​If you're dating in the 2000s you have probably been on one end of ghosting, you know, when you're talking to someone, maybe even dating, and they just vanish without a trace. Dana's friend Christine the MILF joined Dana & Jayson to tell us how she was on the losing end of a ghosting situation...
San Diego is a beer town, and everyone knows it, but what beer represents the entire state of California? Dana & Jayson got their hands on the list of each state, and their official beer, so we gave you a chance to guess what beer would represent the Golden State. Whoever could pop the top off...
Today is Amazon Prime Day, an online shopper's dream, and despite how busy she is, Amazon's own Alexa made some time for Dana & Jayson to talk deals, deals, and more deals. Unfortunately, Alexa wasn't the only digital assistant to join us, as Siri hacked her way onto the air as well. Things are...