​Jayson really loves time sucks. Like, he LIVES for things that waste as much of his time as possible, with as small of a payoff as he can get. This phenomenon was on full display this morning when Dana & Jayson, fresh from a Labor Day escapade with their respective families, could not get on...
You might think that just about anything deep fried is delicious. You might think. ​This morning on Alt 949, Dana put Jayson and Producer Jack's love of fast food to the test when she shared a story out of Texas, that involved a famous fast food chain, a furry uninvited guest, and a deep fryer...
​You might think a title like this is about Dana, Jayson, or their Producer Jack, but you'd be wrong. In another story that could only belong in the "Too Weird To Be True" file, this morning on Alt 949, we found out that if you thought having a baby sit next to you on a plane was bad, things could...
​Jayson has good hair. Like, ridiculously, ridiculously good hair. Clark Kent and Superman at the same time level hair. This morning, our Dana & Jayson listener family was treated to the saga of a hair emergency... but not in the way you'd expect a normal person to have. We're talking about a...
​New month, same old attempt at sounding professional. Kind of. Every morning on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson are your cruise ship captains on a voyage of discovery and wonder that we like to call News to Us. Each day, D&J drop anchor and free dive for a handful of the most intriguing and...