​Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and Dana is doubling down on her bad gift ideas. Even though research tells Dana & Jayson that dudes typically don't want anything other than some adult activity on V-Day, Dana is pulling out all of the lame stops on her road to bone kill. After a quick discussion...
When you close your eyes and think of what a newscaster should look like, you probably don't see Dana & Jayson. That's cool, regardless of appearances, every morning on Alt 949 they deliver breaking stories from around the globe on News to Us. Unlike your normal radio news segment, we dish out...
Wafia came in to perform for Alt 949! While she entertained us with her notorious "break-up song" that can be your heart-break anthem track! 

I'm Good that sings,

"But honestly looks can be deceiving you look good from afar
But when you’re up close you’re a loser and...
​With Valentine's Day right around the corner, a lot of people are probably scrambling to figure out the right gift for their significant other. This was the general feeling in the Alt 949 studio this morning as Dana & Jayson tried to ask the age old question; What do men really want? While...
​If you're a parent, you already know all the ways raising children can make you want to hit the bottle. If you don't have kids, this is a teaching moment. Every week on Alt 949, Dana & Jayson peel back the curtain on Dana's home life to share another reason Why Mommy Drinks. This week, there...
​Dana is standing firm with the idea that award shows, namely Sunday's Grammys, are a complete waste of time. In this instance, facts would seem to back her up, since this year's ceremony took a massive ratings hit. Since for some reason Jayson is still basking in the gentle glow of the latest self...
​Both Dana & Jayson are married to house teases. If you aren't familiar with this term, it means both of the men in D&J's lives have an obsession with homes they aren't actually going to purchase. If this was just an exercise in window-shopping, that would be one thing, but both husbands...
​No, not the 80s movie with Arnold, Jesse Ventura, and a giant alien, we're talking about an office predator. This morning on Alt 949, Jayson stood up to give a voice to the voiceless when it comes to creepy co-workers, even if he really didn't have to. Now he might be the only one who thinks so,...