Dana is a monster. Okay, maybe that's overstating it slightly, but she's still a pretty mean mom. In the hottest, most brutal days of this San Diego summer, she's pulled the plug on her three daughters. Literally. She has unplugged the family TV, turned that sucker towards the wall, and isn't...


​All the news that fits in one segment with Dana & Jayson, even when we see the headlines, it's all News to Us. This morning on the Alt 949 News Network, we found out why a national restaurant chain's stunt gave them the last laugh, the weird new place singles are hooking up, and what group...


​Jayson is Eeyore. Dana and Producer Jack were already aware, but apparently it took an online quiz promoting the new Christopher Robin live-action movie to prove this to Jayson himself. Once Dana & Jayson started down the slippery slope of identifying themselves at Winnie the Pooh...


​If you're a parent, there are a lot of sentences you probably wince at the thought of, but no two words strike terror in the heart of a mom more than "Mommy I peed". This morning on San Diego's Alternative, we peeled back the wet curtain on Dana's home life to find out the latest reason her...


​This morning on San Diego's Alternative, Dana & Jayson premiered a brand new game: Give Me A Minute. The rules are simple. We put a minute on the clock, we throw a bunch of softball questions at you, and if with Jayson's help you can rack up ten correct answers in :60, you win. Pretty...