​It's been a day since the news broke that Chris Cornell is dead at the age of 52 from an apparent suicide, and as new information keeps being released, Dana & Jayson knew it was important to speak to an expert. We invited Joyce from San Diego's Survivors of Suicide Loss to join us and help us...
​It's Producer Jack's favorite day of the week, Trash Food Day, and neither Dana or Jayson can believe what he's willing to do for a few free Hot Pockets. Could we find anyone else in San Diego who would back him up? Listen to find out!
​Calling strangers on Craigslist for friendship is actually something we do on Dana & Jayson, and this morning Jayson reached out to a lesbian woman looking for some companionship. Not surprisingly, she's a little concerned to find out the 'J' she's been emailing with is actually Jayson. Here...
​It's really hard for millennials to save up to put a down payment on a house, and according to at least one millionaire, the reason is a lot of frivolous spending on things like $4 coffees and avocado toast. Dana & Jayson asked what daily purchases are keeping some young San Diegans from home...
Not shockingly, it turns out that people don't like to read things that they disagree with, even if you pay them. No money changed hands this morning when Dana and Jayson each provided some material for the other to read. Nobody was happy about this one.