Oops. Rather than let things fester, we hauled the new bride and...


​Jayson is back from his honeymoon, but Dana is disappointed. There are only a few expectations for a pair of newly-weds on a Hawaiian vacation, and Jayson completely messed up the primary one. What did Jayson wait until day four of his honeymoon to do? Why is Dana this frustrated? What defense...


All of the stories, hardly any of the facts. Dana & Jayson don't let that stop them, they bring their own unique context and commentary to a handful of the top trending stories of the day. This #CommercialFreeMonday on Alt 949, we found out the latest thing you can't take on an airplane, why...