As if Facebook isn't already a big enough part of most of our lives, Facebook shows are coming soon. Since FB has over 2 billion users, they have at least 2 billion stories to choose from, but do our lives really provide enough exciting material? To find out what we can expect, Producer Jack hit...
​Dana & Jayson have been on vacation so Dana could head to the east coast to be a part of a family wedding, and while she was there, she was tasked with one of the most important roles at the event: WEDDING DJ. Jayson needed to know more, so we grilled Dana about her experience, and then went...
​Basking in the gentle glow of SD Comic-Con, Dana & Jayson wanted to get to the bottom of all this awesome cosplaying, so we sent our night guy and resident nerd Hamby to the convention center to talk to some fans, find out why they love cosplay, and get inside the minds of some of Comic-Con's...
We do our best to make Mondays manageable with #CommercialFreeMondays, but sometimes that isn't enough. We know sometimes the alarm goes off on Monday morning and you just want to throw the alarm clock out the window, so Dana & Jayson have their intern #EntitledMike take your requests, and then...
​Not everyone was nerding out this weekend at Comic-Con, as Producer Jack hit the Convention Center for a special edition of Drunk Girl Street Smarts. Megan found her way into the convention after a morning or mimosas and tequila, and despite not being a huge fan, she was willing to play a round of...
We're back in action just in time to recap all the fun of Comic-Con! In case you didn't win your badges with San Diego's SUPER Alternative, our team of SDCC Corespondents put together the Top 5 things everyone was talking about at the Con. Check out our list, and let us know your favorite part of...