​Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack was sick yesterday. So sick, he ended up spending an entire day in bed with a Netflix queue full of Fraiser episodes and a craving for one very weird food item. Since D&J couldn't believe this was actually a thing, we outed Jack's menu choice, and hit the...
​Since Thanksgiving (and to be honest the entire months of November and December) aren't kind to the waistband, Dana & Jayson weren't looking forward to today. After almost two weeks without having to check in with their personal trainer, Scary Stacy the Fitness Monster, today was the day...
​News for the rest of us, Dana & Jayson dive head-first into a trio of the top trending stories of the day JUST FOR YOU. When you're learning along with the stories, its all News to Us. This morning we found out how far one globally loved franchise is taking their seasonal menu to a ridiculous...
One of the newest additions to the Dana & Jayson grab bag of fun, is a new game we play every day around 7:10am called 5 for 5. The rules are usually pretty simple, although Dana, Jayson, Producer Jack, and Assistant Producer JT have been doing everything they can to make it complicated. After...
When you're the mom to three daughters under the age of 10, you always have a reason to hit the bottle. If keeping Jayson in line during her work days wasn't enough of a burden, Dana goes home to her own family circus. This week, a relatively normal day around the house went really wrong really...