With so many options for streaming entertainment these days, we're honestly surprised that anyone gets anything done. Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, and a whole list of new streaming services getting ready to hit the marketplace, there are literally countless hours of entertainment at...
Jayson has zero shame. Dana, Jayson, and Producer Jack found out last week that they've been nominated as San Diego's best morning show in the Union Tribune's 2019 Reader's Poll, and for at least two of the above mentioned parties, it was a pretty cool honor and fingers will be crossed. For Jayson...
​Segments on the radio are generally called breaks, and this is a bathroom break about a bathroom break. It shouldn't be news to regular members of Dana & Jayson's listener family that Dana can't seem to keep her mouth shut in the office bathroom, but in a strange twist of fate, Dana wasn't the...
​Jayson blames GPS. This morning on Alt 949, Jayson deflected most of the responsibility for being late to pick up Dana's oldest daughter from her Junior Theater rehearsal last night. In the middle of her responsibilities helping to host a weekly dinner for the homeless, Dana received a sweet by...
​Do you remember the last funny thing Wolf Blitzer said? We didn't think so. Because news in 2019 requires a little levity, every morning on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson put the "our" in journalism with a globe-trotting segment we call News to Us! Every weekday, Dana and Jayson got deep to fish out a...
Luckily, this isn't quite as bad as the Tide Pod Challenge, but it certainly isn't good. One of the the things Dana loves to do when she isn't dealing with Jayson and Producer Jack is spending time at the OB tide pools with her husband and three daughters. The wonder and fun that her kids find in...