This week, the tables are turned, as Jayson finds a man just looking to buy some gym equipment on Craigslist, and carries out a full frontal friend attack. Will they end up making a man date? Listen to find out!
Just because Harrison Ford will be turning 78 in 2020 isn't a reason for Dana to NOT want him to reprise his roll as Indiana Jones in the next installment of the movie series, but Jayson has some practical concerns about brittle bones and dementia. 
Rumor is that President Trump has a red button in the oval office that alerts someone to bring him a Coke. Dana & Jayson wanted to let you wield that kind of power this morning, and had you call in, press Jayson's red button, and make your request. He'll be hitting up five lucky listeners with...
Technology is amazing, and it brings a ton of power right to our fingertips, but are we too glued to our tech? Jayson sits down with Dana's daughter to find out if mom is on her phone too much. It's brutally cute.
Thank you @MasterJediStoop for the edit. Previously heard in Episode 47 of the Capes on Capes podcast.  Bryce's "Hot Take" theory that M. Night Shyamalan has been quietly building his own super hero universe.  And just announced, that's confirmed!  Hear hot takes, rumors, and theories FIRST with...
Nordstrom is selling jeans with fake mud on them for $425, so Dana & Jayson thought they would hop in on the trend, giving you a chance to win their own DIY versions, stuffed with Kings of Leon tickets. You're SO lucky we're not charging for these!